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Image courtesy Fox 12 Oregon/Washington County Sheriff

Deranged thugs can cause all kinds of mayhem with knives and bats, but alleged robber Derrick Mosely discovered that the gun is still the ne plus ultra of defensive armament. He didn’t learn it ‘the hard way’ (he’s still alive and uninjured) but he’ll have plenty of time to think that lesson over after he tried to rob a gun store while armed with a knife and a bat.

Make the jump to The Truth About Knives for the full story.

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    • “Alleged” is journalistic butt armor, to keep one from being sued for defamation if there’s no conviction. It was a practice even before the PC plague infected almost everything else.

  1. If the store owner had shot and killed Mosely then Sharpton and others would be screaming racism. I’m writing this assuming the store owner is white as are most people who live in Portland and the Portland suburbs.

    If Obama had a son he’d look like Mosley.

  2. Prison cells are full of guys with the IQ of a brick. How these guys remember to breath and swallow is beyond me.

  3. I’ve played this game! Bat breaks knife. Knife cuts paper. Paper wraps bat. Gun blows them to sawdust, scrap metal and confetti.

  4. Clearly something needs to be done about self defense laws. This poor thug was out weaponed in his attempt to redistribute the firearms. Social justice is suffering.

    ***Sarcasm Warning***


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