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Our friends at TASER updated us on their mission to equip every law enforcement agency in the entire world with less-lethal stun guns. And you, too. As of September 30, 2011, TASER’s sold approximately 576,000 electronic control devices (ECDs) to more than 16,584 law enforcement and military agencies in 107 countries. The company’s also shifted some 241,000 TASERs to the general public. The company claims to have saved some 80k jobs. I mean, 80,607 people from “potential death or serious injury.” More specifically . . .

Field Use/Suspect Applications: 1,460,462 ± 2%
Training/Voluntary Applications: 1,322,916 ± 7%
Total: 2.78 million+ (as of October 31, 2011)

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  1. Funny how they neglect to mention all the lives taken thanks to a Taser. Also their featured story with the Angelina County Sheriff, in which they disarmed a man with knives tapped to his hands is suspect. For such an unusual incident I cant find a single news article online to verify it. The video they provide shows a man being tased, but it doesnt look like he is armed, let alone with knives taped to his hands. In fact you can see him talking on his cell phone to the 911 operator with one hand, and the other is carrying something 18-24 inches long which is swinging back and forth, which looks like a article of clothing. This is the best Taser’s marketing department could come up with?

    • I’d say tasers are good for people who want to be able to effectively defend themselves but who know that they wouldn’t be able to take a life.

  2. One of the podcasts I listen to. I’m thinking the Practical Defense, interviewed a Taser Rep. Frankly, I’ll never buy one. Government Big Brother is nothing compared to this corporation. Scary stuff.

  3. Tasers are used as a compliance tool. They have been for years.

    LEOs are pathetic, overpaid, and lazy fascists using the Taser on any citizen they feel like abusing without any legal recourse.

    Anyone who can bother to type will find YouTube vids aplenty of agents of the State abusing their power by Tasing people without them being a real threat. Those vids are only the tip of the iceberg.

  4. The problem is that police officers use the TASER as a compliance tool rather than the less lethal weapon that it really is. It’s time to bring back pepper spray and the baton. Both of those weapons are much safer when applied correctly.

  5. Tengo un Taser , en una estadia fuera de mi pais no le quite las baterias al equipo y las baterias botaron el acido y aparentemente danaron el equipo,

    Hay forma de arreglarlo, donde lo envio


    Edgardo Ramirez

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