Screencap by Boch. Via Twitter.
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Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke tried to make the aftermath of the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas a headline-grabbing political coup for his faltering run for Governor by crashing Governor Greg Abbott’s somber press conference today. O’Rourke tried to score political points by confronting the Lone Star State’s Governor by shouting anti-gun talking points at the event. The fake Hispanic’s stunt didn’t go over well with anyone.

Panelists and plenty of others told him that he was out of line and to sit down. Even a guy with a walker stood up and told him to pipe down. They called him an embarrassment.

But Beto being Beto, he continued. He tried repeatedly to apply the heckler’s veto to the presser with his own filibuster. Uvalde’s Mayor finally piped up: “You’re out of line.. I can’t believe you’re a sick son of a bitch who would come to a deal like this to make a political issue.”

And with that, police escorted the still-rambling two-time failed candidate out of the room.  Crass though it may haven been, though, O’Rourke managed to grab the attention of an adoring media.

Screencap by Boch. Via Twitter.

But while the media might love Robert Francis, Mr. and Mrs. Tough-as-Texas who will be voting in November will likely not approve Beto’s tactics.

Video of the nakedly political stunt will likely hound O’Rourke for the rest of his days. It’s must-watch fodder to see how the locals in small town Texas want no part of being used as political props for gun control advocates. Especially by opportunistic narcissists who want to exploit them for their own personal political power and gain.

ZeroHedge covered Bobby O’Rourke shameless showboating . . .

Former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke crashed a press conference by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday, interrupting the event to push for gun control following the massacre of 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

“This was totally predictable” O’Rourke can be heard shouting, adding “The time to stop the next shooting is now, and you are doing nothing.”

“This is on you,” he exclaimed.

To which Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin shouted back: “You’re out of line.. I can’t believe you’re a sick son of a bitch who would come to a deal like this to make a political issue.”

Indeed, a sick son of a bitch.

Stick a fork in Beto’s campaign for governor.  He’s probably now done.

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  1. Yeah I don’t take my advice from a professional criminal and drunk driver. So get lost Beto. I don’t think that the people of Texas want to ruled over by a criminal either so there’s also that.

    • Beto tried his best, and I try my best. People really don’t understand the work involved at our high level.

      Crafting propaganda, especially for a professional agitprop such as myself, is an art form.

      You need a finely blended mix of truth-twisting, lies, falsehoods, and misinformation for the Democrats (they reward this behavior) if you are going to be successful.

      Oh yeah, almost forgot, you will need mad Cut And Paste skills from Far Leftist Disinformation sites. NYT, WaPo, Vox, Salon, anything Media Matters… You get the drift.

      Do all that correctly, and you too can operate at an elite level like me… Miner49er! A union hating, chicken lovn’in, God in heaven fearing, proud card carrying Marxist…. Accept no substitutes.

      Can I get a Hallelujah..

      • Sam I am, you’re starting to get scary-good at impersonating the real ‘minor 49er’…

    • even CBS said the event appeared staged…he was grandstanding, and that was not the time or place for it…sort of like starting a fight at a funeral…..

  2. Sick phuk probably thought he was committing a public opinion coup…….he succeeded in showing EVERYONE how classless he truly is!!

    • Code Red: A 15 year old beto wrote a murder fantasy about running over kids with a motor vehicle. Frankly beto should be under a court order not to be seen in a motor vehicle anywhere around a school or in the vicinity of kids getting on and off school buses. Add it all up and the democRat beto is a loose cannon and a menace to society.

  3. The MSM will suck up to him making him a big damn hero now. But it’s not like people really watch Fake News CNN and MSNBC anyway.

    Along with his “hell yes” comment and now this, what an idiot. But wait just a damn minute, I thought Beto had changed his tune (when convenient) in that he want’s to protect gun rights and not take guns away!!

    I sort of wish someone would have smashed him in the mouth. That would have overshadowed Betos stunt, sort of like Will Smith slapping Chris Rock…but different.

