Meeting Someone You Admire in Person Can be Disappointing

Why this guy attached the short booth review and promo of Ed Brown’s guns to the end of his complaint video isn’t quite clear.


  1. avatar Aaron says:

    I read about this already elsewhere… apparently his manner of approaching Mr. Brown and requesting a bit of his time wasn’t especially polite.
    Fxhummel1 did a very amusing song about the whole encounter…

    1. avatar Dave says:

      Who told you that? I was there and witnessed the whole thing and his manner of approach was fine. I even asked Ed Brown for a photo with me, he was equally rude to me.

  2. avatar Jason says:

    A guy makes a gun that puts a bullet where you want it, and he’s gotta’ be your best buddy too? Dude, you’re too fat, old, and male to pull of the high school girl drama antics. Shoot more, whine less.

    1. avatar Levi B says:

      By that guy’s own account he was rude as hell and kept interrupting a conversation Ed was having. I can’t imagine if you filter out his inevitable glossing over of something or other what actually happened.

      Just because a manufacturer is at SHOT Show doesn’t mean they have to make time on the spot for every gun vlogger, blogger, and shot dodger. I imagine Ed is busy enough at events like SHOT Show.

    2. avatar Gary says:

      Good one Jason

  3. avatar Richard says:

    Nutnfancy was complain about shot show for all most for very same reasons over on youtube. Think alot gun makers are doing so well right now that they think they do not need be polite people buying selling there guns.

  4. avatar JS III says:

    I dont like this Guy Pete @ the armory channel is way cooler.

  5. avatar GS650G says:

    Someone tell this guy he’s not that important and that Ed Brown is just not into you at the moment.

  6. avatar JTB says:

    AR15 dot com was tearing him apart like a week ago.

  7. avatar Esteve says:

    31,000+ hits on YouTube with a ratio of 4 dislikes to 7 likes. I think Ed Brown Products will survive even if Mr. Ed Brown doesn’t get around to an apology. No excuse for being rude but please, be a man.

  8. avatar Jim Barrett says:

    Not sure why it took eleven minutes to get to the point. I don’t even know where his story was going. I lost interest after 3 minutes.

    That said, interesting point that was brought up in these comments earlier by Chris Dumm about the manufacturers not getting it with new media. I’m also a big Cigar guy and the Pipe & Cigar industry have their annual trade show each summer. A number of the Cigar blogs/podcasts I subscribe to have commented on the exact same issue. It’s funny, but many of these industries simply don’t know what to make of Internet media. It seems to me that if these manufacturers were smart, they would go out and hire youngish people to manage their Internet outreach efforts and begin to understand what kind of an impact Internet media can have on their products.

    Sure, a nice review in Guns and Ammo is fine, but these are the same publications that take ads and frankly, I have yet to read a review in a major publication that really trashes something. On the Internet by comparison, people are much more likely to tell it like it is, so a good review from a reputable site goes a long way in my estimation.

  9. avatar Matt Gregg says:

    Sounds like Ed Brown is a dick and this guy is kind of a bitch.

    Doesn’t really matter to me anyways, theres no way I’m paying more than a grand for a 1911 unless it was engraved and blessed by the hands of John Moses Browning himself.

  10. avatar APBTFan says:

    Mr. Brown may have a multi-year backlog but dissing the electronic media could be a big mistake. With a multitude of quality shops (such as Les Baer, NightHawk, Wilson, etc) and considering the strong march towards electronic media dominance it would behoove any shop to get with the times and embrace the newest and best form of advertisement. Online rep counts for a lot these days and will only count more in the future. Folks are tired of the seemingly obligatory glowing reviews coming from printed media and look to forums to gather a general opinion on the worthiness of a product. Electronic media affords us a perspective that is, to a greater degree, without advertising dollars. Savvy trawlers of internet forum opinions can pretty much evaluate everything and draw a decent conclusion.

  11. avatar Silver says:

    Give a man power and success and you’ll glimpse his true nature.

    I don’t know the details of this encounter so I can’t say if it applies to Brown, but who knows? All I do know is I’d never pay his overpriced rates for his overrated guns anyway.

  12. avatar frankgon4 says:

    I am still amazed at how many business men do not know the power of the internet. Regardless, Mr. Brown will die a rich man. His company may suffer in the long run. At the prices of his guns, the company needs to embrace the media / internet a little more.

  13. avatar Jerk Jiggler says:

    Cheese with your whine boys?

  14. avatar Danny McBee says:

    …….Not to be overly critical here because I don’t know the whole story but if Ed Brown really did act that way it would probably put me off too. Probably not to the extent of this guy though.
    My connection is so slow right now that it won’t make it all the way though the video but unless he shows a video of the incident in question we don’t really have all the information.
    I understand that some manufacturers or businessmen can get pretty busy but there’s really no excuse for being a dick though….jussayin. If the allegation is true then it does sound like Mr. Brown was indeed being a bit of a Richard.

    Some company men are like that though. I seen a guy who reviewed firearms for a magazine and when he criticized an H&K trigger on one of the guns they sent him they said he did a negative review and refused to send him anything else.

