TTAG swag (courtesy

The Truth About Guns gets a lot of free swag. Rest assured: the freebies farrago doesn’t influence our editorial stance. How do you know this? Because we give it all away through our photo caption contest and real world get-togethers. Like the next one at the super swanky Patriot Club, upstairs at The Range at Austin on December 18, from 7 to 9pm. All of the above (and more) will be doled out to trivia contest and shooting contest winners. Please RSVP to with “I’M IN” in the subject bar, telling us how many ballistic BFFs are coming. Thanks!


  1. By giving away guns to winners of your shooting contests, in my opinion, all you are doing is ringing the dinner bell for the sharpshooters to show up.

    Or is that the crowd TTAG wants to swarm the place?

    Not your loyal TTAG readers who click the links but can’t afford to practice shoot 1,000 rounds a month?

    Perhaps a drawing for the big-dollar items?

  2. So you’re telling me the Peltor eyewear Dan sent me (just got it today, thanx Dan!) was a vendor representative freebie?
    S’okay, I kinda figured that…


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