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By James W. Burdick (republished with the author’s permission)

So, I’m at Costco yesterday, deep in the Bloomfield Hills ghetto, where everyone knows how dangerous a place it is. Uh. And I see this kid — maybe 25, wandering through like other shoppers. Except he had no shopping cart or purchases in his arms, but he was strapped with a shoulder holster and small automatic in “open view.” . . .

My first instinct is to ask if he’s expecting trouble. But he stared at me so innocently and so clearly frightened at his own silliness, all I could think was, the first bad ass who jumps up in his grill is going to take that gun away from him and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

I’m pretty sure he’s never seen a gangbanger close up, or a drunk or a tough guy high on PCP. I can just tell he truly has no idea what he’s doing, or maybe even why. But I’m also thinking, he’s actually making MY favorite Costco dangerous for others for no good reason, since I just can tell he’s not trained in law enforcement or military use of weapons. And while I don’t care if he gets himself killed, I do care if he gets some totally innocent person killed because he wants to feel like a big man.

So shame, shame on the cowardly politicians who rained this insanity upon us for no reason other than to do the bidding of the gun manufacturers masquerading as “second amendment” zealots.

Anyone with a brain can read the word “militia” right there in the Second Amendment and know it’s not about this little guy having the right to take a fucking pistol into Costco in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.

James Burdick, a former Wayne County prosecutor, is a criminal defense attorney who also handles health care cases at Burdick Law, P.C. in Bloomfield Hills. 

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    • Nothing to see here; just another venomous anti-gun dinosaur projecting the memories of his own inadequacies at that age onto others.

      When HE was that old, there weren’t very many places to get good personalized defensive handgun training (maybe only Gunsite?), no Internet to learn from others’ mistakes and pick up carry/training tips, and no DVDs/videos to assist in self-training, so he assumes that everyone else is as clueless as HE was at that age.

    • As a lawyer, there is nothing I detest more than people who graduated from non-third-tier-toilet schools and who spout off legal arguments that have been clearly rejected by the Supreme Court. It’s on par with a Southern DA citing Dredd Scott to support his worldview.

    • He’s obviously caught Andrew Dice Clay’s act though, with a lead-off like that. I had to go back and make sure he wasn’t in the line at the bank.

      Butch it up any way you need to skippy.

    • And reading his article, it is clear that he has never read Heller or McDonald, and has forgotten how long Michigan has been an open carry state, even though he purports to be a Super Lawyer and a criminal defense lawyer at that. In my town, most of the criminal defense lawyers have CCWs.

      • ” In my town, most of the criminal defense lawyers have CCWs.”

        I know a handful of lawyers here in Florida and like you they are gun guys.

        Probably because by interacting with criminal defendants they grasp the concept of the need for self-defence.

        One in particular has a very nice collection that he has been building by taking guns as payment for his services.

        As soon as they plead out they can’t own them anyway…

  1. Well, Mr. Burdick, when I go to Costco, I carry a “fucking pistol”, also. Every damn time!

    • I wonder if concealed carriers make him feel this way? Or just those open carrying. If concealed handguns in untrained hands are just as dangerouse then maybe he always feels that way since you can’t always tell who is and who is not carrying? Do cops make him feel that way? Licensed carriers of fire arms are LESS likely to commit a crime than police. And I don’t want to downplay police or military training BUT military training to use a defensive handgun is minimal and police training for most officers is bare. Most officers have never fired their gun at a suspect and many when they do hit innocents ( see NYPD). Now sure te guys on swat teams train all day, but most cops are not trained anywhere near that level. They et a few days at the academy the. Qualify 2 times a year for the next 30 years.

  2. Pretty pathetic transfer of fear and ignorance. I would expect better from him with a real argument.
    Sorry he didn’t provide a photo of said scared kid. Then again maybe that child didn’t exist at all except in his own mind.

  3. 25 year old ‘kid’
    Is he serious?
    What would these people set as the age to be permitted all of your human rights? 30? 35?

    • You are allowed your rights if you are within one nanosecond of his age, or (quite generously!) within one nanosecond of the age of any of his progtard friends.

