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“Firearms manufacturer Taurus has agreed to a voluntary recall of nearly 1 million pistols as part of the settlement of a lawsuit that alleges nine handgun models had defects, including one that caused some to inadvertently fire when dropped,” reports. “The settlement affects customers who bought the following models sold between 1997 and 2013 in the U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam: PT-111 Millennium; PT-132 Millennium; PT-138-Millennium; PT-140 Millennium; PT-145 Millennium; PT-745 Millennium; PT-609; PT-640; and PT-24/7. In a statement released Friday night, Taurus denied that there are any design defects in the models . . .

“The Taurus Companies stand by the Class Pistols and vigorously deny all allegations of wrongdoing and liability,” a notice that will be sent to customers states.

Yes, well the models are not drop-safe (a Taurus executive testified in an earlier case that the models had not been tested for drop-safe performance prior to their release to the general public). On Thursday, a Miami federal judge approved the settlement, subject to a final judgement in January of next year. Under the terms of preliminary agreement Taurus must . . .

– Provide an enhanced warranty to allow any owner – even if it isn’t the original owner and for the life of the pistol – to submit the handgun for inspection and repair, if possible. If the defects can’t be repaired Taurus will offer to replace the pistol with a similar new one. Normal inspection and shipping fees and labor costs will be waived.

– Produce on-line safety training videos for those customers who bought the pistols to show them how to handle and carry the pistols to avoid dropping them and how to ship them for warranty repairs.

– Allow customers who bought the pistols to send their pistols back for cash payments. The payments will vary up to $200, depending on how many pistols are returned.

The variation is due to the cap agreed by both sides of the lawsuit. It limits Taurus’ customer liability to $30m, not including an estimated $9m payment to the lawyers who brought the suit.

Customers who bought the models listed above are advised: Taurus customer service is already a bit, uh, challenging. With the possibility of tens of thousands of guns heading back to the company, we doubt the situation will get any better in the days and months to come. You have been warned.

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    • I spoke to them this morning and found out that the court’s guidelines have not been detailed yet. It will be another 2-3 weeks and then they will contact known owners and publish procedures for remedy. They already offered to pay for shipping of mine back to them for inspection, repair, or replacement if it was defective or did not meet court’s decision. It is early yet. I’m waiting to see what the court decides. Have already done preliminary checks on mine. Found nothing defective. I’d have to break something to get it to fire when the safety is on.

      • I have a PT145 that I carry daily. I’ve dropped it twice. No UD.
        It’s a great pistol. I think I’ll pull a bullet or two and throw it around some, see what happens…

        • I have a PT145 also. I like it and have carried it for about five years now. I’ve never had a problem with it. I read that they will inspect the pistol and if the deem it not repairable they will replace it with the current, safety enhanced model. Well, the Millennium isn’t offered in .45 anymore. The settlement website doesn’t offer any info on what Taurus would do with your gun or how they would compensate you if there was no replacement available for your model. I tried calling customer service and wasted a half-hour on hold before I gave up. I tired their online chat and they just kept referring me to the settlement website even though I told them it doesn’t have an answer to this question. I told them that if Taurus was volunteering to accept the guns, inspect the guns, and replace the guns that Taurus should have a better idea of what they would do if a replacement was no longer available but all they could do was point me to the useless settlement website. I thought about replacing the Millennium with the 24/7 but if I can expect non-committal answers, avoidance, and the run around when I call customer service then why bother. Might as well just get a Sig or S&W instead. It’s too bad, I liked my Pro in .45.

          • Taurus really has gone downhill Since they open their plant in Miami Florida. You’re lucky when you call there that you get a person on the phone that speaks English as their first language. They’ve got a real customer service problem And a problem with building quality firearms If I was you I would dump that pistol on gun trader or one of the other Guns sell websites And buying M&P you’re sick Something that they actually stand behind So that you can to without worries.

      • Don’t send it in you won’t see it again for a very long time! Sent mine in over 1 year ago still not repaired or replaced. The class action suit calls for replacement or a $200 refund.

        • Taurus customer service is unacceptable. I waited 35 minutes on the phone this morning still no reply. I tried an online chat with no response. After a coffee cup screen pops up indicating a four minute wait followed by a three minute wait my chat box was zeroed out each time so I had to enter my name email phone number and serial number plus subject, then a message which was required but had no field to enter a message. After about six times in total and 20 minutes I quit. Taurus repair policy does not cover sights. All I wanted was info on the screw that fell out causing the the rear sight to nearly fall off. I would buy the screw local if I knew the size. Taurus customer service is AWOL. I own a TCP738 and a PT709 Slim, I like the guns but not here imaginary CS.

      • guys, the article says it only effects guns purchased in Puerto Rico, the virgin islands and guam . 3,000 rounds maybe ten misfires not caused by Walmart ammo.

    • It’s a shame that they are slow to post procedure . I would think of they could ship a replacement part vs having to send the whole pistol it would be easier. This $ offer is pretty low amount , I love my pt-111 pro so much I have 2 . Now I am hesitant about carrying it cause it could discharge if it is dropped.

      I would take a fix or replacement but how long will that take?

      How long will it take for them to contact owners ? I think it will be long time to get this fixed for millions of owners … Wow feel sorry for Taurus…

    • Hi I own pt 140 pro and I went to the range it was shooting fine and when I got home I waned to make sure my pistol is in working order and getting ready to clean it as soon as I feed the pistol it discharged and it scared me like crazy and when I took it apart I see the firing pin still stock its a double action but its not acting like it thank god all I head only on round because if I did not I know it will keep going I did send a massage to Taurus and I know I will not touch this pistol any time soon as much as I love this gun as much as I hate it now . I have owned it since 2006 and I might have shoot 400 rounds since I have owned it .

    • I’m Brazilian, and Taurus are originally made here. Some of us pay 2850 USD (yes, I mean it, almost three thousand dollars ) to have a Glock or Sig, but we avoid Taurus at all cost. Several police officers have been injured or killed here while on duty by “self-shooting” .40 Taurus pistols. Several law suits agains the company. Unfortunately, Taurus is mandatory for most Brazilian Police Agencies. Something similar to the Buy America Act in US.

      IMO, I can’t understand the reason to buy a Taurus in US, when you have so many better options.

      Keep in mind: you GET what you pay for.

    • Don’t be so quick to bash Taurus. If you have ever been to Miami, you may notice there is very little English spoken there anymore and why not? There are very few non-Hispanics that still reside there, save but the few remaining retirees from “up north”. The billboards have even given way to Spanish language. I never felt out of place when working in Miami (my job took me there alot) and everyone was super friendly and the food is fantastic. I only heard English spoken when i had conversation with folks, and even then, it was a mix of Spanish/English. BTW, I sell alot of Taurus guns in my job as a gun salesman and never hear any complaints from customers about their performance. I get more high dollar guns back with issues than the Taurus line.

