Alleged Florida Cop Killer Captured After Sheriff Advises Citizens to ‘Blow Him Out the Door’

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Patrick McDowell
Patrick McDowell (courtesy Nassau County Sheriff)

A four-day manhunt has come to an end now that former Marine and suspected cop killer Patrick McDowell has been captured by police in northeast Florida. Deputy Josh Moyers stopped McDowell Friday morning and asked him to exit a stolen van he was driving. McDowell shot the deputy in the face. Moyers died on Sunday afternoon.

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper had advised residents to shoot McDowell if he tried to enter their home.

From . . .

Mr Leeper said: “If you’re in a home, and he breaks in your home and you have a gun, blow him out the door. Because he’s like a rabid animal. He will kill you.”

McDowell was spotted earlier today in a park in Callahan, northwest of Jacksonville, and was surrounded by law enforcement officers.

From the Miami Herald . . .

Leeper said after personnel from various agencies surrounded the complex’s concession stand and restroom, McDowell called out from the restroom.

“He wanted to give himself up, so we gave him that opportunity,” Leeper said. “He crawled like a baby, like the coward he is.”

A reporter reminded Leeper Tuesday that he’d advised gun-owning homeowners who encountered McDowell coming into their home to “blow him out the door” and asked if he wished they’d found McDowell dead.

“I’ll just say I wish he would’ve given us the opportunity to shoot him,” Leeper said, “but, he didn’t. He crawled out like a coward. But, he’s in custody. And, he’s going to pay for what he did to Deputy Moyers.”



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  1. That old narrative – bad guys are cowards, cops are heroes. Yet, we have bad cops. How does that work exactly? A cop stops taking his Daily Vitamin Hero, a switch is thrown, and he becomes a coward?

    It would be nice if we got the news without the propaganda.

    • How does that work? Seriously? Someone needs to explain the facts of life to you? That shallow non-thinking question again – how does it work?

      How is how it works – there are always bad apples someplace. They can not all be perfect apples.

      Its the same in life, there are bad people encountered in life and there are good people encountered.

      If a cop is willing to face a threat bad guy and take them out of society, they are a hero and the threat bad guy is the coward. At the basics, intentional murder and crime is an act of cowardice. Its an act of cowardice because these people don’t want to face up to their responsibilities for living in society for not committing crimes, shirking responsibility is a form of cowardice. So yes, bad guys are cowards and cops are heroes but even hero’s are not perfect and not everyone who is a cop is a hero but bad guys are always cowards while they are bad guys and most times beyond.

      That’s how it works.

    • My marijuana bootlegging tenants got a free pass for shooting at my son because:

      The imbecilic judge was to stupid to understand that a 12 gauge shotgun is a deadly weapon, even at a range of hundreds of yards.

      The imbecilic judge was to stupid to understand that the cultivation and trafficking in marijuana remains a Federal felony even though his own, famously philandering, perjuring, drug addicted wife was aggressively invoking civil forfeiture of properties utilized for marijuana when she wasn’t to busy performing fellacio on her subordinates at the US Attorney’s office. (Google “Amanda S Marshall”)

      The imbecilic judge and jury were prejudiced because my marijuana bootlegging tenant and associates were veterans of the US Marine Corps.

    • The criminal was a coward. Look at his actions and how he submitted like the little bitch he his. Now he’ll die like one in the chair at Raiford.

  2. “Mr Leeper said: “If you’re in a home, and he breaks in your home and you have a gun, blow him out the door. Because he’s like a rabid animal. He will kill you.””

    It sure sounds to me like Sheriff Leeper subscribes to the Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd playbook of how to be a proper sheriff… 🙂

  3. Frederick Hopkins of North Carolina was also a USMC veteran. IIRC, He killed two or three cops and wounded half a dozen more.

    Come to think of it, Lee Harvey Oswald was also a USMC veteran.

    I know some cops who’ve gone rogue to.

    As Forest Gump might say, “evil is as evil does.”

  4. Paul & Geoff, first every cop is not a hero. I helped send my Captain to federal prison. But most are, even if they never have the opportunity to do anything heroic. Same as most soldiers. But what that Nassau County sheriff said about blowing that piece of shit out the door. That’s real Florida. Yeah, there’s a few leftist utopiasists. (Just coined that. Feel free to use it.) But most of us are the kind of men who will help your wife change a tire and kill a man that raises a hand to her. As for as moving here, most Yankees need not apply.

      • Sam, unfortunately, no. When Trump first proposed a wall I suggested it run from Jacksonville to Pensacola. Then another bi-secting the peninsula just north of Orlando. It didn’t get any traction in D.C.

        • “When Trump first proposed a wall I suggested it run from Jacksonville to Pensacola.”

