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We’ve all seen the pink paraphernalia everywhere. From the Pepto pink grocery bags at the store to the pink shoes, towels and even mouth guards worn by NFL players, few charities have so effectively been adopted as a worthy cause to support as has breast cancer awareness. But now the driving force behind all that pinkness, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, has taken the whole pink thing to uncharted territory.

Komen’s teamed up with Discount Gun Sales in Seattle to offer pink Walther P-22s. Pink guns have been a popular item for a while, of course, but this one isn’t just a painfully transparent way to appeal to women shooters. OK it is but a portion of the sales proceeds for these guns will go to breast cancer research.


The gun, a Walther P-22, is already available for purchase at $429.99.

“Discount Gun Sales is proud to team up with the Susan B. Koman [sic] Foundation to offer the Walther P-22 Hope Edition in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” the page reads. “A portion of each P-22 Hope Edition will be donated to the Seattle Branch of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.”

The new “Hope Edition” P-22 would seem to be tailor-made for an upcoming Brady or VPC press release decrying the association of an organization previously known for working to prolong women’s lives with an instrument of death and destruction. See what I did there? I wrote it for them.

Knock yourselves out, boys.

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  1. This is new? Didn’t Talo or somebody offer these in pink already? Big effin deal. I’ll be impressed when someone makes a clear P22 (as in invisible).

  2. More women with guns = good. Don’t much care what color they are.

    I’ve seen a lot of female competition shooters with purple slides and furniture and the like– more power to ’em.

    • I read that article. It cites another article from Lawyers Against Violence or something for the proposition that guns are the thrid leading cause of death in the US from 1999 to 2007. That article, in turn, links to the CDC website, where I also went and discovered–NOT to my surprise–that “homocide” (irrespective of cause) is in’t even in the top ten causes of death either for 2007 nor for the combined stats for 99-07.
      Now lets add to that. Planned Parenthood is all about empowering women to make their own choices (says that article) but apparently the author believes that because women are attacked by men (apparently with guns) that promoting guns is promoting violence against women, not realizing that promoting gun ownership among women–which is what pink pistols do–lessens the risk f violence against women.

  3. I don’t care what color guns anyone has – just want more gun-owners. THAT is never a bad thing. As for their politics, let’s just say they have now pissed off both sides of that issue.

  4. Most “womens”(aka liberal womens) groups hate guns. They cry about how men are evil and women are victims, but they are against the very tools that can level the playingfield for a psysically weaker woman vs a stronger male attacker. Irony huh?

  5. Was there not an M&P model that could be bought with pink backstraps for the purposes of this same charity?

  6. OK, I’ve posted here before, usually on topics that involve liberals and guns- I live in San Francisco, love the 2A, work in the arts, I’m 28, liberal (mostly), mixed race. And my Facebook just EXPLODED with my many liberal friends decrying the Komen Foundation for this. To the point that my current facebook status is a link to the pink pistol story, and this:

    “OK, everyone. I have seen this article linked on facebook by 7 people, usually with a comment to the effect of “screw the Komen Foundation for having anything to do with guns”. This backlash needs to stop.

    The Komen foundation exists solely to fund womens’ breast cancer organizations. They accept charity from a diverse group of people and companies, who in turn hold a diverse range of political opinions. To chastise Komen for accepting donations from a firearms manufacturer is THE EXACT SAME THING as chastising them for funding Planned Parenthood. In fact, in some ways, it is worse- Religious conservatives cut off they’re donations because of concerns about where they’re money was being spent. To cut off your donations because of where other donations come from is ludicrous.

    If there is one cause we should be able to stop politicizing with hot button topics like abortion (I’m looking at you, conservatives) or firearms (I’m looking at you Liberals) THIS IS IT.”

    Man, you would think that people wouldn’t need it spelled out for them like this, but they do.

    • Can you be a little more succinct? I nodded off halfway through your rant.

      Seriously? A true liberal (not the current bastardized progressive version) would certainly not agree with your comments. Also, not sure what your occupation, political “status”, or race have to do with any of this.