      Otherwise, you can fvck off and die.

      (/sarcasm, if it’s not obvious.)

    • When I was a 25 year old innocent looking young man, I was 4 years a veteran of the Army’s Infantry Program For Wayward Boys. I’ve seen some shit that I hope this man will never have to see. When I come, I always come prepared.

    • I’m younger than this ass hole and I would call 25 year old a kid. Of course I might be saying go get yourself a gun kid and learn how to use it. The world is a dangerouse place and you can’t count on anybody else to protect you.

      • The people ARE the militia. This doesn’t mean you have to be militia to qualify as “people”.

      • Because it allows them to use the “well regulated” part which has evolved to mean “government control.” Without that, they couldn’t (cough, cough) rationalize their power grab. Even the most horrible dictators used “legal fig leaves” of tortured language to justify their atrocities.

  4. the US Supreme Court makes the distinction between the militia clause and the RKBA clause of the 2nd Amendment. How is it this lawyer cannot?

  5. the first bad ass who jumps up in his grill is going to take that gun away from him and shove it where the sun don’t shine

    If that’s true, why didn’t you try it? Probably because you knew that the young man would put two into your empty cranial cavity before you could blink.

    Why is it that present and former .gov scum think that they’re smarter than anyone else, when it fact, they don’t know sh1t but they do enjoy talking out of their asses.

    • To be fair, he might have not tried it because most people (even pro-disarmament jackasses like this one) simply don’t go around assaulting other people, just to see if they can.

      Also, he did say “the first bad ass”, and Burdick is almost surely not that.

    • I understand their narcissistic delusion of being smarter than everyone else. It’s the Ms Cleo like ability of seeing the outcome of hypothetical events that makes me question their sanity.

    • He runs his mouth pretty ragged for a msn that dont go heeled.

      Skin that smoke wagon and go to work!

  6. Didn’t an Air Force Major get gunned down by some cops outside a Costco a few years ago?
    He was asked to leave when a boxboy or something saw his pistol peek out from under his jacket. He left after talking to the manager and ran into the cops outside the store. Officer one shouted to get on the ground, officer two shouted to show him the weapon. The victim followed ofc. 2’s instruction and ofc. 1 lit him up. Naturally ofc. 2 joined in. Inquest ruled it justifiable, as usual.

    My point being, Costco forbids weapons on the property. So I call B.S.

    • I call BS because what is a supposedly white, well educated, rich lawyer doing in a bad part of town, at costco no less.

      • He was being fecitious in calling Bloomfield Heights the “ghetto”, and he possibly also being a bit of an elitist braggart. Bloomfield is literally one of the 5 richest towns in the entire country, as in all or the USA, 39% of the homes are >$1M.

      • “Militia” I do no think that word means what Mr. Burdick thinks it means.

        He like all the anti-gunners misses the entire point of 2A. Which is:

        There can be no well regulated militia without guaranteeing the people’s right to keep and bear arms. If the people do not have that right, a well regulated militia can not exist.

    • That was my first thought, Costco’s membership agreement states that you cannot carry firearms in their store. So I’m calling shenanigans on open carrying in Costco. This guy, in my opinion, is not being honest.

      I am not a member, so I never signed an agreement, they do not post per state law, so I carry CONCEALED when I go with someone close to me who has a membership card. If they ever do kick me out, I’m not out anything cause I don’t pay their dues.

  7. Headline’s being a bit charitable to the author. It sounds like Burdick doesn’t like the idea of any carry, and probably isn’t too thrilled about “letting” the little people own guns at all.


    His Constitutional rights, sure, But not that.

  9. Anybody who’s worked in the Wayne County Prostitute’s Office has earned my eternal scorn.

    Let me guess, he’s one of the jackhandles who used tax dollars to sue gun makers for making guns back in the 1990s.

  10. He is absolutely correct about “[a]nyone with a brain can read the word “militia” right there in the Second Amendment and know it’s not about this little guy having the right to take a f-cking pistol into Costco . . ..” However, the sentence is irrelevant to the article as open carry is separate from the militia reference in the 2nd A. This red herring seriously distracts from the main thought of his article; he is uncomfortable.

