Suspect in Deadly Highland Park July 4th Shooting Reportedly Broke City’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

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Hours after murdering six people and wounding dozens more at an Independence Day Parade in Highland Park, Illinois, police arrested the man suspected in the shooting. Twenty-two-year-old Robert Crimo was arrested not far from the location of the attack.

From the AP . . .

Highland Park Police Chief Lou Jogmen said a police officer pulled over Robert E. Crimo III about 5 miles (8 kilometers) north of the shooting scene, several hours after police released the man’s photo and warned that he was likely armed and dangerous. Authorities initially said he was 22, but an FBI bulletin and Crimo’s social media said he was 21.

Police declined to immediately identify Crimo as a suspect but said identifying him as a person of interest, sharing his name and other information publicly was a serious step. …

Highland Park Police Commander Chris O’Neill, the incident commander on scene, said the gunman apparently used a “high-powered rifle” to fire from a spot atop a commercial building where he was “very difficult to see.” He said the rifle was recovered at the scene. Police also found a ladder attached to the building.

Subsequent media reports indicated that Crimo used an AR platform rifle and two 30-round standard magazines. As always in these situations, the “facts” and early reports are frequently filled with errors.

As the torrent of calls for still more gun control continue after this horrific incident, keep in mind that Illinois has a firearm owner licensing (registration) system, a 72-hour waiting period on firearm purchases, a ban on sales of guns to adults under 21 years of age, and the state has had a red flag confiscation law on the books since 2018.

If the reports of the firearm used in the shooting are correct, it should also be noted that the city of Highland Park has its own “assault weapons” ban on the books. So in addition to breaking laws such as armed criminal action, assault with a deadly weapon, and first degree murder, Crimo also broke the city’s law that prohibited him from using the rifle he reportedly used.

We’re anxious to hear which additional laws — over and above those already in place in Highland Park yesterday — gun control advocates will be demanding now.

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    • Like everyday I spent my 4th of July armed so unlike the carefree defenseless parade goers at least I had a fighting chance against some insane tat nitwit who without receiving a scratch made his getaway in a politically correct Honda Fit.

      All the hoopla over some white breads being injured and murdered while hundreds perhaps thousands of Blacks have been injured and murdered in Chicago without so much as a hiccup from the media…sounds a bit bigoted to me.

      • To Debbiedo

        quote————ike everyday I spent my 4th of July armed so unlike the carefree defenseless parade goers at least I had a fighting chance against some insane tat nitwit———-quote

        You would not have stood a chance against a nut case with a bulletproof vest and a high power assault rifle. He would have laughed at your pistol pop gun.

        • An AR is not a ‘High Powered Assault Rifle’. Trying actually knowing what you are talking about before you open your yapping mouth.

        • If you actually followed current affairs you would know that on more than one occasion defenders armed with handguns have taken out shooters with handguns. But as anybody that frequents this sight well knows, you never let the facts get in your way.

        • If you actually followed current affairs you would know that on more than one occasion defenders armed with handguns have taken out shooters armed with rifles. But as anybody that frequents this sight well knows, you never let the facts get in your way.

        • And the suspect looks like one of your Stosstruppe members.

          Of course, any affiliation to antifa by the suspect will be excised.

        • Every time Dacian opens his mouth, he proves himself an idiot again.

          In this particular case, a handgun may have proved useless. Shooting back at an assailant who has taken cover in an elevated position is not the ideal use of a handgun.

          In many other cases, handguns are ideal. For instance, in a classroom. Or a crowded shopping mall. Any shooter whom you might approach within reasonable handgun range, who hasn’t taken cover, or barricaded himself, or has taken an overwatch position.

          Wasn’t it just last month, a lady with a pistol took out an idiot with an AR?

          Try to keep up with events, and try to get an education regarding guns.

        • Guess those Capitol Hill cops didn’t really take out the Bernie-Boy and his AR with their issue 9mm at the Congressional baseball practice in Virginia?

        • Dear Dacian
          What you are overlooking is these dweeble dick retarded kids are not trained Special Forces or Navy seals, they are spinless cowards. I’d bet money, a lot of it, that if a few armed Pistoleros started shooting back at him, he’d scurry off like a rat. He wouldn’t take the challenge. If he was that kind of person, he wouldn’t have walked away dressed as a woman then taken alive.

          Clearly you’re a narrow-minded ninny to think someone shooting back at him with a handgun wouldn’t be effective. Who cares they scored at hit! If rounds started coming at him, he’d stop shooting and run, that is virtually an assured fact.

