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Leftist gun owners discover that gun control is a bad idea.

It’s always seemed curious that so many of the people who profess the most hatred and fear of those currently wielding power in Washington are many of the very same people who have long been advocates of gun control. If — as the black-clad Antifa thugs, profess — you really believe that President Donald trump is a fascist and/or a Nazi, do you really want to give the government he currently heads the ability to more tightly regulate your ability to purchase and own firearms?

That’s the central contradiction behind Eve Peyser’s article at, ‘The Leftist Argument Against Gun Control.’

“Gun control means disarming the revolutionary masses and oppressed classes,” a leftist named William Gillis told me in an email. Gillis, one of the 15 anti–gun control leftists I talked to by phone and email for this story, called gun control “the worst possible idea in history.” He also sent me this meme:

Why, it’s almost as if America’s Founding Fathers intended the right to keep and bear arms as a bulwark against government tyranny or something. We’re sure we’ve heard that argument somewhere before.

Not all anti-gun control arguments are this fanatical, but many stem from a fundamental mistrust of the US government. Alex Turner, a 24-year-old retail manager from Kentucky, believes that we can’t trust Trump to not tweet out a declaration of war or the Democratic Party to hold a fair primary, so why should we trust the government to regulate firearms? (Of the anti-gun control leftists I corresponded with, most of them were men who voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary and either sat out the general election or begrudgingly voted for Hillary Clinton.)

As far as America’s gun rights supporters are concerned, it’s a big tent. There’s plenty of room in here for everyone…no matter how you managed to finally conclude that arguments for gun control are centered much more in a desire for control than they are concern about guns.

“As a black leftist male from and in the south who’s a gun owner, I find the conversations on gun control in liberal and left circles oftentimes deeply ill-informed,” (Michaelantonio ) Jones explained. “I’ll be frank, I’m not comfortable with giving the state (the US proper)—which was founded on, by, and sustained through genocide, slavery, and theft—a total monopoly on violence. I believe that for folks that look like me, surrendering effective means of self defense and trusting that system is suicide. Also, let’s not forget that gun control in the late twentieth century in the States has basically been an effort to disarm people of color.”

Don’t look now, Mr. Jones, but America’s history of gun control laws rooted in racism goes back a lot farther than that. Still, no matter what you think of the circuitous route he took, Jones managed to land at the right airport.

So let’s not quibble. In the post-Las Vegas push for more restrictions on civilian firearm ownership, it’s good to have more supporters for the RKBA, no matter which side of the political spectrum they lean toward.

Ruganzu Howard, a 37-year-old ex-cop from Seattle, explained it in even simpler terms: “Many people have opinions on guns and absurd notions of ‘common sense’ gun laws. There is a reason this shit ain’t been figured out/resolved. It’s not the evil GOP, or NRA, it’s because Americans want fucking guns.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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  1. As long as they don’t turn right back around and demand our guns be taken I’m happy to have them on our side. Doubt it will last though.

    • They’re only on their own side. They are not including you on their side. We don’t want anyone with us who isn’t “with us”.

      • Exactly how they want the First Amendment right for themselves but if you don’t agree with them then you haven’t that right & they will use violence to prevent you from using it. Somehow I can’t see their stance on the Second being any different.

    • If , the government took our guns? The black, brown and yellow would be slaves or worse
      With in a year… and this country will fall apart within 18 to 24 month’s.

  2. I have no room in my tent for leftists. They would use their guns to take control of the government, and then they will use them to murder or enslave everyone who doesn’t agree with them. The only good leftist is a dead one.

    • Yeah, well, in a weird way, I’m glad they are aboard. It’s clear they want a war and I say bring it on.

      • I’m not so sure. These people finally understand that government can be evil. I think that’s a stepping stone to some seriously useful common ground.

        • Do they understand that .gov can be evil. Or do they just want to be the ones in charge of the .gov?

          They are leftist/communist after all. When have such folk formed a .gov that didn’t turn murderous?

        • “These people finally understand that government can be evil.”

          They believe government on the political Right is evil.

          They were just fine with Obama’s Leftist political ideology…

        • Let’s see…a republican president, a republican senate, a republican house, and a truckload of republican governors. And the democrats are just now getting nervous about government poking its nose where it doesn’t belong?. Seems that it should be the republicans who trust the gov, the republicans who support the gov, and the republicans doing what the gov wants. Good dog Rex (tillerson).

          Instead, it would appear there is some self-loathing in the republican party, and with the president, the distrust is strong. So what’s an American to do?

        • “These people finally understand that government can be evil. ”

          Call me stupidstitious, or skeptical, or….knowledgeable of how these people work, but, I think it would be more accurate that they understand,expect, know, believe that a government they do not control can be evil.

        • If they’re not Conservative [no matter who the “they” are] they are a dangerous pool of SUCK. You don’t even need another example.

      • “it’s clear they want a, war” I am not sure it is clear to “them” what “they” want. “THE” left is a very big diverse bunch of groups. Some want the government to do everything for them, so all they want is some way to limit or eliminate the Constitution – they only want a war if someone else fights it. Other liberals want a new society formed around a “progressive” interpretation of the rules Their “new society” is politically correct, free of micro aggressions, and open to all 32 genders – I doubt they want a war at all. And the socialist Democrat party, certainly does not want a war – they know they are the disarmed ones and cannot count on the armed forces to support them.

        I agree that there are groups on the left like antifa and BLM who are looking for a fight. I just am not sure they even know what they will face if they begin an armed insurrection. They certainly do not understand the civics of this country, our real (not college leftist professor tirades) history or understand the meaning, or need for the Bill of Rights. And these few groups will be quickly overwhelmed by the unorganized militia.

    • Sounds like maybe they need guns to protect themselves from people like you.

      “The only good … is a dead ….”

      Do you know the origin of that saying? It’s not something to be proud of.

      • Truth is, genderless, timeless, and lacking in the need for any approval.

        You never have to be ashamed of it.

      • “Wow, you want people dead over political leanings?”

        Modern political history demonstrates that is where “the Left” always ends up. For instance….

        Californicatia just enacted a law that means jail time for not using the preferred pronoun when addressing a person. Is it really so far between jailing someone for word use, to eliminating that person entirely?

        Can’t happen here? Ask a surviving holocaust victim. Ask them what they see, because Americans have zero frame of reference regarding what can happen under a hostile government.

        • That law won’t even do that, but it isn’t relevant to the discussion anyway.

          A lot of online, armchair commandos want to kill “leftists”. Why is that?

          • “A lot of online, armchair commandos want to kill “leftists”. Why is that?”

            How does revealing the trajectory of leftist movements equate to wanting to kill leftists?

            The inability to separate the character of leftists from that of other people is a distinctive element of the leftist movement.

          • Yes, he did. And I shoved reality back in the face of the leftist who took a morally smug position, as if only non-leftists want the opposition dead. My how they cower when you fight back, when you force feed their history, beliefs and their principles (?) to them.

            Pot, Kettle, black, all that?

          • Talk about irrelevant.

            Or maybe you agree Demoncrats and leftists are demonstrably racist at the core.

    • “Is THAT where baby guns come from?”

      I’ve had zero luck getting my guns to reproduce.

      I’ve even sprinkled ammunition on the bottom inside of the gunsafe and piped in some Barry White for them to set the mood…

  3. That image is disturbing.

    Yeah, those white supremacist guys are assholes. Making a meme suggesting shooting/killing them 30 at a time for expressing a revoltingly racist opinion is just as or more disgusting.

    “Look! People expressing a disturbing opinion held by an extremely small minority and doing so under the protection of the 1A! Let’s use the 2A to arm up and then murder them for saying things we don’t like! is the not so subtle subtext of that meme.

    • Depends on how you look at it. If the assumption is that these people would get together and enact violence against an individual or group (something white supremacists/Nazis have historically done) then it can be viewed as a justification for a standard capacity magazine for defense of one’s home or business against a violent mob.

      Put it another way: Do the same thing with a picture of masked antifa and tell me if it makes more sense to you.

      • “Put it another way: Do the same thing with a picture of masked antifa and tell me if it makes more sense to you.”

        Are they actively rioting? Then maybe. If they’re standing around chanting (or carrying Tiki Torches ROFL) then abso-fucking-lutely not. I don’t care about your political opinion or “capacity for violence based on history”. What I care about are your current actions. Using the 1A to speak? Go ahead. I don’t have to agree or even care what you’re on about.

        If I’m to the point that I’m numbering people like this it’s already to the point that I’m seconds away from lighting some motherfuckers up because they’re an actual threat. Other than that, I ain’t numbering “targets” for saying things I don’t like because you’ve gotta be pretty fucked in the head to think that way. This isn’t Fallujah.

        • i can’t tell what the numbered individuals are chanting from that photo any more than i can positively identify leftists in the other image.
          but if any of them are coming for my dwarf siberian hamster nippy, let’s just say i got lots o’ numbers.

        • my eyes are still pretty good. even zooming in i can’t see a guevara reference.
          red bandanas mean “left” to me about as much as rainbows mean that other thing. i want my rainbow back. they can have red and brown. that’s it.
          none of it is co- opted unless you repeat it.