    Uncomfortable? You have no right to not feel uncomfortable. Lose the ego.

    What would a prudent person interested in helping the lad do? How about introduce yourself? Strike up a pleasant conversation to get a better understanding of the fellow. Based on how that goes, discuss how training is helpful regardless of one’s experience or notify the appropriate authorities of a problem. The gist is to be helpful to reduce the kid’s perceived inexperience while addressing the safety to the public you allege motivated you to write the article.

    In this manner, you may make a more positive difference in the world. Carry on.

    • Yes, I just KNOW what people are like when I look at them on the street…
      “I believe he’s never seen a tough guy close up, or a drunk or a tough guy drunk on liquor or pcp. So I know he has no idea what he’s doing…”

      Just like this Burdick KNOWS the young man has no idea what he’s doing…It would be interesting to know how much experience Burdick has with TRULY tough guys who look pretty unassuming. I’ve met some combat instructors in my younger days who didn’t look like much, but they had all the street cred for ACTUAL violent confrontations that this Burdick lacks.

      Unless he’s telepathic…yeah, that’s the ticket!

      • Well, duh! Of course he is telepathic. Didn’t you know that?! It is common knowledge that statist/leftists are all-seeing and all-knowing. If we would just surrender to their enlightenment, we would be so much better off for it as they know what is best for us more than we do. Freedom of thought is such a messy process.
        You know it would be so comforting to have an older sibling with that kind of oversight. You know, like a big brother. We would all be so much happier.


  11. Just think: this mental giant with self-esteem and projection issues used to get to use the power of the state (and purse of tax collectors) to compensate for those shortcomings.

    I would not be surprised to find out that this jackwagon would attempt to throw the book at people like the law-abiding open-carry Bogeyman in his story, while putting the gangbangers he referenced in that same story through the revolving-door, catch-and-release system.

    • Mr. Burdick IS an Operational Operator Operating Operationally. He even has the Arrow to the Knee Medal and is authorized to wear a chocolate “S” device on his associated ribbon for valerterious Self-Infliction.

      Kid w/the Don Johnson probably figured Mr. Sweaty crotch was going to SWAT him.

  12. Make ASSumptions, go ahead. That 25 something make be a SOF operator, a competitor, or a citizen well within their rights. I call BS on this guy, for projecting his own prejudices.

    I prefer concealed carry, but I have open carried on occasion. In Pennsylvania the only comment I ever got was at a Sheetz when a State Trooper commented on my Sig 1911 Scorpion and how much he liked the kydex holster.

  13. He thinks he can size someone up that easily because he’s dealt with people in court? For all this idiot knows, that “kid” could have just come back from a combat tour in Afghanistan and/or be an IDPA competitor with a black belt, who could kick his ass and a gangbanger’s ass, both at the same time. You never judge a book by it’s cover when you’re dealing with those kinds of issues. The kid could look frightened because his wife sent him to Costco to get something and he has no earthly idea where in the store it is! I have been there!

    This bozo was a prosecutor in an area that has become a shooting gallery and where the city of Dearborn has been all but taken over by Islamic extremists. Why isn’t this lame-o speaking out his office’s shameful lack of performance, instead of dissing some law-abiding citizen about ruining “his” Costco, like Costco is a place you go for the ambiance! The Detroit police chief next door is encouraging people to carry guns and use them. The chief is at least admitting Detroit/Wayne County is out of control.

  14. …since I just can tell he’s not trained in law enforcement or military use of weapons…

    LoL. The other day I stared at a rock that randomly picked up off the ground and I just knew it – just knew it – that there would be a diamond inside of it. I could tell just by looking.

    Anyone with a brain can read the word “militia” right there in the Second Amendment and know it’s not about this little guy having the right to take a fXXing pistol into Costco in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.

    “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.”
    — George Mason

  15. Anyone with a brain cell can see the words, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Anyone with two brain cells knows what that means.

