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Taurus Curve (courtesy


We recently discovered that a batch of the new Curve™ pistols left our facility without the caliber (.380 Auto) prominently displayed. We are requesting that these firearms are returned to us for proper marking. There are no quality or safety issues with these firearms and the marking error has been corrected. We are currently producing and shipping Curves to meet the significant demand . . .

Taurus Curve (courtesyy will send your specific firearm with the proper marking back to you quickly upon receipt. We would also like to offer you aspecial edition baseball hat or T-shirt for our mistake. Our Customer Care team is standing by and ready to quickly facilitate the return of your firearm and the receipt of your T-Shirt or hat. Please call Taurus Customer Care at 1.800.327.3776, select Option 1 for Customer Care, then press 8 for priority service. We thank you for being one of the first people to purchase the Curve and apologize for the inconvenience.

Has the problem/issue been identified and fixed?
Yes, all Curves currently in production are properly marked. We are regularly shipping new products to meet the significant demand.

Are there any safety or functional issues with my recently purchased Curve firearm?
No. We need to mark the caliber on the barrel and will return your gun to you as soon as possible.

Where will the caliber be visible moving forward?
Please reference the image below. It can be seen on the barrel.

How many firearms were affected?
This was limited to some of the first shipments that left our facility.

Are you offering anything for the inconvenience of having to immediately return my new firearm?
We appreciate the people who were the first ones to purchase this new, different and exciting firearm. We recognize the inconvenience this issue causes. Our Customer Care team is ready to help make this process as smooth as possible and will be able to offer you a special edition hat or T-shirt in return for your understanding and patience. If you are taking advantage of the Service Request Process (details below) please DOWNLOAD THE FORM to expedite the receipt of your T-shirt or hat.

Do I have to call Customer Care to return my Curve?
Calling Customer Care is a no-cost option for you. As always, our customers are welcome to utilize our SELF-SERVICE OPTIONS by creating the work order and sending the firearm in for engraving. Please specify in the note section of the work order “For Engraving Only” to ensure that your firearm is expedited and returned to you in a timely manner. Please note you will have to pay for shipping if you use our online Service Request process.

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  1. Unmarked ones will be an instant collector item.

    What is that on the end? a gopro camera? I’ll have to admit it looks kinda cool.

    • On the end is a laser and led flashlight. The light is next to useless and a laser on a belly gun is about the same. Curve I transferred a couple days ago was unmarked. If I hadn’t known what caliber it was I would have needed to look at the manual to make sure I was putting the correct caliber in the book.

      • You didn’t know what caliber your .380 Taurus Curve was chambered for? Seriously? What a confusing puzzle you got yourself into!

        • It’s pretty obvious today what caliber it is.

          But have you ever taken possession of grandad’s 100 year old revolver and had to do some research to figure out what it shot? Calibers come and go and what might be commonplace today may be unusual in a century. It’s a lot nicer when the weapon self identifies what caliber it uses.

        • I hear ya, but .380 is hardly a “come and go” caliber at this point. Been around a little over a hundred years, many many pistols produced in that caliber over the last century.

      • For those saying the curve’s light and laser are useless for a belly gun, let me convince you otherwise.
        This Curve is the only weapon, outside of the militarry, that i’ve ever had to draw on a human.
        Now if your a modern day Doc Holliday that is constantly pulling your ‘belly’ gun and banging holes in bad guys, then you know more than me, and you’d probably be in prison. (not that you might not be in the right to do it, but leftist society wouldn’t let you shoot more than 1 or 2. maybe 3.
        Anyway, I also couldn’t really unload on this guy bc he wasn’t coming at me, he was stealing propety, and i didn’t even have one chambered at 4am when i saw him. but..the light even more than the laser, in my opinion, i never got to ask him, is incredibly bright and obscures who’s behind it, and the 2 lens i also think makes it look like a police taser. and this encouraged the young robin the hood to stop and freeze and eventually sit down. unfortunately i didn’t have my phone on me, and knew i couldn’t hold him at gunpoint and take him in the house to get my phone (seemed to much like kidnapping) and ofcourse he ran off when i went in for the phone. and luckily i caught him, because he already had 2 of my pistols and was going for my rifles….and while waiting for the cop to finally arrive i put all weapons inside. bc i know cops don’t need any guy with pistol to chat with at 4am. So, am i going to remember to turn it off when i’m attacked, most probably not, but in situations where shooting is not necessary and really not even legal, (i couldn’t have shot him for just stealing, he never posed a threat to me. that bright light seems to help! I’ve sold my first 380 a taurus lcp bc i can’t hit the broadside of a barn with it, but i get good groupings and never a jam with the T Curve! it’s my go to carry weapon, and tablegun and nightside table gun. and riding around town gun, etc. etc. and thier price is ridiculously low, how can you go wrong at $250 ?

    • Just watched a video on this. Nice, looks like they put some thought into the design although it’s a righty design. Don’t know if it’s really better than the PA3T I have now though.

    • I think it has a certain sci-fi charm to it, like a hold-out pistol from Mass Effect or something.

    • Who cares if it is fugly. If some1 threatens my life it will kill them deader than hell. It’s super concealable and functional. Screw what u think it looks like faggot

  2. Big surprise, a recall. Next month it’ll be accidental discharges during loading and splitting barrels.

    • Not really what I’d call a recall, they just forgot to apply the proper gooberment mandated markings.

  3. Just a t-shirt for the hassle, I like the inovation of the new Taurus products, but if I buy any other Taurus products it will be something proven like one of their 1911s.