      • “Do the same thing with a picture of masked antifa and tell me if it makes more sense to you.”

        That would make more sense, as the Antifa deplorables have a recent history of covering their faces and committing violent acts in an effort to squelch free speech.

        And I would be happy to create such a meme, if ever I find a photo of 30 of those childish idiots all in one place.

      • You’d empty the mag on the first ~ 5 to seven of them in the front line. Why would you assume, if you started shooting at the left of the group, that the right side would just continue marching along? You’d need 90 rounds for that crowd if they were hemmed in by a high chain-link fence.

    • Yep, the image and the mentality behind it is disturbing. What is represented is basic, fundamental, core leftist ideology and beliefs. Dangerous situation when a groups’ ends justify ALL means.

  4. It’s still gross the way that leftists fetishize murdering someone over wrongthink.

    I don’t like “White Nationalism” any more than the next guy, but if I ran into a swarm of the fuckers and I were armed, I wouldn’t do anything unless one posed an immediate risk to me or mine. Same deal with the Antifa dipchits.

  5. Actually the Antifa is more myth and right wing paranoia than fact. Right Wing Nazi Fanatics at Charlottesville were shocked when they found out the majority of people were not only against them but that some of them were mad enough to fight them in the streets. Now the paranoia was unleashed and the Far Right who came with guns unlike most all left wing demonstrators who usually are unarmed believe they are being persecuted like the Christians were persecuted by the Romans. Its called the religious persecution complex. They in a way look to be martyrs for their demented causes and twisted ideology. Well in a way they are right but for the wrong reasons. No, the boogey man of the left armed to the teeth never happened and was not out to get them but the law was as well as the ire of the sane majority of people in the U.S. that were horrified by the Nazi parades of lighted torches which brought back horrific memories of Hitler’s Germany which the Far Right has such an orgasm over.

    • I know you did not just say that antifa, a group with documented acts of assault, vandalism, property damage, and inciting riots as recently as this month, is ‘more myth and right wing paranoia than fact’. You can’t be that brainwashed.

      • There’s no way cisco is for real. If he actually believed that crap he would be under court ordered supervision.

        Trolling has been determined to be a warning sign of mental illness. So maybe he is under some sort of supervision.

      • Oh he is. He’s also been an NRA member since 1952, who shoots at a democrat only gun club, who’s members all support Hillary, and he routinely shoots through steel helmets with a 9mm at 125 yards. – his words. Oh, he’ll also threaten to sue you if you make him tweak enough 😂

    • Hilarious. There are HOURS and HOURS of video footage showing Antifa beating the stuffing out of Trump supporters online. There is a picture of Redneck Revolt carrying guns in this article. Steve Crowder just released an undercover video of the Antifa protesting Ben Shapiro, noted JEWISH Nazi, where they talk about and distribute weapons.

    • No, the left wing terrorists showed up with acid and flame throwers… Yeah… Note how none of your commie buddies actually got shot.

      • Whatever they’re paying him, it’s too much. If we were ranking the trolls we’ve had around here, he wouldn’t even be in the top 50.

      • The fact that you think anyone who doesn’t agree with you is paid to do so is kind of weird wouldn’t you say?

    • Which of those antifa aholes with the red target scarves on is you?

      Any antifa, “nazis” or jihadis threatening our lives or our Republic are fair game.

    • I love how virtually every reply to cisco kid’s comment here serves to underscore the HUGELY inaccurate gun-control propaganda point that 2a supporters are all paranoid, low-information nut-jobs nursing delusional grievances and living in their own echo chamber of made-up “facts.”

      Keep going, guys! Your (utterly predictable, provably ludicrous) talking points really, really lend credibility to our side of the gun control debate. I mean, nothing says “I’m here to make a credible and informed argument about rights and public policy” like demonizing your enemy with debunked/fake news stories, and impugning their fundamental good faith as your fellow citizens (i.e., “if you disagree with me about the MEANS by which to make society a safer place, you must actually ACTIVELY DESIRE an end state of crime and chaos”–an assertion so ludicrous that, again, it reflects back rather poorly on the rest of us who are NOT delusional paranoiacs but still firmly believe in fighting for the 2a).

      Folks: if you genuinely, in your heart of hearts, REALLY BELIEVE that a significant number of your fellow American citizens are either ravening commie/lefty ideological maniacs, or their dupes–because they disagree with you about a particular means to an end (keeping ourselves and our families safe)–that tells me far more about you than it does about them.

      On behalf of the VAST majority of proudly gun-owning, NON-conspiracy-peddling, non-delusional supporters of the 2a–please do us a small favor: STOP $#@!ING AGREEING WITH US. 😉

    • Actually, ANTIFA is quite an old and fairly widespread organization whose newest additons have a documented penchant for violence. Unless you count violence as myth and right-wing paranoia. More like the alleged violence and oppression from those dumbass neoNazis is more myth and left-wing paranoia than fact. Left-wing Communist fanatics at Charlottesville were shocked when they found out that the majority of people were not only against them but even the lamestram media is turning on them. Now the real paranoia is unleashed and the Far Left who came with guns, unlike most all right-wing demonstrators who are usually unarmed, believe they are in danger of extermination — when they’re not, and are actively calling for the same, including people like you, criso kid. Its called The Victim Complex. They are actually the ones looking to be made martyrs for their own demented causes and twisted ideology. Well, in all ways, they are wrong and not for the reasons you think. No, the boogeyman on the right armed to the teeth isn’t happening and is not out to get them, but the law is (as it should be) as well as an actual majority of Americans that are right terrified by the Communist parades of Kalasknikovs and black masks which brought horrific memories of Stalin’s Russia — which the Far Left has such an orgasm over.

  6. Wow, props to William Gillis for going full Paddock and advocating gunning down a crowd of unarmed people. Do you think it would be too much if I put some numbers on top of a congressional baseball team photo? Or is that too much?

  7. Looks like the leftists in that first photo have not yet discovered the importance of portion control and exercise, though.

    • That’s why I’m not particularly concerned about the commie nutbags screaming about “november 4th”… A bunch of overweight red haired feminazis and a few millennial pyjama boys are what we call a turkey shoot.

  8. Didja ever notice that a gun range is usually full of nice polite people that don’t talk too much?

    Exactly the opposite of the internet.

    • Is that sarcasm?

      The people at my local range kind of scare the sh*t out of me with their mindbogglingly terrible accuracy and questionable safety practices. That’s part of why I don’t go there much anymore.

      • I’d say that I interpreted that as irony, rather than sarcasm.
        I’ve met many very nice people at my local rifle range and a few not so nice people. The latter I just ignore and leave them to their own devices. The nice have far outweighed the not-nice.

  9. Am I supposed to be scared of the people in the top picture? Because if I am, they need to work on it.

  10. Whatever…I’m not worried. As noted the “armed” twinks are not all that menacing. Pro-2A? Have at it. You might grow up into a responsible adult…

  11. I still don’t see why people make such a fuss over a peaceful protest all they do is tell you where they stand and nobody loss any blood. And now you know what to think about them .

  12. I don’t mind if the leftists are armed for a very specific reason. I’m small in stature, have never been athletic and am now elderly. If a big, tough guy a fraction of my age or a gang of ordinary size thugs comes after me and all of us are unarmed, I have no chance at all. On the other hand, if all of us are armed, the outcome is less predictable. My chances still may not be very good but they are greater than zero which is what they would be otherwise.

  13. I got into a debate with my sister-in-law and her mother, who is a lawyer, on FB the other day. They both believe the “well regulated militia” refers to the National Guard, not everyday civilians. Her mother claims the SCOTUS also secretly believes this, but because “people who want guns would be mad”, they rule differently.

    They also believe that anyone wanting to purchase a firearm should undergo a mandatory psychological evaluation. For each and every purchase. And that’s in no way an infringement.

    It was difficult for me to remain civil, but I tried my best. When I wouldn’t back down, my sister-in-law asked everyone commenting to stop, saying that she had no time for it anymore.

    • This illustrates why it’s important to meet the potential in-laws before you propose. Otherwise, you could end up married into a family of dunces and morons.

    • History backs up your sister in law 100 per cent. In Japan they have almost zero gun homicides and that is precisely because they vet the hell out of a person before he buys a firearm. It works and they have proven it and yes you can own a rifle or a shotgun in Japan. MSNBC news this week re-ran an interview with an American that lives there and bought both a rifle and a shotgun. The powers to be not only made him take a psychological exam but contacted his neighbors for their opinion of his behavior as well. He passed and got his license but has to keep his guns locked up in his safe which is in his house.

      Now lets put on our thinking caps for just one second. Do you really think the nut case Steven Paddock would ever have gotten to buy a gun if he had lived in Japan. His neighbors alone would have been enough to nix his purchase and a psychiatrist would have laughed in his face and if we had in the U.S. vetting of all gun purchases including second hand gun sales and mandatory safe storage the amount of unlicensed guns would be so low that nut cases and criminals would indeed find it very hard to get an illegal firearm. Its not so well known but besides Australia’s rather draconian confiscation they now vet people much better and guess what they have not had a mass shooting since the 1990’s. Ditto for the same in Britain where a nut case shot up a neighborhood with an ak-47 and another nut case back in the 80’s shot school children with a couple of handguns. Britain put an end to the madness damn quick too. That should tell you something but it is ignored by the NRA and the para-military lunatic fringe.