  4. The gentleman on the stage was correct. Beto is a sick son of a bitch. Pure political grandstanding just ahead of an election while those poor children’s bodies are barely cold.

    Someone tell me what planet I’m on?

  5. “Indeed, a sick son of a bitch.

    Stick a fork in Beto’s campaign for governor. He’s probably now done.”

    Oh, hell no.

    He’s now a *hero* in their sick, Leftist Scum ™ eyes.

    It is going to get HEAVY airplay (web-play?) in the immediate future… 🙁

    • “He’s now a *hero* in their sick, Leftist Scum ™ eyes.”

      Luckily, there aren’t nearly enough of those in Texas to elect him. He’ll suck up their political donations and fail to get elected, just like the last couple of times.

      • It needs to be more significant than a fork in a socket. I’ve gotten 110V to my tongue before. He needs get on top of an electric train or subway car and grab the overhead wire or the electrified 3 rail underneath.
        Honestly, I wouldn’t give a single sniffle over it after he burned to a crisp.

  6. Rage Politics. We have week men and angry women.

    They don’t really care about anyone. They know the 2nd Amendment stands in the way of Democrat Tyranny.

    I’m not going to comply with registration or confiscation. Registration, Confiscation, Genocide the Marxists history of the Twentieth Century.

    They don’t have enough Jackbooted THUGS with badges to confiscate.

    As I said before the Russians couldn’t take Kiev that won’t take our guns.

    Biden has always been a loudmouth THUG SOB!

    Why did the ATF need to count guns? According to them 700 million guns in circulation. They counted because they’re going to get STUPID!

    • “Dancing in the blood of innocents.”

      Oh, it was far worse than that. It was an attempted ambush of the Governor’s press conference PLANNED by the Leftist Scum ™ media.

      There is no low they won’t stoop to. A really hate their fucking guts and hope they die of rabies… 🙁

  7. OK, now it makes sense!

    About an hour ago, I watching YouTube videos on on my old iPhone I use for casual web surfing, and saw something *strange*.

    At the top of my YouTube feed, was a livestream titled “Beto O’Roark comments on school shooting” or something like that.

    I briefly clicked on it at the time, but all I saw was the Texas governor holding a press conference. I thought that was kinda weird, and clicked away. and resumed watching the videos I wanted to watch.

    And now, THAT.

    Meaning, it was PLANNED IN ADVANCE WITH THE Leftist Scum ™ MEDIA.

    Proof of just how scummy they are… 🙁

  8. So to SUPPORT GUN CONTROL is a political issue but to but to oppose it is not? So now it’s wrong to express a gun control opinion vociferously is it? To express a gun pro- control opinion is to be labelled a COMMIE [which I take to mean COMMUNIST] and LIBERAL is it? The fact is that if you knew anything about COMMUNISM you would know that if there is ONE THING that COMMUNISM is against it is against LIBERALISM and Liberal thought in any way shape or form You would also be aware that guncontrols in any EXTREMIST STAE are Draconian to say the least< Do you really think that COMMUNIST North Korea allows it's citizens to wander around with firearms or is by any stretch of the imagination LIBERAL?? ? Do you really think the COMMUNIST CHINA allows it's citizens to wander around with firearms or is, equally, in anyway Liberal ??.

    You can find many many VIDEOS of everyday life in China and thay cannot all be stage managed, and you will find not a single firearm in any of them outside of those carried by the Security Services and the Police and even then they are not often on public display.
    Members of my outlying family have travelled all mover CHINA without let or hindrance and they tell n me that they never once saw a Police officer openly carrying a gun.
    And unlike Russia most peoiple seemed to be unafraid at expressing an independent point of view without fear or favour. .
    What is often not realised is that the vast majority population of CHINA has more freedoms that it has ever had in CHINA'S entire recorded history. China is even now undertaking a program to reduce the excesses of the newly rich and to educate it's children to become more socially aware and tolerant. It is not against the attainment of wealth per.sec. but against the corruption and excesses that sometimes go along with it.
    There are as there are in all countries those that obtaine fame and fortune HONESTLY and by hard work. I am the father of two sons who have done exactly that [OK maybe not the fame because they have no interest in publicity] but certainly the wealth Both were eductated at not that brilliant State Schools and early on learnt, as di my daughter, the advantages of a relevant EDUCATION and hard work and with absolutely NO FINANCIAL INPUT from me.
    In facthey are pretty much an example of 'Living the American Dream' even though we all live in the UK.
    And none of us see the need for gun ownership even though two of us have been professional members of the UK Armed Forces which means we have received some of THE best training in the world in their usage.