      • Are you still a gun dealer? Been looking for 10 shot double stack clips for my PT 111 Millenium 9mm. They are printed with Mec-Gar on the side of the magazine. Can you get any? you would think if people were returning their Taurus pistols, maybe there would be some floating around!

  1. “Taurus denied that there are any design defects in the models . . .”
    Now that’s funny right there.

    A gun going bang without pulling the trigger … not funny.

    I’ll be avoiding Taurus and Remington for the foreseeable future. They both make some nice guns, but I’m not rewarding companies that are that cavalier about safety testing and quality control.

    • So according to Taurus they will fix any defects that do not exist? While I am too cynical to expect companies to be honest, I won’t knowingly support blatant liars.

    • In all honesty, as a gunsmith/salesman, i can wiggle and jimmy with the controls enough on just about any pistol and make it do something that is was not designed to do. Just sayin……..

      • I have a taurus pt709 slim that needs mag release button replaced, how much do you ususally charge to replace or fix the release button on it. usually? I do not want to send it back to taurus cause it will take a while to get back. the mag will not stay in after recycling round, it was my fault cause of what i did. the part cost around 3 dollars to get but it will void my warrenty if i order the part without sending it back.

    • What is your opinion of their revolvers?

      I agree with your view on the semi-autos. Some of my brothers carry them in their cars because as they say it is a cheap gun, and they don’t care if a savage car shops it.

      I told them my philosophy of how I won’t want to depend on a cheap gun that could possibly be my back up, or what if that truck gun becomes my primary firearm if I need an extra weapon to grab if shooting on the move.
      I always recommend two hundred dollars more for a GLOCK in 9mm, 10mm, or 45acp. I pay as much for my BUG as any of my primary weapons, because the point of the BUG is to know it will fire when needed, and as long as needed.

      • A buddy of mine had a .357Mag snubby in which the mechanism fell apart after 200-300 rounds. I advised him against buying it and recommended spending a few more bucks on a S&W. I even told him that he could buy a used S&W for less than a brand new Taurus. He was a newbie and fell into a trap that so many budge-conscious people fall into. He learned his lesson and his next gun was a Glock.

        I agree with you completely when it comes to your BUG/truck gun mentality. Why would you ever stake your life on a cheap piece of crap? Useful life of modern firearms is almost unlimited. Any quality handgun can easily withstand thousands or even tens or hundreds of thousands of rounds without losing reliability or accuracy with minor maintenance costs (recoil springs, etc.). But even if we cap useful life at 10 years and spread $200 difference, it’s what, $20/year, couple of bucks a month? Basically, a rounding error.

        Buy the best you can afford but never drop beyond a certain quality threshold to save a few dollars.

        • And I have a .357 revolver of theirs (2 actually) with over a thousand rounds each and ZERO issues, so whats your point?

      • Ever hear the term “Glock Leg”?
        Glocks have the same internal system as the Taurus PT-Millenium series.
        I have a Glock 22 and a PT-140 Millennium PRO, and the function almost like twins and suffer from the same ill effects.
        I have carried my Taurus for almost 4 years, no problems and no defects. My Glock fired when it was inserted into a Serpa security Holster mounted in my truck for travel. Finger was never on trigger. I have since modified the Glock with a Cominelli Manual Safety Kit!

        • that sounds like a little bit of a BS story buddy. clock has a drop safety on the firing pin called a firing pin block so if you drop it on the muzzle it will not go off and it has a trigger safety so that if you drop it on the back strap for the back of the slide it won’t go off that way either. if you discharged around putting your locked into a SERPA holster you’re a moron. you’re always supposed to check with an unloaded gun when you place it in a new holster to make sure nothings interfering that will contact the trigger and the safety release on the trigger and have it move and discharge of the weapon. I’ve been in block armor since 1989 I have seen zero pistols ever go off by themselves I’ve seen plenty of law enforcement officers and other people accidentally shoot themselves with Glock. due to the fact that they do not have an external safety, but if you handle a firearm correctly and safely you won’t hurt yourself with it, not so with the Taurus. a company has biggest tourist doesn’t recall 1 million guns because it was a whim we’re only a few of them were not functioning correctly. these are the kind of mistakes that companies make in the gun business that sometimes puts them out of business.if it didn’t happen that much to Taurus pistols they would have done the Remington route and figured a few wrongful death suit is a helluva lot cheaper than fixing 1,000,000 pistols, but the problem was so habitual from pistol to pistol they had no choice but to eat the big golden donkey penis and recall 1 million guns on their own dime.

          • sorry for the misspelling of Glock, voice text was not picking up the G. in reference to block leg you must be referring to the New York Police Department and the four officers that accidentally shot themselves while drawing their pistols from their holsters further investigation proved that the officers actually put their fingers on their triggers as they were pulling their weapons completely from their holsters and shot themselves in their femurs one officer committed suicide after being read early retired from his job. Glock solution to the problem was a 12 pound trigger known as a New York trigger and there are installed in every New York City police officers Glocks. Glock has passed dozens of military torture test, where they literally run the guns over with vehicles drag them behind trucks and test them to make sure they do not discharge in any shape or form. I do not see Taurus being looked at by any major military or law enforcement agency in the world because of the quality, they are considered a low end firearm, not everyone can afford $600 and up!you need to do a lot more research on what you’re talking about before you start putting up post it makes you look like a moron.

      • Ok I’m a Taurus owner – sort of. During the panic I bought my wife a 709.its not on the bad list. Honestly I have not had any issues with the gun. The trigger pull is WAY too long and it is no less comfortable to shoot than any other handgun I’ve fired its size. Certainly better feeling than a ruger or kel tec.

        Recoil magazine did an article profiling Marty Daniel owner/founder of Daniel defense. He is a knowledgable gun smith who can afford really any handgun to carry he wants. His every day is a Taurus TCP. Of course that’s also not on the list. Of course I’m sure he has nicer guns.
        I carry a small kel tec as a back up or sometimes my only carry. It’s small and cheap. The only reason for this gun to be used ( besides practice) is a gun fight at close quarters. It has no sporting use for me. If it becomes evidence im out 200 bucks. For melee distant gun fights it’s fine. Plus if I do shoot somebody they have the GSW plus the humiliation of being shot with a kel tec. 🙂

    • My stainless PT92 (all steel) goes bang every time, and I think it’s very well constructed. The pistols on the recall list are their “Glock-like” polymer pistols. Those always seemed flimsy to me…and if I’m going to buy a Glock-like pistol, I’ll buy the “Glock brand Glock” instead.

      • your pistol was made off of original beretta Tool and Die equipmentin Brazil, when Taurus purchase the factory that beretta owned in Brazil they also purchased the rights to the older model m9 pistol they did some upgrades such as the safety and accessory rail and a few other things I can’t remember but that pistol is actually quite a decent pistol. but then again its not a tourist design, just has a few upgrades made by Taurus.

      • My PT92 is a sublimely well-machined firearm. Smooth as butter and truly a soft shooter. With my MecGar 21 rounders, it’s a serious piece of hardware.