          He’s not man, he’s a COWARD shooting at what he perceives as unarmed soft targets. Cowards are cowards no matter how you slice it. They act tough until shit comes their way and then they ain’t so tough.

        • “high powered rifle”, eh Dackie Boy?

          Didjya know ya can’t even hunt DEER with them ah SALT riefuls? Why izzatt? Cuz they are too feeble and UNDERpowered to be capable of relliably killing a deer. Just too much of a feeble pop gun to be used on deer. Try getting out of Mum’s basement once in a while and doing some RESEARCH instead of just swallowing whutEVAH the fishwrapdailies spew.

        • Dackie Boy youmight try getting out a bit more. You don’t know much about rifles OR handguns.
          You just referred to an AR pattern rifle as “high powered” when they are not. Nor are they accurate much above 400 yards. I’ve seen this myself up close and personal.
          Handguns? You do’t know JACK about them. Sure, your Saturday NIght Special, barely within YOUR low budget, might have trouble hitting the broad side of a barn from the inside in some hands.
          On another hand, I happen to own a handgun passed on to me by a former high end target shooter. I saw a target he fired with this same handgun. It showed one five inch bull with rings, ten in the middle down to seven at the outside of the black. He had fired five rounds at that target, one after the other, NOT from a rest but handheld, two hand standard grip. Four of those rounds were within three inches of each other, the fifth was an extra inch further away. Score was one ten, two nines, one seven, one six. FromTWO HUNDReD yards.
          Had that man been at that parade he could have most likley HIT the perp from the street where the victims were, perhaps killing him with one shot. At worst, he’d have made the punk kid go Code Brown, throw down his “manly” sort of rifle, and do his best to disappear, load in his BVDs and all.

          BUT it is probably somewhere between illegal and extremely difficult to be able to even carry a handgun upon one”s person in that part of the country Preciesly WHY so many such incidents take place thereabouts.

        • That’s were the AR pistol comes handy. Maybe some green tips or precisely placed shot to the face 🤷

      • White bread? What other racial slurs do you use? Outed yourself as a major hypocrite.

        • No she didn’t! Debbie was just stating an indisputable fact. Apparently, you can’t understand the difference, or perhaps you are a closet grammar troll who can’t resist a ‘colorful’ word to attack so that you can remain imprisoned in the intransigence of your mind and continue to miss the point of comments completely?

        • Frankly, it’s a propos here. Ever been to Highland Park IL? People there so white they make Tom Petty look Nigerian.

        • I have never seen any an-american post or ever recall seeing any post from an-american on the behalf of the ignored weekly Black Body Count in Chicago, etc. Typical horn tooting lily white azzhat who would never, ever say one word about such a monumental tragedy but has a cow over white bread…an-american has outed itself as a major pos.

        • ‘White bread’ is all welland good but n*gger is some horrible world? Now GFY B.

        • An American (and Tommy Jefferson),

          Umm . . . sure, OK, whatever. I’ve been called a cracker, “white bread”, “whitey”, “ofay”, redneck, and probably a dozen others. I’m curious – how does stating an obvious fact, no matter WHAT language is used, constitute and insult? Or a “slur”?

          I’ve also been called (by “white” folks) a paddy and a mick (they thought I was Irish; actually, I’m Scottish), a “liberal faggot”, a “conservative hatemonger” (I’m libertarian). I’ve even been called a “n***er-lover” a couple of times. I guess my give-a-f*** must be broken, ’cause I don’t. As a brilliant man once observed, “Insults are like drink; they only affect you if you accept them.”

        • GFY “an american” During the shit show press conference in Highland Park, IL. there was not one back man or woman behind the microphone. Lily White neighborhood with a lily white shooter and not one word about the 10 killed and many wounded in Chitcago. The asshole DA wants to ban so called assault weapons when they are already illegal in Highland Park. Personally I’m fond of cracker, it makes me laugh. Now GTFOH and find somewhere else to be aggrieved.

        • It wasn’t a Racial Slur to point out the Media Hypocrisy. Here’s a majority White suburb of Chicago getting National coverage for a shooting because it’s a majority White suburb. Meanwhile in Chicago, there’s a higher body count every weekend, and it barely gets a burp of coverage from the Media.

      • The POS is somewhat correct….”Fred Flintstone” Pritzker showed up when only 6 LIGHTER TONED SKIN (not all white) people got killed in the ONE OF THE RICHEST DEMOCRAT CITIES in ILL-NOISE, USA..Tammy Suckworth and Dick Dumbin rushed there, too…Lori Lightweight may even put her two cents worth in, because the shooter is indeed white …Not one word about CHI-ganistan, though…So the POS is on to something here…

        • The only reason this is news, is because it occurred in an affluent area. Also, maybe because it wasn’t the usual gang-related activity.