  16. Little Jimmy used to be a country prosecutor and now he is a criminal defense attorney who also takes health care cases. His mastery of suppostion and conjecture must have served him well his previous occupation and his ability to deny reality must be an indispensible asset in his current law practice. I bet he is a lot of fun to watch in a courtroom.

    • Little Jimmy used to be a county prosecutor

      Probably where he learned to play fast and loose with the truth.

  17. The words of a frightened, closed-minded man who THINKS he understands more than he actually does.

  18. He needs to read what the founding fathers wrote about what is the militia and the Militia Acts of 1792.

  19. He edited out all the F bombs he had in the original article.

    Also, he graciously pulled strings to get himself a Michigan carry license back when the little people couldn’t get them.

    He’s a retired control freak who is no longer in control and is having a difficult time adjusting.

  20. I will take what Mr Burdick related ( since none of the other commentators did it fairly), and add that I believe ( I say again) that open carry is probably constitutional, but people who open carry are reckless for many reasons, not the least of which is that he (or she) will be the first one shot by the bad guys or by the police if trouble occurs.

  21. I love the police and military training canard. They act like you have to have some super special Hogwarts like training to handle a weapon only available to pure blood government cronies.

    • Indeed. So the “kid” didn’t have police or military weapons training (how can you tell that just by looking at someone)? So what? The “kid” isn’t carrying so he can enforce the law or engage enemy combatants in Costco. He’s carrying so he doesn’t get mugged on his trip to buy 96 rolls of toilet paper and a 5-gallon bucket of mayonnaise.

  22. Oh look, yet another person who knows better than me. It’s so comforting to know that there are so many of them out there, otherwise I just couldn’t take care of myself!

    P.S. I’m loving the irony of this guy talking about that 25 year old trying to be a tough guy while he, the supposedly even tougher dude, did/said nothing at the time besides run home and write an angry tough guy letter. Priceless.

  23. I’m wondering if this even happened. I don’t believe it’s possible to open carry in a Costco. I’d assume you’d be asked to leave the store.
    From Costco’s website:
    “Costco does not believe that it is necessary for firearms to be brought into its warehouse stores, except in the case of authorized law enforcement officers. For the protection of all our members and employees, we feel this is a reasonable and prudent precaution to ensure a pleasant shopping experience and safe workplace. Our policy is meant to protect our members and employees in all warehouses around the world.”

    • I open carry when riding my motorcycle. Never had any problems when gassing up at Costco. I conceal my pistol when going into the store, however.

    • That’s a damn good reason NOT to shop at Costco. Does Sam’s have the same policy?

      • I don’t know of such a policy, and the fact that they’re owned by Walmart, which “follows state law”, would indicate that the answer is probably that there is no such policy.

  24. The Second Amendment is all about the “little guy”, James. Even f%^$tards like you.

  25. He must have been confused. Costco would have booted him ASAP due to their fine print policy on guns. I think since he was a prosecutor, he must be a liar.

  26. Without law enforcement or military training? I’ve got some news for you, the best weapons retention training you’re going to get in the world doesn’t come from BCT or any law enforcement school. I’m not even a huge advocate of open carry, but this guy is a prat. Who does he think he is to tell anyone what right they have?

    My bet is that apparently he has enough money to have landed himself a house in Bloomfield Hills, and thus as one of the elite, doesn’t think the plebs should be carrying handguns in his beloved Costco. Later granddad, your sun has officially set.

  27. That’s a lot of quick judgment heaped on a law abiding open carrier. And it’s not YOUR Costco, Jim.

  28. Sure jumps to some conclusions kinda quick.
    How does Mr. Burdick know the guy WASN’T in a militia? And hadn’t received hundreds of hours in training?
    And the look of fear in his eyes was the fear that he was going to have to shoot “yet another” dummy…

  29. James Burdick Doesn’t Like Open Carry.

    The Mr Burdick should refrain from doing so.

    Not sure where he go the idea that what he wants has any bearing on anyone else but whatever.

