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That’s an honest mistake any of us could make. Happy fall, y’all.


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  1. Had a PSL once. No more accurate than a back-porch-assembled AK. Couldn’t wait to sell it for more than I paid for it.

    • Work for 2-3 hours in y0ur spare time and get paid 1200 0n y0ur bank acc0unt every week…

      Get more inf0rmation 0n f0ll0wing site… π–π¨π«π€π¬πŸ“πŸ.𝐭𝐀

      • If I make any money my food stamps get took.
        Besides Bloomberg will pay me $1200 an hour to wear a red MAGA cap and set trash dumpsters on fire.
        That’s under the table too.
        ,,,?,,,except for the food stamps and welfare check.

      • “In 2006, McAfee conducted a survey in which they claim out of the 95 percent most trafficked web sites, .tk domains were twice as likely as the global average to be used for “unwanted behaviours”, including scams such as phishing and spam.”
        tokelau is a small island territory north of new zealand in the south pacific.

  2. Reminds me of a number of years back when a female apprentice asked what I was writing so intently, so without thinking much about it, I said I was making a list of STDs….the look on her face was precious, until I explained it was short for “shit to do “

    • I got called in for an HR Spanking because I had STD lists. I innocently proclaimed I didn’t know STD stood for Syphillitic stiffie and Gonnorhea gash. That I’d used it for “Stuff To Do all my life.”
      .I thought the HR lady was going to have a stroke, but I somehow managed to keep a straight face of innocence through the tongue lashing, and managed to avoid a write up.

  3. Probably the worst sniper rifle ever. Would probably anchor a trotline pretty well if the current wasn’t too swift.

    • Because it looks like an SVD that’s actually semi available in the US. But sadly, they’re just a weird RPK. I’d buy the hell out of an SVD if they were ever available here again though.

  4. A gift certificate to a Starbucks for a year’s worth of fancy schmancy dessert-coffee beverages would be a better buy than that rifle.

    And I hate Starbucks.

  5. Hey Dan,

    Not sure what’s going on with the site, but I keep seeing an increasing frequency of “repeating” advertisements at the end of each page’s article, regardless of which PC I use to access TTAG. As I write this, the “Recommended For You” ad is repeated a total of 16 times, requiring me to keep scrolling down the page to get to the comments. Been doing this for weeks now.

  6. Drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte, to me, would be like drinking warm snot. Pumpkin in anything except jack-o-lanterns really grosses me out.

  7. Looks at gunm, loads gunm, steps outside, points gunm at his car,
    A woman wants what a woman wants.

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