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Sources tell TTAG that California’s Bullet Button Bill (SB 249) will be deader than dead if the Golden State gun grabbers leave well enough alone through the weekend. Here’s hoping. Joining me in that desire: Mag Magnet. I spoke with their jefe after news broke that SB 249 expired in committee. Despite the company’s claim that the Mag Magnet “works just as well, if not better, than an actual magazine release button,” Steve Azhocar wishes California would just drop the whole “tactical accessories” BS and set their AR’s free. Really? And pull the rug form under his entire biz? “I’ve got something else coming that’ll take the whole AR market by storm.” God bless America. Well, most of it anyway.

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  1. i’m torn on the issue of the ar. i admit that they’re ergonomically sound and accurate on the range. but for about 10 years now the majority of my shooting has been with pistols and shotguns. and as i live in ca they cost better than a grand, which includes bullet button and 10 round mag. in ky where my father lives they sell un neuterded ar’s at the wal mart for as little as 700 bucks.

      • The CA AR market is huge. I recommend that you buy one, if you can, because your purchase does several things:

        1. Support US gun companies (well, most ARs are made in the US).
        2. Supports the 2A, even the scary “evil black rifle.”
        3. It’s an excellent and versatile rifle – perhaps the most versatile rifle ever made (I’ve got a 5.56, 6.8, and a .50).
        4. Tends to lead to ammo purchases – many of which also are US – made. .223 and 5.56 are all over the place
        5. The more AR’s in CA – the more difficult they are to ban, legislate against, etc.
        6. Give you an excellent SHTF / bug – out option. CA definitely is riot prone, disaster prone, etc.

        Also, items such as the Mag Magnet restore much of the functionality of the rifle. I’ve helped a bunch of people buy AR’s, and not a single person has regretted it so far. Most ranges in So Cal will allow them, provided they are in CA – legal configuration. Outdoor ranges won’t allow bi-metal / metal -core ammo (such as M855 green tip, Russian or Chinese ammo, etc.) due to fire hazard, but shooting cheap 55 grain M193 is allowed.

        I’m an AR fan ever since my time in the Marine Corps, and my agency uses them as well. They are fun and reliable, just see if you can shoot a few before making a decision. Or just start off cheap and basic, since you can buy again later.

  2. Heh, heh, … you need to remove it from the gun while shooting or transporting. Good one. Uh, … I mean, ‘Oh, of course.’

    Thank goodness we don’t have the bullet button here in Noo Yawk (yet). We only have a mirror of the Federal AWB. But I can’t wait to see what else this guy has up his sleeve.

  3. The bullet button law is dead–but only for this session. Yee, although admitting defeat, has vowed to re-up next session. The whole battle got very personal with him and his chief of staff, so we anticipate he will counter attack with vim vigor and vitality. The gunnies cannot understand why he is so fixated on these rifles, going on and on about 100 round drum mags and fast reloading, conveniently ignoring the ten round magazine limit in this state, as well as the fact that there are a multitude of far more powerful rifles floating around, not the least of which is the M1Garand. He just cannot undrestand why anyone would “need” one of these vile rifles, and he claims it was his intent when the first ban was enacted to bar these rifles from the State. He has an ally in famed grabber Portantino (author of the open unloaded handgun ban and now the proponent of an open carry unloaded rifle ban), and another character from LA named Feurer.

    • Which really says it is all about Yee’s ego…

      The bullet button ARs are perfect from the gun control viewpoint: They are great for hunting, target practice, and home defense. And they keep the mall ninjas happy as they load up their 6 pound rifle with 17 lbs of tacticool goodies.

      They SUCK for criminals.

    • Technically it can be resurrected any time between now and the end of session which is in late August.
      It is also possible he might try and amend it to the open unloaded carry for long rifles bill as well. People have to say no more to these guys!
      My understanding was staffers were overwhelmed with emails, and phone calls thanks to folks banding together to tell them stop the insanity!

    • No, the docking station was the metal pin on his shirt. The beauty of it is that it makes it exceedingly obvious that you are complying with the law in California–if the bullet button is attached to the weapon in any fashion while firing, the firearm is suddenly converted into an illegal “assault weapon.”

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