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“When a white guy is seen wandering around in public waving a gun, the police usually try to talk him down; he’s probably just having a bad day. Even if the white guy happens to be pointing his gun directly at an officer, his interaction with the police is unlikely to end in the exchange of gunfire. This is called white privilege. Recent history suggests there’s a certain methodology for how police handle nearly identical gun-related incidents: white guys get arrested, while black guys get shot. Outraged? If not, you need to pay attention.” – Harmon Leon, Here are 8 white people who pointed guns at police officers — and didn’t get killed [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: SAF Calls for Independent Investigation of Philando Castile Shooting">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: President Obama Rejects Gun Control Based on Criminal Acts (Although He Doesn't Know It)">Next Post


      • “cowardly cops” is a BS statement. They have at times a crappy job dealing with all the problems of society.

        If they have fear, it is because of lack of training and bad situations they have encountered. You go down to the projects by yourself at 3am to go find someone whom you have to get a statement from and all you have is yourself and your gun in a neighborhood that both needs the police and hates the police at the same time. A situation a friend of mine has found himself in several times.

        The two recent incidents IMHO, are from lack of training. If the only tool in your toolbox is to pull your gun and shoot, that is what you are going to do. They have a high stress shitting job.

        • They are all, every last one of them, VOLUNTEERS. Nobody kept any secrets from them when they were recruited and nobody is forcing them to stay in a dangerous and often thankless job.

          I respect most police officers and the job that they do. I fear all police officers because with just a little bit of effort on a bad day they can entirely destroy my life, and they don’t even have to shoot me to do it. The problem is, since the uniforms all look the same, you and I can’t know the difference until bullets are incoming or we are in the back of a squad car heading for the pokey and a mountain of legal debt.

        • How does it go? Something like, ‘if ya can’t take the heat git yer ass out the kitchen’……yeah, that seems right.

        • I’ve been to the hood at all times of night and day when I did Repo, and in Florida repo agent are not allowed to carry a gun. I survived somehow, even taking what people consider ‘their’ stuff.

        • Really? Seems to me we’ve been training our cops to be cowards over the past 20 years. When I was in the academy we were trained to absorb the first attack when no weapons were involved. We were trained to pull in backup before making contact if we thought it would probably turn sideways as a solo contact. It was accepted that being a police officer was extremely dangerous on the surface of it but that for society to continue to accept our presence we as police would have to accept that occasionally we’d end up on the wrong end of a situation and be hurt. That doctrine meant that our force was easily perceived as being reasonable and just and accusations of brutality were few and far between, not just in our department but in our entire region.

          New doctrine seems to teach that the only thing that matters is perceived officer safety, rather than actual public safety. The new generation of cops is trained that they’re targets in all contacts and that they’re the only ones with a right to go home to their families. We were not taught to take umbrage at contempt of cop, we were not taught to draw our weapon whenever we suspected there might could possibly in an edge case be a need, we were taught to draw our weapon when there was a credible threat to life. Cops today are cowards. They’ve been trained that way. They’re on average the same level of coward as the criminals they pursue. Force begets force. Contempt begets contempt. Us begets them.

        • Cities today arent run by virtuous leaders. They’re run by liability conscious legalists. “Doing the right thing” has a differnet meaning then it did 20-30 years ago….. Throw in cell phone cameras and YouTube, and this is the result…. “Modern” policing.

      • Yeah, nothing easier than dealing with multiple subjects during a car stop on an interstellar highway at night. But then again the hardest thing you have probably ever done is choosing between the iced latte or carmel mocha grande at Starbucks.


        • Interstellar highway? Ok Buck Rogers.

          How about make it simple. You get a revolver and one bullet.

        • Sure, and the highway stop was over some bullshit reason, like changing lanes without a signal or traveling at 79 mph in a 70 mph zone.

          Bullshit fishing and revenue extraction stops.

      • No people not doing what they are told and have a problem with authority figures are the problem

        • If a tyrannical government is doing the telling, what do you expect? Under tyranny, you want slaves who do what they are told and don’t rock the boat.

          Tyrants can take that illegitimate authoritah and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    • Like the rest of the “white privilege” narrative, it crumbles facing anything resembling factual analysis.

      But you can’t stop the signal. Children are being indoctrinated, some even believe the nonsense. Soon, presenting facts challenging the narrative will be considered “hate speech” (another blatantly un-Constitutional concept).

      Oh well, it was a great experiment.

  1. So, 7 anecdotes make for a universal truth? If I write an article citing 7 instances of someone killing in the name of Islam, will the president finally put Islam and terror in the same sentence?

    On a more serious note, I bet the more significant factor than race is police forces with a command structure that respects citizens. Whenever I go to larger cities, I am always shocked at the arrogance of cops. You can tell in their minds they are better than you. Rural sheriffs deputies on the other hand tend to be a lot more respectful of us peons.