    • “Religious conservatives cut off they’re donations because of concerns about where they’re money was being spent.”

      People who don’t know the difference and the use of “they’re” and “their” should be shot in the face…. possibly with a pink handgun.

      The Komen Foundation suspended funding of Planned Parenthood because that organization is under investigation. Religious conservatives did not cut off the funding. The Komen Foundation did and for respectable reasons.

      Before you climb to the moral high ground, I lost a sister to breast cancer in 1988.

  7. “A portion of each P-22 Hope Edition will be donated to the Seattle Branch of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.”

    So I buy one and they actually take a piece of my P-22 and give it to the foundation, that sucks.

    Seriously, how much is actually being donated?

  8. The more women with guns the better. I can’t think of a better outcome than a domestic abuser or rapist getting shot dead. Save taxpayers’ money for something better.

    I find so much amusement in the folks that react to guns as if they were a bomb that could go off at any second. Just the thought of a gun seems to send them into hysterics. Basically the same reaction as if a cockroach ran across their bare foot in the kitchen. They should organize a “million mom jump up on the chair” campaign against guns. Maybe if they actually shot a gun and/or took the time to socialize with some average gun owners they might save the “sky is falling” schtick for something more worthy.

      • Ostensibly PP also provides breast cancer screening activities. How much they do is not clear. Considering most of PP patients are probably teenagers or early 20’s, I am not sure what the efficacy is for screening at such a young age. I believe my wife wasn’t advised to until 35 or 40, if I remember correctly.

        • Planned Parenthood provides breast exams, not mammograms. If they feel a lump, they tell you to find a doctor and have it checked out. Not the same thing.

          • So why is this “funding” so important? Can they just reach up with one hand and do a quick check while providing all the other “quality” services?

            Seriously – Why the hell are TAXPAYERS paying for much of this?

            • Exactly.

              Planned Parenthood is not providing a valuable service that could not be had anywhere else. Except for abortion.

              I am not a rabid opponent to abortion. But I am highly allergic to bullshit. PP is not being honest.

      • Because Tim, only three to five percent of what they do…is provide abortions. So that would mean that ninety five to ninety seven percent of what they do…is provide preventative healthcare to thousands of low income women. So that’s “why in the name of God” they provide funding to Planned Parenthood!

        • Well, let private entities provide the financial support for all of this “God’s work”. If another foundation wants to support (or not support), it is nobody else’s business and get the taxpayers, out of that deal. Let it be funded by generous folks like yourself, directly from your pocket.

          • Actually Tim, I was responding to Tim McNabb not you. But this decision by The Komen Fund to drop Planned Parenthood was political and only political…since they (TKF) has been supporting PP for years, why now? When I gave my oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign or domestic, it was for the whole Constitution, not just the parts I agree with. So when I hear the blather from the far right about not wanting their tax dollars spent on abortion…I ask, why wasn’t I asked if I wanted my tax dollars spent on an asinine war in Iraq? Or for my fellow Americans to die for oil and war mongering from the far right!
            I get tired of folks confusing what the 1ST amendment is all about. It’s not about nativity scenes in front of city hall, or any government building, it’s about politicians and judges legislating from the pulpit, plain and simple. I know this went off topic, but you guys started it!

            • That seems to be one long Non Sequitur, but as is my nature, I will try and address each point, albeit more clearly than you originally posted them:

              TKF stopping support for PP: They are allowed to support/not support whomever they choose. (that is the Libertarian in me I suppose).

              Oath/Constitution – as did I, so I am not entirely clear what your beef is there. Are you referring to a “woman’s right to choose”? I did a quick search of the Constitution – dagumit, Abortion wasn’t in there, nor was the “right to commit murder because I don’t want this child”.

              Your permission to conduct the OIF: Tough one there – but we are not a democracy but rather a Representative Republic – the President was elected (twice by the way – I realize it was a long time ago and the average liberal’s memory span is fairly short). Soooo, in good keeping with the tradition of that old piece of paper that established Republic, and the one you also took an oath for – you don’t get a say in that except with your (and mine, as well as all Americans’ of legal status/age) vote. So you did get a say – but you were on the wrong side. Sorry.

