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When Joe Grine and I shot our ‘Muzzle Flip‘ video, my old friend took some heat for the way his old-school Modified Weaver stance didn’t exactly nullify what recoil the SIG P6, Glock 17 and Steyr M9 produced.

In response to your criticism, however, I decided to shoot a quick string with the Caracal C using the more modern high-thumb Isosceles hold I’m trying to adopt. The camera does jump around a little bit, but the gun itself has almost no jump at all…

The Isosceles hold is working pretty well (when I remember to use it) and I know some of you will be astonished/disgusted that Joe and I were using such a Pre-Cambrian technique as the modified Weaver stance. In our defense, I’d just point out that we cut our shooting teeth in the early-mid 1980s, when the Weaver stance was the (slightly bent) bee’s knees.

As many of you have noticed, the Caracal C 9mm is strangely similar to the Steyr M9. Okay, maybe the resemblance isn’t so eerie: both guns were designed by Herr Wilhelm Bubits, an Austrian engineer who has also worked for Glock. Joe and I haven’t compared them side-to-side yet, but they seem to have almost everything that matters in common.

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  1. Flip from the first round is more evident than those following. Might be due to the frame rate, but the muzzle returns to the same plane and that views as comfortable control. More comfortable are the trees and surroundings.

    Makes me want to go shooting and a walk in the woods. Once the smoke subsides and the ears stop ringing nature delivers what you needed an excuse to seek. I just love some guns and ammo for a carrot to get out there. Hell, a guy would even go bird watching if he didn’t have a gun, and a little ammo.

    • I’m just getting used to the difference, but the Weaver stance doesn’t seem to soak up recoil as well as a locked-elbow Isosceles. That, however, is properly the subject of its own entire post, by someone perhaps more knowledgeable than I.

      • The Weaver is more of a fighting stance. It can give you a stronger overall position, versus the traditional “full frontal/legs apart” Isosceles (which, as noted, can give more recoil control). There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

    • If its performance so far is any indication,the Caracal is a diamond in the rough. The trigger is merely adequate, and the slide release is a thumb-mutilating horror. Accuracy is tolerable at best with the ammo I’ve run, but we’ll try more loads before we’re through; we may not have found its favorite load yet.

      Despite this, the Caracal C is more fun than a night in Vegas on the house’s money. Functioning is perfect, recoil is almost nonexistent, and I’m becoming a fan of the Quick Sights. I’m wishing I had a proprietary sight adjustment tool, though.

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