      Yes we can put an end to mass shooting and I am not for the draconian gun laws of Australia or Britain but with mandatory storage, security alarms and vetting the hell out of all gun sales we could decrease homicide and mass shootings to an extremely low level but it all comes at a price of less privacy but History has proven what works and what does not and we fail the grade to be classed as a civilized country because we are as barbarous as Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler or Donald Drumpf.

      But the reality of life in the U.S. is that the 35 per cent of the Jethro Bodines that own guns would not have the intestinal fortitude to walk across the street to take a shit let alone put up with the vetting and invasion of privacy it takes to run a civilized society because for them the body count can never be too high for them to be inconvenienced in the least. And that is the damn truth they are to ashamed to admit to.

      • The reason for opposing psych tests for gun purchases has nothing to do with being “inconvenienced”. The problem with psych tests is they are too damn subjective. Who gets to determine who is normal or abnormal? A shrink, a government representative, your neighbors? Suppose you had a beef with your neighbor because he cut down your favorite cherry tree? I could just see him telling a investigator, “Oh, my neighbor is just an angry white male. Why he once threatened me!” Kiss your firearm purchase goodbye. Hello government watch list.

      • History actually backs us up 110%. In Japan, they have a suicide rate more than twice as high as the U.S., and that is precisely because gun control laws are and have always ever been totally and completely ineffective. It doesn’t work and that’s what they’ve actually proven, and no, it’s virtually impossible to own a shotgun in Japan — and rifles are right out. MSNBC knows nothing of Japanese gun control laws, and in not known to interview subject matter experts of any kind when wanting to tell you about anything. Only what affirms their preconceived notions.

        Now, let’s actually get you a thinking cap in the first place, being that you’ve obviously never even owned one much less been shown how one works. Yes, Stephen Paddock absolutely would have gotten to a buy a gun if he had lived in Japan. His neighbors never suspected anything like this to come from him and a psychiatrist would never have been able to out him — and that’s because he never showed any signs of mental defect. If we coped Japan’s totally and completely ineffective gun control laws, this still would have happened exactly the way we just saw it happen, anyway. Even if it wouldn’t, which it still would, he would have loaded a truck full of ANFO and detonated it in the middle of a crowd, instantly killing hundreds and gravely wounding still hundreds more. It’s called Method Substitution, something else with which you’re intentionally unfamiliar. Australia has had at least one mass shooting since the 1990s and several other eqaully-deadly massacres have occurred since then, too. Britain’s homicide rate has steadily risen every year after their handgun ban with the sole exception of 2010, and they’ve had other mass shootings since then, too. That should tell you something, but it’s ignored by you and your paranoid lunatic fringe.

        No, we cannot put an end to mass shootings with gun control laws and yes, yes you absolutely are for the asinine and ineffective gun control laws implemented by Australia and Britain and Japan, being that you practically lack their ass cracks clean every time you prattle on with your repeatedly-proven lies about them. Security alarms and background checks are nothing more than onerously expensive security theater (think TSA) and no evidence published anywhere, by anyone, at any time shows that these policies have any kind of real effectiveness. History has actually shown that it’s not worth the inevitable loss of privacy and due process because it doesn’t work, and succeed at being graded as a civilized country because we actually seek preserve our civil liberties, unlike the barbarous Wall Street meat puppets like Shillary Rottenham KKKlinton and Bernout Sanders.

        But, the actual reality of life in the U.S. is that the 40%+ of the whole U.S. populace either owns or has ready access to a gun just want to be left alone, and the 50%+ of Ivan Jackbooties don’t have the intestinal fortitude to hear a different opinion, let alone put up with seeing their political rivals actually having some semblance of privacy and due process it actually takes to run a civilized society. For them, the body count can never be too high for them to be inconvenienced in the least by things like civil rights and rule of law. And THAT is the actual damn truth that you are ashamed to admit to.

          • Yes, the dead body count of children can never be too high for your proto-Marxist dim bulb. I always knew that YOU were some kind of Nazi scumbag, anyway.

            Here is the actual latest count, moron, and it actually stands at 388 YOU dimwit.


            Crunch the numbers for yourself. Children are defined as those from 0 to 14, by the way. After the age of 12, the rate of homicides in children and youth (ages 14 – 18) goes up because, guess what YOU idiot, about 80% of homicides are as a matter of fact GANG-RELATED.


            Now, kindly shut the fuck up and stop using the victims of YOUR favored gun control policies as meat shields against criticism. Stop dancing in their blood, stop dancing on their graves, and stop pissing on their memory by using them to stump for more ALREADY-FAILED gun control laws. Please and thank you.

            • Folks, as I am sure a few of you have noticed, it is non-productive to respond to “cisco kid.” There is no rational thought behind his rants and tirades, nor is there any opportunity to influence his opinion. I would suggest that we simply ignore him. By not responding to him, I admit, it may cause him to explode in frustration, but I don’t see how that is a terrible thing. On the up side, simply failing to read his Alimsky Marxist blather, will probably help keep you blood pressure down.

              • cisco-kid appears to be nothing more than computer-generated responses to key words appearing on TTAG.

      • Substitute “drugs” for “firearms”, think about it for a while while wearing your cap with a lightbulb and then come back to us.

        Let me push start your thought process.
        After making most of them illegal or accessible only after subscription from doctor, after spending billions on War on drugs, after ruining thousands of lifes, what we have to show as positive outcome? Today there is more, cheaper and better drugs available than ever before.

        We, The People, have constitutionally protected right to own and carry arms to be able to stop government if it turned to tyranny. What kind of sense does it have to beg the same government for permission and ‘vetting’?

        Murderers will still murder even if you could make all guns magically disappear. They will just use something else.

        But you know all this and just lie and lie to get us all good and defenseless. I wonder to what end? What do you want to do to us when you make sure we don’t have any means to prevent it? “Don’t worry, everything will be all right. I will not hurt you, just put these handcuffs on!”

        And as always, Crisco if you don’t like U.S. of A., feel free to go to Australia, Japan or hell, preferably the latter.

    • They do know there was no such thing as the national guard back then right? You should point out the words of Robert Levy, he states “After all, the Second Amendment is in the Bill of Rights, the part of the Constitution explicitly designed to secure individual rights. And the text of the amendment refers to the ‘right of the people’ – the same people mentioned in the First, Fourth, Ninth and Tenth amendments. It is inconceivable that the framers – seeking to provide Americans with a means to resist tyrannical government – would fashion a right that can be exercised only in the context of a militia that is under government control.” Their view on SCOTUS secretly being against guns but afraid to rule against guns is laughable, seeing that there have been plenty of anti gun cases that pro gun groups were trying to get over turned at the SCOTUS and they refused to hear the cases, causing the anti gun laws to stand.

      • Even those who “secretly believe” that the Second Amendment applies only to the “militia” cannot avoid running abruptly into CURRENT US law. US Code 10, section 311 reads,

        “The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32 , under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.

         The classes of the militia are–

         the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia;  and

         the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.” (end USC10-311)

        So even asserting that the right of the people to keep and bear arms is restricted to militia, you are left with every able bodied male, 17 years old thru 45 years old, who should be granted access to military grade weapons without restriction. BUT WAIT, (like the “get two” TV commercials) there is more. Although the wording of the law was not changed, numerous court decisions add to the roles of the unorganized militia every able bodied adult (male or female) not already serving as active, reserve, or guard, who MAY choose to be militia, regardless of age, and there is no requirement that an individual assert their intention prior to a calling of the militia to arms.

        So essentially, anyone and everyone capable of serving this Republic in an emergency is – potentially – a member of the militia and should be granted un-infringed access to purchase and carry military grade firearms in order to fulfill their obligation.

  14. “They also believe that anyone wanting to purchase a firearm should undergo a mandatory psychological evaluation. For each and every purchase. And that’s in no way an infringement.”

    That belief surely smacks of ‘Presumed guilty until proven innocent.” Does she advocate the same requirement for a driver’s license or pilot’s license? I know where I live when I purchased my .22 TARGET pistol, a check was run on me after payment-in-full that included a $25 fee just for running the check. I feel that purchasing a firearm from a legitimate FFL dealer already has safeguards built into the process.

  15. The mental background does carry some weight, however “they’d” twist it so much that if you got angry with the cat for pissing on the floor, you’d have all kindsa bad bad.

  16. Well, yes, we not only want fracking guns, we also know it is necessary, you know, to the security of a free state.

  17. They to remember that “Left” and “Right” can be very blurred at times. I was very “Right” for a long time. I even remember working the phones for G.W. Bush’s campaign. Then two things happened.

    The first is that I started teaching college Economics and had reason to study classical economics(or “neo-classical” as it is now called, I happen to prefer the phrase “freshwater”). Frankly, when studied, in light of behavoirual-economics, it doesn’t present as strong a case at the Salt-Water school.

    The second is that I had cause to spend close to a decade outside the US and started viewing it very objectively. Frankly my world view changed. In many ways I seem quite “left.”

