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The Mosin-Nagant is one of the few mil-surp rifles you can shoot all afternoon (or until your shoulder falls off) for less than $50 worth of ammo. The right stripper clips can make this a lot easier. The wrong ones can make your afternoon of shooting a living hell, so here’s a quick video tutorial.

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  1. I bought some polish surplus that came on clips. The ammo was crap but the strippers work great.

  2. I have 10 of the “bad” ones with the tabs cut in the ends. They work fine if you use a different technique than shown in this video. After setting the loaded stripper clip in the loading notch, pull up on the tip of the top round with your index finger and push down firmly on the back of the round with your thumb. Works like a charm.

  3. After attempting nearly every other imaginable manipulation of the ‘bad’ clips over the last few years, I’ve discovered many ways to dump cartridges all over the place or cut myself. I haven’t tried this method, though, and I’ll be giving it a try this afternoon. Thanks!

  4. You can go ahead and send all of your “bad” stripper clips over here.

    I prefer those to the ones you call the good clips, you are loading them improperly you need to stack the rims infront of each other. Place the first case in so it is just barely in the clip then slide the next round down its case till the rims touch then press it down into the clip repeat for the next 3. The bullet on top should be flat the one on the bottom up at an angle (yes the top and bottom matter very much) and they shouldnt jiggle around too much or the rims will get outta order and hem up in the clip or worse in the gun.

    But seriously if you dont like em email me and send them this way I got a whole crew of mosin users who enjoy the $80 spam can afternoon with the “bad” strippers

    • i have tried this, and on some of the clips it seems to work, but on many of the so called bad clips, the first round that you insert becomes very loose and wobbles around. Fine if they are just sitting there, but not ok if you are moving around. Any suggestions?

      • Ya the bottom round is usually the loose one but it will usually stay put enough to work fine. keeping them in the mosin ammo pouches 3 to a side pointing down keeps them from jiggling around too much if ur charging Nazis or zombies or whathaveyou.

  5. It never occurred to me that I needed to use a precise technique for using a crude bolt-action rifle stripper clip, because I’ve never seen any other stripper clips that were as difficult to use as the tabbed M-N clips.

    Springfield Mauser stripper clips have a very simple loading method: insert either end of the loaded clip into the stripper clip guide on the receiver, and push the cartridges off the clip and into the magazine. These are rimless cases, however.

    In the interest of fairness and due diligence, I watched a half-dozen YouTube videos claiming to show me how to properly load and use the tabbed M-N stripper clips. Then I spent another half-hour trying to put that technique into practice on my 91/30 and M44.

    After an hour of YouTubing and stripper clipping, here’s what I leaned:

    Some of my tabbed stripper clips will function most of the time, as long as the rims are perfectly aligned, and the clip is carefully inserted with the correct side down, and I pried upward on the tip of the topmost cartridge, all while pushing down like an elephant giving birth.

    The tab-less clips worked 100% of the time. They didn’t care how I loaded them or stacked the rims, or which end went into the rifle, or whether I pulled up on the bullet tip. They also required much less effort. They’re not mechanical works of art like Swedish Mauser stripper clips, but they feel like it compared to the tabbed M-N clips.

    It’s possible that I’ve just got 2 batches of tabbed clips that are out of spec and nearly useless, but I’ll still stick with the untabbled version.

    • Getting the tabbed ones “broken in” can take some time, a little lube and repeated loading and unloading of the stiff ones gets them broken in. I have probably 1500 rounds through my collection of different clips and just like everything else its practice that makes it go smooth.

      The non tabed version loads easier into the clip and into the gun but it will jam up while cycling if the rims are not lined up. I dont know if you were cycling them in your bench testing, you had removed the bolt and presumably dumped them out the bottom to unload.

  6. Found these little beauties
    they look similar to the ones in the video, and pretty affordable if they are quality.

  7. So I took the (relatively short) plunge and a Mosin Nagant will be coming into my life soon (a check has to go across the country first, then it has to come back the other way).

    You guys wouldn’t be up for a nice overview on dos and don’ts for a new Mosin Nagant owner, would you?

    • Clean the cosmoline out using a lot of elbow grease (I find swearing in Russian also helps). Once the rifle is crap free, buy Russian ammo. Settle it into your shoulder and keep a chiropractor on stand-by. Seriously though, make sure it will pass a headspace check and make sure the firing pin isn’t sticking out of the bolt face too far. If you use corrosive ammo (all surplus ammo is corrosive) clean immediately with Hoppe’s #9 or an ammonia based solvent like Windex. I have two Mosins and they require no fuss. Just shoulder and shoot. If it’s a carbine version (e.g. an M44 or M38) be prepared for a lot of flash and a really loud kaboom. Rifle length versions just have the kaboom.

  8. found some brass stripper clips at a fleamkt, work well. any ifo on this. first brass ones I,ve ever seen.

  9. Did you load those clips pyramid style or just one rim on the other bottom to top? Cuz first time around I did the latter and I cuz my thumb wide open with a cheapie, but after a while I learned the traditional way and I don’t have any trouble. If you load them one rim on the other bottom to top you’ll want to have the bullets all facing upward and then you hold the top round tilting it front facing upwards as you use your thumb to bush down on the rims. I will be getting WW2 style clips but for now this is what I got. I got tricked by some amazon seller who used a false image for their clips. eBay looks like a good bet though. That’s where Ill be trying next.

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