  30. Three things occur to me: 1. Did this “kid” even exist at all or is he just a straw man? 2. If “kid” did exist, I doubt this mans ability to judge his training, background, or ability to utilize said automatic by observing a stroll through Costco. 3. This reinforces my opinion of lawyers in general (yes we all know exceptions – including some who post here that are truly exceptional).

    • I had similar thoughts. Years ago, as a teenager, we had a friend of the family who was a detective on our Houston suburb’s police department. It’s not HPD, but they’d get their share of crime, I suppose, even the occasional homicide.

      We’d get to talking and he’d tell me about cases, sometimes interrogations, and how he could tell whether someone was lying. A big part of it is just the mystique of homicide detectives and that they might just be able to tell. So they bluff and get you to confess.

      There is an actual art to it, though, and there are some techniques. One is keying in on how a suspect/witness recounts the events. There are no guarantees or one size fits all approaches, of course. Still, a story told in the present tense is more likely to be fabricated right there on the spot, than one told in the past tense. Same goes for a story with awkward “I” and “my” references, suggesting the teller wasn’t just an observer, but is the creator of the story.

      This lawyer alternates between past and present tense. He calls the store “my” Costco. Could just be his style. Could just be him trying to keep it breezy sounding (like his use of slang such as “grill”), so he doesn’t come off as a bitter old white guy. Or it could be him making the whole damn thing up.

      I don’t know that he’d be any less pathetic if it actually were true, though. So I guess it’s a moot point.

  31. From the original article:
    “So I know he has no idea what he’s doing, but that he also probably has a very tiny wee-wee, which explains the gun.”

    Now we’re back to the penis-size-ratio argument – AGAIN!

  32. One of the “elites”, ANGRY, ANGRY I tell you, that one of the little people, not anointed and blessed by the Powers That Be with a special little shiny piece of metal is OC’ing a gun.

    Anger is usually based in some type of fear. I believe Burdick is scared of the peasants not bowing and scraping for permission from people like him to exercise what he thinks should be a privilege, which he would never give.

  33. He now handles health care cases? So he’s a freaking ambulance chaser. The cost of health care in this country is at least double due to scum bag lawyers like this guy. I wonder how he feels about tort reform?

  34. “since I just can tell he’s not trained in law enforcement or military use of weapons”. I just laughed so hard that I snorted.

  35. If the story is factual, I’d bet it was a black “kid” and the “fair” former prosecutor was doing a bit of racial profiling. Anyway, what’s this rich lawyer doing deep in the ghetto anyway – shopping for those $5 whole baked chickens?

    • I posted this above in response to a similar comment:

      He was being fecitious in calling Bloomfield Heights the “ghetto”, and he was possibly also being a bit of an elitist braggart. Bloomfield is literally one of the 5 richest towns in the entire country, as in all of the USA, 39% of the homes are >$1M.

  36. Side Note:

    As of 2010, former and retired prosecutors qualifiy for a concealed weapons permit.

    Apparently he just hates the “little pebbles” have access to things only the enlightened few should have.

  37. “I’m pretty sure he’s never seen a gangbanger close up, or a drunk or a tough guy high on PCP. I can just tell he truly has no idea what he’s doing, or maybe even why. But I’m also thinking, he’s actually making MY favorite Costco dangerous for others for no good reason, since I just can tell he’s not trained in law enforcement or military use of weapons. ”

    [sarcasm]This guy can really make a dent in court costs. All they have to do is put the defendant in front of him and he knows wether he is guilty or innocent. No need for a trial.[\end sarcasm]

    “And while I don’t care if he gets himself killed”

    Very Christian of him.

  38. Ahh, yes. A former Detroit prosecutor that apparently doesn’t live in the city anymore….and lives in west bloomfield. Perfect.

    I love personally, how open carry, which has been legal in the state of Michigan since it became a state, is somehow “the politicians giving into the gun lobby” (or whatever the quote was…).

    It does seem that this particular open carry dude wasn’t exactly giving off a good vibe: shoulder holster for OC tips me off( but it shouldn’t….who am I to judge?)

    I’m sure he was ocing because of Costco’s anti gun stance…not that that is bad either…..

