west virginia campus carry
courtesy wowktv.com
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west virginia campus carry
courtesy wowktv.com

“To say that this legislation goes against everything we want in our academic institution is an understatement. We chose to seek higher education because we want to solve the world’s problems with our words and our ideas, not with guns and violence.”

Those are the words of a group of 150 students and faculty members of West Virginia University in Morgantown. They’re in a tizzy over the West Virginia legislature’s consideration of house bill that would legalize campus carry, allowing students of the state’s universities who have concealed carry permits to fully exercise their Second Amendment rights.

The 150 scholars who issued this desperate cri de coeur weren’t terribly original. All they could manage to object to adults carrying concealed weapons were the same tired, hysterical claims that have been raised everywhere else concealed carry has been legalized on college campuses. All of which have proved unfounded.

Inviting guns into our classrooms will fundamentally change how our education system works. We are such a diverse group of students at WVU, and we’ve excelled at welcoming the views and perspectives of people from a wide array of backgrounds. How are we supposed to continue to voice our controversial ideas, to challenge one another in thought and practice if we know that the person we are engaging with may be wearing a weapon?

Oh, and if the campus carry bill were to pass, they tell us it would, of course, disparately impact various minorities and other marginalized groups and individuals. Somehow.

Furthermore, how can we ask the most vulnerable of us — our peers of color, our peers with intellectual and physical differences, our peers from other cultures and countries, our peers who have experienced trauma at the hands of guns yet have sought academia as a place to challenge their minds in safety — to continue to engage with us in sometimes passion-filled discourse if they cannot be certain weapons will not be in the room?

We won’t bore you with the whole tiresome tirade.

Meanwhile, at the capitol in Charleston, the debate in the House of Delegates regarding HB 2519 hasn’t been much better. Delegate Barbara Evans Fleischauer wanted her fellow legislators to know that these are helpless

“We are talking about our children,” she said. In this case, college kids away from home for the first time and not necessarily always entirely stable.

There’s no word on whether Delegate Fleischauer would also advocate raising the minimum age for military service because 18-year-old enlistees — like their cousins on campus — are simply too fragile and unstable to handle the whole experience.

…Delegate Marshall Wilson, R-Berkeley, said 333 campuses have adopted campus carry and have seen no deaths, assaults or suicides as a result. He additionally read a letter from a young woman raped on campus who chose to get trained and carry a gun to defend herself.

As you can see by the climate at Marshall University in Huntington, silly things like the statistics cited by Delegate Berekely aren’t likely to sway many opinions.

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  1. Oh, that’s rich coming from the clowns who shut down any actual intellectual challenge to their marxist propaganda by rioting.

    • They didn’t say they were worried about other people being able to express their ideas. They’ll still shout them down or blast air horns.

      • having an air horn blasted in your face can lead to physical damage within your ears and set you up for a lifetime of disability as a hearing-impaired person.
        Sounds like great bodily harm to me.

  2. The real reason they are screaming is because nothing is going to happen. There isn’t going to be blood in the streets or in the classroom. They result is they lose another “oh no you can’t do that there will be violence” talking point. Instead it turns in to a talking point for the pro gun side “this is another place we allowed people to protect themselves and the result was a drop in problems”.

  3. Words, ideas and a gun will get you further than just words and ideas. Would you deal with a hitler, stalin, mao, pol pot, clinton or bloomberg with just words and ideas? You set yourself up for a one way ride to a mass grave if you leave the gun behind.

    • Precisely. Considering that the vast majority of tyrants in the world are heavily armed, how do these snowflakes propose to negotiate with them, with their words and ideas, to make a better, rainbow-hued, tomorrow? I’m sure waving an MA in polysci around isn’t going to impress the Husseins, Noriegas, and Ju Ills of the world.

      • Plenty of tyrants in waiting lie camouflaged among the snowflakes…and when those tyrants make themselves known, the most of the snowflakes will melt in weak-kneed ecstasy and scramble over one another to become first among equals.