    • You’ll find Guns and Ammo do NOT agree with you. The 709 slim was ranked above Beretta in their “torture test” of more than 12 9mm. They ranked it with H&K, Sig and Taurus was third in overall performance. They just don’t appeal to snobs or the wealthy. I can’t afford a Kimber. By the way the 709 beat them too.

    • You would be sadly mistaken. The models being recalled were early editions of the line. They even changed the name to Millennium Pro because they had issues with the early Millennium models. The amount of misinformation about this is just stupid.

  2. Typical MSM. How come reports on the Takata airbags didn’t start with “…because they could KILL the very person they’re superposed to protect…”

    Because guns.


    • “…because they could KILL the very person they’re suppose to protect…”

      Those airbags could and have killed the people they were suppose to protect. Any reports of deaths by discharges from accidental discharges caused by dropping a Taurus? (in no way is this comment meant to excuse Taurus)

      • “Those airbags could and have killed the people they were suppose to protect.”

        O2 obviously has enough oxygen in his blood to see the hypocrisy of our propaganda ministry, and how guns are always the weekly 2 minute hate, unless an African lion or african career criminal are shot.

  3. At least when they get sent back to Taurus for the refund, Taurus can dump them at a gun buyback and at least get some sweet gift cards. Though from the sounds of it it might be better if the users dumped them there.

  4. Got my shipping label today for my PT140 I’ve had for 12 years and I’ve never managed to shoot myself or anyone else.

    • The vast majority of Ford Pinto owners never perished in a massive fire ball from catastrophic fuel tank failure, either.

      Keep it or send it back – That’s your right as an American.

  5. that’s why darcy up I never recommend taurus, I’ve dealt with this company since the late eighty’s early 1990s. and have found that most of their product to be less then quality, more or less just a cheap pistol for somebody that doesn’t want to spend more than 250 300 dollars. I don’t know about you but my life’s worth a hell of a lot more than $300. and just by the way Taurus just so that you know you do have a design flaw, handguns should be drop safe because occasionally they do get dropped! for you to design a pistol that if you drop it it goes off that is very dangerous and very defective. I mean you can go and buy one of those cheap 25 calibre Ravens for 69 dollars and its not drop safe either. and who in the hell doesn’t drop test their pistols before putting them in a box and sending them to a customer??? Here’s a heads-up Taurus get your head out of your ass and make a safe handgun. this all started when they started manufacturing handguns in Miami Florida. they didn’t have this problem with the PT 92 series pistols that they made in Brazil off of old beretta die equipment, they only recently incurred this problem when they had to design and build the handguns themself in Miami Florida, that should tell you all you need to know.

  6. The thing that most may not notice is that the Gen2 models took care of the trigger safety/dropping issue. That’s just my understanding. I had a PT111 G2 and loved it. Only reason I sold it was to get a Glock 19. Just my 2 cents worth.

    • yes sir I totally agree with you. for a company to say that they don’t have any issues and then are forced by Judge to recall over a million guns is an issue. and then for them to come out with a version 2 that the problem is fixed in is b*******! they knew about this problem from the get go and they decided it was cheaper to pay a few wrongful death suits then to recall millions of pistols. that s Taurus for you, kind of reminds me of the Remington 700 trigger issue with the Walker triggers doesn’t it to you guys?

    • I hate to say this but the 24/7 gen 2 has a great feature set. I would like to own one and they are dirt cheap. I mean buy one just for kicks.
      Taurus needs better QC but they are a good company who takes chances and innovates. Sure some of their designs are stupid, but some features ( double strike) are a good idea.

    • I have a pt111g2 just bought it yesterday the owner of gun store brought it out said it was his best deal and it was nice for the price but now im seeing this witch by the way I have already dropped it on the floor once so are you sure it’s not on the recall list?

  7. Never a problem with 4 Taurus’… Taurus is not admitting liability either. And I know the early non-pro models are garbage. Funny how you don’t get 1% of the vitriol from bad Rugers,S&W,Springfield(croatia) or GLOCK brand GLOCKS.And David-NONE of these guns are made in MIAMI-these are all from Brazil. BTW pretty slow notice on a 1 week old non-recall recall notice. Whatever happened with that Caracal?

    • How about the “Pro” models? For example I may or may not have purchased a PT140 Millenium Pro at some point in the last 5 years. Is that pistol at risk of not being drop-safe?

      • add our shop where I’m at Gunsmith at I see a lot of manufactures defects Glock, Smith and Wesson M&P series, Rugers, and many other brands. however Taurus is habitually coming back to my bench and I’m talking brand new out of the box guns with simple Manufacturing errors. I may have been mistaken where the Millennium in PT series are manufactured but that doesn’t change the fact that the overall quality of Taurus compared to the other manufacturers is less of a gun. You really do get what you pay for in this country. the Taurus early line revolvers were all based off Smith and Wesson design and I had those that wouldn’t fire but two cartridges out of sticks because the hammer springs weren’t heavy enough to hit the primer hard enough in a 2-inch snubnose made for concealed carry. Now this was back in the nineties, but I still see the same Manufacturing errors in pistol after pistol por barrel to slide fit poor slide to frame fit, tool marks left all over barrels locking lugs and breach face. I’m not saying that their total junk, I’m just saying there a lower end pistol and can’t be compared to Glock Smith and Wesson H and K just because they’re not in the same league.

      • I’d like to know the same thing uncommon. My millennium pro 111 & 140 both ran flawlessly-and I had fantastic accuracy with the 9mm.Ditto for the 85 used revolver and a TCP. Whatever-my next gun will be a 111 or 140 G2. And a free NRA membership to boot. Such is life when business is way down. FWIW the non-pro models were(are) crap.

      • The whole mess started when a Iowa Sheriff’s deputy dropped his PT-140 PRO and it discharged on impact, with the safety engaged.
        So yes, the PRO models are part of the recall. G2 and newer are not recalled.

    • “Funny how you don’t get 1% of the vitriol from bad Rugers, S&W, Springfield, or GLOCK”

      Too funny! That sort of idiotic apples and oranges observation confirms you’re either oblivious to or simply in denial of the reality that the extremely small percentage of warranty return firearms by any of those manufacturers pales in comparison to the significant percentage of defective Taurus/Rossi/Braztech firearms that force buyers to contend with a withering and obstinate Taurus/Rossi/Braztech customer service apparatus designed to discourage warranty returns. The miniscule percentage of firearms sent back for warranty repair is the reason a leading high volume manufacturer like GLOCK requires few employees to adequately staff their customer service department, it’s also the reason GLOCK doesn’t give customers in need of warranty repair a bunch of $#it that those familiar with TAURUS customer service know all too well.

