Gear Review: Blue Force Gear Vickers Slings

Slings serve four purposes: they stabilize your rifle when shooting, retain it when you need to punch someone in the face go “hands-on” or transition to your pistol, and help you carry it comfortably. A few months ago, Blue Force Gear sent me the Vickers Combat Application Sling in black and coyote, the same sling with […]

How to Build a $4500 Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade 1911

While we await the inevitable How Do They Do It? episode on Wilson Combat 1911s, the gunmaker’s blog offers a slide show showing how they build the slide, and all the other bits. And then piece them together. Slowly. And carefully. Using high-quality, high-cost parts. The resulting Tactical Supergrade starts at $4500. Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical […]