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‘‘We are confronting yet another mass shooting, and today it happened on a military installation in our nation’s capital. It’s a shooting that targeted our military and civilian personnel. These are men and women who were going to work, doing their job protecting all of us. They’re patriots, and they know the dangers of serving abroad, but today they faced the unimaginable violence that they wouldn’t have expected here at home.’’ – Barack Obama in Obama laments shooting as gun debate has gone cold [at]


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  1. Sounds like a terrorist attack. So, what are you gonna do about it? How about arming our military and civilian personnel for starters?
    Is he ever going to see the light about DGU? I think not.

    • Speaking about DGU, was there any discussion or evidence of friendly fire casualties? I hope there were none, but this is the first time in a while anybody has actually shot back. Usually, the monsters commit the tragedies and commit suicide.

  2. i think the “yet another mass shooting” was only added to push his political agenda. democrats are good at tricking low information voters and very good a getting the emotional to vote their way.

    • I read it a little differently. It sounded to me like he would like to push his anti-gun agenda, but can’t right now because it’s not popular politically. Reading between the lines, it almost sounded like his promise to Putin – “after the election I’ll have more flexibility”. Yesterday would’ve been, “give me two or three more mass shootings and I can go to Congress”. A sad but true fact is that the bar has been raised post-Sandy Hook. The killing of 12 adults is not enough any more to get peoples’ attentions. Sure, we’ll hear from the same gun grabbers this week, but I think the vast majority of politicians will remain silent, especially in the wake of the Colorado recall elections.

      • Obama to Medvedev: “After the Election, I’ll Have More Flexibility.”

        – same difference though – fixed it

  3. The guy had extreme mental issues he was being treated for…..this should not be a gun debate but a mental health issue!!!!

  4. “Unimaginable” violence? “That they wouldn’t have expected here”?
    No Mr. President. ONLY fact-immune, reality denying socialists like yourself
    believe that murder is impossble in a “gun free zone”. Dude! Just because you say it, doesn’t
    make it so.
    “Why don’t you wake up and smell what you’re shoveling?” -“Die Hard”

    • Sgt. Powell is the best. ‘No sir, you couldn’t drag me away.’

      ‘‘We are confronting yet another mass shooting . . .” No, you’re not. You’re pandering, bloviating and triangulating. When and if you decide to ‘confront’ a mass shooting, you will recognize and strengthen our 2nd Amendment rights.

  5. What. no “If I had a son he would look like,,,” ?
    He should have consulted Putin before the speechifing

  6. “Patriots” Who have been DISARMED. Members of the military trained in the use of the weapons they are denied the freedom to carry on base.

    I agree with the term patriots, I don’t agree with a government that turns them into sitting ducks.

    • ^ This.

      I’m actually going to write my congresscritters regarding how the military justifies disarming servicemen and women. It’s not like we don’t carry 24/7 on deployment and in the field.

      • Agreed. BUT don’t assume those wearing Blue suits know any more about the use of arms that the general public. Raising right hand to join the Navy/AF likely may lead to technician does not lead to gunslinger. Or even the Army (or dispite their PR BS the USMC). A REMF has 2nd Amendment Rights and should be arble to carry but he is still a REMF.

        I think the only time I have ever been “uncomfortable” around a bunch of people with weapons was on a M16 qual range where my Inf Bn was tasked to help a Chicago Reserve Postal it qual with their new M16A2. I’m sure this bunch would have done great on the M9 range with firing while holding the gat on its side or conduct drive by with HMMWV. Scarey doesn’t come close.

    • Nailed it right there. For the first time in years, I agree with him. The problem is we’ll never agree on the solution.

    • Agree completely. I suggest spending the time reading at least the Firearms section of DOD directive 5210.56 at The directive is more worried about complying with the Gun Control Act of 1968, and the 1996 Lautenberg Ammendment see 1.a.(2) than the ability to provide personal protection.

      4.d.(1) authorizes the use of deadly force for the “Inherent Right of Self Defense” but 1.b.(2)(e) only allows authorization to carry a firearm for personal protection, overseas when intelligence identifies a credible and specific threat. It specifically denies general personal protection with a firearm with the statement “Firearms shall not be issued indiscriminately for the purpose of personal protection.”

      So you are allowed to defend yourself but you are not authorized to have an effective tool for the job just like in some civilian jurisdictions. What a crock of @#$%. Like DJ says he is going to do, I think we should all write our Senators and Representatives to call for change to this ridiculous regulation.

    • DC Shadow Congresscritter Elanor Holmes Norton (I swear to God there is such an office) opined this morning in the Washington Post that DC was the safest city in the Nation. I sprayed coffee…

  7. Benghazi was caused by a Youtube video.. and this was caused by a gun. And he was under treatment by the VA. What drugs were prescribed? I bet we will never know.

  8. Next month is the 30th anniversary of Beirut Barracks. Throw in 9/11, Fort Hood, and now WNY perhaps we need to think over this “don’t trust soldiers with guns” thing.

  9. President BS was so tore up about it he spent 2 minutes trying to tie the shooting to gun control before going on a tirade against the GOP over the debt ceiling. With ZERO facts the media jumped aboard last night and started screaming about AR15s, even though this shooter used a STOLEN AR from a Navy base guard! By their logic all cops should only have S&W model 19s because someone might steal their high cap “machines of destruction” (quoting the limey tool Piers MorGOON) and go on a rampage. This administration is so baldfaced degenerate and shameless I have to check GPS in the morning to see if I woke up in Somalia or some other warlord run dictatorship.

    • WAPO and the BAL Sun both say he either stole the gate guard’s gun and used it and/or his own pistol of some type after discarding or keeping his shotgun that he may or may not have used on the guard at the gate.