      • So you own a Taurus revolver and it’s ok? Who’s the IDIOT teddy? Sorry I never had any problems with Taurus. I stand by my comment…

        • I have one Taurus 617 polished stainless ported 357 mag revolver that was like new when I bought it for one fifty 15 years ago from a guy hard up for cash, the trigger is good and the gun’s dependable enough to go bang every time the hammer falls. A cheap stainless gun is great to keep handy in the boat loaded with CCI shotshells, but knowing what I know now I should have sold it years ago before Taurus earned their dismal quality control and poor reliability reputation. I’ve never carried that Taurus revolver for defensive purposes (unless snakes count) much less bought one with the intention of making it a go to gun for self defense, only a dumb@$$ such as yourself would do that.

        • So Ted,
          Just to clarify, you’re calling all of us who carry a Taurus for defense a dumbass?
          I would love to meet you in person!

  8. Had one, sold it. Not wild about their pistols but revolvers OK I guess. Had a Judge, sold it to buy a Ruger Revolver.
    but then revolvers are drop safe due to different mechism

  9. I’ve had my PT-140 Millennium Pro (stamped “Made in Brazil”) since 2004. It’s been amazingly accurate (stationary clay pidgeons at 50yds. from a bench) and reliable. My daughter’s had her PT-111 Millennium Pro (purchased used and also stamped “Made in Brazil”) for over five years with the same results. I’ve field-stripped and tested mine a number of times since this recall was first announced last week and can affirm that there is no way in hell it will fire unless the trigger is pulled fully to the rear. I admit that I have no way to verify the strength of the firing pin block plunger spring but can say that unless it is mechanically depressed to a point slightly below the level of the slide there is no way the striker can be forced to move forward. I’ve tried. Repeatedly.

    OTOH, my son purchased a NIB PT-145 Millennium Pro in 2008 while stationed at Pennsacola, FL. That one, I believe, was made in Miami. It had a badly scored bore, several raised nicks in the frame rails, and shot over a foot below POA at 7yds. He and I spent the next year (Thanksgiving 2008 – Thanksgiving 2009) corresponding with Taurus trying to get the gun properly repaired. We’d make repeated calls to Taurus “customer service,” argue with various CSRs, finally get a return label/authorization, and send it in only to have it return with the same or new defects eight weeks later — always eight weeks later. QA in Miami appeared to be “let the customer find any faults and then argue that it’s not really a fault.” I plan on keeping my PT-140 and expect my daughter will keep her PT-111; there’s no way I’d send a working pistol that I’ve had for a decade in to Taurus to let the cretins at Taurus’s “repair” facilities get their hands on it. Not only would that mean doing without a perfectly good carry gun for two months (at least) but God only knows what new problems it would display on its return. And as for turning it in to be “reimbursed” $125 to $175 less than what I paid for it?!? You’ve got to be kidding!

    Now, depending upon what Taurus means by “replace the pistol with a similar new one” I *might* consider sending it in just to avoid any possible future legal problems of using an un-inspected recalled pistol. But otherwise, I’ll take my chances.

    • “I’ll take my chances”, well at least you got that part right if you’re depending on any Taurus product for defensive purposes. I own a ported Taurus 357 mag revolver that’s been dependable and reliable, but knowing what I know now that only means I’m in the percentage of Taurus owners lucky enough to wind up with a Taurus product that’s not defective in one of the varying degrees a Taurus firearm can be defective.

      Deny all you want, serious quality control issues at all Taurus/Rossi/Braztech factories are the reason for an unacceptably high percentage of warranty returns to the international firearms manufacturing behemoth long before this recent lawsuit settlement, they’ve had years to remedy the situation but haven’t. Luck of the draw should never be a factor when purchasing a firearm for defensive purposes.

  10. This is my surprised face…you don’t see it either? Yeah. Another issue of, “you get what you pay for” or in the case, what you don’t pay for.

  11. My PT 609 has been a great gun, reliable, accurate and great for EDC, but then again, I’ve never dropped it. Well SH!T!

  12. yeah that’s something you really don’t want to see if your gun will actually do that’s not a testable function. I definitely do not suggest anyone load their firearm it being a Taurus one of the models listed, and dropping it.

  13. So now we can dispense with the automatic assumption that any unintentional discharge is necessarily a negligent discharge? Or are we digging in our heels and grudgingly only conceding that for Taurus models, otherwise holding firm that modern pistols from major manufacturers are safe?

    I don’t know which is more damaging to our cause: that some firearms do have potentially deadly problems, or that the POTG so adamantly deny such problems until there’s a press release and a settlement.

    • I agree with you very much. I hope that manufactures in the future do a little bit more testing on there Firearms that they manufacture before releasing to the general public, and law enforcement community. I would hate to see another Remington 700 issue go on for 25-30 years before they stand up and finally take acceptance that their triggers her maimed and killed people because they were improperly installed that being the Walker trigger on talking about. I hope this is a lesson for all gun manufacturers to take notice and to make sure their product is safe and as safe as can be to the end user.

    • Nearly every NG story I remember reading involved either a gun in a holster or a gun in someone’s hand when it “went off.” The lone exception in my memory was a 19th century shotgun that was propped up against a wall and fell over.

  14. Only problem I’ve ever had with any of my Taurus guns is the ambi safety liked to pop out of my PT1911AR. Not an uncommon problem with ambi safeties on plenty of other brands given how the safety is installed and holds itself together, supposedly… After seeing it, it’s just a bad idea.

    Sent it back to them for fix, they didn’t fix it and sent it back to me saying they couldn’t find a problem. Duh, the friggin safety falls out when you shoot it! That’s not a problem?

    Never liked the ambi anyway, can’t see a use for it, replaced it with a normal safety. Love it.

    Looking a lot like Remington lately, but can’t really complain about my other Taurus guns… They work 100%. PT709. PT738. PT740. No issues, ever.

  15. Never buy any Taurus/Rossi/Braztech product. I bought a single shot Rossi Tuffy 410 as a snake gun a couple of years ago and discovered it had an out of tolerance chamber rendering the shotgun incapable of ejecting a spent shell short of driving it out with a dowel rod. After nearly an hour on hold, I had the unfortunate experience of attempting to communicate with Shaneeqwa the customer service rep who didn’t know $#it about guns and was obviously reading from a prepared customer service script carefully written to discourage warranty returns by suggesting the problem was probably defective ammo. Shaneeqwa also informed me multiple times that I would be responsible for shipping costs. Luckily I bought the POS shotgun at Academy and they took care of shipping it back to Taurus/Rossi/Braztech for repair.

    My long winded point is that if Taurus/Rossi/Braztech, after spending millions on factory upgrades over the last decade can still manage to f#@k up a single barrel 410 shotgun, just imagine how they can f#@k up all the other pistols, rifles, and revolvers leaving their factories. The obstinate customer service strategy is a necessity for a company that doesn’t want to deal with the reality of quality control problems resulting in high volume warranty returns of defective firearms. Taurus/Rossi/Braztech worked long and hard to earn their reputation as a world class manufacturer of junk firearms.

  16. I own Taurus Pt92 in stainless steel and Taurus pt809 in blue steel they been very reliable safe handguns in my own opinion . How ever agree each handguns I picked from Taurus line up none of them strike fire. Before Glock troll me I own Ruger Sr45 along with Taurus handguns that own very happy how that works.