          People get shot all the time other places in Chicagoland, sometimes multiple people at once, and the most they get is a mention on the local news.

      • The mouth breathing troll is a total a-hole, but considering this specific terrorist attack it likely wouldn’t matter if someone was armed or not. Unless one saw him on the ground with the rifle

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  1. Anything and everything to facilitate a complete ban and confiscation of all firearms. It’s part of the agenda.

    • Well, of course. When ‘They’ are on a demented obsessive drive to disarm the population so they can facilitate their totalitarian agenda without real armed physical resistance as the Constitution provides for by the 2nd/A and demands if they dismantle the primary way of ridding diabolical vermin from political power with a totally corrupted and useless Marxist election process this coming November. If it gets bad enough, the DHS can declare a national emergency…and some form of Marital Law suspending all elections… Then the shitreality hits you in the face like a Mike Tyson left hook.

      Because you don’t have to be a CPD Detective-Investigator to see the Pattern here. If anybody still thinks it’s a ‘coincidence’ that ever since the big push in Congress for Bi-Partisan new expanded anti-gun Disarmament laws, the series of ‘Mass Shootings’ have increased at a steady ratio to the ‘propagandized’ MSM manufacture of dramatic urgency to achieve yet another incremental ilegal Deprivation of Our Rights mandate under color of law.

      And also ‘Coincidentally’, from the onset, all of these offenders seem to have emerged from the same cloning experiment? Most had mental ‘issues’ that were overlooked, perhaps intentionally, until they manifested into murder?

      But when you consider how easily the ‘vulnerable’ can be ‘worked’ these days, they don’t even have to re-open Project M K Ultra and its various applications. All they need now is a working algorithm to find and identify the perfect patsy online, why hell, you don’t even have to meet them directly until the last minute when the actual final ‘instructions’ to perpetrate are given?

      You know, like we witnessed on J-6, Then that obvious ‘work’ job with the Governor (Michiigan?) who the renegade terrorist militia group–since exonerated in court because of the blatant govenment entrapment job, the Uvalde case where all the ‘requirements’ were there and more than enough time to ‘work’ him, and now this Chicago ‘Bobby’ charactor, which unfortunately for the ‘workers’ was not ‘erased’ at the scene. Maybe his defense lawyers will bring out another example of some criminal state actors working a Patsy for entrapment to bolster a political agenda?

      Or it just could be another conspiracy theory?

      In a world where almost nothing is a coincidence.

      • There’s always an increase in shootings ot at least the reporting of them by the MSM close to an election. The real question is, “Are there more shootings closer to elections or just more reporting on them?”
        I’ll bet it’s the latter…

      • And, Craig, he achieved it . . . he *uniquely* looks . . . exactly like every other young, “woke”, dimwit, Leftist/fascist idiot in or recently out of every indoctrination camp “college” in the country

  2. “Suspect in Deadly Highland Park July 4th Shooting Reportedly Broke City’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban”

    HOLY CRAP!!!

    Who would’ve guessed someone would break a law?

    And in Illinois???

    HOLY CRAP!!!

  3. So which was it — a high-powered rifle, or an AR-15?
    It can’t be both, because an AR-15 isn’t high-powered (except compared to handguns).
    Maybe it was an AR-10?

    The only reason it matters which type of gun he used is that I want to know what type of gunm the Dims will try to ban next. If he used an AR-10, they’ll try to ban those, if he used a bolt-action rifle, they’ll try to ban those, if he used a lever-action rifle, they’ll try to ban those, if he used a pump-action rifle (e.g. Troy PAR), they’ll try to ban those… The calls to ban gunms will only stop after they’ve disarmed all law-abiding people, and the only people left who still have gunms are the criminals and the government.

    • If you watched and listened to the video, he was most definitely using a semi-auto, and he was at least moderately fast firing it. He wasn’t setting any records, but he was rapid shooting. So, no, bolt action is out, in this case.

    • Criminals and the government? Aren’t they one and the same?

      A Group picture of Congress looks like a gang of Pick Pockets.

  4. Nobody mentioned the additional “safety layer” of the Illinois FOID card being a failure.

  5. This will all be used by the anti-firearms people as reasons to ban firearms entirely.

    • Watch his video where he explains he has no free will and must shoot people. The video is extremely clear. Yet umm, nobody thought they might go talk to this guy, see the psychosis, and put him in locked hospital??

