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Do you know a cop who needs a new heater? How about an active duty or retired member of the military who could use a good gat? FN America’s just announced a new deal they’re calling the Individual Officer Purchase program to give qualifying people (list below) discounts on their FNS striker-fired pistols. Instructors can snag a free Safariland holster, too. Press release after the jump . . .

(McLean, VA – April 2, 2015)  FN America, LLC is proud to announce the FNH USA Individual Officer Purchase (IOP) and Law Enforcement Instructor Rewards Program. Qualifying officers will be able to purchase FNH USA products through authorized FNH USA IOP dealers at a discount for duty and off-duty use. The added Rewards Program bonus will allow officers with qualified IOP purchases of all FNS™ striker-fired pistols the opportunity to obtain a free Safariland holster, see details below.

FNH USA Individual Officer Purchase (IOP) Program

To show support for law enforcement officers, first responders and military personnel, FN America has established the FNH USA Individual Officer Purchase (IOP) Program.  Individuals listed below qualify to purchase ONE firearm per category per year (pistol, carbine or shotgun) from an authorized FNH USA IOP distributor or dealer at special discounted pricing.

  • All sworn local, county and state law enforcement officers
  • All federal law enforcement officers (i.e., officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Air Marshal Service, the Drug Enforcement Administration, etc.)
  • All corrections officers, including parole and probation officers
  • All retired federal, state, county and local law enforcement officers with “retired” credentials
  • Employees of state licensed security companies
  • State/city-licensed security officers
  • Active duty military personnel, all branches
  • Reserve duty military personnel, all branches
  • Honorably retired military veterans with “retired” military I.D.
  • All Transportation Security Administration employees
  • Licensed paramedics and emergency medical technicians
  • Firefighters, including volunteer firefighters, with appropriate I.D.
  • Federal flight deck officers
  • Court judges
  • District attorneys and deputy district attorneys

For any questions related to the FNH USA IOP Program or list of qualified agencies and individuals, please contact the FNH USA Law Enforcement team at [email protected].

FNH USA Law Enforcement Rewards Program

The program will offer rewards to law enforcement instructors certified with the National Rifle Association (NRA)’s Law Enforcement division, National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) and International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI).

Beginning April 1, 2015 through May 31, 2015, certified law enforcement instructors that purchase any FNS™-9 or-40 from an FNH USA authorized Individual Officer Program dealer can take advantage of the very first rewards offer of a Safariland Model 6378 ALS® Paddle Holster, a $71 value. *FNH USA Law Enforcement SKU’s only.

For more information about FN America, LLC and the FNH USA brand, please visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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    • All the FN on the list, sorry about the formatting.

      FNP-40 / Steel, Polymer Pistol 4″ .40 S&W 1/1/2016
      FNP-40 Stainless / Steel, Polymer Pistol 4″ .40 S&W 1/1/2016
      FNP-9 (Stainless Slide/Black Frame) / Steel, Polymer Pistol 4″ 9mm 1/1/2016
      FNP-9 (Stnls. Matte Black) / Steel, Polymer Pistol 4″ 9mm 1/1/2016
      FN HP-SA / Steel Pistol 4.5″ .40 S&W 1/1/2016
      FN HP-SA 40 (Polished Blue) / Steel Pistol 4.5″ .40 S&W 1/1/2016
      FN HP-SFS 40 (Polished Blue) / Steel Pistol 4.6″ .40 S&W 1/1/2016
      HP-SFS 40 (Matte Black) / Steel Pistol 4.6″ .40 S&W 1/1/2016
      FN HP-SA / Steel Pistol 4.66″ 9mm 1/1/2016
      FN 5.7 I.O.M. (Matte Black) / Steel, Polymer Pistol 4.75″ 5.7x28mm 1/1/2016
      FN 5.7 U.S.G. (Matte Black) / Steel, Polymer Pistol 4.75″ 5.7x28mm 1/1/2016
      FN Five-seveN (Black) / Steel; Polymer Pistol 4.75″ 5.7x28mm 1/1/2016
      FN Five-seveN (Flat Dark Earth) / Steel; Polymer Pistol 4.75″ 5.7x28mm 1/1/2016

    • Indeed. I served, but didn’t “retire” from the service. Nothing for me. There never is. I don’t qualify for the GI Bill, Cabela’s requires an ID… It would be nice if they accepted a clean DD214.

      • I still get a discount on my cell carrier because I’ve never updated them that I’m out. I can still get discounts at Lowes and such with my TA-180 ID. Most retail places that give mil discounts will just accept about any mil ID. I even got a discount once when I accidentally showed my CTR ID instead.