      • Who are you consider them junk after all not to long ago there a lot well know gun industry writers for gun magazines say R51 Remington was best handgun type ever made we all know sour ending that. Yes I am proud owner firearms work what proud owner of???

  17. My PT111 G2 has performed flawlessly. And Mecgar Sig P226 mags function w/o issue in it. I’ll keep it.

  18. The problems with this settlement are:
    Lawyers were involved
    A judge ruled
    Judges are usually lawyers and many are antigun leftists that would like to put all gun manufacturers out of business

  19. I have had a PT-99 since 1988. Thousands of rounds thru it. The firing pin block lever broke during a day st the range about a month ago. Sent it back, in accordance with their lifetime warranty policy. I basically got a new gun back. New firing pin block mechanism, new extractor and spring, new barrel, lock block and recoil spring. No charge. I think I’ll keep it for a few more decades.

  20. I have two PT models, 111 Millenium Pro and 145 Millenium Pro. When I first heard the news, I decided to go ahead and get the SR9c I’d had on my list, now I will carry that until Taurus can fix or replace these. I’m kind of hoping the 145 can be fixed and returned, it shoots really well, but I’d take a G2 if that’s what they have to offer.

  21. The Taurus 640 review on here from a few years ago, will it be amended or is it still a 4 star gun? (as good as any Glock according to TTAG)

    • Have you ever own Taurus 640 can you explain why so bad from what ever personal experiences you have own shoot one??? Please tell all with vast years personal experiences with Taurus firearms why ever one there guns junk from own personal experiences ???? So far like all Taurus hater base your experiences on fact you never own Taurus firearm can not or well not explain why there junk from own personal experiences because you have none.

      • I’ve worked as a Gunsmith off and on for the last 25 years and have dealt personally with Taurus since 1990. and they are considered a cheaper Firearms, and I’ve had multiple problems with their newer striker fired Weapons so bad in fact I’ve had brand new guns right out of the box fire one round and the trigger sear Break. now this is on one of their smaller 380 models but I’ve sold two at my store that have broke when the first round was fired that’s all it would shoot. I’ve had multiple problems with their revolvers through the years, such as hammer springs not being strong enough the cylinder out of rotation timing you name it I’ve seen it. Its from cheap Manufacturing and cheap components being used. not to mention gun text assembling Firearms instead of Gunsmith. Taurus has had a couple of good model guns but they didn’t design them Smith and Wesson did and Bereta. in my personal opinion being a Gunsmith now for these many years Taurus is junk! Always has been always will be.

        • David I know a lot Gunsmith hate Taurus firearm do fact they have had life time warranty on firearms they fix them self’s which other company like Ruger and Smith Wesson Springfield Armory do now to . David I work eight years indoor firearms rang rent Taurus firearms got used ever day week I was gun rang cleaning monkey who clean rang firearms from 1990 1998. I have spent a lot time Gunsmith did like any type firearm they could make a lot money off customers firearms they could customize or make better them self’s. There a lot Gunsmiths hate Taurus Kimber for make 1911 come so well equipped from there factory they blame putting most gunsmiths out business yes Kimber much better at Taurus reflect in there price. David once those two firearms company did that other firearms company did so to. Now have market you can get well made 1911 from factory well equipped you get one from Gunsmith. Did all top Gunsmith bitch cry about no they did not up there game prices which under understandable meet elite needs customers . I all ready told my story be below bought used police trade Glock 17 below I told buy indoor firearms rang bought from oh it great handgun are Gunsmith check out. He such gunsmith he did fix worn out slide release did have any parts replace worn out slide release well was 3 pin handgun Glock no longer care parts for those I told. New Glocks are all four pin handgun so slide stop does fit 3 roll pin Glock 17. I called Glock David on matter know what told me my handgun was passed warranty they could help me. They told me go buy new which I did have money do so David.

      • Bought a PT845 when they came out, it was an unreliable POS. Sold it at a loss. Still have a PT145 in a toolbox in the truck, kept unchambered so it doesnt rattle around and shoot a hole out the side. Other than a cheap throwaway truck gun, Taurus isnt worth a crap. However, since you are an avowed Taurus “expert” and afficionado, you can pat yourself on the back ; you have a unreliable POS made by 3rd world slave labor that cost 150.00 less than a Glock and you stake your life on it. Good on you. (sticking up for Taurus is like sticking up for Obama its a losing game pal)

  22. Thank you for your opinion my different than your so feel very safe own firearms I do own. I use own used Glock 17 that had worn out slide stop sold me with it Fred Frendly help cause neglect discharge in Arizona hotel room I was stay in. I paid eight thousands dollars lawyer fees all most spent four years in prison over matter explain in front of Judge why Glock 17 is perfect as you say is buddy. Strange thing happen Fred Frendly Judge in my case agree that Glock 17 was perfect been sold as district attorney my case over reaching had drop class B felony neglect discharge firearm misdemeanor which got my gun rights back after few months probation. So do not lecture me on how my handguns are junk when defect part on used Glock 17 fail all most sent me prison over worst yet could got some one killed over matter lucky that did happen. Why Fred Frendly no longer buy used Glocks or new ones.

  23. I’ve had a PT 24/7 (first gen) in titanium for years. I carried it for years as my cc pistol. It always functioned flawlessly, though recoil was more snappy from the light slide. I never had any issues with the safety or decocker.

    That said, I can’t help but think it was immune because it was one of the higher end models (stainless barrel, titanium slide). Never had any trouble out of it, and I’ll probably never get rid of it either.

  24. Does any one want a nice old pre 70 1911, or a old colt revolver, or an old smith and wesson or old ruger or old winchester 94 if so!! You want a gun that goes bang when you drop it. This is just going to make guns more expensive and stupied safety things. Like magazine firing pin blocks and that just make the trigger crappie. Just dont drop it treat it as though its loaded all the time.( We are alwas trieing to stop evolution let the stupied people die off already).

  25. I bought a 24/7 in 2006. .40 caliber. I knew it was a cheap gun, but it was all I could afford at the time to protect myself and family the best I could. I bought more reliable pistols as soon as I could afford them. The 24/7 has been sitting in my safe for years. Is Taurus fixing the pistols and sending them back to us? Or they offering to buy them from us for $150-200? I would like mine repaired AND give me some cash! I guess their website will tell me soon? I have changed addresses several times since I bought the pistole……..

    • it’s up to you, you have to call Taurus give them your serial number and decide whether you want it fixed or you want cash one or the other not both. It doesn’t matter if you were the original owner of the firearm or not it’s a lifetime warranty on the gun not the original owner. So you’re all good if you want it fixed call Torres get a mailing label sent to you and return the firearm for repair it’s a simple as that do it all the time at my shop. Too much in fact that my shop. Lol

  26. Would it kill them to list the recalled items by serial number range?

    BTW I have an early 3rd gen MilPro 45 that works just fine.