    • He was another “known to law enforcement” mass shooter. Does that trigger red flag laws? He told everyone listening exactly what he was going to do. If not that, then what does? A spiteful spouse, neighbor, coworker, or political rival?

      • Well, this comment will likely get ‘moderated’ like my last couple where i explained what ‘they’ are going to do next in terms of demonstrably determined efforts for disarmament. Which will be the last extreme straw to break even the back of the recent SCOTUS decision. Like they are so obviousloy attempting in NYC and elsewhere.

        If Mr. Z doesn’t post it, that’s okay. That’s his right on his channel. He’ll just be on a slippery slope that will be difficult to recover from as I’ve seen on past blogs.

        You know, Unconstitutional restricting/prohibiting/censorship, of any other forms of non-violent, non-threatenting or rhetoric or info of any communication starts with this type of stuff like ‘Awaiting Moderation.

        But then I’m not going to post here anymore. I’ll miss all the good patriot commentators here and offer my ‘two cents worth’ to other venues where I used to write articles and even get paid for my info.

    • Usually they mean “the cost of my incarceration will exceed any taxes I may pay in my lifetime”.

  6. What cocktail of mind/mood altering pharmaceuticals did the alphabet boys that pushed him into this use?

  7. OMG I wonder if this means crazed shooters might buy a gun off the street even if the government seized all legal firearms!!!
    We need to ban umm, umm, well how did China stop mass shootings? We can do that ! Even if we need to murder 60,000,000 people we have to do it for the children.

    • Well Richard, interesting that you should mention that. Having some rather extensive empirical knowledge in this kind of thing, I was pretty amazed how fast they caught this guy especially after a clean escape from the scene, meaning that no one was in direct pursuit.

      This must mean that the extensive camera and ALPR surveillance must be interconnected already with a central computer base with an expansive search capacity. And it seems to be working well? This is how they got an idea on a suspect vehicle. They likely had a couple ‘probables’ and that’s all they needed to put out the BOLO to Patrol Officers because once they know what to look for, a seasoned Beat Cop knows how to scour the streets and you’d be surprised how fast they can spot you.

      Universal Facial recognition is next, if not already implemented in major metro areas as a B-test. China, of course, will provide the best Surveillance equipment. There’s NOWHERE to hide in China.

      Just like ‘they’ said publically. “…you will own Nothing and like it!”

      You will also never have privacy again…

      But I gurantee you will hate it.


    Reality: “You mean the over 25,000 such gun and other laws in this country, and your own state and local laws, already in existence that were also suppose to stop this from happening are imaginary?”

    Its kinda time to stop this anti-gun insistence that a gun makes people do this. Its not the gun stupid, its the mental illness and the reason you can’t stop that mental illness person is because you don’t use the laws you already have except against people who are law abiding and not mass shooters.

  9. For god’s sake of COURSE he broke any numbwer of laws. Is that really a surprise? All mass shooter brake the bloody law and heere you are seemingly suggesting that there is something WRONG in that.
    The whole point is that this mad bugger WAS able to obtain ILLEGAL WEAPONRY was able to break any number of laws for ONE SIMPLE REASON the easy availablity of weaponry that enabled him to do so. With so many firearms available both legal and illegal just how hard is it to get you hands of an ASSAULT RIFLE if you really want to?m And there you are blathering on about ‘law breaking’. I would not imagine that vthis kind of thing is at all rare even o among those gunowners who think in other ways they are law abiding.
    The Police Force, any Police Force with a supposed INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY can only do their job with the CONSENT and co-operation of the public they serve nothing more and nothing less. The Police are subject to the same legislatuon as everybody else. THere is as a UK Prime Minister once siad’ A Wind Of Change’ a’coming. He was of course speaking of the DISOLUTION of the Britisgh Empire and the wish for independcence of it’s constitutive Nations The Wind of Change in the USA is the gathering momentum for much much stricter gun control measures. If the US MIlitary suffered the same level of casualties on a yearly basis all hell would break loose across the Political divides In VIETNAM there were 60,000 casualties. that is practically the SAME for a 3/4 year period due to gun crime.

    • The point, figuratively speaking, was a railroad spike sitting 6″ in front of your face. And you missed it.

    • Hmm. Top story right now on Fox News site is that police are stating he obtained the gun legally. So which law did he break, Albert?