  2. I wonder how many things we can cherry pick 7 instances of to come to a “logical” conclusion?

    • It is not even cherry picked, it seems to be just random where there is a white person with a gun.

      In the case Tamayo, he called 911 on himself because he wanted suicide by cop and the police knew this. He was involved in some bad financial situation and wanted to end his life.

      In the case of E.J Watson, the man NEVER waived a gun at anyone. He was drunk, he was carrying concealed, and someone he was yelling at spotted the gun on his belt and called 911. He drove away drunk. a separate PO found him swerving all over the road. He was stopped and pulled out of his truck. The gun was recovered from under his seat.

      Every incident has to be taken into context.

      They want outrage, here look at this group that has no champion

      Mentally Ill Four times More Likely to Be Killed by Police

      About half of all officer involved shootings involve them gunning down the mentally ill. They get gunned down probably as much as dogs.

      There is less of a Black/White problem than a training problem IMHO.

  3. Meanwhile, back in the 90’s… Oh wait, this isn’t the Weekend photo caption contest.

  4. He is just another self hating white person who enjoys private armed security.

  5. Perhaps he should test his hypothesis with experimentation. Maybe go out and try pointing a gun at a cops and then jot down notes about how they coddled him each time.

  6. I’m stealing that. I’m a Business Intelligence Developer/Data Scientist by profession. That will be used.

  7. White privilege? More like the privilege of living in America where anyone, no matter the race, creed or sex, by getting an advaced degree, a high paying skill like welding or plumbing, or by starting a business, can still have the middle class American dream.

    “White privilege” is just the excuse used by the professional victim class for their lack of effort, discipline or vision.

  8. Obviously, our entire country needs a governmental enema! We need to clean up the political riff-raff! Stop the Globalists from further damaging our country! Reinstitute our US Constitution Bill of Rights! Demilitarize a local and State Police! Enforcement of basic rule of law.While LEOS honor their oaths to protect and uphold the Constitution. As well as treating all Lawful US citizens as innocent till proven guilty in a court of law. Or face the rather of the public and become disarmed “Bobbies “! We need to weed out the political parasites that have been given high paid do-nothing jobs through nepotism! Develop a better education system so low information voters— *(who shouldn’t currently be able to vote….opinion..)* —can get a clue…And not be stuck for the rest of their existence with DNC/ common-core edgeamaction…End NAFTA/economic packages that favor foreign countries, and US companies who migrate manufacturing jobs overseas..*(And if the US companies Don’t want to come back…Then they can relocate permanently to that foreign country..Along with all their staff..)* Bring back US middle-class jobs for US citizens…Stop illegal immigration…Stop providing economic/public services support for illegal foreign nationals…Provide a free plane, or bus trip out of the country…Help provide better Job skills, and educational assistance to OUR US citizens to help them better prepare for their future…We still have a lot of untapped resources, and unexplored areas here and abroad….We need a new experience…Another western frontier to explore and bring forth that pioneer Spirit we used to have…

  9. Even if the white guy happens to be pointing his gun directly at an officer, his interaction with the police is unlikely to end in the exchange of gunfire.

    This is a ridiculous statement. Anyone who points a gun at a cop will likely get shot. Saying that it is “unlikely” is ridiculous.

    Also, cherry-picking 8 individuals in the entirety of the US over a unknown historical range cannot be used to reach any kind of conclusion. We could also pick 8 black individuals that were not shot or killed – that is not supporting evidence in this argument or making the reverse.

  10. White privilege huh? I’m pretty sure I didn’t get a job solely because I’m white. I had to prove my worth to the company, not meet a quota. I also had a harder time getting in college. When times were tough, I “made to much money” for wic. Life is a bitch when you put forth effort. But I’m white so I’m a racist if I complain…

  11. I don’t get all the hoopla in the claim that twice as many blacks are shot by cops as whites. IF that is indeed the case, I mean wouldn’t that jive with the statistics because young black males commit such a disproportionately large number of the violent crimes in this country? The biggest murderers of young black males are young black males. So if an ethnic group commits so much violent crime, it should not be surprising if they get shot more by police right…?

  12. The problem with the current tactic of “checking your privilege” is that it is an envy based hate mongering tactic.

    So I had a stable home, a dad with a good job. This allowed me to flourish academically, go to a very good school, go to grad school. Those are all privileges and I am thankful for them. Because I was privileged, I ate well. Because I was privileged I had medical treatment. Because I was privileged I am better educated. And in the area I am educated I should be hoped to be privileged to know more about than someone not so privileged.

    That a doctor got where he was more easily or through privilege, doesn’t mean your mother can tell him to “check your privilege” and ignore his expert medical counsel.

    There is no problem with privilege, or those who have been privileged. It is a good thing. With regard to basis human goods, the issue is that some lack these goods, not that others have them.