    • Fuck off to your cowardly nation, Albert.

      You let a nation of ignorant hicks kick your country’s military asses so hard they ran away in terror like the gutless Nancy-boys they are.

      And now the pig-fucking hicks are in charge of designing the nuclear warheads that defend your sorry island’s security.

      What’s it like looking in your mirror every morning Albert? Seeing a weak POS like yourself in the reflection? 🙂

      • From a purely historical perspective, the Brits didn’t get their asses kicked or run away during our revolution. They had a tiny portion of their armed forces in the NA colonies and were fighting other “more important” conflicts elsewhere. After Saratoga and Yorktown, they made the determination that the number of troops and amount of money to win wasn’t worth expending and gave up, somewhat similar to the US exit from Vietnam. In short, it was their war to win or lose, and they chose to lose. American regulars trained in the European model, not militia or irregulars, put the nail in the coffin of the Brits attempts to wage a cheap war in America. Actually, as far as the image of bumpkins or “hicks”, Washington wasn’t a fan of rifle companies, Daniel Morgan wrote that they were useless if not backed up by proper troops, and coming off the French and Indian War, British irregular doctrine was well ahead of ours. Their rifles were arguably better suited and better deployed as well.

        It doesn’t really matter since the British government at the time was in no way comparable to the totalitarian control freaks we’re contending with politically today.

        • France throwing their hat in the ring for us helped with that decision.

          In all truth, I was just baiting ‘albert’ to get a response out of him… 🙂

      • He doesn’t understand that “liberal” means different things in different parts of the world.

        In the US liberal means left wing, and obviously. But he doesn’t understand that. In Europe liberal means economically “liberal” and doesn’t mean anything in regards to domestic or foreign policy arguments.

        • Hell, in formerly Great Britain they think Boris and his clownshow is “Conservative”. But they have otherwise is commiepinko socialists/fascists.

    • I have yet to meet a British corksucker that is humble. I guess if you wake up everyday in a shithole, you overcompensate

    • Albert to crash the sitting Governors news conference to make a political attack in the wake of what happened is classless. That is why the fake Beto is being criticized. If the Queen was speaking about an incident there, would you think it was classy for someone to interrupt her in the same manner. No, you would clutch your pearls and feint at the indignation while the rest of us criticized the way they intercepted.

      We do not care what the uncivilized Countries do with suppressing firearm ownership, not at all. We do care when our freedom is threatened by our Government or those who wish to be in that Government. You in the uncivilized world need to butt out.

    • And the British military is a joke now. Have fun with the rearming Germany and even France dominating the continent while your nation takes a back seat to history.

    • Albert Hall, from the degenerate nation that once ruled an empire. Sad sorry sick puppy – the best part of him ran down his daddy’s leg.

      • AH is a brit?

        Al – tell us about “right to free speech” today on your silly isle. Does not exist.

        • Especially when it involves reporting the paki gang that raped your daughter.

    • Albert the (idiot) subject,

      I see your understanding of Communism, fascism, and the evils of monarchy are fully equal to your idiot, uneducated opinions about firearms. WHEN are you going to acknowledge the fact that the opinions of you subjects, and your pathetic ‘government’, stopped mattering to us in 1776.

      Albert, let me put this in words even you MIGHT be able to comprehend: You are a pathetic loser of a subject, no one gives a flying fornication at a rolling deep-fried pastry about your opinions, you are not just ‘uneducated’, you are mal-educated, and you have the testosterone level of an octogenarian with endocrine problems. Sod off, swampy.