    • sir albert of nuttingham…Let the perp go and put the Gun in jail…That’ll stop him until he decides to use his Honda fit to mow down parade goers like the perp in Wisconsin used a vehicle to mow down parade goers.

      All the victims had one thing in common…they were unarmed and defenseless…You and your Gun Control perverted ilk want unarmed defenseless victims in the same manner deranged perps need unarmed defenseless victims. Two peas in a poop filled pod.

    • The serf Albert continues to bleat like a sheep. Bleat for us Albert! Louder! Now go cry in a corner because you will never know the joy of freedom.

    • Must I reiterate the consensus of opinions amongst those posting regularly on this blog? Well, if I must, I must, NOBODY gives a flaming fuck about any opinion YOU or your PANSY-ASS PM might utter from your useless cakeholes. You know exactly jack-fucking squat about what it’s like to be an American and to enjoy the freedom to live your life exactly the way you want. The Politicians in this country have tried to impose your European type of bullshit on us since the 20s (1920s that is) and now they have grown desperate, the people are on to them, and they see their grip rapidly slipping away so now they feel that they must do as much damage as possible before Nov. If that means ginning up a few “distractions” along the way, then so what if a few innocents have to be sacrificed for their greater good? So, ALBERT, you AND your PM can just piss the fuck off because we will come out on the other end of this stronger than ever.

    • It is illegal to possess an AR style firearm in Highland Park, but not in Illinois generally. He legally purchased the rifle in another county, that’s all.

    • Albert the Subject,

      Hittin’ the bottle a tad early today, subject??? Your usual spelling and grammar are atrocious, today’s is just . . . special.

      Since you are SUCH a complete, indoctrinated fool of a subject, let me lay this out for you in small words, that you might have at least a prayer of understanding it. Since I, being literate, sometimes need to struggle to translate thoughts into “subjectese”, I’ll attempt to use your own words – can’t get much “simpler” than that:

      1. “For god’s sake of COURSE he broke any numbwer of laws. Is that really a surprise? All mass shooter brake the bloody law . . .” Our point, exactly, dimwit. Shooters, murderers, armed robbers are ALREADY BREAKIN’ THE FREAKIN’ LAW!!! But, SOMEHOW, you dimwit anti-gun know-nothings are convinced that ONE MORE law is going to do the trick. ‘Splain that one to me, Lucy.

      2. “heere you are seemingly suggesting that there is something WRONG in that.” YES, you wanking poofter, we think there is something wrong in killers breaking the law to kill. If that somehow surprises you, there is nothing I can do to help your mental condition.

      3. “this mad bugger WAS able to obtain ILLEGAL WEAPONRY” Got ahead of yourself, AND the facts, there, dimwit. We have NO IDEA if the weapon was acquired legally, or illegally. The weapon itself is NOT illegal. Let me ask you a question, subject, where to drug addicts get their ILLEGAL drugs??? Where do unethical diamond merchants obtain “blood diamonds”? Where do people who choose to frequent hookers get hookers? Mirabile dictu, there is this thing called a “black market”, Albert the subject. ANYONE with money can get ANYTHING if (i) they have the knowledge and desire, and (ii) enough money.

      4. “was able to break any number of laws for ONE SIMPLE REASON the easy availablity of weaponry that enabled him to do so.” Albert, lemme put you some knowledge – lever action rifles and carbines are NOT “illegal weapons” (nor are semi-automatic rifles, for that matter – here in America, we’re civilized), and the carbine version has a 7 round capacity, so they’re legal pretty much everywhere. And I guarantee you I could have made terminal hits on at least 6 people with a Winchester Model 94, without needing to reload (and I can do, and practice, “combat reloads” on my Model 94). A couple of Molotov cocktails, and I could have immolated a whole lot more. THE FREAKIN’ GUN HAD *NOTHING* TO DO WITH IT, you daft Limey arse.

      5. “With so many firearms available both legal and illegal just how hard is it to get you hands of an ASSAULT RIFLE if you really want to?” Again, thanks for making our point for us. ANYONE with the will and sufficient money can acquire a firearm, regardless of the laws. I told you before, I personally am acquainted with a man who purchased (on the black market) a highly illegal “milspec” M4 . . . in YOUR country (yep, select fire). I guarantee you can find the same item (again, IF you have the money) on the streets of Karachi, Peshawar, Marseille, Copenhagen, Upsala, Moscow (well, there it would be an AK-47), Mexico City, or even Tokyo (well, probably not for a panda-eyes, but the Japanese can), Mumbai, Delhi, Nairobi, or a hundred other cities. Making laws against such is not just ineffective, it’s stupid, pointless, and a waste of time. CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY LAWS. If a product has a market, there WILL be a supplier, for the right price. It’s called “basic economics”, subject – or don’t they teach that in English schools???