    That being said, now that I am back in the US, I still enjoy shooting on a regular basis. Of course I renewed my CCW.

    Where am I going with this long diatribe? I am going to the someple point that a person may not agree with you 100%; bu they may not disagree with you 100% either. It really isn’t “you are all for me or you are all against me.” there is a lot of grey area in the middle. Those are areas that should be prized, not disavowed.

    On the theme of that last paragraph, I remember going to a home screening of some Michael Moore film (I am no big fan, but some friends invited me). After the film there was a bit of a round table. When it came to me, I pointed out several inconsistencies in the film (many of which I was already aware of because of a article in National Rifleman). The fact that I was clearly one of them and spoke their language caused many of them to look at, at least that film, in a way that I think would not have happened if I hadn’t been there.

    There are legitimate areas of disagreement, such as economic policy and International relations. However, there are genuine areas of agreement. Yes, there are some people so contemptible that a rational person will not associate with them, but there really aren’t many of those.

    • Well put sir. If we all could actually band together on what we have in common we might be able to actually get our government back in check and on track. Too bad the propaganda networks have spun everyone up into such a frenzy that we don’t even think for ourselves anymore. Frankly. I think some people don’t want to think for themselves. They are happy being lied to.

      • “If we all could actually band together on what we have in common…”

        And what, pray tell kind sir, would that actually be?

        When the populace is evenly split believing America is not worth having, when anything and everything you think and say is termed racist, bigoted and hateful (like arriving at work on time), just what is common among all the people? Have you not been listening of late? Perhaps this will help:

        • “When the populace is evenly split believing America is not worth having, when anything and everything you think and say is termed racist, bigoted and hateful (like arriving at work on time), just what is common among all the people?”

          I don’t accept that, “the populace is evenly split believing America is not worth having.” I suspect that nearly all in the US agree that this IS a great country. The disagreement is at the edges where we ask, “what is both within our reach and is something that will make this country even greater?” Yes, many in the left are annoyed by the phrase, “Make America great again,” because we see America as already being great. However, really, that is just quibbling about semantics, what we can agree on is that this is a great country; however, as the founders clearly intended with the phrase, “a more perfect union,” there is always room to improve. No matter the issue, there is, and always will be, room to improve.

          As far as the article you linked to, I have seen that Pew study before. Yes, it is troubling; however, it isn’t the end. There is a tremendous amount of middle ground where some see nothing but a narrow plank. As my lodge works to raise money for scholarships and a Good student” recognition activity we are not asking our brothers how we voted in the last national election. If we did, I suspect we would be pretty evenly split.

          We are providing the manpower for a different groups fundraiser shoot. We had a few that said they didn’t own guns and didn’t feel qualified to be line officers on the range. They weren’t lambasted, we found something else that they clearly can do (working gate and concession).

          Consider when you go to church/mass/mosque. Again, political leanings are, generally, not an issue. Even at coffee afterward, we really can get along.I firmly believe that we are too captured by the loud voices that shout about division instead of paying attention to all of the places where, every day, we really do set those differences aside.

          • The middle is fast disappearing, my friend. Observe the patient, not the belief in the patient.

            Since the ’50s, America has fought the wars it wanted to fight, no the wars the enemy was fighting. Vietnam is a popular whipping boy, but for the wrong reasons. America was fighting a “limited war”, sending “a message” that the fight was not worth the North’s losses. North Vietnam was fighting a war of national existence. “Limited war” vs. “Total war”. (only someone who doesn’t fight a war believes in “limited war”) Thus, it was the US who learned the fight wasn’t worth the losses.

            Why is that relevant? Believing your enemy is not your enemy, believing your enemy is not fighting a certain type of war because it is not one you are fighting, or would even consider fighting, believing the enemy sees things as you do, believing your enemy doesn’t really find your society despicable, believing your enemy is just making noise when they say you deserve to be murdered because you like country music, believing your enemy is honorable (as you deem “honorable”, is a pathway to disaster and defeat

    • “It really isn’t “you are all for me or you are all against me.” there is a lot of grey area in the middle.”

      Then, let me invite your attention to the article linked below. When everything is politicized, everything (even arriving at work on time is now racist), the grey area you imagine is chimera.

  18. “As far as America’s gun rights supporters are concerned, it’s a big tent. There’s plenty of room in here for everyone…no matter how you managed to finally conclude that arguments for gun control are centered much more in a desire for control than they are concern about guns.”

    Queue the usual bashing of liberal gun owners in the comments section and at least one other post by the blog today bashing liberals. We need to focus on firearms issues here and less on divisiveness. We want liberals to protect our gun rights, so we should welcome rather than alienate them. There are certainly many socially libertarian people that support the Democrats thanks to the Republican party’s views on drugs, minority and women’s issues, etc. but who firmly support the right to bear arms. They are a minority of liberal voters, but they are a minority we want on our side.

    Few of these guys are just discovering the right to bear arms. Liberal gun owners just tend to be less outspoken because any pro-gun people seem to always get lumped together with the NRA and other groups that also support issues unrelated to firearms rights that they oppose.

    • I find it most curious that anyone who owns a gun can describe themselves as “liberal”. Owning a gun violates a core belief and principle of liberals. Owning a gun means one feels sufficiently self-reliant and self-disciplined to maintain and operate a deadly weapon. Owning a gun means one does not object to the tool, the noise, the scariness. Owning a gun puts lie to ever other allegedly held political thread of the left. Owning a gun means that one day, just one day, just maybe, it could happen, that a “liberal with a gun” might need to injure or take a life. A liberal with a gun is a living, breathing, walking oxymoron.

      • Wrong again Same the Sham.

        A liberal takes on the responsibility of agreeing to be vetted, takes the responsibility to make sure his guns are locked up at home so children do not end up blowing each others heads off, and takes the responsibility to get a security alarm system as well. The Right Wing Morons do none of the above and that is the group that should not be able to own any firearms because it is they who cause the carnage that results in stolen guns being used in crimes, children being unnecessarily killed and nut cases buying all the weapons they want. Liberals with guns are not the problem and never have been the problem but rather its the irresponsible Jethero Bodine’s that cause all the anti-gun laws to be written and the confiscation laws to be passed because they could not act like responsible adults with guns. It is they that opposed living in a civilized society because any of the above procedures or laws might inconvenience them as well as having to walk across the street to take a shit, its just to much trouble to go through.

        • Same is actually right again, crisco kid.

          A leftist — note I did not use the word “liberal” because there is actually absolutely nothing “liberal” about today’s self-described “liberals,” and that most definitely includes you — actually takes on the responsibility of violating the rights of those they disagree with politically, and actually takes the responsibility of hampering the ability of making it as onerous and burdensome as possible for anyone else to partake in a legal activity that they dislike. The Left Wing morons do all of the above while not practicing what they preach, and that is actually the group that should be able to own any guns because it is actually they who cause the carnage that results in stolen guns being used in crimes. Crime that they overwhelmingly commit, by the by. Liberals with guns are indeed A problem, and have always been A problem because it’s they who are irresponsible Ivan Jackboots that cause all of the gun-grabbers to try and seize more of our rights and confiscate more of our property because they cannot act like responsible adults, period. It is actually they who oppose living in a civilized society because none of the policies they favor would reduce crime of any kind in any way, as well as not even being able to hear a different opinion, much less seeing their political adversaries partaking in an activity that they disapprove of.

  19. The enemy of your enemy is not your friend. Antifa and the extremist left being pro gun/armed is not a good thing. Their doctrine is still solidly Fascist/Marxist. Trust me, DO NOT SUPPORT these useful Idiots In ANY capacity.
    (The Enemy, Mr. Marxist fighting our Tyrannical Govt. is not our ally In OUR fight against our Tyrannical Govt.; Same fight Different Goals/outcomes.) US. Freedom,Capitalist-Republic Vs. Them Marxism,Fascism, Despotism.

    • “Same fight Different Goals/outcomes.”

      Not really. The armed left (if such a word combination is even legitimate) arms itself not against tyrannical government, but only a government run by people the left hates (tyrannical or not). The armed right understands tyrannical government just as the founders did (though, so far we have done little to show it).

      Not the same tyrant in the crosshairs; not the same fight.

  20. “Ordinary” Democrats are calling for repeal of the 2nd Amendment and enacting bans on guns. They are not worried about the “evil tyrant Trump” because in their fantasy world, Trump will be removed and they will again be placed in power. So it all makes sense to the disillusioned Libs.

    • No Constitutional right is unlimited that is historical fact. When the public at large can no longer attend an event without maniacs gunning them down by the hundreds something will eventually be done that’s for sure as no civilized society can tolerate such chaos, death and destruction to innocent lives. The Right of an individual is not unlimited to the degree that he puts everyone else’s life in mortal danger as is the current situation in the uncivilized country of the U.S.

      Not vetting all gun sales which lets maniacs and criminals buy all the weapons they could possibly want will eventually come to an end if not by the Federal Gov’t then by a State by State basis and that is already well underway. The East Coast gun restrictions and bans have all been voted Constitutional and I predict the California confiscation of assault rifles will be sanctioned as well by the courts. California also has outlawed both concealed and open carry, something I do not agree with at all but that’s fact and sanctioned already by the lower courts.

