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Swampfox Optics just officially dropped a new optic for subcompact pistols using the RMSc footprint, the Sentinel II (see our review here). It comes with either a green or red 3MOA dot, has a 50,000 hour battery life, and a body of 7075-T6 aluminum.

What makes the Sentinel II unique is that the optic window is actually slightly larger than the base giving you more viewing area than would otherwise be possible on an RMSc sized platform. It also has an integrated fixed rear sight (that’s located in front of the lens) for micro compacts that sacrifice the rear sight to allow for optics mounting. Swampfox is coming out with their own front sight to pair with it too, in case your factory front sight is too low.

The Swampfox Sentinel II has a more rugged build than the first generation Sentinel and there’s also an optional add-on Ironsides Shield for additional protection if you think you need it. MSRP is $269.00 which is pretty competitive for an optic with those features. Check out the details below.


MOA adjustment: 1 MOA per click
Dot size: 3 MOA
Magnification: 1x
Lens diameter: 20mm
Illumination positions: 10
Brightness adjustments: Up/down digital press
Shockproof G Forces: 1500 G Force
Waterproof: IPX7
Battery type: CR2032
Max battery life: Up to 50,000
Dimensions: 1.84”(L) x 1.07”(W) x 1.07”(H)
Weight: 0.99 oz
Lens Multi-Coated Ruby red – Red Dot
Multi-Coated Silver – Green Dot
Specialty coatings: Anti-fog, hydrophobic, anti-scratch
Parallax Parallax free at 33 yds
Eye relief Unlimited
Mount type RMSc
Optic body 7075-T6
Windage adjustment range +/- 40 MOA / 80 Total MOA
Elevation adjustment range +/- 40 MOA / 80 Total MOA

MSRP: $269.00

Crafted for precision and built to stand guard, Sentinel II showcases a fusion of advanced features in a sleek, cohesive design. Designed for concealed carry, this micro pistol dot sight maintains the standardized RMSc footprint and its familiar slimline profile while maximizing visibility with a larger 20mm window. Its most unique feature is the patented removable rear sight guide installed in front of the window. This guide provides backup support for micro pistols that sacrifice their rear iron sights for dot sight compatibility. Sentinel II displays a 3 MOA dot in either red or green illumination and is equipped with Swampfox’s Shake N’ Wake auto on/off feature for grab-and-go readiness.

Sentinel II is a rugged micro dot sight designed for everyday carry. Combining manufacturing experience and consumer feedback, we’ve made great improvements to design an optimized compact optic solution. The RMSc footprint provides compatibility for most optics-ready slimline pistols while its recessed hood design and shielding lens coatings protect its larger viewing window. Sentinel II stands as the latest advancement in Swampfox micro red dots.

Despite its slim RMSc mounting footprint, Sentinel II maximizes visibility for quick target acquisition with a new 20mm objective window – an improvement over the 16mm lens of the first generation optic. Fully multi-coated to resist scratches, fog, and water, and protected from glare by rear hood serrations, experience improved clarity no matter the shooting conditions.

Sentinel II is uniquely equipped with patented removable rear sight guides from Night Fision. Installed forward of the optic window with titanium screws, the hardened steel and black nitrided precision guides not only act as an alignment tool but also as a distinct landmark for those familiar with traditional iron sights. For shooters desiring more, pair the guides with a matching height yellow jacket tritium front sight, coming soon for Glock, SIG Sauer, and Smith & Wesson M&P Shield subcompact handguns.

Featuring a crisp 3 MOA dot in either red or green and 10 manual illumination settings, Sentinel II stays at the ready longer with a bottom-mounted CR2023 battery and Shake N’ Wake auto on/off. Brightness settings 1 and 2 are night vision-compatible with settings 3 to 8 for low-light and indoor applications, leaving settings 9 and 10 ideal for daylight shooting.

Manufactured from tough 7075-T6 aluminum, Sentinel II offers improved durability over its previous generation. A new body design better protects the LED emitter from the elements and provides enhanced protection for its recessed lens against surface racking. Armed with robust design features and optional add-on Ironsides Shield, Sentinel II is capable of withstanding everyday use and abuse.

Swampfox Sentinel II


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    • The company is from Colorado but the units are “…made off-shore by a Chinese manufacturer and imported into the United States, like other companies such as Sig, Vortex, and many more.”