      6. “The Police are subject to the same legislatuon as everybody else.” Can’t tell if you’re ignorant, a liar, or stupid – but embrace the healing power of “and”. NO, dipshit, almost all American gun control laws have EXPRESS carve outs for police. Does it hurt to be that stupid??

      7. “The Wind of Change in the USA is the gathering momentum for much much stricter gun control measures.” Hmm. REALLY???? Then how’d we get Bruen, “constitutional carry” in (now) 26 states, and a whole raft of federal court cases (many sent back by SCOTUS for reconsideration “in light of Bruen”) overturning “assault weapon” bans, “large capacity magazine” bans, etc????? Methinks the only wind that’s blowing is the wind of lies issuing from you.

      Albert, have you no pride??? I mean, it’s BAD ENOUGH being a scrote-less subject, without further embarrassing yourself by being an ignorant, illogical, indocrinated (and probably outright lying) useless wanker. Go teach some more poor idiots your “extensive knowledge” of firearms, and how they, too, can become proficient with 25 rounds. You are simply too stupid to insult.

    • Do you know what it’s called when only the Police have the guns?

      A Police State.

      • Yea that’s a pretty cringe talking point for sure. I guess every situation should go the same? I’m all for removing the boot from peoples necks and helping to ween a sole licking addiction, but acting like every idiot is going to be apprehended the same is naive. Also, I won’t even attempt to understand why they gave that dude BK, but my assumption is that it was used as a friendly gesture for an interrogation tactic like “look man, we are friendly” and of course, cops gotta eat something besides donuts and tacos occasionally too… But because some insider with those “he’s only alive because he’s white” talking points saw it – it’s favoritism towards a mass shooter? Ok then… lol. Whatever helps them sleep at night I guess.

    • Well, Manse, TBH . . . ALL “mass shootings” are mental issues (well, except war . . . and that’s probably even subject to debate, depending on the war/incident) or true self-defense. Who BUT a mental case kills when they are not themselves in danger??

      The coverage will be gone because (i) the suspect APPEARS to be one of the young, woke idiots – if he were a member of the Proud Boys, we’d never hear the end of it, and (ii) he had the “good taste” (at least as far as the Leftist/fascists are concerned) to shoot up a 4th of July parade. If he’d shot up a parade of abortion protesters, we’d never hear the end of it.

  10. Where is this kid’s jaw? It’s like his cheeks just norrow into infinity with a mouth so small he couldn’t eat a blueberry. Why he looking like that?!??? Sorry, just had to get that out. Almost looks like one of those jaw removal patients from dipping or something.

    • There was a pic of his mother a day or so ago in another site, she’s got that same chinless facial feature. It makes a Nutjob like him look even nuttier.
      It also sounds like this product of assholism was on SSRI’s (Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors) for depression, and I guarantee they’ll use that as defense for his Insanity plea. He’ll end up in a Forensic Psych Ward and Illinois taxpayers will pay through the nose for his upkeep..

      Sounds like his family was a real class act as well.

  11. Anyone who DOESN’T break gun control “laws” doesn’t deserve to live in America.

  12. Here we go again, another mas shooter in a leftist “gun free safe zone” where those who think they are safe are nothing but sitting ducks. I quit going to events where I see the “gun free zone” signs taped up everywhere as all they do is disarm law abiding armed citizens.

    it was refreshing in our trip to Gatlingburg Tennessee where there are mass crowds everywhere and not a “gun free zone” sign anywhere in sight and no one wore masks either while back at home the mini dictator governor had lockdowns in place and mask mandates.

  13. I call BS. this couldn’t happen in IL because of their anti gumn laws.

    Must be a right wing conspiracy.

    Guy is a Trumpster and can’t stand liberals like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity.

  14. You can count off the 30 shots, mag change, and next 30 shots—only I counted 29 from the 2nd mag. It was pretty obvious what platform he was using.

    • Really? Which one? There are several rifles that have standard 30 round magazines, and no few PCCs.

    • A Ruger mini 14 is chambered in the same cartridge and has magazines that can hold the same amount of ammo. As a matter of fact those factory magazines are better quality than any AR-15 magazine. Without even thinking about it too hard I can think of 40 or 50 guns that fire an intermediate cartridge and have 30 round detachable magazines available for them that are not AR-15s. The first one to comes to mind has been available on the US market since 1907. There’s nothing unique about an AR-15 except it’s ubiquitous nature amongst gun owners in the United States.