    Yes racism is a factor in police shootings. Taking into account the percentage of the population, blacks are far more likely to be shot (there are 5 times more whites). But the issue isn’t “white privilege”, but “black deprivation”

  13. Gee I went bankrupt before. Where’s my white privilege? And if I pull a gun on a cop he(or she) WILL shoot me…

  14. … And people keep wondering why I think SJWs need to be dragged out into the street and shot.

  15. OK, let’s have a little chat about “white privilege.” Being as I’m white, I’m reasonably well off, and on my worst days dress in a more adult and respectable manner than the author above, I believe I know a little something about this condition.

    First, the statistics bear some scrutiny. A bunch more white folks are killed by cops than black folks. That doesn’t sound all that much like “privilege” to me. But then the author asks us to project why cops don’t immediately assume the worst of white people?

    OK, Cupcake, I’ll tell you. I’m living in an area that is 94% white. Lots of white folks ’round these parts.

    Here’s what living in an area that’s 94% white means every day:

    – you can sleep with your doors and windows unlocked.
    – you can leave your house unlocked when you go shopping – and many people do.
    – you can leave your car unlocked when you park it. Heck, some folks leave the keys in their car, just not in the ignition. Look over the driver’s visor, and the keys usually drop out.
    – hell, you can leave your $50K diesel pickup idling, with the doors unlocked, in the middle of winter to keep the engine warm so you can re-start it – and leave it that way for 30 minutes while you’re in Walmart, and it’s still there when you come out.
    – you can drop your wallet in the street, and when someone returns it to you, odds are very high everything is still in there.
    – when there’s an auto accident, there’s often a half-dozen people on the scene rending useful assistance before the first cop or EMT arrives
    – people help old folks cross the street without being shamed into it
    – folks pick up litter that gets blown out of trash cans – just because they don’t like seeing litter.
    – someone who throws up a graffiti tag on a building or railroad bridge becomes one of the most wanted people in the community within days of the tag being thrown up, and then the tag is painted over before the week is out.

    In short, being a cop in a community like this one is a pretty easy job. Looking at the police blotter for the last week looks like this: Welfare checks, lost children, parole violation, dogs at large, loose livestock, found property, auto accidents, trash fire without permit or outside fire ban hours (we’re currently under fire restrictions), shots fired inside city limits, fireworks (there’s a fireworks ban as part of the fire ban), dispute over a shared trash can.

    Now, look at the police blotter for a 94% black community. Heck, look at the blotter for a 50% black community. Show me a 50% black community that has a police blotter that looks remotely like ours. Go ahead, show me. Find even just ONE half or majority black community in the US with a boring police blotter.

    Once you’ve done that, you can now talk about “white privilege.”

    • Sounds to me like rural-ness and distance from a major metropolitan area might have more to do with your circumstances as racial make-up. Blacks didn’t really flock to farming in the last hundred years, quite the opposite. They mostly flocked to urban centers where conventional jobs were to be had in the post-civil war era. In the rural areas you had far fewer jobs, fewer employers that would hire blacks (for a long time) and a dramatically smaller carrying capacity of rural economies for already economically marginalized blacks. You can’t have a large population of black people where you don’t have a large population in the first place. That’s how “minority” works.

      • Rural location helps, but doesn’t explain everything.

        The single biggest factor, IMO, in what makes a community remain “dull” from a policing perspective, is lack of property crime. Once property crimes start, then the other, more violent crimes usually follow.

        In our area, if you wanted to steal stuff, there’s plenty of stuff to steal that isn’t nailed down. People tend to leave stuff that isn’t theirs alone. Not just “not steal it,” but not tag it, not destroy it, not mess with it.

  16. So according to this beta male’s logic, the whole peaceful cooperation Mark Hughes had with the cops when he handed his rifle over to DPD on Thursday didn’t happen.

    They say you shouldn’t judge a book (or person) by its cover, but people like this guy give a lot of credence to it being the right thing to do anymore.

  17. Oooo they found eight white people who pointed a gun at officers and lived in a country where there are ~12.5 million arrests per year and cops kill around 1000 people per year.

    1000/12.5 million = hardly an epidemic.

  18. “White privilege?” Ha!

    You know, there are places in this country, Owsley County, Kentucky, for one, the poorest county in America and 98.5% white, where terms like white privilege don’t draw offense, because the people have no concept of it.

    In a place like Owsley, aka, ground zero in the “Big White Ghetto” stretching from Appalachian towns from northern Mississippi to southern New York, life is pure misery. Well, misery cut with meth and cases of Pepsi (the latter of which serves as a tradable commodity into which people convert the entire value of their EBT cards.)

    There are mothers there, white mothers, who take their children out of literacy classes because the possibility of improved academic performance would threaten $700/month Social Security disability benefits, which increasingly are paid out for loosely defined “learning disorders.”

    That’s America in 2016. White Privilege is a self-serving Black Myth.

  19. If this dolt tests this and points a gun at a cop, then he definitely won’t be around to write any more of these white guilt articles.

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