    • Anyone up for a road trip to stand on the public right-of-way outside of Herr Burdick’s office with openly visible firearms?

  39. Short version of Mr. Burdick’s rant, “I am superior and hate ‘inferior’ people … and therefore reject the notion that ‘inferior’ people have any rights. In fact I reject the notion that ‘inferior’ people have any inherent human dignity whatsoever.”

    People like this douchebag are the very reason that I am armed.

    • Of course the idea that anyone else is inferior to him is all in his mind. Probably helps him to inflate his ego even further to imagine all the inferior people he sees every day.

  40. John F.’s comments are mine as well. The writer comes across as ageist. Men at 18 can join the military, be trained in shooting, and use a rifle in combat. The man with the rifle could be a veteran with multiple tours of duty overseas. He could have used his rifle a lot and has relatively little experience with a handgun. He might be more comfortable shooting a rifle than a handgun. The author may not like the ascetics of a man carrying a rifle, but it is his right and his preference for a tool of self-defense.

    Many states do not allow someone younger than 21 to carry concealed, but open carry is allowed. It is completely closed minded to believe that those 25 and younger cannot be responsible and carry firearms to protect themselves and their families. Whatever happened to the pleas of accepting those who are different. The author may not understand or accept the person’s motivations, but is important to recognize that the open carrier’s beliefs are protected and respected by our society. I find it so sad that tolerance and understanding are rarely applied to gun owners.

  41. “I’m pretty sure he’s never seen a gangbanger close up, or a drunk or a tough guy high on PCP….”
    And I’m positive I can’t tell squat about someone from just looking at them. Politicians look like descent human beings yet the only thing I would be sure of is they are mostly lying thieves.

  42. As usual, the comments here are as mindlessly predictable and unreasoned as Shannon Watts. You all sound like irresponsible, self-entitled, six year old children. “It’s my right to do whatever I want, and nobody can make me stop.” Wrong! Society does have a say in how you can keep, and bear arms. I live in Florida, and have for 30 years, and this state says you can carry a firearm, you just have to carry it concealed. I don’t feel infringed, and it gets pretty damned hot down here in the summer months, when carrying concealed becomes more than just a little uncomfortable. BFD.

    In this article, here’s where most of your childish protestations about open carry go off the tracks. Is a shoulder rig designed for a) open carry, or b) concealed carry? If any of you didn’t already know, it is b) concealed carry. So why is the jerk in Costco walking around with one openly? Is it because a) he wants everyone to see him carrying it, or b) he wants everyone to see him carrying it, or c) both a and b?

    “You’d bury yourself alive just to prove you can handle a shovel.”

    • Society does have a say in how you can keep, and bear arms.

      Actually, no society doesn’t. The right is natural, endowed by our Creator, and unalienable. Further, the right is constitutionally protected against infringement, by anyone.

      Your premise therefore is false.

      • To say nothing of the fact that open carry, as noted by someone else above, is and has been perfectly legal in Michigan for a very long time–that it has fallen out of fashion is irrelevant. Which of course this jack wad knows (or at least should know) because of his experience as a prosecutor and now criminal defense attorney. Strange how he conveniently omits that fact from his diatribe, instead preferring to blatantly lie by stating that open carry is the result of recent actions by gun nuts and the NRA. Add to that the fact that he has not bothered to read Heller or McDonald as to the meaning of the militia clause suggests that, despite being voted a Super Lawyer, he is indeed an idiot. As a side note, his rant suggests that he doesn’t think too much of his clients either…

      • Non sequitur. Prove to me that Ms. Creator exists. Of course, I can’t prove that she doesn’t. i also can’t prove that pixies don’t exist. But I tend to believe that supernatural beings are a figment of people’s hopes and imagination. I prefer to believe that my right to carry a weapon for self protection comes from common sense, common law, and my right to life (self preservation), as long as I do it responsibly. And if by “creator” you mean my parents, yes, they would support my right to self-preservation. One thing is for certain, I sure as hell don’t care what some jack-weed liberal politician thinks about my “rights.”