          Just as well; locusts do not understand dividing lines.

        • Trump did not propose any wall. There was already a wall. One that other presidents gave money to.

          Trump wanted it complete.

    • If you were Obama you could. Maybe you didn’t listen to your lord and master enough there skippy. Besides if you’re from Vermont oyu could blow the entire state of Texas away and probably have.

  5. I can find nothing at all out of line with the reasonable, professional and pragmatic thinking in the Sheriff’s statement. He comes across as well meaning and insightful, understanding with perfect clarity the needs of the public and our justice system.

    (No, there’s no sarcasm in the above!)

    • I agree completely.

      Justice requires an inertial frame of reference (good choices produce good outcomes and bad choices produce bad outcomes).

      Governments cannot guarantee either the safety of all innocent people or the apprehension of all criminals. They can and should guarantee that they will never choose a better outcome for the criminal than for the victim, or spend a penny of public revenue (money taken from the proceeds of good choices, ostensibly for the benefit of the taxpayers) for the comfort or pleasure of criminals, or anything beyond the absolute bare minimum required to keep them alive. Even that should be funded by the proceeds of their own hard, unpaid, all day / every day labor.

  6. They can’t have it both ways. The man is a coward if he kills himself or lets the cops kill him. Now, he is a coward because he gave himself up(probably after the drugs wore off), and obeyed the instructions given him. Yes, he made a bad mistake, yes, it was probably because he was paranoid running from the police.
    He has very few choices, pick what he should do.

    • Look at him laying there like a submissive feminine sow. He’s a coward through and through and will now get treated like a sow forever.

    • “Yes, he made a bad mistake, yes, it was probably because he was paranoid running from the police.”

      stop making excuses for a criminal. Are you a democrat? That’s basically exactly the attitude of the current democrat liberalism in play today – that criminals just make “mistakes” and “bad choices” so they should be given leniency and treated with respect anyway.

      He intentionally shot someone. He intended to do it, that is not a “mistake” and is an intentional act.

      He intentionally stole a vehicle. He intended to do it, that is not a “mistake” and is an intentional act.

      He intentionally decided to go on the run. That is not a “mistake” and is an intentional act.

      He wasn’t “paranoid” about running from the police, he intentionally ran from police. That is not a “mistake” and is an intentional act.

      he had lots of choices. He could have chosen not to shoot someone, he could have chosen not to steal a vehicle, he could have chosen not to run from police, he could have chosen to not be a criminal, he could have chosen not to be a danger to society. He could have chosen to live up to his responsibilities for living in society by not committing crimes and being a danger to people but instead he chose to shirk these responsibilities, shirking responsibility is cowardice. He could have chosen not to be a coward.

      He had lots of choices.


  7. If someone breaks into your home, cop killer or no cop killer, you would probably be wise to consider him a rabid animal and treat him accordingly.

  8. I like how a lot of people here do not question media & the powers that be when they say someone is a criminal.

    You people are indeed the perfect salaves. You do as you were encouraged to assuming it to be your choice & free will.

    • The bodycam footage should be clear as a bell when it get leaked. I agree the media and gubmint shouldn’t be trusted at all. If you are a male of any race you haven’t got a chance at a fair trial anywhere in this country. No wonder people are fleeing. The media is judge, jury, and executioner. This is a wet dream for nanny statists. The justice system is broken and jail tolerates injustices that shouldn’t be tolerated making it nearly impossible for an innocent man who gets put in the slammer wrongfully to come out of there with his chastity and sanity in tact. How is that going to rehab someone? The prisons are creating the monsters and turning people into rabid animals. The military is training men to kill and enjoy it then complaining when their weapon gets out of line. In the words of the sniffer in chief, COME ON MAN!

      • Funny how after a couple combat tours and several deployments in hostile countries, I never had the need or desire to shoot a cop, nor any other innocent person. Yes, I was trained in methods of taking life. Never met anyone who enjoyed killing. Met many who did what we needed to do to survive. Know many who suffered for doing such things. Dealt with such problems myself. And would do what I must to protect my family, friends or community from those who would prey upon them.
        There are 3 kinds of people in the world. Sheep, Sheepdogs, and Wolves. I’ve always been the sheepdog.

  9. Most criminals are lazy cowards. That’s why they’re criminals. Most of them aren’t too smart, either.

    The intelligent, ruthless criminals wear suits and ties and work in office buildings, or have a seat in Congress. They manipulate others to do their dirty work and never soil their hands.

    They are also almost never caught.

  10. Sheriff David Clark and police chief James E. Craig both said essentially the same thing. And Libertarians didn’t support them either. They don’t support the cops. And they don’t support the public taking action on their own.


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