  27. Im from philippines and just bought pt24/7 pro ds 9mm just two weeks ago.i inspect it and event drop test many times no problem found.

  28. I am pretty happy with my Taurus Revolvers. I was never too happy with Taurus Semi-autos and quickly got rid of them. Mostly trigger failure problems.

    Rugger, S&W, Glock, Berretta, XD, Sig make cheep enough semi-auto pistols that it is not worth saving $100 to buy a Taurus Semi-auto.

  29. I am a Taurus PT-111 owner and when I heard of the court case and settlement, I called Taurus. I was told that there is no recall. That’s right folks. From their lips to your ears…they say there is no lawsuit. They are circling the wagons and giving their customers the run-around until they are forced to ensure their customer.’s safety. Look, everyone makes mistakes. Consumers understand that. But it is absolutely inexcusable that they would stonewall a consumer who purchased their product and then blatantly deny that there is a problem. Oh, by the way, I know of someone who went on to a nationally syndicated radio show to let all the listeners know about the non-existent recall. Taurus…you will be getting a lot of non-existent phone calls. Enjoy and I will never ever buy anything made by you ever again, and I will do my utmost to discourage others from doing business with you…not because of your product, but because of your dismal and self- serving customer service.

  30. I have one of the “recalled” firearms and shipped it to Taurus at the end of August. They finally acknowledged receiving it as of September 1st. After 4 connects through their “customer service” system, all I have heard is that they are examining the firearm. Every time I inquire as to when it will be returned they consistently answer, “we don’t have a time frame for completion”. Poor customer service, poor business model. If anyone knows how to get answers out of them, please let me know.

    • First off you’re going to have to play a little hard ball. They demanded the recall you comply to the recall by sending your firearm back to them. It’s been over a reasonable amount of time since you sent the firearm back for Recall. Demand to speak to a customer service manager forget about talking to one of those morons in the customer service department talk to a head up manager and demand your money back Tell them you given them enough time To fix the problem And you’re out of patience and would like a full refund for your money That you spent to purchase the firearm including your background check. That’ll get their attention real quick And by all means you’ve given them the option to fix it and they did not So legally they owe you a refund for the full purchase price plus the background check fee I hope it helps. I deal with this all the time at our shop Especially since this big grandioso recall they’ve stated.

    • Under this settlement, Taurus is on the hook to pick up the guns and pay shipping both ways. However since they are putting everything in limbo until 1/16/16 supposedly when the judge signs this settlement, you messed up by sending them the gun on your own dime. They will not return it, nor will they replace it or do anything until 1/16/16. They will just run you around now.

      Shady company, shoddy product. Glock would never do this. They would pick up the guns and repair or replace them.

  31. Here’s a transcript of my chat with Taurus today – 9/29/15

    Fran 9:55:22 PM
    Thank you for contacting Customer Care. My name is Francesca. I’ll will be assisting you today!

    9:55:38 PM

    9:56:08 PM
    What is the status of the millenium recall?

    Fran 9:57:03 PM
    I am not aware of a recall, however If you have one of these pistols we are happy to inspect it under warranty and suggest that you send it to us so that we can do so.

    Fran 9:57:11 PM
    Taurus Companies have agreed to a proposed class action settlement involving certain models of pistols. This resolution is subject to court approval. The model in the settlement includes the following pistols.
    PT-111 Millennium
    PT-132 Millennium
    PT-138 Millennium
    PT-140 Millennium
    PT-145 Millennium
    PT-745 Millennium

    Fran 9:57:19 PM
    What we can do & are offering is even if there is no function issue it is your choice but you can send in the firearm for warranty inspection.

    9:57:54 PM
    I have a millenium pro PT 140. Is this a recall pistol?

    Fran 9:58:20 PM
    No there is no recall.

    9:58:50 PM
    Excellent! Thank You

    9:58:59 PM

    Fran 9:59:17 PM
    It was a pleasure assisting you here today. Have a great day!

  32. I’m pretty much a revolver man. I bought a PT111 Millenium 9mm for easy conceal carry. I’ve shot several hundred rounds with no problems. I didn’t read all the comments here, but I never have a round chambered when I carry. If I do chamber one, I use the safety and don’t undo it until ready to shoot. The lady in the video must have had a round chambered and will presume the safety was off. Maybe the safety was on and still fired when dropped. If so, that would be a serious problem. I’m not any gun expert but I’m always careful with mine especially carrying it in my front inside the waistband holster. Un-chambered. At an ATM machine in an unfamiliar area, I’ll put one in the “pipe” and have safety on. The lady never specified in the video. and—that’s my 2 cents worth.

  33. Here is the information page on the settlement that still in process. The appeals process is still undergoing, therefore, you are not going to get answers out of Taurus. The Court will hold a hearing on January 20, 2016, to decide whether to approve the settlement.

    To register to receive additional information on the final settlement, fill in this form:

  34. This thread is kind of old but here is the update with the Taurus “recall.” Have a PT145 that has been kicking around for awhile as a glovebox gun in a spare vehicle. Went to the website and read all the info. There is a link there “Enhanced Warranty” that brings up this PDF:

    This Enhanced Warranty clearly states “No claim or claim form is required and there is no specific time to act.” It then goes on to detail all the various details of what Taurus is obligated to do.

    So, I called Taurus Miami and got a guy named Brett on the phone. The second I gave him the S/N of the gun he spit out “you need to go to the settlement website and file a claim.” I said I want the Enhanced Warranty, which clearly specifies I dont have to file any claim, you have to take the gun back and inspect it, and either certify its 100% drop safe or provide a new replacement. After alot of back and forth Brett got off the phone and asked a boss what to do. Couple minutes later he comes back and repeats his little spiel that I have to go to the website and fill out a form and wait for some mysterious other organization to contact me. I asked if he could simply take the gun back under the normal Taurus Lifetime Warranty (of which I still have the paperwork in the box) and he said, no, we will not be taking back any of the “class action” guns. When I asked if not Taurus, then who, Brett just said he didnt know. After some more useless back and forth and hearing his spiel about the settlement website, I gave up.

    I also read the owners manual and it clearly says the gun is drop safe, although there are videos all over youtube about these guns going bang when they shouldnt.

    So, in short, Taurus is knowingly allowing potentially hazardous non drop safe guns to continue to float around. Instead of abiding by this “settlement” and taking these guns back without a hassle, Taurus wants to make each case a battle and dissuade people from turning them in. In short, this Taurus “recall” is nothing of the sort, Taurus is flat out refusing to do ANYTHING, including take their own crummy guns back under the original Taurus Lifetime Warranty.

    I filled out the online form at the settlement site and will update this as things unfold.

  35. My Taurus PT145 Pro was one of the last ones built in 2013 (per the Taurus serial number lookup) and i cannot make it do the “fires on safe mode” at all, no matter how much i tinker with it. It is either not part of the “problem” pistols, or I just got real lucky. I carry it as a backup to my Glock.