      Generally, if it’s low-priced electronic optics, it’s made in China regardless of where the company has its HQ. You get a bunch of companies that set up a line for parts and then sell them to various manufacturers who have them assembled in or near China and then sent to the US.

    • All Swampfox optics are made by an OEM in China.

      ‘SwampFox Optics’ is the American distribution brand name for the Chinese OEM optics manufacturer Shanghai Changhong Optoelectric.

      • Every single one of you that has a firearm optic, no matter if rifle or pistol, touted/marked/claimed ‘Made in U.S.A.’ or not, has some of ‘China made’ in it or on it no matter the cost.

        There are 8 (major) OEM’s in China that supply components or assemblies that are used in every (including holographic) firearm optic on the market from cheap knockoff to budget to high dollar name brand. The two biggest ‘suppliers/manufacturers’ are Shanghai Changhong Optoelectric and Shenzhen Aimbond which combined turn out either complete firearms optics or assemblies for firearm optics under contract either directly to U.S. companies that claim their products are ‘Made In USA’ or to a re-branded supplier of a company claiming ‘Made In USA’ – one of these is EOTech (assemblies). They also supply assemblies (or contract manufacturing) that are used in products from other companies, for example, Burris, Vortex, Bushnell, Primary Arms, Leupold, Riton, Sig Sauer (yes, some sig products claim made in USA, and now a days some of them actually are), Swampfox, AMG. The biggest OEM in this area is Shanghai Changhong Optoelectric who under contract manufactures either complete firearms optics or sub-assemblies that are rebranded for the company or for a parts suppler of the company for different name brand companies, for example, one of these using the rebranded sub-assemblies is Aimpoint who assemblies it into their products in Sweden.

        The rest of these (major) OEM’s are: San’an Optoelectronics, Zhongji Innolight, HGTECH, Accelink Technologies, Broadex Technologies, Suzhou TFC Optical.

        Ya ever wonder why some red dot type sights from different companies seem to look similar in some ways? Its because they were made by the same OEM in China who simply changed the looks a little from a base design used in both of the products. And although the products may claim ‘different’ features, internally they are the same things with maybe one or two things turned on/of or changed slightly. For example, the reason a certain Vortex LPVO is very similar to a certain Riton LPVO is because they are both made by the same OEM in China using the same components with just small differences in looks based upon the base design the OEM uses. Another example, the critics of a certain Sig optic complain about the glass but rave about a certain Leopold optic glass – in reality both use the same exact components and glass with the only difference being the housing’s for both look different and the branding, and both are made by the same OEM in China.

        All together, these China OEM’s supply either components, or sub-assemblies, found in every firearm optic on the market at any price level from any manufacturer.

        Then there are the associations of private China companies. For example, Huanic is a private China OEM manufacturer of optics and parts/assemblies for Holosun and lots of other companies.

        For example, the Holosun HS503GU is similar in looks and features to the Sig Romeo and some Primary Arms series of rifle red dots. That’s because they were actually made by the same private OEM Huanic in China using a base design with minor changes for each company. (note: Sig Sauer divorced its self from Huanic and now their Romeo series of rifle red dots, most of them, are made in the USA but use parts from other OEM’s in China, PA still uses Huanic as does Holosun either directly or indirectly through another China OEM).

        For example, the Sig Romeo MSR used the same internal components and glass as the Holosun HS503GU because they used the same China OEM – although the external looks were different the internals were the same and the main difference in dot related functionality being that the Holosun HS503GU had the ‘shake awake’ feature enabled and the Sig Romeo MSR didn’t.

        Note: The parent company of Holosun is Surpass Technology Inc. which is owned by Huanic Corporation, a private OEM company in China. Huanic is funded by the ‘China Investment Corp’ who is funded by ‘Central Huijin’ which is owned by the Peoples Republic of China.

        The largest market for Huanic Corporation for firearms optics stuff (collectively, components/assemblies/full-products) are U.S. companies that claim ‘Made in U.S.A’, and the US market overall (civilian and military and law enforcement) is their largest market for firearms optics for them with an over 60% market share under other brand names that use them.

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  3. The Swampfox Sentinel II has a sturdier build than the first generation Sentinel and also has Ironsides Shield bad ice cream. It will certainly bring completely different and exciting experiences.

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