        However, anyone can qual for the Mont GI Bill if you paid into it when you initially joined up (before a certain date, can’t recall what it was). I have both the Mont GI Bill and the Post-9/11 GI Bill available. I believe the post 9/11 bill is automatic now as long as you do at least 180 days of TIS or something like that.

      • I agree…I am a combat veteran of Afghanistan but not retired. I did my time and got a honorable discharge and work in the private sector. This is unbelievable. I guess that is the appreciation veterans get but not retired. WOW

  1. Good to know that FN is so supportive of average, everyday Americans who aren’t current or former agents of the state.

    Oh, wait. . . .

    • As a lawyer, didn’t that make you an agent of the state? 🙂

      (Hey, I’m just happy I escaped youth without being an honor student:. “Yes, Your Honor, No, Your Honor, Nolo contendere, Your Honor…)

    • All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. FN loves big brother!
      Some younger former soldier wanted to get the FN discount at the local gun store, but did not qualify as he did not have retired military ID.

    • The girl scouts would be more deserving than the civil air patrol. And I say that having been a member since the 80s. Came to my senses and left that den of idiots. Wish they would pull their ability to wear the uniform. They have ZERO reason to have access to firearms. CAP is not a military organization and in no way shape or form should they be given any privilege for service.

    • The difference between Girl/Boy Scouts and the CAP is that I’ve never had Scouts try and lie their way into a military discount.

  2. They have had this for awhile, just added the holster.This is the same as Glock blue label & S&W M&P purchase. Major difference is one a year unlike a few bad apples buying glocks for $398.20 and reselling. Let TSA buy most could not pass the NICS. 4473 still has to be done. personally I’d rather carry my own weapon than some of the garbage I have seen issued. Saw a security guard at hospital today his company had issued a Hi-Point 9mm.

    • Question any private security company that, A. Assigned a security officer to a hospital with a firearm. B. a security guard carrying a hi-point as a company issued weapon. I work contract security in Michigan where only endorsed license IE. A LEO can carry in a hospital. Tasers and pepper spray. And thats usually only private security.

      • CCW holders are prohibited from carrying in a medical facility in SC. Private contract security is permitted. They have gone so nuts they have valet parking. Crappy medical care but valets & 8 hour firearms training. Armed security is not allowed to carry any other firearm other than issued by company. They changed from a local security to a private firm owned by the parent stockholders on the 1st. So effectively they have limited state monitoring. SC has some unusual regs. regarding private security, some companies that have armed only issue revolvers, calibers are specified, qualifications are done by your employer, size of oc is regulated if allowed

        . I can’t do private security because I hold a police comission, NC allows off duty cops too work if the department permits it.

  3. so uhhhh, TL;DR- (actually i did read) pricing? what kind of discount are we talking? I’m on a (VERY short) waiting list for two G43’s that I got at a hilariously low price compared to MSRP, will this come close to Glock’s Blue Label?

    • If you aren’t one of the more equal animals per that list, you aren’t trying.

      Just go put in a few hours a week as a volly firefighter.

      • I prefer equal protection under the law. I have no problem with a business doing a promotion to entice their desired demographics (as that is their right to do so – like ladies’ nights at bars), but all “LEO exemptions” in any law need to be stricken as unconstitutional.

        • Why am I not surprised? What about a 50% discount at restaurants that like and appreciate the PoPo? Does that make you break out in ButtHurt Chip?

        • Are you capable of reading, Ted? He said, “all “LEO exemptions” in any law“. When a restaurant or other private business gives a discount to someone, it’s up to them. But the law should be the same for all of us.

      • Please don’t diminish the time commitment volunteer firefighters put into serving the community. It is not something everyone is called to do, and should not be undertaken lightly. If a person becomes a firefighter for a discount or a t shirt they shouldn’t be doing it at all. My brothers would never expect a discount, and would certainly never ask for one, that being said, I am grateful companies extend this to firefighters.

  4. I believe the program is also open for non-LEO NRA instructors. I bought a FNP-9 a couple of years ago through the program. Several other companies have similar programs for LEO and various instructors. I’m close to pulling the trigger on a SIG through their program. Ruger and Beretta also give discounts to NRA instructors.

    • Go for Sigs used Berettas are plentiful @ reasonable prices. Even used 229 & 226 are expensive. Although CDNN did have a good price on 226 DAK.

  5. A comment earlier mentioned a few bad apple LEO’s purchasing firearms at a discounted price and reselling at retail for a profit. The ATF views such a purchase as a straw buyer transaction which is a federal felony, and just like the former SO Captain in Ohio recently convicted for falsifying ATF documents to buy a machine gun, any United States Attorney Office won’t flinch or hesitate to prosecute a LEO who falsifies documents for purchase of a firearm under the guise of official use, or a LEO who falsifies the ATF form 4473 actual buyer declaration. Unfortunately, and thankfully rarely, there are instances in law enforcement where greed and dumbass intersect, but any LEO willing to risk a felony conviction, loss of career, and loss of the right to own or possess a firearm just to make a few bucks in a straw purchase transaction deserves the consequences of felony stupidity.

