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A few quotes from Rep. Lucy McBath of Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District:

There is a lot of influence from the N.R.A. gun lobby, and the N.R.A. gun lobby has for years and years now pre-crafted a lot of legislation and passed it to specific legislators and said, “Look, you know, if you want to have our support, then you pass this legislation.” And you know, also, too—it’s just, you know, the fear-mongering that you need to be afraid of people that don’t look, think, or act like you. Everyone’s coming to get your gun.

And on with the #seemslegit:

I am a strong supporter and proponent of the Second Amendment. Always have been. It’s not about infringing upon the rights of people to own guns as gun enthusiasts or hunters, but what it is, is it is getting people to understand that we have to put in place common-sense measures. Just basic measures to keep guns out of the hands of individuals that should not have them.

I would most definitely say it’s more desirable to live without the carnage of gun violence.

Who here is familiar with the metaphor of the frog in the pot of boiling water?

I think it’s a matter of just trying to change a culture that has become very extremist. And that takes time, and that takes effort. A lot of people really enjoy guns. A lot of people really like having guns. I am not one, but I don’t want to infringe upon anyone that, you know, is law-abiding and using their guns properly, so I understand the nature of change. It does not happen overnight. It’s taken us twenty-five, thirty years to get to this point, and, if change is to be positive and effective, it is done slowly.

The New Yorker, Lucy McBath on the Religion of Guns in America

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    • Based on previous comments you seem to also have faith in mainstream news reporting, big government, and the tooth fairy.

      • Interesting that both guns and religion are on the lefts hit list, being those are the primary target of any communist regime.

        • Interesting, the proper response to both is exactly the same!! Don’t try to outlaw them, simply ignore them. Guns? Ignore them, none of your business, 2A. Religion? Ignore it, none of your business, 1A. Not so tough. You want to run *MY* life according to *your* religion? Meet my *guns*.

        • Satan wants to end gun ownership and religion as they both stand in the way of his minions preying on a defenseless population. Communists are just one faction of his followers.
          Mz. McBath lies through her teeth with her statements. She supports the 2A just like Gov. Coumo does.

        • @Unrependent Libretarian

          Actually not all Satanism is bad (my girlfriend is a religion researcher so I get a crashcourse in all kinds of faiths). There are two sects of Satanism. One that worships Satan and one that simply uses him as a symbol of freedom but is often godless and believes that all should do what they desire with two sects making up the later, one without a moral compass where you do whatever you want and one that looks astonishingly like the parts of the constitution that isnt about government reach (in other words do whatever you want so long as you don’t steal, kill, harass, other stuff you learn not to do in kindergarten).

    • to stay on topic, notice this:
      “…upon the rights of people to own guns as gun enthusiasts or hunters”

      That is neither the tyranny deterrent reason for the Second amendment nor the >1,000 years of common law on which gun ownership is based. Nor is it the reason 90% of people own guns — they do for self defense.
      There is no “right” to hunt, any US jurisdiction can ban hunting on a 50.1% vote of their legislative body.

      I don’t hunt nor do I collect guns. like 90% of gun owners I own one for self and family defense. I own a car but I am not a car enthusiast nor a car racer. Do I need to be a car racer or a car enthusiast to drive?
      “There is a lot of influence from the N.R.A. gun lobby, and the N.R.A. gun lobby has for years and years now pre-crafted a lot of legislation and passed it to specific …”

      What is a gun lobby? The NRA is a grassroots civil rights association

      • I do not own guns for self-defense, per se. I own guns because it is my responsibility as an American citizen to be prepared to stand up against tyranny should it happen here. This was the purpose of the 2nd amendment. It is the only reason that the Democratic [Socialist] Party relentlessly attack our 2nd amendment rights, for socialism cannot survive unless the citizenry is disarmed and ruthlessly subjagated at the barrel of a gun.

  1. Hey Lucy

    Go a head and disparage me for the bitter deplorable clinger that I am,you can have my bible and firearms when you take them from me,until then Eff Off.

    Oh and as far as your statement,”There is a lot of influence from the N.R.A. gun lobby”
    Negotiating Rights Away since 1934 ,is the best friend of the left not members or Americans.


      Yep, them there libs and commies must be all sceert to death of GOA, NAGR, JPFO and the other little no-compromise, no-account gaggles. So much so that they’re afraid to actually use their names in print or conversation for fear of the reprisals. The mere mention of their names strikes fear in the hearts of gun grabbing wannabees everywhere. YEP, YEP, YEP!