      Not requiring guns be locked up in safes and have security alarm systems makes for a criminals paradise as all he has to do is walk into a gun store or home and fill his truck up to the ceiling and then make a bundle of money on the streets of Chicago or New York who’s streets run red with rivers of blood on an hourly basis with many innocent bystanders being gunned down by stray bullets when gangs get into firefights that make the wars in the Middle East and former Vietnam war look like amateur play.

      Children being slaughtered in the home due to guns not being locked up is another reason the anti-gun people are gaining more and more converts to their cause and because only 35 per cent of Americans own guns anymore we can little afford to lose even one vote anymore but all this is lost on irresponsible Jethro Bodine who will not be inconvenienced even if he has to step over dead children on his way to work.

      By refusing to do nothing the Conservative Morons only ensure that the anti-gun laws and outright bans will only come much sooner than later because the Congress and the Supreme Court rule according to public opinion not the Constitution and they never have. Just as the 100,000 Japanese Americans that were thrown into Concentration Camps in the U.S. during WWII about how the Constitution did not save them or their lost homes and businesses. Just ask the Blacks who lived through the 40’s thru the 60’s on how many were denied the right to vote or eat in an all white restaurant or sit in any seat on a bus or drink out of an all whites fountain. Or ask today with Her Drumpf in power if an LGBT person is free to even walk in and buy a birth day cake.

      Even many Conservatives have already seen the hand writing on the wall as Herr Drumpf at best is a one term President if he survives impeachment before that and the 2018 elections will be a triumph for the many enraged voters that have seen how the Republicans are attempting to take what little health care they have completely taken away let alone make it any better. Throw in some more mass shootings which will undoubtedly occur, again because the Republicans have and will refuse to do anything and we can all see where all of this is headed. And in the next election for President if a Democrat gets in, (almost a slam dunk). the reality of severe gun bans and restrictions is a certainty at the Federal Level. Its already happened at the State level on the East and West Coasts.

      • I’m sorry. What was that again about how police are sufficient protection, and that because of that, private citizens do not need to attempt their own defense?

        • crisco here is a True Believer™ in the MYTH of “The Only Ones.” Even though the police have no moral, ethical, or legal duty to even arrest anyone, let alone hold them in custody, and forget about enforcing court orders of protection. All of these things have already been hashed out by the SCoTUS. The police are NOT required to do jack shit. Not for anyone. Not at any time. Not in any place. Not under any circumstance.

          That’s not to say that most won’t try their damnedest, because most actually will. But, they cannot be relied upon for protection, or even action.

          He would have us return to the State of Nature, where everyone who wasn’t born the biggest and the strongest is mere meat for whomever was.

      • Even though you have absolutely no idea just how many big events like that happen in the U.S. on any given day and that the infinitesimally small chance of being attacked at all, especially like this, is just that. So, no, nothing will be done that you personally want to be done because it is only the wrong thing to do. Gun ownership in-and-of-itself is not a threat to anyone, nor could you even begin to articulate any (non)argument to the contrary, either.

        No matter how well-vetted gun sales are, the black market will still exist and will continue as usual — totally and completely unmolested by asinine and ineffective gun control laws. What actually lets criminals and maniacs buy all the guns they want is proto-Marxist kleptomaniacs like you write gun control laws in the first place. Oh, and confiscation, even in The People’s Republik of KKKommiefornia, will not happen. Sorry to burst your little red bubble, Comrade. Especially not when you have over 95%+ of the citizenry even in deep blue cesspools like that simply refusing to turn in or register banned weapons and accessories, as has already happened in Connecticut and ZOO York. Here’s something else for you to chew on, crisco: you practically salivate whenever you talk about the demonstrably ineffective confiscatory schemes and bans enacted, as can be perceived by your fallacy-laced diatribes here.

        Requiring asinine and ineffective, not to mention totally unenforceable, policies on innocent people is what actually makes for a criminal’s paradise. All they have to do is break into a home, even if its occupied, and take everything they want because people like you do as a matter of fact want to make it physically and legally impossible for people to defend themselves. That’s also why the streets of CHIRAQ and ZOO York run red with blood, even though it’s mostly gang-banger’s blood — blood which is also on your hands, not ours or the NRA’s.

        Accidental shooting deaths of children are now low enough, and still dropping by the way, that you can literally count them on both hands and feet. Assuming you can even count that high, which I rightly doubt, anyway. That is in spite of a distinct lack of safe storage laws in most states and more people and households having guns in them. But, Ivan Jackboot — e.g. you — can’t get over the actual fact that 1.) more than 40% of U.S. households own guns and 2.) he doesn’t mind walking over the bodies of dead men, women, and children on his way to the bully pulpit to lecture his moral, ethical, and intellectual superiors on something he knows less than absolutely nothing about who will only repudiate and laugh at him.

        By choosing to do only the wrong thing, Leftist morons only ensure that gun control laws will only die in committee all the faster, because public opinion is still steadily swaying away from gun control, especially after the furor of tragedies like this — which WOULD NOT have been prevented by gun control laws — dies down. It’s funny that you should mention Jim Crow Laws and Japanese Internment, as both were in fact carried out by blue-blooded Dumbass-o-KKKrats like Herr Roosevelt and were never widely embraced by Republicans.

        Even many leftists have seen the actual writing on the wall as Herr Shillary will never be President, and they’ll never see a Drumpf impeachment, either. The Dumbass-o-KKKrats are absolutely screwed for the 2018 election season as they are actually the ones who took affordable health care away from the masses and only made it all the worse. Not to mention the DNC rigging its own primary for a Wall Street meat puppet who only stood a snowball’s chance in Hell against one Republican candidate and one only — and she rightly lost to him. More mass shootings wont move the needle on gun control, nor should they, because more and more people are coming to the realization that gun control laws proposed by Dumbass-o-KKKrats like herr Shillary and Herr Feinstein don’t work. Drumpf will get re-elected because the DNC cannot and will not field any suitable candidates, either. So, no, there is no reality of more gun bans being enacted, despite how big of a wet dream it is for you.

        • To Excedrin Headache

          Your dead body count of 388 is an obscene laugh but even if it were true you still proved how demented you really are. Even that number is horrific since it can be prevented by locking guns up in safes but for you the body count can never be too high. Try telling that to the parents of all the dead children but never in the same room with them or they would strangle you and it would be well deserved. I guess you missed your calling you would have loved to work in Hitler’s gas chambers as the numbers of dead would “never be too high”.

          • @crisco kid — Your dead body count of “10,000+” is what’s actually an obscene laugh, and further also shows how demented you really are. At least the numbers I give actually have a credible source that I am able to share with you. There’s only one of us that can even begin to back their claims and it sure as Hell isn’t you. That body count can never be too high for you, especially being that you WANTED it to be “10,000+” just so you could use it a cudgel on me. Try telling that to the parents who saved their children, or whose children saved themselves with their parent’s guns, because they would most certainly strangle the life out of you and that’s about all you will ever deserve. I guess you missed your calling at Stalin’s Gulag Archipelago, where the body count can never be too high.

        • To Excendrin Headache

          Please explain in your wisdom (cough, cough) how children get accidentally shot when all the guns are locked up in a safe????? I am sure this is way over your head. Explain how this would be ineffective when without a gun or bullets around a child would still accidentally get shot. How will you squirm and attempt to dodge the truth on that one?

          And as far as your ranting that it would be unenforceable again you have no knowledge of history as most hill jacks do not. Its about as ridiculous as people of your ilk saying no one would turn their guns in if they outlawed them. Again you are ignorant of history. I could quote WWII History in occupied Europe or the Australian gun confiscation etc. They say one picture is worth a million hill jack ranting’s and bravado and the pictures of huge industrial magnets picking up tens of thousands of Australian guns prove beyond all doubt that yes laws passed are for the majority of people complied with i.e. tens of thousands of children would escape being maimed and killed by guns not lock up in safes. Ditto for theft as well.

          In other words most people will obey the law because they are sane enough to realize the consequences of not complying with a law of “safe storage” as when they see an example made of someone who did not go to jail get his assets confiscated and pay huge fines and lose his job the dim light bulb goes on rather quickly and they revert to the “standard survival mode” which is “comply or destroy yourself”.

          Try again Jethro or better yet give up and quit making an absolute fool of yourself.

          • You need to explain to me how, when there is absolutely no evidence — empirical or otherwise — of safe storage laws having any effect on accidental shootings whatsoever, that you can somehow contend to me that they’re needed. we all know for a fact that this is and always was way over your empty little head. Explain how this could be effective when 1.) it’s still unenforceable and you have yet to provide any way for it to be otherwise and 2.) there is absolutely zero discernible difference in the rate of accidental shooting deaths before and after the passage of such laws in ANY state that has them. How will you squirm and attempt to dodge the actual truth on this one?