    • Probably should verify your information before typing it up. With regards to purchasing the firearms with the intent to sell is not a straw purchase as you describe. In the United States, a straw purchaser of a firearm at a federally licensed firearm dealership who lies about the identity of the ultimate possessor of the gun can be charged with making false statements on a federal Firearms Transaction Record. If a firearm is purchased as a gift, the transaction is not a straw purchase, and the person buying the gift is considered the end user. The buyer is also considered the end user if he intends to sell the firearm, as long as the initial purchase is not made at the direction of or as part of an agreement with the second, ultimate buyer. Straw purchases in lawful sales made outside of federally regulated dealerships are not subject to such rules and are legal unless the gun is used in a crime with the prior knowledge of the straw purchaser.[2]

  6. Except that Joe and Jane Citizen are in fact the real “first responders”, not the cops, or the military, or security guards.

    Seriously, what in the EXPLETIVE DELETED is up with all these EXPLETIVE DELETED carve-outs for agents of the State!?

  7. Judges and DA’s get the JBT discount, but not defense attorneys? FN favors the government side of the law.

    FN: EXPLETIVE DELETED, nobodies.

    • You’re mistaken, LE price for a Glock Gen 4 with standard sights and 3 mags is $398.20, add another $55.00 for Glock night sights or $72.00 for Trijicon night sights, so $453.20 or $470.20, or about the same price as the FNH. You’re also misinformed about buying as many Glocks as you want, the Glock Blue Label Program has a 2 per year restriction.

  8. What’s the price on the SCAR 17s, SLP and 5.7 pistol I wonder? I have a LGS that has certain FN products as MIL/LE only pricing and I took advantage of it and got a PS90 for $900, rather than the $1300 I see everywhere else. I traded three guns I was not happy with and only had to pay the sales tax to walk out with it. It was well worth the trade as I really like that little rifle. A 5.7 pistol would go well with my PS90.

  9. This frustrates me, Glock has a similar list of folks who get a discount…why EMT’s and not Physicians, PA’s, nurses, ETC…?!

  10. Perhaps its because EMT-, I, & B. Don’t ask if I own any firearms are any I have locked around children and check off a box on my medical records. Luckily my Doc is a shooting buddy & agrees it is stupid.
    Why is everyone complaining about FN & not Glock, Sig, Smith or Colt who have similar programs

  11. From the looks of the comments I’ll prob catch some flack for this. But exactly how much of a discount is it? I would love to get a FN, but I need to know how many pennies I need to save up. I tried to get a blue box Glock a couple years ago, but many of the dealers around here all but stopped carrying them because of some public safety members taking advantage of them, reselling and making profit.

    • Check with a police supply FN dealer they usually have a copy of the order
      form/price list. Cdnn did have it posted on the sale page. FYI I

      • Check with a local FN dealer they can get the order form with prices. For Glock you can join the GSSF after 2 years or a life membership you can get blue labels, usually at cop prices depending on dealer. I bought a Sig for the wife @ LE price for her birthday & g35 for my son until he won a few matches worst I have done still have them & not for sale or trade. I’m a 5th gen cop even retired I’m a victims advocate & Director of Disaster and Emergency Services for a small town. I am not eligible except as retired for anyone other than Sig. I still purchase just not as many. I was put on this earth to help those I can. When I worked patrol I got java from 7/11 in a refill mug, don’t take discounts not available too all. I look at it as bribery even if its just a soda. Sorry just how I was raised. I know I’ll get flamed but the cops that get discounts seem to expect it had off duty out of state LEO’s badge me when I was helping a buddy with his store & demand discounts because they protect me. Stopped when I took out the same thing and asked if I would get a discount at their 2nd job always a no answer. Usually asked why I would expect a deal.

        Sorry for the odd post the Lynette Beaumont viagara commercial came on hit wrong button on the tablet. Don’t need it but got a thing for blondes with British accents, sue me I’m straight & married caucasian male with kids so, minority that doesn’t have sex (lol);-).

  12. It seems that every law enforcement dealer I have called and asked for their IOP price for a five-seven handgun differs greatly. The lowest I have been told was $1150 but they said its been a year since they last had one in stock. I have heard some people say they can buy one new without the discount for $950. Also someone in the army said they can get a brand new one for $800 with a military discount. What is the best price anyone has seen for the 5.7 handgun?


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