    • Or maybe he just has a really nice “automatic” pistol that he doesn’t want getting scratched up by the seatbelt buckle in his car, or maybe he was wearing a jacket and took it off because he knew he was going to be too warm inside Costco…

      Of course, this is all assuming that the author got the details correct and is being truthful.

  43. Mr. Burdick appears to have a somewhat skewed point of view. He is a lawyer and a former prosecutor. I’ve seen many young people on the streets who appear to be sane well mannered even well dressed I’m even sure the neighbors of many a serial killer stated such things about people like Dahmer and the like. If you can tell a wise man solely by appearance then you need stand guard at the doors to the senate and stop the politicians from getting in.

  44. Couple of problems with this guy’s story: 1. Costco does not seem to allow open carry in their stores so it is unlikely that the young man in the article was there. How would he have made it past the guy at the front that checks your Costco card when you enter ? 2. IF there was actually someone like the author says walking around in Costco how is the author able to tell so much about him by just looking at him ? The statements he makes about the young man with the gun reek of ego and an elitist attitude. More likely that the author made the whole thing up because his editor needed some anti-gun propaganda.

  45. Criminal defense lawyer and health care cases. So, Mr. Burdick, is one of those lawyers who work so hard to make sure all the real criminals get back on the street instead of going to jail. Maybe he is so afraid because he knows how many creeps he has let out to live among us. Wonder if one of his favorite defenses is “Your Honor if my client just had not had such easy access to guns he would not be here today.” Blame the gun but never blame the guy who pulled the trigger as he is just a victim too. Another liberal lawyer who is responsible for much of the violent crime in our society today.

  46. I’m calling BS on this. Costco bans guns in their stores and they do tell people who are open carrying that they need to disarm before entering. I think this guy is lying through his teeth. Pics or it didn’t happen.

  47. When I’m out shopping, I legally carry – concealed. No one needs to know I’m armed. Without that component, this is a non story.

  48. “jumps his grill”? Sounds like Burdick is trying to be the next Mickey Spillane. He’s even got the been-there-done-that tough guy picture the dames can’t resist.

    I can see it now, coming in Fall 2015, “Open Carry Casket” by Jimmy Burdick.

  49. It’s hard to believe that anyone with a name that sounds like “Bird Dick” would dare to discuss anything of a penile nature.

    • It doesn’t matter. James has a burr up his dick (it says so right in the name) and thus, nothing else matters.

  50. What a maroon…and I had a pleasant conversation with a similarly young guy open carrying (over the border in Indiana).And it was NO big deal. No training needed in Indiana either-so where are the bloodbaths?

  51. I would say people with dreadlocks, tattoos, and shirts reading “BULLSHIRT” on them also give him the vapors and ruin HIS favorite Costco. But then I’d be making leaping assumptions about someone who I have never met.

  52. Oh, I’m sure this Burdick guy will come around and straighten us all out. Maybe he can pistol whip us, or knock a few of our teeth down our throats, since he’s a real tough guy and all that. /rolleyes

  53. Everyone should call his office at 248-335-5000 and tell him what they think of his article.

  54. With his knowledge of the law and his comprehension level of the English language, I’m sure he has far more criminal defense clients in prison than those that he ever successfully prosecuted. I’m curious where one can buy those mind reading pills that he uses to acquire instant omniscient power and the ability to perceive a person’s thoughts, motives and past experiences.

    • I am sure Mr. Former Prosecutor had many PCP users all up in his grill. Given his physic powers he should have had a 100% conviction rate.

      I think the (possibly made up) 25 year old kid was a big time operator who could off him with his little finger. The gat is just a fashion statement because all the cool TV cops used them.

      I give the kid with the gun a big edge in a fight with the tough talking former government employee. I also note that he didn’t say shit to him. Come on hoplophobe, call him out.