            As far as you ranting about how it’s somehow enforceable, when it actually isn’t, you again show that you’re simply projecting your own wrote and willful pig ignorance of history as most Ivan Jackboots do. It’s actually about as ridiculous as people of your ilk saying that everyone would turn in their guns if they outlawed them. Again, you are projecting your own intentional ignorance of history onto me. I could quote actual WWII history in the U.S., since Europe and Australia are irrelevant and inapplicable here (and it still didn’t happen the way you dream it did either). They say one picture is wroth a billion Ivan Jackboot’s ranting and bravado, and the actual pictures of a few dozen people lining up in ZOO York and DIS-connected-cut prove beyond all doubt that no, laws passed are not always for the majority of people complied with. i.e. “Tens of thousands” of children aren’t being maimed and killed by guns not being locked up in the first place. A claim for which you still present absolutely zero evidence — empirical or otherwise — because none exists. Ditto for theft as well.

            In other words, most people won’t obey some laws because they are sane enough to realize the consequences of complying with buy-ups, confiscations, and “safe storage” as when they see a lack of people being an example of and for no other reason than the previous lawful acquisition of property in good faith that has not been used to commit a crime. Not to mention the huge violations of several civil rights that would be necessary, not to mention the impossible logistical hurdle, of actually enforcing these laws.

            You can go ahead and try again, Ivan. Or better yet, give up and quit projecting your own foolishness onto people who already know better than you do.

  21. Armchair, pussy hat wearing, anti-gun ‘progressives’ really have no clue about who they’re really in bed with.

    • Nor do they even care, for that matter, so long as they get their free shit and get to maim or kill anyone that opposes their will.

      • To Excedrin Headache.

        Quote—————————-Nor do they even care, for that matter, so long as they get their free shit and get to maim or kill anyone that opposes their will.—————————–quote

        That “free shit” you rant about is how civilized countries treat their people as they spend their tax dollars not on incessant and unnecessary wars of rape, pillage and conquest as we do but spend those scarce tax dollars on the human right of health care, education, a livable wage and a livable retirement. Something still not attainable in the U.S. of Hey, the laughing stock of the industrial world.

        This year we bombed 6 countries in one day which would have shocked even Adolf Hitler but would have given him and Herr Drumpf orgasms for sure. Meanwhile the majority of welfare recipients are actually White people who hold down 2 and even 3 part time minimum wage jobs but still qualify for welfare. In civilized countries they have “livable wages” not part time slave wages. Most Europeans look with horror on how the U.S. people try to survive in a country run by the rich and for the rich while the working man has now been reduced to serfdom just as it was back in the Middle Ages in Europe. The Europeans learned from their mistakes but hilljacks live in this fantasy world that the U.S. of Hey is the best country in the world to live in. But all countries have their mentally ill and with Herr Drumpf in power raving lunatics will never have the chance to even remotely hope for a chance at affordable mental health care and the Republican Hypocrites after constantly voting down more money for health care claim mass shootings are the result of it. Figure that one out as even a Moron can see right through their hypocrisy. Excedrin Headache not withstanding.

        • ” not on incessant and unnecessary wars of rape, pillage and conquest as we do ”

          You lying sack of shit, you aren’t fit to drink from the latrines of our fine men and women in our armed forces.

          What a filthy asswipe you are, slandering America:


          Our troops aren’t drowning or burning their enemies in cages or raping Christian, Jewish and other non-muslim women by the thousands, those are the JIHADIS YOU ARE CONNECTED TO.

          Go hang yourself in Europe, you islamo-marxist POS.

  22. If the Left likes guns so much then why doesn’t California have better gun rights than Arizona??????
    Chairman Mao only wanted guns for himself and his followers. Just like Adolf Hitler a leftist vegetarian, who also only wanted guns for myself.

  23. To the fascists calling for psych profiles before gun purchases:

    a/ if you have been committed to a mental institution and then released, you are already prohibited from legally purchasing or possessing firearms without clearance from a doctor and/or in some cases a judge.

    b/ “…In 2004, Anatoly Prokopenko said he was surprised at the facts obtained by him from the official classified top secret documents by the Central Committee of the CPSU, by the KGB, and MVD.[95] According to his calculations based on what he found in the documents, about 15,000 people were confined for political crimes in the psychiatric prison hospitals under the control of the MVD.[95]”

    The numbers are even higher the further you read the original article:

    Political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union:

    Sad to say, I think Farrago’s “as long as they are for gun rights they can’t be all that bad” approach to the armed antifa scum (who would certainly END gun rights for all but themselves once they gained power) is simply to increase hits on this website.

    I for one won’t stand for pandering to antifa anymore than I tolerate sympathy for nazis, kkk or jihads.

    Anyone whose support for the 2nd Amendment isn’t to enhance freedom for law abiding promoters of our Constitution Republic can ESAD.

    • To Tail Gunner Joe

      quote————————–a/ if you have been committed to a mental institution and then released, you are already prohibited from legally purchasing or possessing firearms without clearance from a doctor and/or in some cases a judge.———————quote——————-

      You could not be a bigger Moron. We do not vet second hand gun purchases so any nut case can get all the guns and ammo he wants. Also many States have either dragged their feet or refused to comply with Federal Law as far as putting the medical records of nut cases into the background check system for the purchase of new guns.

      And your paranoia about the Anitfa shows what a paranoid nut case you are. So a few decent citizens claim that fighting Herr Drumpf and his Nazi’s who go to protests armed with assault rifles requires a counter force is exactly what made the Nazi’s in Charlottesville refrain from shooting people because they were outnumbered by normal people most of which were not armed but the Nazi’s did not know which of the few out there were armed.

      • @crisco kid — You could not project your idiocy any harder. It wouldn’t matter what kind of vetting we have for any gun purchases. Oh, and second-hand sales aren’t even a major source of crime guns, either. It’s actually mostly theft and straw purchases, the latter of which absolutely cannot be stopped with background checks. You’d know that had you done ANY research into ANYTHING whatsoever. Also, many states have actually recognized the futility of what you speak, especially in states like Washington where one whole arrest was made in three years under that law. Also, any effort to actually fix the NICS or even open it up to the public has been met with autistic screeching from you leftist gun-grabbers (but I repeat myself) and LITERALLY NO ONE ELSE

        And your sympathy for AntiFa actually shows what a paranoid nut case you are. So, a few felons and rioters beating on innocent people behave like Nazis themselves, because there is NO functional difference between a fascist and a communist (which IS what comprises AntiFa), is what actually requires a counter-force — and it’s actually the right-leaning militias that made them refrain from shooting people because they can’t stand hearing opinions other than their own.

        • to Excedrin Headache

          quote—————— Oh, and second-hand sales aren’t even a major source of crime guns, either. It’s actually mostly theft and straw purchases, the latter of which absolutely cannot be stopped with background checks.—————quote

          Wrong as usual. Police tracings find that States with lax gun laws funnel tens of thousands of guns into States with strict gun laws. So now lets see you call Police tracings lies and fake news. The Brady Bill has and continues to catch tens of thousands of the wrong people trying to buy new guns but does nothing about sales of second hand guns. This is ridiculous as every civilized nations on the planet does this in vetting all gun sales. Without doing such vetting the myriad of State Gun laws are a joke and do not work. And using a safe to store guns as well as a security alarm system cuts way down on street punks simply walking into gun stores or private homes and loading up their pick up trucks to the sky with stolen guns and driving right to Chicago to sell them on the street. Again Police Tracings prove it beyond all doubt.

          • @crisco kid — You’re wrong, as per usual. Trace data actually finds that at least half or more of the guns found at crime scenes originate within the state they were found. That, and it takes an average of 11.2 years for a gun to find its way to a crime scene, anyway. So, now let’s see you call actual trade data lies and fake news. The Brady Bill has never and will never catch anyone trying to buy new guns, according to a report titled, “Enforcing The Brady Act.”


            It says correctly that fully 93%+ of ALL denials actually stem from glitches and errors in the six databases searched by the NICS for each and every purchase from an FFL. Oh, and the Brady Bill cannot be extended to private sales, either, because the NICS is not available to the public. In fact, if it wasn’t for organizations like the NRA, we’d have no system like the NICS nor even attempts to fix it like the NICS Improvement Act of 2007. That’s because each and every attempt at even fixing it, let alone making it available to Joe and Jane Blow, has been and continues to be shot down by shrill autistic screeching from gun-grabbing mongrels like you. And safe storage laws have never been shown to be effective, either, and they’re completely unenforceable. Again, trace data actually proves that beyond all doubt.

            P.S.: See, I actually include things called citations in my replies to you. NOT the other way around. Maybe you should actually try that some time instead of, y’know, talking completely out of your ass like you literally always do.

        • to Excendrin Headache

          Say do you ever even bother to read some of this right wing propaganda you quote from. As far as your denying my post on the effectiveness of the Brady Bill here is what is at the head of your reference material.

          Quote——-This report has not been published by the U.S. Department of Justice. To provide better customer service, NCJRS has made this Federally-funded grant final report available electronically in addition to traditional paper copies.
          Opinions or points of view expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice.—————–Quote

          In other words this entire article is not from U.S. Government info at all in regards to the effectiveness of the Brady Bill but an article written by a far out right wing nut case. This is not credible reference material at all.

          Here is some professional studies by both the prestigious NPR and by U.S.A. Today These are just a few of the studies.