  9. My friend Casey said earlier today that he couldn’t believe we hadn’t heard from that idiot already. I guess that’s what they mean when they mention “tempting fate.”

    • GF, imagine how disappointed I feel that I read the headline to be ” Beto crashed, ejected “…. and envisioned a car hitting a utility pole and the unrestrained driver flying through the opened door. Probably makes me a bad person, but I’ve reconciled it with my conscience

  10. “So now it’s wrong to express a gun control opinion vociferously is it?”

    This is not “expressing a political opinion.”

    It is an inappropriate and insincere interruption of a press conference to grandstand in front of the mayor of the town and relatives of the victims, only to score cheap coverage.

    If the candidate actually wants to make a statement, he could do that outside of the press conference in the parking lot and would have received plenty of coverage by the media.

  11. Fleeing a DUI, writing perverse child-killing diatribes, threatening to take people’s property then denying he ever said the words now this.

    Dude needs to be locked away before he hurts somebody.

  12. Are there any Texans here?

    I’d be interested in knowing who O’Rourke’s base is, and how true Texans plan on stripping those demographics from citizen-disarmist policy and/or the D party.

    • We have our share of ignorant liberals (socialists) here in Texas. Seems they always collect in the big cities like Austin, Houston etc. Unless there is some fantastic amount of cheating, Dumbo don’t have a chance unless conservatives don’t get out and vote.

    • The Beta Boy has appeal to the recently arrived from Kommiefornia and the leftist monied “elites”. Regular Texans including Hispanics and blacks are tiring of his lame ass antics.

    • His “base” consists of the same brand of City-living moron who watches the Media propaganda and sucks up every bit of it as the Gospel as one would find in other States. The Texas Media worships the sack of shit, and will no doubt portray him as nobly charging into the lion’s den to confront the Eevil Republicans with The Truth.

      All that being said, he will get annihilated in the General Election worse than Abortion Barbie did some years ago.

    • I’m not Texan, but I can tell you who O’Cork’s base is. It’s all the liberal Californians who have moved away from Commiefornia, and taken over Austin and vicinity. The capitol of Texas is decidedly liberal, and has been for well over a decade.

  13. I’m a so called “liberal Democrat” with a lot of conservative thrown into the mix, but let me tell you I own an AR, actually several now, after that big, loud mouthed sack of shit O’Roarke got on stage and started screaming “Hell yes we’re taking your ARs and AKs”. That’s right, I’m a Democrat who bought ARs because of that POS.

    Beto is EXACTLY the reason the Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment in our Constitution…to deal with wanna be tyrannical vermin like him if it ever gets to the point that it becomes necessary.

    The government needs to spend however many billions are needed to harden schools against security threats and not engage in a dishonest conversation that focuses on banning a particular type of gun as a “solution”. Because it’s not.

  14. Just another youthful psychopath.

    “According to screenshots reviewed by CNN and an interview with the teenage girl, who said she had been in contact with the gunman for weeks, Ramos complained about his grandmother being “on the phone with AT&T abojt (sic) my phone.”

    “It’s annoying,” he texted.

    Six minutes later, he texted: “I just shot my grandma in her head.”

    Seconds later, he said, “Ima go shoot up a(n) elementary school rn (right now).”

    It was sent at 6:21 p.m. Central European time (CET), which was 11:21 a.m. Central time (CT) in Texas. It was his last message to the girl.”

    And it was just too easy for the 18-year-old to shoot his grandma.

    Yep, impulse control and value judgments are not exactly the prime forte of an 18-year-old male…

    But he’s earned his Man Card(TM)!

    • Yep, because it all had to do with him being 18.

      So you’re saying that all 18-year-old males can’t control their impulses and make poor value judgments … so we should take away their right to vote, to serve, to be legally considered as an adult.

      Good to know.

      • One of my sons joined the Jarheads on HIS 18th birthday (I provided the AR for each long ago) I told him to join the Army and he would also get a fat bonus (rather than the 64 pack of crayons). Didn’t take him long to figure out dear old dad was right.