      • “Ubiquitous:” that’s what leads me to my statement; that and the rifle report sounded to be a 5.56 vs either a 7.62 x 59 or 7.62 x 39. I could be wrong on both accounts, it certainly could have been a different cartridge or platform, but Id bet Im correct.

        • My Mini sounds just like an AR and is more accurate, however I thought I heard someone say SKS.

  15. I’m sure 10 or 12 new gun laws would’ve prevented that, eh!? Got an idea……how about we start takin miscreants out of society when they’re discovered, or better yet, quit CREATING em!!

  16. anyone else starting to wonder why these seem to happen more often under a democrat administration?

  17. The problem is not the guns or any type of weapons used, knife, hammer, slingshot, spear etc., the “number one element” besides the gang bangers is the prolific explosion of the “what ever we want to call” the mentally ill, mentally challenged, mentally unstable, mentally disabled, or the oh’my R word….mentally retarded. Fix that!

  18. Watch for them to start talking about the Feinstein/O’Rourke option: firearms confiscation. They’ll go for the dreaded “assault weapons” first and when that doesn’t work, they’ll go after pistols.

    It’s all a pipe dream, of course. Semi auto rifles and pistols have been available for over a hundred years and government records don’t cover them all. There will always be millions of them in general circulation, no matter how draconian the crackdown by the government Stasi.

  19. “…used an AR platform rifle and two 30-round standard magazines…”

    is there such a thing as a NON-standard magazine?

    Technically, at the time of AR development, 20 rounds was standard.

    • And then the Army discovered that the Soviets were using 30 round magazines in their AKs so the new standard became a 30 round magazine and that standard still exists today and that’s the standard magazine that comes with just about any AR-15 that you purchase outside of a handful of slave states. There are lots of Standards over the years and they change. Just look at the standards for railroad gauges. The new standard for an AR-15 magazine is 30 rounds and has been that way since the late sixties.

  20. I live(for now)in ILLannoy. No matter what some Incel punk does I’m keeping my AR with 30round standard capacity mags(seen the video of a mob attacking po-leece in Chiraq?). Off to buy more ammo!

  21. And here we go… pass the popcorn please…

    Democrats call for more gun measures after July 4th parade shooting

    Republicans show no signs of interest in reopening the gun debate, a week and a half after Congress passed the most substantial gun reform in 30 years.

  22. The news is reporting that the man used an AR-15 high-powered rifle. I got news, you can’t have both. It’s either a high-powered rifle or it’s an AR-15.

    • Well, to be fair, you CAN have both. Just not in the same rifle.

      A good argument for owning more than one gun.

  23. Y’know, sometimes you really can tell that someone is guilty just by looking at him.

  24. Incel? His uncle said he spent a lot of time on his computer. Or schizo? Maybe both?

  25. The shooter had posted a series of videos. For example, in one video in his voice-over says over instrumental music he says ”I need to just do it, … It is my destiny. Everything has led up to this. Nothing can stop me, not even myself. Is there such a thing as free will, or has this been planned out like a cosmic recipe? It is what I’ve been waiting for in the back of my head, ready to be awakened. It’s what I was sent here to do, like a sleepwalker walking steady with my head held high, like a sleepwalker walking blindly into the night.”

    Although maybe not yet diagnosed, the shooter acted on impulses due to mental illness. Mental illness can exist without a diagnosis of mental illness, and mental illness is not necessarily ‘insanity’ (as in the DSM-5). Mental illness can be long term or short term, it can happen in a moment and be gone the next, it can be elusive or occasional, it can be noticed and not noticed, sometimes the person is the last one to know they have a mental illness, and it can manifest in various forms that the medical mental heath community recognize as a disorder of some type but can’t define it or treat it but they know it exists even if its not in the DSM-5 as a mental health disorder. And indeed the vast majority of individuals with such impulses to murder mostly continue to function in society (marginally) and do not typically seek out mental health treatment so their mental illness is not diagnosed or treated and society sees their marginal function in society as, basically, just them being them with no thought of they being mentally ill so overall these people are not recognized as being mentally ill until an incident happens such as violence that says something is not right if such an incident happens. Unfortunately, that violence may be murder and that murder may also come in the form of mass/school shootings.