      Of course, it might also mean the real gun-banning crowd has never even heard of them or ever been confronted by their members and “lobbyists” at a statehouse or the Capital.

      And I still think you should add Wyatt Earp’s collecting the visiting cowpoke’s guns while they drank away their earnings in town as your “NRA starting date” since he was doing so in Dodge City from 1878 or so- NRA formed in 1871.

      • @ Craig in Iowa

        There is nothing wrong in pushing the NRA to become more extreme in defending rights,holding them accountable as we should do with our Feral government and it’s representatives.

        As to Mr.Earp,the NRA was a marksmanship based organization at that time and hadn’t been involved in lobbing the government at that time frame. What Earp did is what many would be tyrants have done throughout time ,enforce their own will.

        I am the NRA,GOA,SAF,FPC,GoVT and Vtfed.ofSptsm.

        • “When, again, did Earp and Dodge city become subject to 2A? Hint; it was not 1878.” 1878 found Earp in Dodge City. The comment only pertains to Grn Mt Boy’s usual list of NRA “sins” usually posted in the past. The OK Corral thing was 1881, so if one is going to blame NRA for “gun control” transgressions, they ought to start at the beginning, since NRA began in 1871.

          BTW, Grn Mt Boy, since you list NRA as one of your orgs, I’ll actually buy you a beer in Indianapolis in April if you decide to come. Perhaps 2 if you aren’t drinking Bud Light or Diet Miller. 🙂 EZ to get together.

          Hey- Dan- how come no follow-up on the comments? You’ve done a great job returning the edit feature.

        • @ Craig in Iowa

          “Grn Mt Boy, since you list NRA as one of your orgs, I’ll actually buy you a beer in Indianapolis in April if you decide to come. Perhaps 2 if you aren’t drinking Bud Light or Diet Miller. EZ to get together.”


          Not going to make it to Indy this year however I would be honored to join you for a beer and buy one back at you,my preference runs to Guinness as beer goes.

          I have some family connections from Isle LaMonte Vermont to Howard co.Iowa in around 1848,those were hard traveling times.

        • Guiness? OK, now you’re just trying to make friends.

          In the end, that’s really what gun people are supposed to be about… (Coming to a consensus, not drinking).

          Sitting at a WDM area brew pub as I type drinking a second pint of “Honey Session Wild Porter” made with MN Wild Rice, no less… Thought it was girl beer until the chick at the bar (wearing a Stetson) gave me a taste. GOOD stuff. If I can avoid the breathalyzer I’ll be fine.

          Still time to reconsider Indy. I have an extra room reserved we’re going to give up soon. Across the street from the Exhibit Hall… Uh- I’m NOT paying, though, but someone’s going to end up with the room…

      • I Belong To Both the GOA and NRA; Because the tactics of moderation have a place in the Long Game if there is something breathing smoke, fire and lightning standing behind it in the field.

  2. Do liberals have any insults other than something based on sexuality (“ammosexual”), or calling a large group of people who disagree with them a cult?

    • You could also be a *phobe. Whatever it is you don’t like must mean you’re afraid of it because you’re not woke enough to understand it, and we all know how irrational people get when they feel threatened by whatever completely harmless and good-for-society thing it is.

      • Wonder if anyone will try to make that charge stick on Jussie Smollett?

        I suppose The Donald will just have to take it all but his third wife’s done pretty well suing media outlets for defamation and all that. She could argue she’s been painted as “guilty by association”.

        Wouldn’t that be cool? Help pay for a wall…

        • Does making a false police report (4th degree felony) have an enhancement for “hate crime”? The “Empire” doofus committed a hate crime, and he should pay for it.

        • “The “Empire” doofus committed a hate crime, and he should pay for it.”

          He’s one of theirs (Leftist), so they will let it slide.

          The penalty for a false police report on a ‘Hate Crime’ ought to be mandatory hard time, no probation or early release…

        • I still think it’s best to just hit them up in the Civil Courts. May be a “worthless judgement” in the end but also is going to cost someone for legal fees if nothing else. Justice system is way too slow today.

        • Luckily they did their jobs and resisted the pressure and investigated the supposed crime Imagine if they instead had found some hapless innocent white guys who did not have an alibi. The SJW’s would have been out in force demanding their convictions and long sentences.