  4. Is it usual to have to return an entire firearm and deal with all the shipping hassle (and I assume FFL involvement) for something so trivial, rather than just return the barrel?

    • There is no FFL involvement necessary. The manufacturer is the FFL, and it is perfectly legal for a consumer to ship a firearm back to the factory for work and have it returned directly to them.

      • I wonder how that works in Washington State. A couple of years ago I sent a pistol to SIG. Dropped it off at UPS.A week later FedEx brought it directly to me. I-594 requires background checks for any kind of transfer. Neither UPS, nor FedEx, nor myself have FFLs.

    • It seems so with Taurus. I had a dysfunctional magazine release and rather than just ship me the tiny piece of plastic they had me ship the entire gun back and forth. It was on their dime and it all happened quite quickly, but I still found it silly.

    • I’m not familiar with this particular gun. But .380’s are usually blowback. And that normally means the barrel is fixed to the frame. Which means that the average fellow is going to have to ship the whole gun for a barrel problem.

      My mak has a fixed barrel and I understand that there is a specialist tool that can be purchased to change the barrel. But why fix something that ain’t broke?

      • The videos I’ve seen sure make it look like it uses a Browning style tilting barrel design, so I really can’t imagine why they wouldn’t just do a barrel exchange.

      • I think the Curve is based on the TCP, which isn’t blowback. It uses a Browning-style locking mechanism. I think many of these teeny-tiny .380s (LCP, P3AT, etc) use some kind of locking mechanism so they can reduce weight. On a bigger .380 like a Makarov or CZ-83 or Bersa Thunder, there’s plenty of slide mass to get away with blowback operation, but the slide on the TCP or LCP is probably way too light to function properly in a blowback action.

        • Yeah, Julian and Stinkeye. I got curious and did a little surfing da web. You guys are right about the taurus design.

          My experience with .380’s has been with blowback style guns. Walther, mostly. Course, the old school blowbacks weren’t as little and lite as these newer plastic guns. As long as I own the mak I see no reason to get a .380.

          And living in CA I doubt many of these new generation .380’s even are on our roster. Sucks to have a roster.

        • Most modern pocket mouseguns aren’t straight blowback. Reason being, while blowback is mechanically simpler, it requires a heavier slide, and in this category even a single ounce of weight matters. So Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec P3AT and P32 etc are also locked breech. It also improves recoil somewhat.

  5. I find it hard to fathom that there are such transparent, pathetic haters that this completely optional recall serves as fodder for them… There are plenty of huge names that do nothing for serious, potentially deadly flaws. Here Taurus is recalling over a petty cosmetic issue and that’s a bad thing?

    15 years ago I hated Taurus. Now I own very few handguns that aren’t a Taurus. Fanboys can’t stand it, but they’re better than Glock and Remington for damn sure. No argument. Period.

  6. A t-shirt or ball cap as a gift for the inconvenience?? Wow… they’re really steppin’ up to the plate, eh? LOL!

    • I wonder if it says “my Taurus was recalled and all I got was this lousy T-shirt” or the tried and true “I’m with Stupid” and and arrow pointing toward the right hand.
      On a non-sarcastic note: that would be the first time I’ve seen anyone wearing TAURUS gear. So the effect might actually backfire. Instead of free advertising, it would in effect broadcast that this person had a recall.

  7. Yeah this is some minor shite…I would never buy this but I’ve had 4 Tauri that ran great. Unless I sell one or have stock in Taurus I don’t care about anyones opinion.

  8. I have the first batch of the Curve and yes no stamping on the barrel. Not sure if I will go through the hassle to send it back to receive a 5.00 hat or T shirt that I will never use. If they stated (for our mistake) we will be including an additional mag it would be a no brainer for me. I have shot 100 rounds of practice ammo with no failures. You can really tell its cheaply made, my slide looks it was not finished by a professional manufacturing company. Upon first time cleaning the slide and wiping it down with Hoppies all the white markings on the sights came off. I took me 2 days two get in contact with Taurus and talk with someone about this. The phone system just puts you in a hold environment. Upon talking with a rep he was willing to take the gun back for service under warranty without out any hassle. For me to send it back to receive the same paint process was not going to happen. I offerd to e-mail the photos of the problem so they could alert manufacturing of this issue but the rep refused to provide me an e-mail and really did not care.
    Pretty sad! Attitudes like that will never gain thema bigger market share in the gun industry.

  9. An engraving tool is all of about twenty bucks at the local hardware store. Good excuse to go buy one.

    Couldn’t you just mark the barrel yourself? I wouldn’t do it without first confirming the legality, but isn’t it only a crime to deface the serial number or existing caliber designation?

  10. Hat? T-shirt?

    I got a recall for a Ruger once, a possible problem with the action. They sent me a box to mail it in, postage paid, and sent it back in a brand new storage case plus very nice brass padlock, with a box of patches and a bottle of cleaning fluid.

  11. To each his own about the markings or the Taurus Curve. My concern is that is 3.3 oz heavier than advertised. Maybe the one without the laser weighs 10.2 oz, but mine weighs 13.5 oz with an empty magazine. On the same scale, my Ruger LCP weighs 9.7oz, not 9.4 per Ruger specs. My scale may be a little off. I’m disappointed that the gun mags haven’t pointed this out.

  12. Yep all these people bagging on a gun they know nothing about? I wish they would send in pics of their homemade potato guns. Course they are saving up for a pistol someday. dorks. I have no feelings either way about the curve. But stupid is stupid does

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