    So we end up with basically two broad classes of mentally ill, those that have violent impulse mental illness and those that do not have violent impulse mental illness – in either class there can be diagnosed or not diagnosed. So not all people with mental illness are the violent impulse types and they should not be stigmatized as such and its theses who do not become mass/school shooters – but there are people with violent impulse mental illness in society and they mostly are not recognized until they begin to exhibit something that indicates the pressure is building for them to act on the violent impulses.

    Unfortunately, all to frequently that violent impulse mental illness person is not noticed or not stopped before they can act on the driving forces pressure of the violent impulse – and this matches the mass/school shooter profile exactly. Suddenly one day, after time dwelling on it they give in to the violent impulse and do it.

    Forensic psychiatrists James L. Knoll IV, MD, and George D. Annas, MD, MPH, of SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse New York, both leading authorities on the mental health aspects of mass/school shooters, summed it up for the mental health community various studies on various aspects in terms of mass/school shooters…. Although mass shooters may not meet DSM-5 criteria for a recognized disorder, “they do have an ill-defined trouble of the mind for which the mental health field has no immediate, quick-acting ‘treatment,’” – in other words, mass/school shooters do have mental illness but not something clearly defined and for which the mental health community has no immediate quick-acting treatment, such treatment includes diagnosis so its a mental illness that has not yet been diagnosed.

  26. Found him from DNA left on a rifle at the scene…..
    In less than 24 hours, they got DNA, read it, scanned it, found a match, traced the match, and located him……. in under 24 hours?….

    • What 24 hours? He was IDd pretty quick from the rifle (probably finger prints) and was in custody within 12 hours of the shooting.. Don’t know where that DNA thing came from but not likely they could have gotten any DNA info in that timeframe. I’m assuming IL FOID requires prints and he had to have an FOID to make a legal firearm purchase.

      • That is still a super impressive fingerprint ID.
        Those have to be hand done one at a time through THOUSANDS of FOID cards as well as other prints. It should of taken months.

        Throne of lies me thinks.

        • Computers can run a nationwide match in a couple of hours so how long would it take just to a statewide FOID check? I’m thinking minutes. Anyway, I understand what you are saying but any outside instigators would have been at a pretty high (Fed) level and I doubt they would include local PD in their “copy to” list.

  27. He ignored the assault weapons ban!? NO WAY! It’s a LAW! Too bad we didn’t have even MORE gun laws for him to ignore! That would have saved lives! DERP!

  28. It is either an assault rifle or a high power rifle it can’t be both! Assault rifles shoot low power ground hog cartridges!

    • Since the AR platform can be chambered for many different calibers, and ARs aren’t the only type of ‘assault rifles’, it is possible. I consider my SCAR 17 pretty powerful and I’m sure it would be on the list of any ‘assault weapons’ ban.

      Funny how many of the people here criticizing people for not know ing shit about guns, don’t know shit about guns.

  29. Are the federal authorities going to inspect his mattress for the appropriate tags? Has anyone looked at his tax filings for the last few years?

    He murdered six innocent people. Strap him down in a chair, on a gurney, in front of a wall, lead him up a gallows….

    • Absolutely. My answer is I don’t have the first damn clue. Maybe he was an early riser and liked to pack in the morning. And maybe he didn’t have any friends. I’m an educated man, but I’m afraid I can’t speak intelligently about the travel habits of William Santiago. What I do know is that he was set to leave the base at 0600. Now, are these really the questions I was called here to answer? Phone calls and foot lockers? Please tell me that you have something more, Lieutenant. These two Marines are on trial for their lives. Please tell me their lawyer hasn’t pinned their hopes to a phone bill.

    • Strap him down in a chair, on a gurney, in front of a wall, lead him up a gallows….

      Ain’t gonna happen in ILLinoise…

  30. For the love of God, could we at least all agree to not post the visage and name the names of these a-holes? They seek fame and notoriety, and the media feeds the copy cat phenomena when they make the suspect a celebrity.

    We can’t stop these events, but we can deprive the killers of the air they desire. It isn’t hard; so why don’t we do it.

    TTAB, please consider these thoughts; lead by example.

  31. I remember when this site gave useful information and thought provoking arguments.
    It has become a $hitshow , name calling , typical web wasteland.

  32. Meanwhile law abiding citizens are not allowed to have or bear arms in the back assword states as Illinois! FJB!

  33. I fully expect the Democrat’s to exploit this as they predictably do. I wouldn’t be surprised if they use the fact “Illinois has onerous Gun Laws and it didn’t stop this tragedy, therefore we need an Assault Weapon Ban.” Until the next shooting,, and then they’ll try confiscation, with mixed results. Some will resist, some won’t, and a Civil War might well be the results.

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