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Tactical Fitness will support DOVE kidney donations for veterans at the Memorial Day Ruck, taking place Monday, May 30th from 8:00am to Noon at 9307 Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail, Austin, TX 78701.

The ruck is open to people of all ages however please be aware this may be physically challenging for some people.

All instructors at Tactical Fitness – Austin are veterans, therefore Memorial Day is special for us. It is important that we commemorate our fellow service people who have lost their lives or been severely impacted in service. We are really proud of the incredible sacrifice John has made by donating a kidney with DOVE. It felt fitting that we honor them this Memorial Day and raise awareness to the work they are doing in our community. – Ron Grobman, Tactical Fitness


Why Has Tactical Fitness Austin Chosen DOVE to support this Memorial Day?

TTAG’S Jon Wayne Taylor, a Tactical Fitness Austin instructor and a combat vet/medic, donated his kidney in October, 2020 at St. David’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas. This helped set up a chain of transplants that ultimately led to fellow Veteran Chief Bennie undergoing transplant in April 2021 at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

What is DOVE?

DOVE acts as the veterans’ donor champion by identifying, screening, and educating prospective donors and matching them to Veterans in need. Enabling potential donors to personalize their life-saving gift—direct donation to Veterans—taps into a pool of donors that may otherwise have never considered donation.

DOVE’s goal is to find, educate, screen and support prospective living donors and then match those donors to a Veteran awaiting transplant. We promote living kidney donation through nationwide campaigns and outreach events with the aim to create a living donor registry of prospective donors.

​DOVE also provides individualized support to any eligible veteran who is actively listed for a kidney transplant at any US Transplant Center in creating an outreach campaign within their networks and community.”



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