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Gun owners in Virginia have a chance to be heard and the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League (VCDL) urges it’s members and all firearms owners to contact their state delegate about a series of gun bills going up for a subcommittee vote later TODAY. They sent the message out late last night on their VA-ALERT system.

The VCDL makes it easy to send a pre-written message to your delegate and will even direct it the appropriate delegate based on your address.

There is even a slate of pro-gun bills of which gun owners should speak out in support.

Those bills are:

  • HB 35, Clark, expands the firearm safety devices which qualify for a tax credit
  • HB 945, Lopez, expands the firearm safety devices which qualify for a tax credit
  • HB 1230, Zehr, allows approved school board employees with training to carry on school property
  • HB 1235, Zehr, turns a protective order into a temporary concealed handgun permit
  • HB 1321, Wyatt, allows off-duty law-enforcement to carry in state agency buildings and offices.  A good start, but CHP holders should be allowed the same option
  • HB 1325, Taylot, removes an unneeded, outdated requirement for a weekly gun-sales report to the Virginia State Police

To send a message now, click here.

Are you part of a state gun organization fighting to preserve your rights in your state? While we track a number of them, let us know when you have important news and we’d love to share it with our readers.

You can send that news to [email protected].

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    • Certainly none of the “pro-gun” bills will make it out of committee (NoVA was already blue). So far, from what I have seen, committee votes are straight up party-line votes. From the VCDL emails, it sounds like comments to the committee are falling on deaf ears. Thankfully, there is a (R) in the Governor’s seat, so there is a small roadblock.

  1. Although I don’t live in VA, I joined VCDL a few years back when I sent them some bux to support their “Lobby Day” activities back in 2020. They’re good eggs.


  2. I wonder how many permission slip chasing VA Gun Owners will expose The Truth About Gun Control? Failure to lay the History of Gun Control on the lawmaker’s table is kissing Gun Control butt.

    • I didn’t have to answer any questions or make any statements, concerning racism and gun control during the application process for my concealed permit. I also wasn’t given the opportunity to stand on a soapbox in the Dept of Agriculture office to opine on such while I was filling out forms and getting fingerprinted. I suppose that I shirked my responsibility.

  3. *yawn*
    Can we get rid of universal background checks instead? Or at least make it so CCW holders don’t need one as NC, TX etc do? I miss buying milsurps at shows, flea markets and garage sales cash and carry. It would be my luck to move here 6 months after UBC’s became law, *sigh*


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