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Mas Ayoob says making positive change happen for gun rights takes time – serious time:

If you aren’t already, get involved at the local level. Spread the truth about this polarized issue. Truth is the only antidote to the increasingly massive and toxic prohibitionist propaganda we are seeing in the media. For example, consider this paper by Professor John Lott explaining how the seemingly common sense Universal Background Check scheme would penalize and criminalize law-abiding Americans.

One point I made at the rally [in Florida] is that it took twenty years, from when I went on the Today show in the wake of the Columbine massacre to advocate for the proven Israeli model of arming and training volunteer school faculty members, to the same recommendation being made very recently by a blue ribbon panel in Florida in the aftermath of the Parkland atrocity.

– Mas Ayoob, 2A Wars: Another Dispatch from the Front

Just a suggestion: check out Mas’s online blog at Backwoods Home

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  1. Restoring Liberty would be a lot faster if you could imprison those who seek to strip your civil liberties.

      • Free speech is not a license to commit treason. Also, commies don’t have rights, people have rights.

      • How ironic that the very liberties that make this country unique are the liberties that are being used to take those liberties from us. Freedom of speech ; freedom of religion (Muslim invasion);…..

        • StLPro2A, Can we please agree to support all 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights?
          Being pro 2nd Amendment doesn’t mean you have to be against the 1st Amendment.
          Americans fought and died for all 10 Amendments, as well as the rest of the Constitution.
          When I joined the US Army, I swore an oath, “To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Not just the parts of the Constitution that I like.
          StLPro2A, is it too much to ask to support the full Constitution, the entire Constitution, and stop attacking freedom of religion and freedom of speech? Because when you attack the First Amendment, StLPro2A, you are attacking the Constitution we veterans swore an oath to protect and defend.

          Thank you.
          America’s veterans.

        • The problem is that these days, “freedom of speech” only qualifies for left wing causes. “Freedom of religion” only qualifies for Islam and atheism. These days, spreading Christianity is considered trying to impose a “theocracy”, but the spread of Islam is considered sacred. I’m not even religious but I see a huge problem with this. There is an enormous double standard on the perception of the BOR today. The left gets free riegn to curtail conservative political speech and Christianity, but when the same standard is applied to them all the sudden it’s “oh we deserve protections of the first amendment, but you filthy conservatives don’t.”

        • Freedom of religion has nothing to do with a ‘muslim invasion’. That’s entirely an immigration policy.

  2. Unfortunately the situation is not symmetrical … it seems much faster and easier to restrict or remove rights, than to unfetter them.

  3. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a gun advocate thats not a tacticool douchebag scanning sectors with a cautious scowl….

  4. Twenty years from Columbine to Parkland. Twenty years waiting for someone else to echo a recommendation? A blue ribbon panel, with no authority to implement change? Wow! This is our truth about guns. Our truth is that we are having to wait…and give another inch. Wait…and leave our loved ones at risk. Wait …and risk confiscation, fines, jail. Wait…on freedoms withheld. Wait…and give another inch. Wait…and give. Wait…wait…wait. Our truth about guns.

  5. We have to win every day, they only need to win once and that’s that. Once taken rights are not returned.

    • That’s just not the case at all. Look at concealed carry and open carry laws around the country. Look at how many states are returning to “Constitutional Carry”. Even the assault weapons ban was allowed to die and was not reinstated by both Republican and Democrat administrations.
      We’ve seen a lot of real progress legalizing the exercise of civil rights across much of the nation over the last decade or more.

      • Still waiting…to carry in ALL public places, to carry across state lines, to conceal without hassles, to SBR, to SBS, carry in schools, to purchase or sell without permission, to supress, to have “scary” configurations, and on, and on.

      • You are so correct. You have to stay engaged. At least send a letter to your representative. I did write my senator and got a nice reply.

  6. The first best thing every gun owner should do is join a National Gun Rights Organization and a State Organization of your own choice* in their home State. Then, contribute $5 or $10 a month to each to support their Legislative and Legal activities. This will give you access to information, and could provide millions of dollars to support and advance our legal battles to preserve and advance American’s Second Amendment protected RKBA. If there are 100 million of us and we can get close to 50% actively supporting the Organizations working to protect our RKBA, it could make a huge difference in our favor.

    *I am not advocating for any specific pro gun rights organization(s). Choose the ones you are confident about.

  7. Had a meeting with my congressman’s district director almost 2 weeks ago. Going to shoot a followup email to him when it gets a bit closer to the threshold.

  8. What we should do is use this milestone (20 years since Columbine attack and some schools might be marginally safer now) to illustrate how gun-rights supporters are most certainly NOT ticking time-bombs that will explode at the slightest provocation. If that Progressive meme were true, gun-rights supporters would have burned down the capitals of the states 18 years ago for failing to remove legal sanctions for carrying self-defense firearms into schools.

    The fact that gun-rights supporters are still patiently waiting 20 years later proves that we have incredible restraint, perhaps even to a fault.

  9. The open carry marches from several years ago did a great service to keep guns in a positive way, in the minds of the general public. I know they were a success because now the Left has started to open carry guns. Forget the MSM. The progun message is getting out on the internet. We are getting there.

  10. I’m not sure national reciprocity is a great idea. Today, if you lose your right to carry (thru clerical error) in one state you can still have that right in another state. If it’s national, you lose everywhere.

  11. This guy should retire and go live on a mountainside somewhere.

    Gun policies and a lot of “policies” change real fast with ROPE and PITCHFORKS.

    Everything else is just hot air and hang-wringing.

  12. Mistee Ayoob is wrong. Gun policy changes only take a significant time when they are vring relaxed toward freedom and look liberty, not restriction. Gun laws restricting rights happen overnight and with little delay.

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