          And by the way the studies found another surprising fact never mentioned by the Gun Father of the NRA and that is the Brady Bill has also prevented a large number suicides as well

          • I actually do bother to read the government data that I’m quoting from. The government gave a grant to the Regional Justice Information Service to help them research the effectiveness of the Brady Bill. That is, in fact, how the overwhelming and vast majority of such studies are funded and carried out. In other words, the entire article actually is from government data and NOT by some “right-wing nut case,” which is again a claim that you have absolutely no proof of whatsoever.

            So, while I give to you an actual, professional study, you instead give to me two famously incorrect “studies” based on a completely hypothetical “synthetic state” model that in absolutely no way, shape, or form represents reality and was already fisked on this very site.


            And, by the way, actual studies found another surprising fact never mentioned by the Gun-Grabber of the DNC, and that is the Brady Bill has actually never prevented even a single suicide or homicide. Ever.


            An actual article with actual citations of actual experts. Of which you have none at all.

    • to Tail gunner Joe

      To tail gunner Joe, a McCarthy wannabe.

      Quote——————-WE AREN’T OCCUPYING ANY NATION, ——————quote———–

      Your a real trip in hill jack ignorance. Here are just a few Nations we occupy with Storm Troopers, Germany, recently we moved into the Baltic States, We Occupy Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, and several African States. We occupy Okinawa, we are still in the Philippians despite them voting to kick our dirty asses out a decade ago , We have troops still in Japan and some in Taiwan.

      • @crisco kid — You’re a real trip in Ivan Jackboot ignorance. We don’t “occupy” Germany, the Baltic States, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Taiwan, or Okinawa. They in particular are our allies, you stupid twat. If you’re going to scold the U.S. government on its foreign policy, at least get your facts straight so people that know better than you can finally stop having to correct you.

        • to Excedrine Headache.

          I suggest you watch foreign news channels some time Genius. Okinawa and the Philippian’s have been trying to boot our dirty ass out of their countries for decades with no luck. The Philippian’s even voted in a National referendum to kick us out and all they got was basically tokenism as we still have some troops there and their leader cannot get us to leave. Your out of your league Genius.

          • @crisco kid — I would suggest that you actually watch some news, any news at all, in the first place. Unless and until you can actually start providing some real, tangible evidence for your thus far totally disproven and throw-away claims, you’re totally of your depth here, Junior. But, we all know you won’t because you can’t. Not because this site won’t let you because it actually will, and I know because I’ve actually done it unlike you and every other troll around here, but because you know damn well you’ve got nothing.

        • to Excenderin Headache

          Quote———————— I would suggest that you actually watch some news, any news at all, in the first place. Unless and until you can actually start providing some real, tangible evidence——————quote

          Ok Genius here is an excerpt from the New York Times in regards to the Phiippines People telling us to get our dirty ass the hell out of their country and if that is not credible enough for you a straight jacket at the nearest nut house would be in order hear.


          And here is another excerpt from the New York Times in regards to the Okinawans telling us they want us to get the hell out as well.

          Your out of your league Jethro. Since you not only do not watch foreign TV but also do not “read anything either” from credible sources like the New York Times I suggest you quit making an absolute fool out of yourself when you respond without even doing any research. Your really amusing on this forum.

    • to tail Gunner Joe the McCarthy wannabe

      And I forgot to mention U.S. Jackbooted Storm Troopers in Turkey as well. And how about Afghanistan another 14 year debacle. Of course that and the above countries mentioned still do not list all of them. Now you know where all our tax dollars go. We are the “New 21St Century Nazi’s” hated not only by the Nations we bully but by our Allies as well because now with Herr Drumpf in power they know they can no longer trust us to abide by our prior treaty obligations or trust us to come to their aid if need be. We have become the laughing stock of the world by both our enemies and by our allies. We are a paper tiger constantly shoveling our scarce tax dollars down the shit hole of war and winning none of them. What a joke

      • @crisco kid — You also forgot to mention that Turkey is a NATO ally, as well. Our tax dollars still actually mostly go to welfare programs that keep people poor, where as 17% of the budget — only 17% and NOT the repeatedly-debunked “53%” bullshit that you always trot out — is spent on the military. We aren’t even remotely close to the Nazis in any way, shape, or form, either, and you’d know had you even a passing familiarity with history, too. Oh, and if Herry Shillary had been elected, we’d be in a shooting war with Russia by now. It’s actually people like you that are, as you have always been, the laughing stock of the world and are actively trying to drag the rest of us DOWN with you.

        • to Excendrin Headache

          Quote—————————–where as 17% of the budget — only 17% and NOT the repeatedly-debunked “53%” bullshit that you always trot out — is spent on the military. ————————-Quote

          Where to you pull these figures out of? Perhaps your rectum? Here is the real truth and I was wrong its not 3 per cent of your budget its actually 54 per cent. I stand corrected as its even worse than I thought.

        • to Excendrin Headache

          And you conveniently ignore the part of the 10,000 children that are maimed and crippled for life when being shot unnecessarily by guns left lying around in the home.

          And of course with a wave of the hand you claim any child over 12 shouldn’t be counted in the statistics. Now you are sounding like Herr Drumpf when he treats many people as sub-human because according to you and him “they don’t count”. Try telling that to their grieving parents. These are the ravings of mad men.

        • @crisco kid — And you conveniently ignore the part where you’re lying about anything and everything, including the number of childhood deaths by any cause whatsoever.

          And, of course, with a wave of the hand you claim that any “child” up to 24 years old should be counted in the statistics, because THAT’S the only way you can even come remotely close to “10,000” dead in the first place. The 16 – 24 age bracket is where participation in gang activity spikes, and THAT is what is actually responsible for the overwhelming and vast majority of deaths (and violent crime in general). NOT a lack of safe storage laws which have never, ever been proven the least bit effective, at all.

          Now you are sounding like Herr Shillary when she treats everyone outside of her inner circle as Sub-Human because, according to you and her, “they don’t count.” Try telling that to parents who saved their children, or whose children saved themselves. Those are the ravings of mad men.

        • to Excendrin Headache

          “quote————————–I pull these figures from the actual federal budget. So, no, here’s the real truth. It’s actually 16.2%, NOT “54%.”—————————

          No you are not quoting from the Federal Budget at all but from a hair brained right wing web site that twisted and distorted the actual budget facts. The spending on the Military according to the Federal Budget is indeed 54 per cent of all revenue taken in.

          • @crisco kid — No, I’m actually quoting from the federal budget from a hair-brained left-wing webstie that untwisted and undistroted the actual budget after you twisted and distorted it. PolitiFact IS left-wing, period. Accept it. Get over it. Get used to it. You’re quoting from an online site that can be edited by anyone, anywhere, and at any time. The spending on the military, according to the actual federal budget, is indeed 16.2% of all revenue taken in, NOT 54%.

  24. WHY is everyone looking at this NFL-Kneeling Protest-Racial Inequity-insert-your-protest-cause-here so bass-ackwards? I’m a USAF DV (’77-’90), & I was always made to believe that even though we hated those who disrespected our Flag (& our Nation thereby) and WANTED to do vile things to these cretins, THE VERY REASON WE SERVED WAS/IS(?) PROTECTING THE CONSTITUTION & the BIll of Rights, & that chief amongst those rights is FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    HOW did all of this get cluster-effed into the NFL dissing the Flag? THEY DID ABSOLUTELY NO SUCH THING, kneeling BEFORE the Anthem and Flag (I’m citing the last weekend where Jerry Jones & the Cowboys joined the melee by kneeling…and THEN standing arms-locked in unity for the National Anthem. It WAS/IS BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that the NFL did this to spite our so-called President for having foul-mouthed every player, painting them ALL with the same angry brush of hate and division. They have also stated they’d go back to ‘normal’ this coming weekend, after which some owners (including Jones) are taking action against those dissing our country during the opening ceremonies. PEOPLE!!!! THEY WERE GIVING HERR TRUMP THE METAPHORICAL FINGER FOR HIS PLAYGROUND-BULLY NAMECALLING AND HATE-MONGERING!!! THAT’S IT!!!! It’s all on film, no less!!!

    People conflating the two actions are only seeing (choosing to see?) ONE SIDE OF THE STORY, which is evident by their words & actions. Now, I have no love for overpaid, mysogynistic prima donnas like pro athletes in general, but on THAT WEEKEND ALONE, they ALL stood TOGETHER for the Common Good, in protest of the President who was stirring up emotions and the potful o’hatred & violence he’s been stoking from Day One in office! I’m NO liberal, by any stretch, but open your ears as well as your hearts and PAY ATTENTION TO ALL THATs GOING ON, NOT just one person or point of view!!!

    I’m as American as an American CAN BE, as well as a third-generation military man, college graduate and one-time ‘journalist’ and copywriter/editor. I’m a card-carrying NRA Life Member, as well as member of many OTHER organizations which ALL want money…more money ‘to protect and defend us’. As Doonesbury once sagely reminded us: “We have met the enemy, and it is US (sic)”! No better example of this is the rush to ban bump stocks (which DOES make SOME sense on the surface of it) but as Frau Pelosi and cohort, Field General Clinton have amply demonstrated so soon after Las Vegas, ANY excuse to put our great Nation on the Slippery Slope to their gun-free paradise is (by their way of “thinking”) a just one….even if it’s senseless, tasteless and morally reprehensible.

