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“As the number of concealed handgun licenses continues to increase in Texas, the top age group seeking concealed handgun licenses in the past five years has been over 50,” reports. “Statewide, there are more than 580,000 active licenses, with nearly 150,000 of them being issued last year. Last year, more 57-year-old Texans sought a CHL than any other age. In recent years, Texans aged 63, 52, 61 and 60 have also led the way in concealed handgun permits, according to a Star-Telegram analysis of DPS data.” Data that reveals that self-identified white folks account for 85 percent of all of Texas’ 2012 CHL licenses issues. (Wonder why the Star Telegram didn’t highlight that fact?)  Props to Texas for leading the nation in FBI criminal background checks for potential gun buyers—even as we give the NRA a[nother] nudge on that whole inclusiveness deal. Texas minorities; The People of the Gun need you!  [NB: OFWG = Old Fat White Guy]

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  1. It’s only logical that as age limits our ability to fight or run, the need for an “equalizer” becomes greater.

    • It probably has to do with financial means also. When you’re about 55, nearing 60 and middle class, you already have a decent job, a house, the kids are either working full time or are in college, and you’ve already bought the mid-life crisis Harley or sports car. Disposable income is great to have in the gun world.

      I don’t think minorities should be targeted by pro gun groups, because the difference between an old white dude and an old Hispanic woman is the name and the plumbing. Its young people; if you get people pursuing carry permits at age 21 and 22, they have the potential for another 40, 60, maybe 80 years of shooting and carrying ahead of them.

      • it also has to do with targeting voting demographics. . . . . harder to ban/take away something when your constituents care about it.

  2. Well, as a future OFWG myself it’s good to know I won’t be alone…

    At least they are ONE of the demographics most likely to need a defensive firearm, though they would probably rank behind women, minorities, and gays…

  3. I’m disappointed to see that the percent of females hasn’t increased. I’d heard reports of classes that were 50 and 60% women. We’re the ones who need it most, after all.

  4. Well this puts the lie to all the hype and marketing BS about young shooters flooding the gunstores and ranges.

    • Not really – yes the over 50 group is the largest group, but that does not mean that other age groups are not seeing significant growth in this market.

      I joined my gun range 2 years ago. I expected the place to be loaded with OFWGs. Instead the place is packed with 20 – 30 somethings. Many are new gun owners.

      I have relatives in other states who see the same phenomenon that I see. Anecdotal? Maybe – but I do believe what I see with my own eyes.

    • Not 100% true. Rifles and shotguns are cheaper and require less paperwork on most states. And Ars look cooler. So younger shooters may be waiting till they’re older for handguns (21) and unable to caugh up the cash for CC classes in states that require them.

      • This is exactly the position that I am in. I’m 19, and own 8 firearms. It’ll be at least 2 years before I have my CCW though. Besides, a CCW is useless to me until summer of 2016, since I’m living on a college campus until then.

    • Or maybe these numbers reflect the economic status of young males in America. It’s hard to justify the expense of training, hardware and ammo when you’re living in your mom’s basement.

      Of course, it’s hard to justify the votes for Obama from the same demographic, considering that the more they vote for Democrats, the longer they’re going to live in that basement.

    • Yes, unfortunately. We’re losing the young generation because of all the anti-gun brainwashing we’re fed. From where I’m standing (on the campus of a Big 10 University), most people despise firearms. I’m one of few that I know that even supports “civilian” ownership of any firearms, let alone the AR-15 I’m hoping to buy once I have somewhere to put it. Our university doesn’t even have a rifle or pistol club/team anymore because our current University President ordered them all disbanded when he took over a few years before I got here.

      • I’m not sure it’s about brainwashing, It may be more about means. Like in Colorado, when some young guy is down to his last few bucks and has to choose between an illegal seventeen round magazine or a legal baggie of ganja, what’s a guy to do?

  5. my wife and I are both Black. I had a permit for the last 14 yrs. my wife just got hers. Her friend and husband (my shooting buddy) are both Black and from the Bahamas originally. Both have their permits. The wives belong to a group of stay @ home mothers (about 7 of them, mixed races/ethnicities). They go to the range every 3 or 4 weeks to shoot and then have lunch. My shooting buddy and I have many friends who are either getting permits or plan on it within the year. I have a number of people at my church (traditional Black Southern Baptist) who have guns and carry permits or waiting for them to come back. . . . . the media does not want to report this fact because it does not fit into their paradigm . . . .

  6. Speaking as a Texas minority (asian) in his mid-twenties: I’m working on it! Waiting for my CHL to arrive in the mail and encouraging family and friends to get their CHL as well!

  7. The thing I see that’s encouraging here at my range in N. Texas is the number of females shooting alone. They’re not waiting to be taken to the range by hubby or going with gal pals. To me it shows a commitment to shooting and gun rights.

    • I’m a white, 62 yr. old female and was at the local indoor gun range just this morning,
      Belong to Ladies Shooting League, but this week’s schedule range date was canceled so needing some trigger therapy went on my own, and not unusual for me to do so. Maybe just a Texas thing? doubt it!

      • Short hair, black slacks, kind of a grayish top? You’re a heck of a shooter if that was you. 🙂

        Texas thing or not, it’s all good!

  8. There are more and more cartel gang members crossing the border to do “business”, and they are finding the older folks to be easy targets to hit while already here. Therefore, the older folks are deciding to protect themselves and are being proactive.

  9. So 85% of permit holders are white. That means almost nothing without knowing what percent of the population is white as well. That could be revealing if it is found for instance that other races have similar permit holding rates, maybe the OFWG stereotype isn’t as strong as some believe

  10. They aren’t counting me yet since my permit is issued in WA and it doesn’t expire til 2016, so I saw no need to get a TX one when I moved here a year and a half ago (TX recognizes WA permit, even though the reverse is not true). When that time rolls around, I guess I’ll get around to it.

  11. Texas should have much more than 580,000 CHL holders. It’s got 26 million people, 7 million more than Florida, but Florida has twice as many permit holders. Washington has less than 7 million total population and we have over 425,000 active permit holders. Come on, Texas, let’s get a move on!

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