  3. Really, a better argument could be made that it’s gun control that’s the religion here. Its prescriptions are pushed without regard to any logical connection to any event or outcome, such as when a failure of a government background check is followed by demands for more government background checks. Prominent figures on the left who land themselves in hot water immediately attack the NRA, no matter how unrelated guns are to the matter at hand (e.g. Ilhan Omar, Harvey Weinstein). That’s eerily like so many prisoners, ostentatiously finding religion when parole board hearings come around.

    And of course, like any authoritarian religion, and unlike the culture of gun ownership, gun controllers absolutely can’t stand to let others be and not practice their religion.

    • It’s called projection. This religious fundamentalism is exactly what is going on inside her head, so she just assumes that it must be in everyone else’s heads as well. The religious Statism that she displays, while the POTG do not, is apparent.
      The self contradictory statements remind me of the flat earthers. They say that all video is fake, but now watch this video of ours as proof. Contradicting their own selves. Much like: “I am a strong supporter and proponent of the Second Amendment. Always have been.”, followed immediately by: “A lot of people really like having guns. I am not one”.
      So, an analogy. She loves Ferraris and other fast cars, but doesn’t enjoy driving. Doesn’t that seem at least a little insane?

      • People who justify living with cognitive dissonance will generally have an irrational, disordered thought process and see no problems in contradictions. They’re not to be trusted because they tend to lie and misrepresent.
        Look at who she is, where she lives, who elected her, and why.
        Cases in point, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Why are they also in Congress and who elected them?

    • No.. it is Not #Gonkuntroll that is their Diety, it is just one of the Major Archangels, #Tempyrtantrum is their god, #Gonkuntroll only exists because of an overwhelming Religious Faith in the massive power and evil glory of #Tempyrtantrum.

      “It happened because I was not there; I Am The NRA”

    • To be valid, we’re going to have to call heyzeus into court to testify, and have him identify himself and demonstrate that he is, in fact, the lord of glory or whatever. How you think that’s gonna work?

      • You realize that originally the act of hiding a weapon was considered suspicious and even possibly dis-honorable.
        And there is a pre-14th amendment tradition of outlawing it, in states, and municipalities.
        post 14th.. They are now as subject to the wording of the Bill of rights as the Union is.

  4. “but I don’t want to infringe upon anyone that, you know, is law-abiding and using their guns properly,”.

    So she wants to be the ultimate arbiter of what’s “Proper”.

    Ahhh. NO. NOT NOW, NOT EVER!

    • That was my thought, is getting a permit to legally carry a weapon and walking around in public armed a ‘proper’ use of a firearm in her mind? Because in my mind I should be able to do that in New Jersey.

  5. So here is opinion of another pretend supporter of the 2A, Rep. Lucy McBath. Lucy, please take a class in constitutional law, from a real school, like Hillsdale, not the common Communist ivy league nonsense that is so prevalent. There are no “common sense measures” in the Constitution. Any law that is a gun control law is unconstitutional, period, end of story. The NFA, the GCA, and all the rest are violations of the 2nd, 4th and 5th amendments. We are slowing losing this country to the safety police, and causing us to be less safe in the process. Want to improve it? Bring back God and morality again, and get rid of restrictive intrusive laws, taxes and regulations. Jesus instructed us to defend ourselves, because he knew evil exists everywhere.

      • I had to look up what Hillsdale was. Seems to me it likely that the average graduate from that school likely knows more about most issues than the average Democrat lawmaker or gun control lobby hack.

        • @Ted, it’s refreshing to know some people know how to do research. Sad to know lots comment without a true understanding of the subject. If I could run back time, I would be sure I would attend Hillsdale….

  6. Ever notice that the people who claim to be the strongest supporters of the 2A don’t like firearms and want to confiscate them? ANYONE who shouts out their 2A bonafides and claims that no one is coming for your guns is a hypocrite and a liar. Moreover, they ALWAYS seem to want to change the culture, these people are just extremely sad and dishonest.

  7. Anybody who says “NRA Gun Lobby” twice in one sentence is trying way too hard to work progressive talking points into their propaganda.

  8. It’s not possible to disarm bad people. So you build laws against their behavior and enforce those laws unwaveringly.
    Private gun ownership is a component of crime prevention. It dissuade criminals and if need be removed them from society.

    Disarm everyone and bad people will have a utopia.