  55. Lets all give three cheers for this gentleman’s newly discovered ESP!
    I think we should all ask him, since: “I can just tell he truly has no idea what he’s doing” but, “since I just can tell”, and yet he’s only “pretty sure”, how is he now going to use this gift of precognition to benefit mankind. I’ll bet he has no intention of “just knowing” how to straighten out the mess we have made of the world in the last decade.
    That’s the problem, and also the big reason for the mess we have made, people who BELIEVE they “just know” when in actuality they haven’t a clue…

  56. I like how it’s really important that this guy he described was 25(ish).

    Maybe this guy has never seen the Infantry, but below Staff Sergeant, they’re all just a bunch of kids. The look like they’re in their teens, barely their 20s. They’re trusted with things a bit more potent than a handgun on a regular basis.

    Half of them look like dweebs (because half of teenage boys look like dweebs, I was among them) and might have been confused with MI if not for the patches on their shoulders.

    This guy has no idea how to tell if someone is trained. Apparently you have to fulfill the “alpha male” stereotype to carry a sidearm and, apparently, to face down gangbangers, because the alpha male blueprint that other species adhere to isn’t now totally obsolete in humans or anything. I would think that he has the gun because he _doesn’t_ want to get into a fight, but that’s just me.

    But, please, Mr. Burdick, allow your money to enlighten us all.

  57. Death by Costco.
    Mr. Burdick could do what the Las Vegas Costco manager did in 2010 when he got glimpse of West Point graduate Erik Scott’s .45. Tell him that Costco has an unwritten and un-posted policy banning persons who are carrying a firearm legally but tell him to kept it covered until he left. Problem is an overly aggressive “stock-boy” called the police and exaggerate the threat poised by Erik Scott describing him as acting wild and erratic. The police then sent multiple police cars and start evacuating the store. Then when Erik Scott exited, you could have a police officer shout three or four conflicting commands in five seconds, then fire seven shots at him, two of which actually hit him, killing him instantly. Oh, all you would have to do is check the video to see what happened, right? It seems that Rose Mary Woods was in charge of the video because there was a gap on the video that corresponded with this homicide.

    It seems as if your trip to Costco better be in level IIIa body armor, because police killed another person at Costco in Sterling, VA in 2013 and this one wasn’t even carrying firearm conceal or open, but again acting “erratically”, Mhai Scott had been handing out free pizza samples, decided to leave. Since she was acting erratically and was agitated and was “armed with scissors” when Tazing her didn’t work, the police, as in Vegas, shot her down.

    I always thought is was strange that Costco sold caskets, now I know why they do. “Death by Costco” is real if you are legally exercising your Constitutional right to carry a firearm and don’t know about some unwritten policy that is also un-posted. But maybe that only applies to Las Vegas, who knows. In the case of the pizza sampler, I would be agitated too of I stood there all day and everyone with a body mass index of over 25% fat was wolfing down pizza off of my tray.

    I think we should appoint Mr. Burdick as the arms inspector for all Costcos and if he see someone, anyone whom is either carrying a firearm or he thinks may be carrying a firearm, concealed or openly, let’s give him the authority to just shoot them on sight as I don’t to take any chances. The fact that some people may be victims of stalkers, witnesses in court who have been targeted, or have been the object of an attempted hit is of no consequence. If Mr. Burdick is offended or suspects something is amiss, shoot them down and ask questions later. Give them15% off a casket. Better yet, if we can shut down the TSA, let’s hire the 25% that are sex perverts and have them operate 3D X-Rays and full body pat–downs at the front of Costco. Maybe then these punks with their cheap Rossi’s and Uncle Mike’s holsters will stop coming in. I mean, who do these peons think they are, citizens entitles to all the right and privileges of us, the better class?

  58. I forgot to mention, when I sat as a circuit judge for 18 years, I always hated it when my prosecutor didn’t keep up with the relevant case law. If I had time to read the latest case law, then he did too, was always my thought. While seven years is getting kind of old now, I think if Mr. Burdick would read District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008) and McDonald, et al., v. City Of Chicago, Illinois, et al. 130 S.Ct. 3020 (2010) and spend a day and a half with Alan Gura like I did last year, he would not be as confused as to the current state of 2nd Amendment Law as he is.

  59. “I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”
    George Mason – Co-author of the Second Amendment during Virginia’s Convention to Ratify the Constitution, 1788

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