        • Thank you but if you think about it. The snow flakes are the first ones to enact laws that will them the right to bears as soon as they disability arm us. Remember what certain in 1942 German said (once the citizens were disarmed it was easy to enact the laws for the State for them to follow blindly.) Meaning we the State and will take away your rights as a citizen if we see fit.

  4. And so when the bad guy comes to their undefended campus then can take comfort that they have preserved
    their sacred space and kept it from being profaned only to see it violated by another spree killer who sees their gun-free zone as his own personal hunting ground. There’s a bloody mindedness about this kind of anti-gun argument. The people who argue against self-defense are tacitly saying that it’s better to allow people to be killed.

    • Garrison Hall,

      The people who argue against self-defense are tacitly saying that it’s better to allow people to be killed.

      That is EXACTLY what Progressives are thinking and saying.

      And this is where we should attack them. By all means, Jane Doe should go through life unarmed if Jane Doe thinks that it is better for her to die than to be armed for self-defense. What Jane Doe most certainly should NOT do, however, is demand that everyone else go through life unarmed because Jane Doe says it is better for everyone else to die than be armed for self-defense.

      • To a Leftist female (?), a woman who has been raped is morally superior to a woman with a dead rapist at her feet…

  5. And now some analysis and commentary on the messaging from West Virginia University students and faculty

    We chose to seek higher education because we want to solve the world’s problems with our words and our ideas, not with guns and violence.

    So, a 110 pound woman should begin a flowery dissertation on the virtue of non-violence when a 250 pound rapist attacks her. Got it.

    We are such a diverse group of students at WVU, and we’ve excelled at welcoming the views and perspectives of people from a wide array of backgrounds. — West Virginia University students and faculty

    … as long as those views and perspectives agree with Progressive / Socialist / Communist principles. If not, students and staff will shout you down and/or punch you.

    How are we supposed to continue to voice our controversial ideas, to challenge one another in thought and practice if we know that the person we are engaging with may be wearing a weapon?

    Thus, muggers, rapists, and spree-killers will have a difficult time voicing controversial ideas, such as challenging us to give them our money, bodies, or lives, when we have a firearm. That is tacit admission that self-defense firearms will serve their intended purpose of minimizing robbery, rape, and murder of students and staff. And the students and staff at West Virginia University oppose this because … ???

  6. That Prof. Tigchelaar is one wounded soul. To move through the day cloaked in that much imaginary terror must just be benumbing. No wonder she’s impervious to the overwhelming, abundant, redundant body of evidence on this issue.

    If my kid were in her class, seeing the abject idiocy of that tweet would be enough to transfer to another school. That isn’t just the usual liberal lunacy; that professor is deranged and dangerous.

  7. Students at West Virginia University talking about diversity.

    There are some pretty good jokes in there. Damned if I can find them though.

  8. “How are we supposed to continue to voice our controversial ideas, to challenge one another in thought and practice if we know that the person we are engaging with may be wearing a weapon?”

    What makes you think that that person is not already armed? Have there been violent fisticuffs in class that make you fear greater escalation when you engage in debate? How come you haven’t been knifed yet? And why do you believe that a gun free campus law will be respected by criminals who already disrespect all other laws?

    These kids make it too easy.

  9. Waiting for Jana’s tweet with embarrassed face picture and sincere apology for shaming people that just want to exercise their basic human right to self defense. You know, surprise, because she didn’t get shot and killed. What an out of touch, smug, self important , whiny bitch.

  10. Same hysteria in Texas. Teachers resigning, student protests “Cocks not Glocks” campaign. 2 yrs later……crickets, crickets.

  11. “We want to solve the world’s problems”….. The World’s problems, . Once I get my Neutrino Fusion Bommb built I’m going to solve the Universe’s problems, bwhahahaha,,

    • Seeing as how you can’t spell ‘bomb’ right I’m not losing sleep over your chances of success.

      If at first you don’t succeed, then just keep on sucking til you do.

        • Yeah! Leave Possum alone. “If”, I say if, I had a weapon that kills fauna with-out damaging the buildings I would be too tempted to use it. Just watched Escape from L.A. sorry.