  15. avatar 2savage says:

    I’ve met and spoken with Ed Brown several times at the Ohio Gun Collectors’ shows over the years. He was never Mr. Extrovert, but he was busy, approachable and always answered my questions. A craftsman doing what he needed to do to get his products out there…like most gunsmiths (it is a pretty solitary skill set that’s unlikely to attract “performers”). In fact, as I think of the gunsmiths (not gun tinkers) that I’ve known over the years, they’ve all been pretty much like him.
    Along comes Chatty Kathy and gets her panties in a wad because mean old Mr. Brown won’t genuflect to her cameras and her new media. Oh the outrage! Totally justifies the 11 plus minute tantrum, right?
    Let’s see…great guns vs. whinny videos. What a tough decision.

  16. avatar cameron says:

    sounds like someone needs as ride in the waambulance to Weenie Hut General Hospital to heal his butt hurt

  17. avatar Pale Horse says:

    I have gone by Ed Brown’s booth at SHOT the years I have been there, and he always treats people like they are lepers, Les Baer on the other hand has all the time in the world for you.

    Last SHOW I attended myself and a friend when by Brown’s booth and were spoken to by Ed’s daughter and she was as nice and friendly as one could ever ask a person to be.

  18. avatar TexanHawk says:

    Well, well, well. Over eleven minutes of “I got my feelings hurt and here is why”. Amazing.

    Granted, Ed Brown, or any other purveyor of a product will be more successful if they a) produce a great produce AND b) promote themselves and the product. But, given the choice between which of these two I’d rather give up if I were the business, I’d much rather produce a great product and let it promote itself.

    Mr. Gun Education there spent nearly twelve minutes talking about a personal interaction and little to nothing about guns or education thereof.

  19. avatar Joe Nobody says:

    Check out these videos and tell me this guy is not a douche and a 1/2.

    Guns & Cars !!!

    Lawless Society, Which Firearm ?

    He really wants us to know he has money. He is incredibly boastful and ignorant to boot.

  20. avatar Twinkie says:

    Lol, you guys are so wanting to shill it isn’t even funny. Keep it real, build credibility with honesty and integrity as Nutnfancy did and people will come to you for real advice not just for manufactured outrage like with your safety-Nazi posts and MikeB2000.

    You have a large base of views, please use it for more than just profit or aggrandizement. I’ll keep coming, but you guys let your mask slip on this comment:

    “We’re not naming names, yet, because we’re still trying to work with them and test their gear at some point down the road.”

    You won’t burn your bridges with them yet until they give you some free samples. That’s what I heard.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Huh? Where did you read that about us not naming names?

    2. Sorry for any confusion Chris’s comment caused, but let’s dispel a misconception or two. We don’t pull punches. With anyone. Just ask some of the gun (and other gear) makers that are less than pleased with us.

      And despite all the tin foil hat theories that may be out there, no one gets free samples. No matter what you heard.

  21. avatar Brandon says:

    Never heard of the guy and after that video I sure as hell wouldn’t watch his channel. He is so egotistical that he thinks that this lame ass video is going to put Ed out of busines? Please….on the other hand I have a new appreciation for Ed Brown and want one of his 1911’s even more now.

  22. avatar Mark says:

    Guy never tried to talk to Enzo Ferrari apparently… Ed sounds downright friendly…

  23. avatar sacamano says:

    I’ve watched enough of his videos to know before this that WepEd is a self-involved, narcissistic D-bag. He clearly has some coin and has no problem showing off all the money he’s spent on guns, cars, his Florida house, his hairpiece and his trophy wife. Now he’s had his precious ego popped by a legend in the gun making community.


    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Oh, wait… I knew I recognized this guy from somewhere! This is the dude that made video walking around his back yard showing off all his cars and several guns. This guy comes off as a very self-impressed, entitled douchebag, for sure. It’s what used to be commonly referred to as nouveau riche, a term I don’t see much anymore. He thinks he’s deserving of everyone’s respect because he has/spends money.

      Not so much.

  24. avatar bontai Joe says:

    I’d love to hear Ed Brown’s version of what happened. This guy seemed to think that he represents all the gun owners of America, but I never heard of him until today.

  25. avatar Dennis says:

    This video says that which more Ed Brown customers are finding everyday—Ed Brown customer service is arrogant and could care less about their defective firearms. I , personally, own one ( and thank God only one ) of the Ed Brown company products (read firearm) that apparently was overlooked by quality control. The E.Brown company now rests on their previous reputation because they are producing many more defective firearms and offering less and less warranty service . They have a full time employee that does nothing but “fields” all customer warranty inquiries. Good luck to all that subscribe to Ed’s family of “happy shooters” !

  26. avatar Eddington says:

    Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll never know exactly what happened here. But then again, there are more important things to fret about in the world than whether Ed Brown is an ungrateful, dismissive tool, or simply a guy who got interrupted one to many times.

    It is adorable that a minor video blogger is hoping to bring down Ed Brown’s company with his YouTube show.

    1. avatar Dennis says:

      The intent here,the way I see it, is to make the public aware of the fraud that is being perpetrated ! I appreciate being forwarned about such things because there is an abundance of happenings in todays world of questionable business practices. Whether it actually brings down a large corp. or not is secondary to people being advised of real world circumstances.

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