Project Build: The Ultimate Mosin Nagant

I had been feeling bad about my poor Mosin. There it was, sitting under a bunk bed in the cabin. All but forgotten and slowly rusting away. It had probably been two years since it was last fired. I know I’m not alone here – there are maybe 4,000,000 Mosin Nagants in the U.S.. Hard […]

Cheaper By The Score: Mosin-Nagant 91-30s

If you’re the unit armorer for a platoon of Soviet Army WWII re-enactors, you’ll need a boatload of Mosin-Nagant 91/30 rifles, along with a couple of Nagant revolvers to shoot the deserters. You’ll also need a pile of Mosins if you’re trying to lay in a stockpile of rugged, powerful rifles for your worst TEOTWAWKI […]

Stripper Clip Trivia Tip: Mosin-Nagant Edition

The Mosin-Nagant is one of the few mil-surp rifles you can shoot all afternoon (or until your shoulder falls off) for less than $50 worth of ammo. The right stripper clips can make this a lot easier. The wrong ones can make your afternoon of shooting a living hell, so here’s a quick video tutorial.

Obscure Object Of Desire: The Ultimate Mosin-Nagant?

Here at TTAG, we love the lowly Mosin-Nagant.  I waxed historical about it last September, and Ralph just taught you all you need to know about its care, grooming and feeding.  From buttplate to bayonet, the cheap and ugly Russian utters a sturdy Proletariat challenge: Mock me at your peril, capitalist pig!  Today’s object of […]