  12. “we’ve excelled at welcoming the views and perspectives of people from a wide array of backgrounds”

    As long as those views and perspectives agree with you disgusting Liberals. I’m actually a little surprised that these sorts of attitudes from people in West Virginia. Silly me.

  13. I couldn’t resist Tweeting the professor: “Licensed concealed carriers have one of the lowest rates of criminal activity of any group. The results of allowing concealed carry on all State of Texas funded college campuses in 2017 – no incidents by LTC (license to carry) students. One incident by unlicensed/underage student.” Willful misinformation and/or misunderstanding is ridiculous.

    Too bad twitter has limits because I would have added “One may save your life one day.”

    Although, I would argue that even if you have an LTC or are in a constitutional carry state, that the school has the right (and probably a duty) to make sure all students are informed of state laws and recommendations from their campus police on how best to behave in a shooting or emergency situation, so innocent people aren’t shot by the police (formal training would be nice). My friends who do security in our church said they would rather not have other people with their guns out if they come rushing in because they might not know who started the shooting. Just something to think about…

    • So keep your gun holstered and die so security can tell that the bad guy is the one shooting at them ? Need new security.

    • I am on a church security team.

      The perp is most likely the one doing the most shooting. Pretty simple to identify because of all the noise and bright flashes.

  14. This is the end result of president Woody Wilson and the Dewey decimal fool. Paraphrasing; Our job is to deprogram the kids from their fathers faiths and beliefs.
    Not prez hillery clinton; I think of myself to be an early 20th century democrat. See how it works?

  15. Sorry, but this being in WV is both comedic and tragic. And the professor of English claims to also be a student of early 19th century American culture. Obviously missed the 2A and pioneering through the frontier parts.

  16. That first paragraph is the biggest pile of academic B.S. I’ve heard in a while. You stupid jackass, one has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the other. It’s kind of like mixing honey and urine and telling me it isn’t mead. If you believe that nonsense remove armed police from the campus and any police that must enter for any reason.

  17. the world has always been is now and always will be governed by the overwhelming use of force
    they still havent figured that out yet
    they foolishly think that if enough people in the world would just live in a peaceful manner that world peace would break out
    they also dont know that the outward expression of weakness is the surest way to encourage an aggressor
    we see that proven time and time again in the statistics that show almost all mass shootings occur in gun free zones
    if they knew half as much as they think they know they would know twice as much as they actually do
    they would be as pro gun as we are
    because all roads lead to the conclusion that an armed society just makes sense

  18. “…we want to solve the world’s problems with our words and our ideas”

    I do too, and I carry every single day. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, which these folks would see, if they could stop being so smug and self-righteous for five seconds.

  19. Given the amount of alcohol on the campus of WVU, I’d be a bit leery of having guns present. Sure, plenty of people are responsible, but looking at the crime statistics for Morgantown does not paint a good picture of how the students behave. Just last month they had to be forced out of the street by police so snow plows could get through, after some drunk(s) threw stuff at the road worker trying to get them to get out of the road.

    Some of their favorite past times include drinking, partying, lighting couches on fire, drinking, football…

    The actions of the few should not impinge in the rights of the many. I just don’t know how well it would do there. That said, I’m sure many are responsibly armed despite the general prohibition. Wouldn’t surprise me if there were plenty of hunting rifles and shotguns stashed in student vehicles. Handguns on campus during classes seems fine, it’s the dorms and frat houses I’d be concerned with.

  20. If its cocealed, you’ll never know they have it.

    Much like whack-jobs who carry concealed with permission or not, until the inform you they have a gun by shooting you. Someow, I think the lawful CCW folks aren’t so likely to do that.

  21. You waste a lot of time and effort asking why professors and students at universities don’t understand the logic of being able to defend yourself. While the indoctrinated students are too dumb, the professors well know what they are doing.

    The banning of guns and associated goal of total civilian disarmament is all about turning citizens into serfs who cannot stand up to anything the government wants to do.

    The goal is to be like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and all the other communist countries.

    They will lie, cheat and kill to achieve their goal and we are getting closer to the latter every day.


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