    DON’T bean ignorant stooge of the powerful idiots who would pit us against one another. There are too many examples of people BEING GOOD TO EACH OTHER when they were / are equally ‘up against it’ and fighting for survival to think or believe otherwise. Our strength as a NATION & as a PEOPLE comes from cooperation, generosity, intelligence, hard work, COMPASSION FOR ALL WHO RIGHTLY DESERVE IT, and, yes, LOVE. We’ve come TOO FAR & often NOT worked hard enough to prevent going backwards, but we can move FOREWARD just as easily, people.

    Like my MTI (or ‘Drill Instructor’ to those who don’t speak Air Force, hahaha): “KEEP YOUR EARS OPEN WIDE, YOUR MOUTH SHUT TIGHT — AND LEARN SOMETHING. Don’t pipe up till you HAVE TO.!” It’s a lesson for life.

    • So you blame kneeling players who are disrespecting you and your service and our flag “BECAUSE TRUMP”?

      Hey gasbag, THE PRESIDENT has the first amendment right to criticize THOSE MERCEDES MARXIST NFL douchebags AS MUCH AS WE DO, or THEY DO.

      They are and HAVE BEEN dissing the flag over a FALSE narrative about “black oppression” / cops genocide of blacks, BLAH BLAH BULLSHIT.

      More Americans are injured or killed by LIGHTNING every year than blacks are killed by cops.

      THOUSANDS MORE BLACKS ARE KILLED by black gangbangers than are killed by cops.

      The kneeling “oppression” narrative is BULLSHIT, the kneeling is BULLSHIT, BLM (which was organized partially out of the Obama WH) is bullshit, is partially funded by Soros, and cross-trains with HAMAS.

      And the President who was elected with a bully pulpit has EVERY RIGHT to speak for AND WITH the millions or Americans WHO ARE NOW BOYCOTTING NFL advertisers to call these kneeling players out as douchebags.

      Thanks for your service; you are entitled to your opinions. NOT YOUR FACTS.

      and FUCK BLM.

  25. I have a modest proposal: in my opinion most of the labels that get thrown about here and elsewhere rapidly turn into nonsense, and are mostly epithets- liberal, conservative, leftist, fascist… the only “meaning” being that each writer intends their word of choice as labeling the ‘other’ categorically awful, and different people just think being on the sending or receiving end of certain labels is the most awful.

    It all might as well be two kids on a playground, each trying to shout louder than one another “I’m not a doodoohead, you are the doodoohead”… “no you are the doodoohead”… “no you are”

    So, back to my modest proposal-perhaps the software that runs the forum could be set up to recognize and automatically strip out all of the standard, worn out, meaningless label/epithets, and universally replace each and every one, of every political flavor and color, with “doodoohead”

    Maybe then we could actually get back to spending the bandwidth of our thoughts, our words, our deeds, our strategies, our tactics… on communicating effectively about guns and preserving gun rights.

  26. Tonight Colin Kaepernick had one of the best lawyers in the country file a huge lawsuit against the NFL for collusion. He is one the right track now by hitting them where it hurts which is right in the pocketbook. Even if he loses he will cost them millions in court fees and lawyers.

    The only people ignorant enough not to know or care what he is fighting for is the far right racists who ignore the horrific videos of people being shot in the back or shot to death in their automobiles on their way to drop off their kids at school by foul mouthed ranting cops that are so out of control they belong in a padded cell and a straight jacket. To the far right racists killing blacks or any other minorities is a non-issue. To get the Nations attention something dramatic had to be done otherwise the men who died fighting for the Constitution died in vane as it applies to all people not just the “privileged white majority”. As one White Cop who was recently fired said “Do not worry young White Lady, we only gun down Black people”. I think that really said it all and proved Colin’s point beyond all reasonable doubt.

    • A lawsuit that will go exactly nowhere. He’s not hitting them in the pocket books, the fan base is. If he loses, what the NFL spends on winning will be a drop in the bucket and Kaepernick will be the one who actually suffers significant financial harm.

      The only people actually ignorant enough to not know or care about what he is allegedly fighting for are the far left racists who ignore the fact that the police unions that they hold so dear are what’s actually keeping these cops employed, on the streets, and deep in the wallets of the people they’re fleecing. Those same unions also got them qualified or absolute immunity making it impossible to prosecute bad cops when they do some of the egregious things that have thankfully been captured on video with increasing frequency.

      To the far left racists, killing blacks or any other minority is a non-issue. After all, they need more dead kids to stand on in order to stay relevant in the first place. THEY don’t want these problems solved. THEY thrive on it and THEY get filthy rich off of it. THEY use it as a blanket excuse to paint all white people as racist, even from birth and at the genetic level. It’s every bit as disgusting as what they’re dancing in victim’s blood over, and only serves to further divide the country and push everyone apart.

      Add that to the fact that out of over 69.2 million police interactions last year, about 1,000 turned deadly — and the vast majority of them were justified. The small handful that weren’t get most all of the attention. Each and every one is a tragedy, and warrant the closest scrutiny. However, it is also very important to note that the divide between the police and the citizenry isn’t quite so deep. We must not allow over-privileged millionaires like Kaepernick to widen it any more. No, this effectively disproves the particular narrative he submits for public consumption, but far from closes the book altogether. We simply need not take the same race-baiting, race-hustling tack that Kaepernick and so many others — like you, crisco kid — default to when they have no good arguments.

      • “Quote:—————–That lawsuit will go nowhere———————quote—————–

        Tonight MSNBC news reported the NFL is having a meeting in regards to the lawsuit. You would have know that if you had bothered to watch any news reports at all.

        Quote———————­ The only people actually ignorant enough to not know or care about what he is allegedly fighting for are the far left racists who ignore the fact that the police unions that they hold so dear are what’s actually keeping these cops employed,——————quote

        The Unions have nothing to do with our corrupt Court System which makes it all but impossible to convict a Cop of anything.

        Your rabid hatred of Unions shows what an ignorant person you are which is atypicl of far right wing fanatics. It was Unions that established a base rate of fair pay which in turn was the basis for all workers wages in the U.S. Before your God Reagan destroyed the Unions in the U.S. And sent all the manufacturing jobs overseas. And it was also your God Reagan who banned the sale of new Machine Guns as well. Yes Reagan screwed both the left and the right while he was in office.

        • Unless and until those NFL meetings actually have something to do with pending litigation, specifically to settle it out of court, you still know less than you think I do.

          The unions actually have everything to do with our corrupt court system as well as lobbying with our corrupt legislatures to make it all but impossible to convict a cop of wrongdoing.

          Your rabid hatred of civil rights actually shows what an ignorant person you are, which is a-typical of far left-wing fanatics. It was actually the markets that first established a fair pay rate for any given job, which the unions got behind. Before your God FDR tried to destroy public sector unions, and it also actually unions whose lobbying is what actually sent all the manufacturing jobs overseas. And it was also your God FDR that even regulated machine guns in the first place. Yes, FDR also screwed over both the right and the left before Reagan had a chance to.

  27. to Excendrin Headache

    Quote—————-­ To the far left racists, killing blacks or any other minority is a non-issue. ————–quote

    That certainly has to be the most ignorant and laughable statement you have ever made on this forum as it is well know throughout the history of the Left in the U.S that is has always stood up for Minority rights.

    Quote Add that to the fact that out of 60.2 million interactions with the police about 1,000 turned deadly_______________quote

    Wrong again it was 1,500 compared to only 12 in Germany and only 4 in China that has 4 ½ tunes the population of the U.S. German Police get 3 years of intensive training while in the U.S. Some Cops get as little as 4 weeks. German thoroughly vets the psychological fittings of a person to become a Cop while in the U.S. It seems they seek out Sadists and Psycho’s for the profession of being a Cop.

    You can lie with your statistics but 300 million plus Americans have seen far to many horrific videos of people being killed for only minor traffic stops. You may believe your own lies and fantasies but the cell phone videos prove otherwise to everyone but you.

    • Every statement you’ve made is the most ignorant and laughable of any made anywhere on this forum, and it is actually well-known throughout history of the right in the U.S. has always stood up for minority rights.

      What happens in Germany or China is irrelevant, immaterial, and inapplicable to anything concerning the goings-on in the U.S. Oh, and going from 0.0000166% to 0.0000249% of all police interactions is not a huge jump, either. It’s literally a 40,133-to-1 chance on any given day. At worst. Additionally, the median duration of basic recruit training, excluding any field training, is actually 21 weeks.

      This does include, contrary to any and all claims of yours to the contrary, at least 90% of U.S. police departments do in fact use psychological screening for their applicants.

      You DO lie with your “statistics,” and Americans have been fooled by the talking-head presstitutes in the whorestream media into believing that there is some kind of pandemic of both crime and police brutality. Both are valid concerns and there is plenty of evidence to support those concerns. But, you have only your own lies and blatant mountain-of-a-mole-hill exaggerations that only you believe.

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