  9. Every time someone claims 90% of Americans support “reasonable” restrictions, point out “That’s why we already have reasonable restrictions. Almost every mass shooting was the result of a failure of the mental health caregivers, the police or government employees.”

    When they make noise about the NRA ask them “So you think the 6 million NRA members somehow out-vote the 38 million AARP members or the 12 million members of the AFL-CIO?” Then explain to them gently that 80 million Americans own guns and don’t harm anyone at all and they vote.

    Then remind them of this truism:

    “If you are for gun control then you are not against guns, because guns will be needed to disarm people. So it’s not that you are anti-gun – you’ll need the police’s guns to take away other people’s guns. So you are very pro-gun. You just believe that only the government (which of course is so reliable, honest, moral, and virtuous) should be allowed to have guns. There is no such thing as gun control. There is only centralizing gun ownership in the hands of a small, political elite and their minions.” – Stefan Molyneux.

    Then ask them if that is really what they’re trying to do.

  10. The story is about guns as a belief system. There is no such thing as A “gun religion”. Last time I looked the second amendment was in the Constitution, and not in the bible. What is with the crucifix in the photo? Keep your fucking imagery to yourself. I will keep to the Constitution . Thank you very much.

  11. Wrong, lady. I’m a minority. I’ve witnessed gun violence. I’m the one pushing the NRA to become more extreme in defending rights.
    As for a religion… I’m not religious myself, but I currently take great comfort in the guidance of Nehemiah 4 – build the wall to protect your country, your enemies will rage and try to attack, but stay on guard, stay armed while you do your work, keep a weapon on your hip every time you go outside.

    • Kudos to you for quoting Nehemaih. Anybody can quote the Gospels or Paul but few have the biblical literacy to reach into Nehenaih

      • Well i’m a nerd. I got confused that Jesus supposedly said to turn the other cheek (meaning we don’t need weapons) but also told the apostles to sell their junk and buy weapons because they would need them.
        Being a nerd, I needed to do some reading. It seems that there is far more in even the new testament to justify the ownership of arms than there is against it. And then I found out I just enjoy the God and Guns podcast, and I tend to enjoy The Armed Lutheran as well, even if I think their religious views aren’t always something I personally agree with.

        • “Turn the other cheek” never meant that people don’t need or shouldn’t have weapons. In context, it means you don’t answer insults with violence. The jerkwad who slaps you just to insult you isn’t a threat. Jesus says to let the small stuff slide.

        • “ing” is correct. My advice, DD, is to go out and buy an NLT Bible version and start in on, perhaps, Luke, then read Acts. Very easy to understand and read, none ot the “Thee, Thy, “Thar” stuff- simple English in today’s vernacular. Pick one up at Goodwill for around a buck- how in the Hell can you beat that??? Then get into the prophets, Psalms and Proverbs, then alternate between Genesis and the Apostles letters. When I began my project years ago I quickly learned that nothing has really changed since the Beginning. Everyone ought to at least respect some of the history of the Bible if nothing else, History is what got me started in the first place. Open up. Good luck.

  12. I’ve been using the car/gun analogy for firearm enthusiast/gun nut types (like me) that seems to make sense on many levels. Gearheads (like me) may have fierce brand loyalty, enjoying working on them, get them customized, compete with them, treasure a classic passed on from grandpa, struggle to afford their first, use a reliable beater while saving for their personal dream car, get attached to a particular machine, and realize that while they were designed for a purpose, they may be used for a variety beyond the original intent. Or misused. Even criminally misused. I don’t mind training requirements, but rate of fire and capacity are performance issues. Vroom or boom, I’m interested.

    • I never really considered the similarities between an internal combustion engine and a semiautomatic pistol chamber/barrel, but they’re pretty darn similar…
      Except instead of driving a piston through a cylinder to crank a shaft, the explosion drives a bullet through a barrel to make holes. And the operating parts are at opposites end, but they both do a thing that is the desired outcome – make torque vs cycle the gun.

      • The camming action you find in most bolts, actions, and slides is super similar to automotive valvetrains.

        That’s why I use Mobil1 everywhere but inside the barrel, in the appropriate weight for the season.

        I don’t refer to cleaning my guns as cleaning my guns.

        I refer to it as changing the oil, which is a more accurate description.

        Dawn dishwashing liquid, warm water, compressed air, and done!

  13. “Blessed be the LORD, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle.”

    “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for I am the baddest motherfucker in the goddamn valley.”

    And I am always carrying my “rod.”