              Now I am sorry, but your last comment(s?) was not particularly cogent – but I am a gamer, I will try:

              My copy of the 1st Amendment says:

              “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

              You said: “It’s not about nativity scenes in front of city hall, or any government building, it’s about politicians and judges legislating from the pulpit,”

              Breaking that down further:
              Nativity scenes – ummm OK… The religion part of the 1st Amend. is pretty clear, no establishment of, nor prohibition against (more or less). Not sure why this bothers you.

              Politicians and Judges: Um, yes politicians DO (and are supposed to) write laws – sort of what Legislator/Legislation means. Judges are supposed to interpret those laws (not a Bill – remember schoolhouse rock?) and make sure the do not violate the Constitution… Now I am no lawyer, but I think the problem here is pretty obvious – we voters don’t vote in people that are particularly honorable (or value their oaths to the Constitution as we are) AND those same politicians put Activist Judges on the bench to “Interpret” the law to gain some advantage, control, social cause, whatever… Yet we send the same politicians back over and over and over and over again.

              But I suppose you have more fun bashing “Religious Conservatives” than holding yourself and your elected officials to a higher standard. You probably burned ants with a magnifying glass as a child too.

  9. More men die from prostate cancer than women die of breast cancer. However, more tax money aka federal dollars/federal reserve notes goes to breast cancer. There has been a federal office for women’s health for decades yet there is not one for men.

    Komen has had an interesting week with the Planned Parenthood blow-up. I recall ATT in the late 1980s withdrawing funds to PP after decades of support and the resulting shrill shrieks of the feminists that followed demanding that their free gift money continue.

    Planned Parenthood has an interesting history with the organization they sprouted from being an offshoot of the early eugenics movement based in California. The German Nazis took some of their early ideas about eugenics and racial superiority from the California eugenics movement.


    Yeah.. some toy. You have to wait 10 days before you can buy it, you had to fill out all this paper work just to buy it, and you have to be 21 or older to even own it. I mean.. come on… It has to be a toy.

  11. Maybe yesterday.

    But then the cold hard facts came to me. They would of made this while they were still funding PP which is just pure pocketed profits FYI because all PP does refer people to places that do mammograms, and hospitals already do this kind of shit once a year, which is well within the normal checkup rate, just go to a hospital and boom your done.

    I kid you not, Planned Parenthood is not this 3% is all our business for abortion, every Planned Parenthood does abortion, not every Planned Parenthood does prenatal care, birth control, because believe it or not there is PPs that just do abortion, they have no room for birth control just RU-486.

  12. While I applaud the attempt to appeal to women, I kind of wish that they had chosen a slightly more powerful handgun round than a .22. The .22 is great for target shooting, but for personal defense, it leave a bit to be desired. Sure, someone who is very good can be lethal with a .22, but for the majority of us, more stopping power is a reasonable tradeoff for a bit more kick.

  13. There are some folks on the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Facebook page who saw this gun and started criticizing the Komen Foundation saying they only give 21% of each dollar to programs & that people should give directly to Planned Parenthood.

    In the most polite and neutral way possible, I said “Audited financial statements for the Komen foundation are available online at For 2011, 83% of each dollar went to program costs (with 6% administrative & 11% fundraising). Planned Parenthood had 84% going to programs with 12% management & 4% fundraising expenses based on their 2010 annual report (2011 not yet released).”

    Well, apparently the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence isn’t really into, you know, facts… I’ve been banned from any future posts.

  14. “few charities have so effectively been adopted as a worthy cause to support as has breast cancer awareness.”

    That’s because, with the possible exception of some homosexual men, everyone loves boobs. Men love them (for obvious reasons) and women love having them. Curing breast cancer is a win all around. I saw this the other day and if my girlfriend liked pink (she hates it), I’d get this for her.

  15. The only disappointing bit is they’re doing this with Discount Gun Sales, which I always think of as Two Out of Three. They definitely sell things, and guns are definitely among those things, but discount? Not so much.

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