        • Two of my step grandsons joined the Marines cause they had to one up their Army sarge dad.

  15. I’m not really willing to suggest that this is bad for Beto.

    A LOT of people have moved to Texas from California, which could change the state’s electorate significantly.

    And if they’re like the people who’ve moved to Colorado, a goodly percentage of them don’t have a problem with this behavior. In fact, many of them like “in your face” activism from their pols.

    • “In fact, many of them like “in your face” activism from their pols.”

      That is absolutely true.

    • “In fact, many of them like “in your face” activism from their pols”.

      Except when their Pig-Pols are on the receiving end……..Then their real inner Kim-Jong-Un personalities explode onto the scene.

      You’re then labeled an “Insurrectionist”.

  16. What all the gun control freaks forget, is the simple fact that a gun has no brain. It is a machine or tool. It simply contains a low level explosive charge and sends a projectile down range. It always has been and always will be up the PERSON behind the gun where, and for what purpose that projectile is sent.
    Unless and until we find a way to deal with the person behind the gun, no ban, regulation, restriction, or license scheme will prevent the next person from rationalizing the irrational and committing a horrible crime.
    Someone with a couple cap and ball revolvers could walk into a so called gun free zone( Target rich, Low Risk, Environment) and done as much damage.
    A common pump shotgun or lever action rifle with a pocket full of loose ammo could do as much damage as some punk with the latest magazine fed, semi-automatic wonder gun.
    We have developed a culture of violence being seen as somehow acceptable behavior. That using violence will somehow solve life’s problems.
    Yes, I know it was long ago and a different time in the US. But back when I grew up in Wisc. had anyone looked in the student parking lot at the high school, you would have found enough weapons to outfit a company of Marines. Depending on season, it would have been anything from 22 rifles and 410 shotguns to heavy caliber hunting rifles. Many of which were actual military weapons. 1903 Springfields, M1 Garands. 1898 Mausers, Lee-Enfield SMLE’s, Model 12 Winchester shotguns.
    Guess what. No one got shot. No one threatened to kill anyone. Most of us had knives of some type, in school, openly and legally. No one got stabbed.
    We were taught to respect life. We were taught to respect the teachers, police, adults, and each other. We had our share of problems, had the same issues kids have today, Parents got divorced and kids grew up with broken families or with Grand Parents. Kids got bullied. We had fights and whatever other issues. But shooting or stabbing, or using a weapon was not considered acceptable.
    Today, we see kids pulling guns out and shooting each other over dumb stuff. We see people claiming they are the perpetual victims, or everything is somehow someone else’s fault. Common culture and entertainment glorifies and promotes violence well above what would have been allowed back then.
    But, people like O’Rourke are demanding more government, more control and more restrictions instead of promoting actual education and promoting businesses that provide good paying jobs.

    • All the guys in my school carried knives, but the days we were taught subtraction the teacher took the knives away.

    • and most of us had some religion in our lives which gave us a pretty good sense of right and wrong…something which seems lacking in some of today’s youth…this kid was a moral idiot…

  17. Beto cares for the future of our country, our children. Harris/Beto 2024 would be a FORMIDABLE pairing in case Biden decides he doesn’t want to run again for a second term.

    • “…in case Biden decides he doesn’t want to run again…”

      Biden’s running.

      Just like a grandparent that keeps wrecking their car, he believes his faculties are just fine, and the problem will be the other drivers that don’t know how to drive.

      The only hope the Leftist Scum ™ have is to force him to run in the primaries where Bernie can knock him off.

      Because in 2 years he won’t be able to stand in front of a camera and debate…

      • I hope you’re correct and Biden runs again in 2024. It’ll be entertaining as all the criticism he’s received so far to disappear and mainstream media goes back to gaslighting about how competent, strong, and fit he is to lead.

    • It’s hard not to read that without laughing out loud. Kamala “Heels Up” Harris has less chance of getting elected that does Senile Joe the Serial Child Molester. Beta “Fake Mexican” O’Rourke would only further doom her already-doomed efforts. Perhaps, when engaging in absurd wishcasting, you might want to keep it in the same universe the rest of us inhabit.