    Molon Labe, s***libs.

  14. She is a “proponent” of 2A for two reasons that don’t really apply to the principle reason the Second exists. I am a hunter and enjoy many shooting sports, but that is NOT why we have a Second Amendment. The woman is either deluded, or attempting to continue the leftist deflection campaign.

    I support the second Amendment because it provides the basis for armed citizens of this Constitutional Republic to respond to excess government and efforts to unconstitutionally impose itself upon the population. And for the pedantic persecuting attorneys on TTAG, I am of the opinion that the Constitution is written to be understood by farmers, hunters, blacksmiths, and office workers. We don’t need RBG, Breyer, or another Black to tell us what the Constitution “really” means. It factually DOES mean what it says.

    2A is already “infringed” beyond reasonable need. Instead of socialists pretending to be “reasonable progressives” and limiting us to bolt action or muzzleloaders, we need to get our LMGs, Thompsons, field arty, and suppressors back!

  15. Whenever I hear the “common sense” line, I shiver and reach for my HK91.

    It gives me a warm, tingly feeling of reassurance.

  16. Guns, in and of themselves in the hands of individual Americans, ARE the true “common-sense measure”- to prevent the type of tyrrany and enslavement here that the vast majority of the world, “free” or not, experiences every day. Merely the suggestion of an armed populace has done wonders for this country in its journey leftward since the 1960s. Those who’d love to lord over us and add more control to our daily lives have had an infinitely more difficult job just because Americans can actually resist the government should it ever come push to shove. It’s never really happened on a grand scale but the mere threat is always there for one and all to see. I’m sure other world govenrments have a secret sympathy for ours.

  17. This screed, like so many others before it, is predicated on the notion that there is some big problem that can and must be solved via legislation aimed at “trying to change a culture.” Three little problems: One, there is not that big of a problem with violence in general, and gun-related, violence in particular (America is, for the most part, a safe place to be). Two, no one can show that guns, and gun owners are what drive the violence that does exist. Three, no one can display that any of the proposed legislation affects or prevents violence. So, the antis must be operating on faith alone that their proposals have value. Who is the cult?

  18. McBath’s inherient argument here is guns are bad, mkay!

    But what he desires is as old as our existence itself. The problem is violence not guns. When McBath finds a miraculous end to all violence, he will simultaneously find a miraculous end to all “gun” violence.

    And when he does find a miraculous end to all violence, then he won’t need any gun control, because there will be no gun homicides. Guns will be purely used for recreational and entertainment usage.

    So McBath is focusing on the method of violence, instead of the violence itself. And anything other than that is really folly, because criminals will get guns as easily as criminals can get drugs now. The war on drugs was just an employment scheme for government officials that had almost no impact on crime/drug usage. And the war on guns will be similar. This is how it will end up, exactly how it has ended up on all other countries with numerous and heavy handed gun regulations. The cops and the criminals will have guns, and the honest normal citizen will have nothing. And i’ll leave it up to you, to guess who will be victimized out of these three groups.

    • First, McBath is a biological “she”, not a “he”.

      But that aside, you say: “The cops and the criminals will have guns, and the honest normal citizen will have nothing.” What makes you think that? We have brains and skills, and weapons are not that hard make, or obtain. Or are you afraid of being labeled an outlaw?

        • Exactly. If it weren’t for those old “outlaws” (including some of my family ancestors, who were considered pirates by the Brits) we would not have a country at all.

  19. I CCW all day every day, even in non permissive areas. With my Mjölnir amulet around my neck, if I die while fighting for my life I’ll go to Valhalla.

  20. Wishes to live without the carnage of gun violence. So just what type of violence are you willing to live with ? Going with this derailed train of logic, if people cannot defend themselves then there will not be any violence. That dog won’t hunt. The very same people that are concerned about “gun violence” are the same ones that want to go easy on violent criminals that are arrested. Seems like a prescription for anarchy to me.

  21. So ” they’ve” been working on banning gunzs and changing cultures for the last twenty five to thirty years, and “we’re” almost there. That’s Scary

  22. “It’s not about infringing upon the rights of people to own guns as gun enthusiasts or hunters, ”
    But as a potent check on my power,….. not so much

    • Nobody should be submitting guns bills, by their very definition, they are a violation of the Constitution. And we have learned along the way, the NRA does not always have gun rights of the public in mind.

