UPDATE: Suspect Caught in Shooting Death of Texas Tech Campus Police Officer

UPDATE: A suspect in the shooting death of a Texas Tech campus police officer is in custody. This from lubbockonline.com: Police have confirmed alleged shooter, Hollis Daniels, has been taken into custody after reportedly killing a Texas Tech Police officer during a shooting that left the university campus on lockdown on Monday night. Officials have […]

Vedder Holsters Daily Digest: The Law in Arizona, the Navy’s Biggest Gun and the Same Old Thing From Rolling Stone

Does this mean the law applies to everyone? . . . Tucson can’t destroy confiscated guns, Arizona Supreme Court rules The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that Tucson does not have the right to ignore state law when it comes to what they do with confiscated weapons. The ruling broadly affects the state’s 19 charter […]

Michigan Appeals Court: No Guns for Wolverines

Although Michigan is all atwitter with the news that a Constitutional Carry bill has been passed by the state House, the reality is that even without the need to acquire a Concealed Pistol License, firearms carry for Mitten Staters is still subject to some contradictory and confusing rules and regulations about where and when a gun may be possessed. […]

BREAKING: Florida Open Carry Dead?

A TTAG reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes: I just got off the phone with Senator Greg Steube’s office. Tomorrow is the Judiciary Committee meeting. The open carry bill, SB 140, is not on the agenda. The Senator’s legislative assistant Alex Blair stated that the good Senator will not place it on the agenda for […]

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Expanding the Universe, Weaponized Tears, and Ultra-Deep Concealment

Everyone is welcome . . . Unexpected buyers flood post-election gun market – “Gun sales usually surge going into the holidays, but this year, experts expect a shift in buyer demographics. With Donald Trump headed to the White House, gun retailers are seeing more women and the elderly buying their first gun. ‘The request from people […]

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: The Clown Contingency, the Spousal Suspicion, and Fun Without Guns

  What caliber for clown? Some Florida parents plan to arm themselves while going trick-or-treating over clown concerns – “Kimberly Kersey told Florida Today that she plans to carry a gun while taking her sons around her Palm Bay neighborhood after two men were arrested last week for allegedly threatening people while dressed as clowns. ‘I’ll be […]