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Randy Harris offers an excellent post on on how to survive a violent encounter. The Suarez International instructor’s essay contains this riff on ye olde “avoid stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things” meme. “Point two is avoiding whores. I’m not only referring to the street walking types, but also to picking up random people in bars. Not only is there the very real concern for contracting sexually transmitted diseases, but the possibility of angry boyfirends [sic], husbands, ex boyfriends and ex husbands, girlfriends and wives, etc. You probably do not want to be sitting there flirting with his girl when the guy who has decided he’s had enough of her running around on him shows up with a gun . . .

Being involved with women (or men) who are involved in other relationships is the fast track to ending up in a violent confrontation with the other point of that love traingle [sic]. A guy who lived in my apartment building in college was stabbed in the heart with a steak knife and died after an argument with his lover over his running around on them. Best advice is to avoid problems like that it altogether if possible.”

Fair enough? Doable?

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  1. Might be an Urban Legend, but I heard that in Texas it is not illegal to shoot a man if you find him in bed with your wife. Don’t know if it’s true or if wives are extended the same courtesy. Maybe Tyler can weigh in.

    • If it was true, there wouldn’t be many Texans still alive. I never practiced law in Texas, but it is true that in many states, acting spontaneously under extreme emotional disturbance (ie., “hot blood” as opposed to “cold blood”) is a partial defense that mitigates the degree of the crime. Keep in mind, though, that the “right” jury will acquit anyone, while the “wrong” jury will convict anyone.

      A person who finds his or her spouse in bed with another should shoot them both — with a Nikon.

  2. Go visit the website False Rape Society. The attorney who voluntarily runs it has documented more than 2,000 cases of false rape allegations with men almost always being treated as guilty until proven innocent. A number of the allegations occurred after a drinking hookup night of sex. Sometimes the accuser is a random stranger and sometimes a previously known person.

    • This has become a major issue. There was a time when false rape claims were virtually unheard of. In fact, many rapes were never reported. It’s come full circle now, and there have been many cases of women getting drunk, having a roll with a strange guy and claiming they were “raped” because they were too intoxicted to consent.

      • “claiming they were “raped” because they were too intoxicated to consent.”

        Legally and otherwise, that is rape. Guys need to be aware of that and act (or not) accordingly

        • I said claiming they were “raped” because they were too intoxicated to consent.” Accent on “claiming.” We’re not talking about a girl being roofied or otherwise drugged so that some predator could take advantage of her. If a guy and a girl overindulge in alcohol, is the guy supposed to give her a BAC test before they have sex? And what if the guy was drunk, too? Does that mean the girl raped him? I know what the law is — I’m a lawyer — and it’s pure political bullsh!t.

          • Rape is the lack of consent. Whether the drug is Rohypnol, alcohol, heroin or something else, if the person who is claiming to have been raped was unable to give consent at the time, it was rape.

            There is a simply solution for men who are worried about this. Don’t take home sloppily-drunk women.

            If the rape suspect is drunk, why should he be treated any different from an assault suspect who was drunk?

            • It’s legally only ‘lack of consent’ if one party has abstained…

              If neither party is technically legally cogent, whatcha gonna do?

    • I’ve known girls like that. Had one which told me she was almost raped because a guy on the train platform opposite her was staring at her. The funniest part was, when she told me this story, she was wearing a Tshirt for G.G. Allin.

  3. Sounds like good advice. But, if that chick with that body wearing that bikini came nuzzling up to me after one of those days that my wife says “I’m feeling like giving up on our relationship”, well, I probably wouldn’t have the willpower to hold back. Timing is everything. Luckily, I suppose, temptations have never come when I’m at my weakest, and my wife always feels better in a few days. I’ve watched other guys succumb to those temptations, and seen them end up living in an apartment with only their car and no money and no chick and a lot of anger. You learn to spot the golddiggers. But if you haven’t learned, and you’ve made some money, and your wife has gotten fat and bitchy… have fun before the trouble starts.

  4. Years back I had a buddy get his head stove in while he visiting his gal. A steroided body builder ex-boyfriend kicked in the girl’s front door and used a bar from a barbell set on my buddy’s head. He was never the same after that, physically or mentally. Excellent article, excellent advice.

  5. That’s why you always have a video camera in the bedroom. Get their recorded consent. 🙂 God, I’m a pig. Sorry.

    • Nothing to be sorry about.

      You’re either both in it, or you aren’t. Vid is a great proof…

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