      Clear now?

  10. This guy was even a practicing Buddhist. We will never know what the true trigger was as it does not fit the narrative.

  11. Mark Glaze’s comment about “not having the votes in the Senate” is promising. It means he hasn’t learned it’s about the vote of the citizens. He can’t RECALL the spanking Morse and Giron got in the fine state of Colorado last week.

    See what I did there?

  12. And as far as that prick, Pushkov, having anything to say about what’s going on in this country, I’d like to refresh his memory.
    The 2002 Nord-Ost Crisis in Moscow. At the Dubrovka Theater. 800 hostages, 40 terrorists. Gassed by the government. 130 hostages reported dead due to gassing. All terrorists dead.

    Syria anybody? Seriously.

  13. Early reports suggest he heard voices, was obsessed with COD video games and entered armed only with a Joe Biden special, and later picked up the AR and the pistol off fallen a guard.

    • Reports I’ve read suggest that he bought the shotgun only a few weeks ago. So yeah, he WAS probably taking Joe Biden’s advice to “buy a shotgun.”

  14. Oh good, now we’ll get to pivot off politically bungling the whole Syria discussion without having to address employment.


    • “what should we do about Syria?”

      “OOH, Look over there, an evil black rifle”

      “Now we can do whatever we want”

  15. I don’t think I’d ever classify anything Obama says as “wisdom.” Maybe “Pearls of Political Pandering” would fit better.

  16. The man certainly has a keen sense of the obvious. And no sense of decency whatsoever. His behavior yesterday, and that of his douchebag mouthpiece Carney, was despicable.

  17. All yesterday, I said: 1 man, no meds, mental health issues. Gun free zone, took out the guards with an illegal firearm, stole their guns. If he is a poor shot, not using an AR.

    Further proof of my conceal carry argument: When seconds count, the police are 5-10 minutes away… Guess I should add: and SWAT is 30 mins away.

    Edit: I also said the Dems will exploit it before the bodies are cold (again).

      • Her statement meant nothing whatsoever. For all we know it could merely have been 7 minutes till they pulled up outside the building and starting running around like chickens instead of actually confronting and engaging the perpetrator. And not only that, DC police had no jurisdiction in the first place!


  18. Now imagine those same ‘patriots’ legally armed to the teeth and able to return fire. Shaun L beat me to the point, but i’m already committed. Oh well. =p

    • Timing doesn’t matter, we’re not the only ones who feel this way. Could you even imagine having been one of the servicemen standing around when this went on KNOWING you couldn’t return fire?

      I couldn’t imagine living with the guilt and anger of “what if” knowing that my own country disarmed me of the ability to do something to stop this atrocity sooner. I feel bad for the survivors as well as the dead and injured.

      • “I couldn’t imagine living with the guilt and anger of “what if” knowing that my own country disarmed me of the ability to do something to stop this atrocity sooner.”

        This is definite PTSD food. Survivor guilt.

  19. Add in the fact that the guy was a defense contractor employee with an ID card that let him onto the base without being searched – gee, sounds like a government failure, there.

    The Democraps are already blaming the “GOP sequester” for this, saying it reduced the base security.

    They will be blaming the NRA by the end of today.

  20. It’s time (past Time) to stop playing defense and start taking the offensive against the gun grabbers. We need pro-2a politicians to use these incidents just like the anti’s do. In this case we push to overturn the law that makes military bases gun free zones. If there was a background check performed when he purchased his shotgun then push to eliminate background checks as a waste of taxpayer dollars. Use this as a push to eliminate as many gun controls as possible! take the bloody flag from the gun grabbers and wave it ourselves. Find CHL holders who were killed or unable to stop the attack because of the gun grabbers stupid laws. If the NRA, SAF, GOA, etc. spin doctors aren’t up to it then fire them and hire some new ones! If we are always on the defense we will eventually lose…

  21. “These are men and women who were going to work, doing their job protecting all of us.” Yet because of some inane policy, our soldiers cannot carry their own weapons on base to PROTECT THEMSELVES. I mean how incredibly CRAZY is that? We trust them abroad to carry, yet we don’t trust them at home?

    W…… T……. F……..

    Had they been carrying… I’d bet the only deaths would have been the crazy(s) that tried to attack them.

    Another STUPID law that just cost more lives.

  22. Fort Hood, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon…what will be next. Quit attacking America. Quit attacking Americans. You purposely stir the racism into hate so people will hurt each other and talk us down for what you have done.

  23. The up side for gun owners (if there really is one) with the DC mass shooting.
    A.) It was a GUN FREE ZONE! Yeah, that soft target thing again.
    B.) No AR-15 used as now reported. CNN and Piers Morgan STILL look like idiots.
    C.) Disarming Military Guards happened under Clinton. Dems to blame there too. That was a great idea.
    D.) Last but not least, the shooter was black. The media will let this one die quickly. Had it been another crazy white guy, or a white Hispanic, they would have gotten a little traction. My money is on this story going away very quickly.

    God bless the families of the victims. Another crazy bastard, another senseless killing spree.

  24. All the people who were there when it went down have stated something like “I heard shots and I ran.”

    That’s what I have been known to do as well — but in the other direction.

    Those who carry can save lives other than their own.

  25. He’s in “deeply meditative reflection” of the tragedy. YOU CAN TELL.

    I’ll be DAMNED if he isn’t the phoniest, most narcissistic s.o.b. who ever served in high public office. He doesn’t have one sincere bone in his body. Or even in a White House closet.

  26. “These are men and women who were going to work, doing their job protecting all of us.”

    — It’s more like they are supporting the US Imperialistic Empire abroad and the fascist state at home.

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