    • Did you drop test it? Your “tinkering” is probably not going to repeat the drop test failure that is the cause of the phony non “recall.” Go to youtube, and search “Taurus drop test.” Then you might reconsider your faith in that Taurus. And it doesnt matter when it was made, they all have the same trigger system which Taurus didnt upgrade until the “G2” series.

      And please, do not equate Taurus with Glock. Its like saying your KIA is just as luxurious as your Mercedes.

  36. I sent in a PT145 to them, they deemed it unrepairable and now 6 months later they still have my gun and the replacement a 24/7 G2 is on backorder for over 6 mos, I feel this is deceptive and basically they have stolen the gun I sent in. all this was prior to the recall so what good is the lifetime warranty?

    • Get a Taurus flunky on the phone (if you can) and tell them you will file a police report with Miami Dade for stolen property if they don’t send your gun back. They are notorious for this crap but a cop walking in their office with a stolen gun report might wake them up.

  37. Looks like Taurus is gonna beat this “recall.” Here’s the skinny: the date of 1/20/16 has been set for the judge to sign this “settlement agreement.” Until that happens there is no action on this so called “recall.” AND, if there is an appeal, (when isnt there) there could be another YEAR of delay before the so called “cash payment” portion of the settlement can even begin to be processed. AND, once that stage of the recall happens, you will get paid based on how many guns are returned in a 4 month period, meaning you might get only THIRTY DOLLARS for your Taurus you probably paid 300.00 for new.

    Now, onto the second portion of this “settlement” the “Enhanced Warranty” portion. Supposedly Taurus is supposed to extend the warranty on the class action pistols, and this specifies there are NO claims to file, and NO time limit to get the new warranty coverage from Taurus. They are supposed to pick up the gun at THEIR cost, evaluate it, and repair or replace it with a G2 model.

    HOWEVER, when you call in for the enhanced warranty, the reps read a script that refers you to the Cartersettlement website. I logged into a Taurus chat, got “Francesca” who once saw the serial number of my gun typed up a pre set script with a link to go to the Cartersettlement site. They refuse to honor the “enhanced warranty” or even admit that there is one.

    Taurus is using this court date in January 2016 as a foil, to put off any action until the court has signed off on the settlement. That means they arent honoring ANY warranty for these guns, and are leaving them on the streets. They know the appeals process could possibly push off any action until years from now.

    Taurus is a horrible disreptuable company who could obviously care less about the terms of this “recall.” Seems they dont intend to honor any part of it, and the law firm obviously only cares about their own pay out and not enforcing the terms of the so called “settlement.”

  38. You can not shoot yourself if there is no round in the chamber. It only takes a fraction of a second to rack the slide. Never rely on mechanical safeties. Be smarter than your gun. Also stop throwing it around when it has one up!

    • Both you and Paul above have a good point about not chambering until ready to fire.

      The problem with that concerning these particular Taurus guns is they also have a tendency to SLAMFIRE. Although this recall doesnt address that malfunction its a known issue with these Milleniums.

      So, you have to chamber it eventually if youre gonna shoot it at all, therefore Condition 3 carry does not resolve the issues with these crappy guns.

      And neither Taurus nor the “Cartersettlement” website have done a single thing yet to enforce this so called “recall.” As I posted earlier, it looks like Taurus is gonna beat this without taking one gun back. A followup by TTAG on this would be nice.

  39. That’s what happens when you buy Foreign made garbage and Guns made out of plastic,, Eat with plastic and Shoot with STEEL. Ruger has had many recalls on their plastic garbage. In other words buy AMERICAN made STEEL. Ed Brown Kobra carry 1911 40000 rds. no problem, Sig Sauer Nightmare 1911 15000 rds. no problem along with several other American made STEEL. If a gun doesn’t go BANG EVERY time you pull the trigger you have a fishing weight?

  40. Well i accidently performed a drop test on my PT111 G2 the other day. To be honest i really like this gun but figured I’d share what happened. It didn’t discharge which was nice.. lol.. i had picked it up from the seat in my SUV and butter fingered it from waist high. It was chambered and safety was on. Hit the pavememt hard and bounced while i did a pretty good little dancing jig. Like i said, it didn’t discharge but it did squish the end of the round that was chambered. I wish i could post a picture so you all could see. Anyway, it squished it enough right on the end of the bullet to warrant me removing it and not testing to see if that shell would fire ok. So if you do happen to drop your gun i recommend checking it out, don’t just ignore it.

  41. Never once heard of any Taurus pistols that slam-fire. What a bunch of made up BS. People are idiots, plain and simple. Of the 20 some handguns I own and shoot regularly, 6 are Taurus semi-autos. Three of those pistols are on the list for the recall. Not once have I ever experienced a problem of any kind with these guns or any of the other Taurus guns I own. The recalled pistols I own are the PT-111 Millennium, PT-145 Millennium PRO, and the 24/7 OSS DS .40. A few years ago I actually did drop the PT-111 from above my head. It was loaded with safety in the off position. It did not fire. I had it up on a shelf in the master closet in my bedroom. My mistake in being in a hurry. But, this 1st gen Millennium is a TRUE DAO trigger as well. It fell from 6′ 10″ onto carpet. Plenty high enough and it hit hard too. Not that I’d ever purposely try to drop a loaded firearm to see what happens but from that height it would not have surprised me if it had gone off. Heck, if any gun would have discharged from a drop like that I wouldn’t be surprised. Either way, I’m not sending anything in. I’ve had these guns for years and would not just hand them over. They work too well. Now, if Taurus offered me what I paid for them I might consider but then again maybe not. The 24/7 OSS is an OUTSTANDING handgun.

    • And of course, your personal experience is the end of the discussion. Lots of videos on youtube and other places showing Taurus Milleniums and 24/7s that slamfire, fire on safety, and fire when dropped. Do some research. These guns have problems.

  42. Bought a pro 140 years ago, sold it to my son for my daughter in law, Don’t know exactly what they are going to try to do about it, feel bad about it and it’s unsettling to think about her carrying it, I can tell you this, I won’t buy another Taurus, if they would fix it or replace it that would be good but a buy back at $200.00 is an insult, I’m done with Taurus, better get it together or get of the court.

  43. Here is the latest update email from Heffler Claims:

    This is an update for the Class Action Settlement: Carter v. Taurus, Case No. 1:13-cv-24583 in the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida
    The Court has continued the hearing on final approval of the settlement until July 18, 2016. The claims period will begin after July 18 once the court issues a final approval order. Once a claims period is established we will notify you via email. Additional details will also be posted to the website at:
    Please continue to check the website for updates.
    Heffler Claims Group
    PO Box 230, Philadelphia, PA 19107-0230 | 1-844-528-0180

    In short, this is getting pushed off to the point there will never be a “recall.” These guns will continue to be carried and Taurus will continue to refuse to do any warranty work on them as legal limbo stretches into infinity.

  44. Would someone explain to me how a Taurus PT145, which is DAO, would fire when dropped? I’ve got the safety thing figured out, but an uncocked pistol firing like that has so far eluded me.