      You are a pathetic, partisan idiot, and I would pity you if you weren’t such and @$$clown.

  18. I’m actually happy the fake Hispanic did this. Just as I was happy when they came out to publicly say that he wanted to grab your AR-15 and AK-47 and take it from you.

    The vast majority of people in the “gun Community” are completely asleep. They are totally oblivious as to just how dangerous the gun grabbers actually are. Unfortunately most people in the gun community don’t take the gun grabbers word when they actually say these things.

    A lot of folks in the gun Community simply do not want to connect the dots. You are dealing with a group of people and their leadership who are completely irrational in their thinking process. They simply do not think like ordinary people do. Because they believe they are part of some kind of “American aristocracy”.

    The previous mayors of New York City and Chicago had their children escorted from home to school and back home again, by uniformed armed city policeman. Using city marked police cars. This was all covered on TTAG.

    Three presidents Carter, Clinton, and Obama, have had their school-age children set to a School building that was itself turned into an armed Fortress. These people are quite comfortable allowing your children to be shot dead in their classroom. They simply do not care.
    I believe the Liberals and the left look forward to public school children being shot dead on school grounds.

    President Trump’s two oldest Sons we’re learning about guns and shooting them in competitions when they were in high school. And one of the sons actually said in an interview that it was firearms that kept him out of trouble. Because some of his friends were using drugs and committing crimes. And he wanted to have firearms in his life. More than he wanted to smoke marijuana. And commit larceny like so many of his marijuana using friends did.

    Just as you have family members who can’t bring themselves to admit that a member of the family is a drug addict and a criminal.
    There are people in the “gun community” who just can’t bring themselves to admit there are people in leadership positions in this country who are dangerous to them and their civil rights.

    We no longer think alike the way we used to fifty or sixty years ago. The fake Hispanic just might be the only thing left, that will finally force Gun Owners to finally wake the “F” up.

    • And I’m glad that the elected leadership in Texas had such a passionate and visceral reaction to this fake Hispanic. This kind of passionate reaction to these gun-grabbers is long overdue.

  19. Buto Francine Oralorke… a nutbag liberal that the demonrat media machine loves. This guy probably has plenty of support in the leftist cities and areas… like Austin for example.

  20. Again we have leftist like Beto wringing their hands and weeping the crocodile tears for the horrible death of beautiful children in a school shooting, all the time in full support for the murder of 58 MILLION Americans thanks to Roe vs Wade. Sick son of bitches doesn’t begin to cover it.

  21. Beto O’Dork’s campaign was done when he announced his candidacy. He has no chance of being elected governor of Texas. He’s just in it for the $$$$$.

  22. So, against my better judgement, and knowing what to expect, I dialed up’ol to read what they had to say about the press conference.
    Spoiler alert::: it is exactly what you think it would be.
    Including the part where they write that the mayor shouted expletives at O’Dork.

    Beta (intended) is a rock god to the left.

    The left lives & grows unattended in the cellar of the world.
    Until they come out, are eventually dealt with, and the cycle resets & repeats.
    Good vs evil.
    The story of mankind.

  23. Beto O’Rourke exposed the jack booted hypocrite Butt Abbott for what he really is a far right nut case who raped women’s rights and then rescinded many of Texas gun laws. He cares nothing about the lives of children as they are in his corrupt mind expendable. He wants only to be reelected no matter how many children are slaughtered in his state. He has no plans to change anything in Texas when it comes to mass murder, because he gets to much payola from the NRA and he wants the far right vote who have stated “losses can ever be to high”.

    • I’m sorry, dacian the stupid and deranged, was there something buried in that torrent of word vomit that might (if one were being charitable) be considered an actual thought???? If so, would you please be so kind as to extract that lonely thought, and restate it in English?? Or is it that your high-end “education” did not equip you for actual articulation of thought??

      Go back to your circle jerk, dacian the stupid, MinorIQ, our nameless, brainless, d***less troll, and jsled miss you.


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