Mosin Nagant Bayonet
Courtesy Oleg Volk Photography
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Mosin Nagant Bayonet
Courtesy Oleg Volk Photography

By Chris Dumm

I’m not in charge here, but I don’t need express editorial permission to note that TTAG hearts Mosin-Nagants. Many of us already own one or five of them, and we’ve penned so many articles about the Czar’s last rifle that (contrary to my normal OCD linking habits) I’m not even going to bother trying to link to them.

Mosin-Nagant parts and accessories are so plentiful that they constitute their own category of gun goodies at most internet gun stores. But what if you’ve somehow misplaced the eighteen-inch steel toothpick that hangs from the muzzle?  It comes in so handy as a tent stake, screwdriver, rotisserie spit and desktop letter opener that you know you gotta replace it, right?

Luckily for you, has you covered for just $39 plus shipping and handling. Here’s their ad copy, in its original boldface:

Original Mosin Nagant M91/30 Bayonet For Sale.  This M91/30 Spike Bayonet is in excellent condition and will fit any M91/30 rifle.  There were never any extra bayonets made for the Mosin Nagant, so this bayonet is rare.  If your M91/30 did not come with a bayonet, this is the perfect Mosin Nagant accessory to buy.

I’m not sure why they had to go with the bold typeface, because calling more than 30 million bayonets ‘rare’ is pretty bold of them already.

Luckily, not all retailers think you’re a complete idiot. You can order a Mosin-Nagant bayonet from J&G Sales for $79 plus shipping and handling. I’ve done business with J&G personally, and their customer service is pretty good. So good, in fact, that they throw in a really cool bayonet accessory: a free Mosin-Nagant 91/30 rifle to hang it on.

No kidding.

[I know someone  will comment on it, so I’ll point out that the young lady pictured above is holding an M44 Mosin-Nagant with a permanently-attached bayonet which will never get lost. It’s just a cool picture by Oleg Volk. TTAG hearts Oleg, too.]

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  1. I should have bought a Mosin Nagant for my first rifle. It is heck of cheaper and very likely does not punish you nearly as bad as the rifle I did choose out of ignorance, the Bushmaster LR .308

    Beginner does not need AR platform .308 with telescoping stock and short barrel. Of course I bought this at the time that any .308 with near 20 round capacity couldn’t stay on the shelf but still. Really regret the purchase now.

    • How badly do you regret the purchase? I’m sure someone around here could help ease your remorse and take it off your hands.

      • I regret it to the point of not being able to shoot it at my favorite range as it is indoor pistol. As is, given I spent $1,300 on the rifle, $250 on ammo, then another $450 on accessories and outdoor range time to sight in the scope I don’t really want to sell it. It’s tuned to the purpose of SHTF and I want a body armor killing cannon that touches from well out of eyesight. I just wish I bought like a simple weapon with iron sights to learn on instead as learning on something optics ready/flat top has surely screwed up my fundamentals as far as rifles are concerned. That is where I regret it and wish I had known how well a Nagant would have fulfilled the purpose.

    • You bought an excellent weapon. You paid a fortune, but I guess you could afford it. I have a DSA SA58 Para, which is in the same category, and I would sell all of my numerous other guns before I sold that one. If you now lust after a Moisin then go ahead and buy one. Then you can enjoy both. And then you’ll find out why one costs $1300 + and the other less than $100 🙂

      But, a word of advice to you. Forget the Moisin Nagant, which although will go bang when you pull the trigger, is otherwise garbage. Get yourself a good SKS if you want a reasonably cheap but ultra fun Slavic rifle. You’ll enjoy it immensely and it won’t beat up your shoulder or your wallet.

      As a matter of fact, they’re selling Romanian SKSs at Cabela’s for $250. I wish I’d bought one when I was there yesterday.

      • Mosins are cheap enough that even if you buy one, it’s pretty damn hard to feel buyer’s remorse about it. I will say one thing though, I think it’s much harder to pick out a decent Mosin than SKS.

        I own two SKS’, one Chinese, and another Yugoslavian. The Chinese is prone to overheating and going into burst fire occasionally, but the Yugo one is definitely a fun shooter.

        If you like Slavic weapons, you can’t go wrong either way, and you have no reason *not* to buy either one.

  2. $39 for a Mosin bayo? I can understand 39 rubles, but 39 bucks? American? You gotta be sh!tt!ng me.

    First of all, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “I can’t get the f^ck!ng bayonet off my 91/30,” I could buy another rifle or two. Second, the bayonet turns an already long gun into a 5 1/2 foot lance suitable for jousting between armored knights on horseback. Since none of us are going to charge up Mamayev Kurgan, it don’t see the point. Last but not least, a whole 91/30 with all the accoutrements (including the pigsticker bayonet, oil can, teardrop tool with kit and ammo pouches) costs $80 bucks or thereabouts for round receiver rifles from Izhevsk (somewhat more for models with hex receivers, laminated stocks or Tula markings).

    Forget the bayo. Use the money to buy a few hundred rounds of cheap milsurp ammo and shoot the hell out of your Mosin Nagant 91/30. No need to thank me.

    • As we approach the holiday season, let me add that Mosin-Nagants make excellent Christmas presents for under-gunned gun-loving friends and family.

  3. the price of parts for the mosin nagant is insane. for the price of a bold and stock, you can buy a complete rifle. i bought a rifle that came out of storage in an old soviet block country. it was almost like new, all matching numbers with the cleaning kit, pouches, rifle sling etc… 89 dollars. i bought it in early spring of this year, 2011 at cabella’s. i should have bought many and parted them out. i have seen many parts places selling wood that is splintered and beat up, well i could go on and on…

  4. Is the Mosin Nagant a nice first gun? I’m thinking about getting myself a gun during the summer, I haven’t decided or figured out what gun would be a good first gun.

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