  23. Not sure about guns being a religion on their own but keeping and bearing arms is in several religions.


    LUKE Chapt 22: 35And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye any thing? And they said, Nothing. 36Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. 37For I say unto you, that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me, And he was reckoned among the transgressors: for the things concerning me have an end. 38And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them, It is enough.

    The Hávamál (Odinism etc,)
    Drink ale by the hearth, over ice glide,
    Buy a stained sword, buy a starving mare
    To fatten at home: and fatten the watch-dog.

    Never walk away from home ahead of your axe and sword.
    You can’t feel a battle in your bones or foresee a fight.

  24. The more politicians try to take guns away, the more that the law abiding will arm themselves. The law abiding will most assuredly rise up to defend their Constitutional rights with force if need be. Too many have died before us defending those rights to just let socialists take it away.

  25. The article fails to note that Rep. McBath got into politics specifically to promote gun control.

    She was in a movie called “3 1/2 mintues, 10 bullets”. It’s about a white guy who gets into an argument with a black teenager and the OFWG uses a gun to kill the teen. Turns out that movie is based on real events and the kid who got killed was her son. Google “shooting of Jordan Davis”.

    According to her, her primary reason for running for Congress in the first place was because she doesn’t think the government does enough to prevent “gun violence”. As such, she supports “Red Flag” laws and a UBC.

  26. Jesus told Peter to put his sword back in it’s place after that good ole boy nicked a soldier’s ear. In today’s vernacular ‘Holster youy weapon” . Not give it up or look for a sword buyback at a temple !

  27. Every thing the gun grabbers do causes us to be more extreme; they’re defeating themselves.

    We aren’t as extreme as the Founders (yet).

  28. McBath is on record saying Heller was wrong and advocating Australian “ideas” on gun control. She is a profound liar. Her own statements indicate:
    1) she is opposed to anyone owning a handgun of any type
    2) even with background checks, training, waiting periods she still says guns can be banned
    3) she supports mas confiscation.
    4) she opposed concealed carry of any type.

    By the way the shooting her kid was involved in was a crime. The guy was convicted. It was also a profound outlier, and on the same week 10,000 to 30,000 crimes were prevented by gun owners

  29. Sweetheart, in my life time your party has called for “common sense” Jim Crow.

    In my mother’s life time, they called for “common sense” lynching and racial concentration camps.

    That you support racially invidious gun controls speaks to your own ignorance.

    Would you impose the same “common sense” controls on voting? If voter ID is “racist”, given its Jim Crow history, isn’t gun owner ID even MORE racist?

  30. “but what it is, is it is getting people to understand that we have to put in place common-sense measures. Just basic measures to keep guns out of the hands of individuals that should not have them.”

    Let’s enforce the laws we already have before we make more. Can we do that? Just this once?

    • Being as how the Marxist maven brought up the religion aspect and you mentioned laws on the books. Just how long has murder been against some form of law or another,well at least going as far back as the bible and we see just how effective that law is or isn’t.

  31. Religion is easy to attack. Not surprising our rights are being framed in religious terms by those who want to disarm us….it’s hard to argue facts or rationally when you’re coming from a religious perspective.

  32. There is law, and their is higher law. The God of my understanding tells me that part of my role here is to defend my family, my neighborhood and my country.

    You may not understand that. I can’t understand why gun-grabbers don’t feel the same obligation.

    You may not like that I and mine feel this way. You don’t have to. U don’t like that gun-grabbers want to take away, illegalize my personal, private property.

    I haven’t shot anyone since 1968, but don’t come busting through my bedroom window at 0300.

    Leave me alone.

    See you un Church.

  33. only because we have religion can we see what is truly good in the world
    because we can see the good in the world we can also see all the bad in the world
    because we can see all the bad in the world we have developed a very strong and overriding self preservation instinct
    additionally we also value life that is not our own and deem it to be precious and thus believe in defending it even if it means the use of overwhelmingly deadly and lethal violent force
    which by the way is how the world has is and always will be governed
    one would think that the true believers in evolution would be the first ones to anathematize in very short order anything that would detract from the seemingly universal idea of the survival of the fittest
    see ferns law:
    democrats dont actually believe in anything that they preach to you about

  34. So, the NRA goes to politicians and tells them to pass this bill if you want our support.
    Yeah, that’s what I want them doing.

    Just like NARAL, Planned Parenthood, SPLC, ACLU, Souther Baptist, trial lawyers, teachers unions, etc, etc


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