Dear America, the Problem is Damaged Human Beings

Dear America, We need to spend a lot more time looking at what creates a human being motivated to massacre their fellow human beings and a lot less time pretending we can make the tools they use disappear from reality. There are more firearms than people in the US. That will never not be the […]

Don’t Stigmatize Those Who Are Coping With Post Traumatic Stress

In the wake of the shooting last night where all of the mainstream media outlets are assuming the attacker suffered from PTSD I want to make something very clear. Coping with post traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, etc., doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a danger to yourself or others. That’s a common misconception that, in many cases, prevents […]

Founder of the Pink Pistols, Doug Krick, Takes His Own Life

Last week the founder of the ‘Pink Pistols’ Douglas Krick committed suicide following a long-term battle with depression. Yesterday, Doug’s mother made a public Facebook post announcing the loss (transcribed below):     DEPRESSION SUCKS!!!!!!!! This is the hardest post I have ever had to or hope to make. Our dearly loved son, Doug, took his own […]

Cody Wilson, Gun Hero of the Day

The intent of the Founding Fathers in including the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights was to ensure that the American citizen had uninhibited access to the armament equivalent to that of the standard infantry soldier. That right is there as a check on potential tyranny. As you are likely aware, the Founders’ intent […]

Pro 2A LGBT vs Anti 2A LGBT: Apparently I’m a Racist

It took less than a week for the anti-gun factions of the LGBT community here in San Diego to attack the actions that I detailed in my last article, raising the rainbow Gadsden flag over a local pawn shop and gun store. While a few clueless TTAG commenters were busy accusing me and my non-partisan pro-2A group […]

How We Act and Speak Will Determine the Future of Gun Rights

If you consider yourself an ardent defender of the Second Amendment, congratulations, you now work in sales and marketing. It’s time we realize this and act accordingly. When we are speaking to friends, family, and strangers, we need to be very careful and controlled in our choice of words, analogies, and demeanor. We are the […]