    • Jim, in actuality, the Taurus pistol is cocked any time the slide is operated. You have no choice, it is always cocked when the slide operates. You can only uncock it by pressing the trigger. But then, soon as you open the slide it’s cocked again. To my knowledge, there is no means to carry the pistol uncocked. Loaded or unloaded if you’ve drawn the slide rearwards, you’ve cocked the piece.

      Try this: Unload your pistol, make damned sure the chamber is clear and drop the slide. press the trigger to drop the firing pin. Now, move the slide rearwards about 1/4 inch (you should feel a tiny amount of engagement or hear a faint click). Now, press the trigger and note that your piece was cocked. Now press the trigger and note the long pull rather than the short pull after you had moved the slide.

    • The same feature that offers the vaunted Taurus “Second Strike Capability” means the firing pin is always able to be released by the trigger. Basically the Milleniums are “always cocked.”

      Bear in mind there are two different trigger sets for the Milleniums. The original DAO, which is always ready to release the striker, and the shorter trigger pull “single action” style which is DAO until you pull the slide back then its single action. Since its impossible to release the single action back to DAO wihout pulling the trigger, these guns are always ready to fire once a round is inserted in the chamber.

      The only way to be safe with these is empty chamber carry. And bear in mind, there are valid reports of sticking firing pins causing slam fires, so even carrying with an empty chamber (condition 3) you might have an unintended discharge just by racking the slide to charge the gun. These guns are definitely NOT drop safe, as slow mo videos on youtube show. AND there are examples that even with the thumb safety engaged, these can go bang. Alot of different issues, that may or may not affect every single model and variation. YOUR pistol might be OK if you dont drop it. Or it might be an accident waiting to happen. Who knows? Taurus certainly is showing no interest in taking all these guns back and certifying which ones are ok and which ones need to be destroyed.

      This boils down to one thing: Taurus is deflecting any responsiblity for any issues with these low grade pistols, and time goes by with more incidents bound to happen. The vaunted Taurus Lifetime Warranty has been effectively discontinued for these pistols. Try to get Taurus to take yours back, and see what happens.

  45. Why is everyone bitching, products have issues I don’t care what gun you own someone is always going to say there is a issue, I own. Taurus pt 92 no issues, trust it completely and to the people who drop your firearm yu need to go back to the basics in the 15 years I have been shooting I have never dropped a forearm obviously you either don’t know what you are doing or just don’t care.

    • Yu r so rite, so the courts and Taurus and peeple can jus forget about these guns problems becuz yu say so. An nevr drop yur forearm an yu wil be ok. And if yu ate at Chipotle an got sick itz yur fault.

  46. Sounds like the Lawyers are just trying to make A killing on this. Taurus has volunteered to fix or replace the handguns. I have just heard of this& spent over 2 hours on the phone trying to find out information. Nobody is saying anything other than the Suit has been extended till July.

  47. I have had several contacts with Taurus and with the “law firm” that is handling this! neither one will provide any additional information than what is already on the internet until after the July, 2016 court date.

    As for Taurus, it appears that they are trying their best to get those affected to fill out the registration electing to receive a cash payout which is ridiculously low considering what many paid for their firearm. Taurus refuses to accept any firearm listed in the suit for repair or replacement at the current time.

    I like Taurus firearms but their lack of support (magazines, etc) and their refusal to do whats right at the current time has turned me off!

    I urge everybody that has a listed firearm to NOT do anything in the way of filling out a registration (to be notified) for a refund because you will lose your investment!

    Instead, wait until July and then demand a repair or replacement for a like model firearm! Maybe by doing this it will teach them to be responsible in the firearm industry!

    • Concerning your point about not registering with the website, the purpose of the website registration is to give Taurus and the law firm an estimate of how many claims will be made against the settlement amount. Registering with the website does NOT force you to sell your gun to Taurus for a pittance. You can instead demand the “Extended Warranty Coverage” that is listed on the Carter Settlement website, but that Taurus so far refuses to honor.

      Basically this has turned out to be a “non recall.” The constant court delays and Tauruses refusal to do anything with this group of pistols means they remain on the streets and have become worthless. Guns that cost 300.00 or more new, have been devalued to peanuts. Try selling it to a pawnshop, many won’t even take them at all if they know about the settlement. If they will you are lucky to get 75.00.

      You are correct, the best tactic is to wait and see if you can get a replacement G2 version from Taurus after all the court delays are exhausted. By then, Taurus will probably be playing other games to avoid replacing all these guns. Most will not bother with this amount of crap and just keep their Millenium series guns as truck guns or spares, hopefully without a round in the chamber in case it gets dropped!

      Remember how Taurus handled this when you purchase a firearm. Ruger, Glock, S&W etc….would never treat their customers like this. Taurus, their horrible customer service, and their lack of quality control is a blight on the entire industry.

  48. So I could get a cash back refund of up to $200 depending on how many guns are sent back to Taurus for my PT-111 Millennium. This means I could receive a cash back refund of less than $40 in compensation that I paid much more for. Don’t expect to get your gun back folks. It may be much cheaper to buy you off. I’ll keep what I’ve got. This almost sounds like a scam.

  49. Having gone thru the “Taurus Recall” process, heres how they did me: Sent my stainless Mil Pro back under their Enhanced Warranty on the first day of the open registration in October 2017. Filled out the online forms, dropped it off at FedEx with a pre printed label. After 3 months tried to contact to see the status, but couldnt get through. After 5 months to the day they called and said they would be sending a replacement G2, and it would be stainless because thats what my old one was. Agreed verbally to that, and after another month they sent the replacement G2. Total time was 5 months 3 weeks from the day sent my recall pistol to receive the new G2. Go to get it and lo and behold, they sent a blue slide/brown FDE frame, not a stainless/black like my old one. Sigh. Whatever, filled out the form and paid my LGS 25 bucks and took the thing home. Overall, the G2 has the feel of a cheap 200.00 pistol that it is. The mold lines are crappy on the frame, the polymer has a low buck feel, and the slide is just cheap parkerized that easily scratches and wears. Plastic sights, decent magazines. Over all grip feel and appearance is good. Load it up and the handling is good, the reliability was 100% with steel case Wolf FMJ. The trigger sucks, not so much the trigger weight or pull, its gritty with alot of takeup and a vague wall, but the proximity of it to the backstrap and its sweep, means that if you have large hands your trigger finger ends up nearly touching your thumb, and its tough to get a good trigger press. These are set up for small handed people. Ejection was positive and consistent, the gun shot a tad high but relatively accurate and acceptable for its role. Overall they are replacing meh with meh. If your old Mil Pro has a good trigger and you like it, this process is probably not worth it. Taurus is supposed to reimburse FFL transfer fees, but the idea of dealing with their horrible customer service at this point isnt worth the 25 bucks. They should include extra mags with these recall guns to make up for the lousy communication, long delays and transfer fees they are responsible for.

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