Walther WMP rimfire .22 Magnum WMR
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This seems to be the year for interesting rimfire pistols. First SIG announced the excellent P322. Now, just in time for NRA, Walther has launched the new WMP 15+1 .22 Magnum pistol.

This isn’t a gussied-up P22. As Walther says . . .

In life, sometimes the unexpected can happen. Whether it’s an opportunity for fun and recreation or maybe even a life-threatening situation, it’s your duty to be READY. So, when it’s time to hit the outdoors and you need a reliable firearm at your side, the unique Walther Magnum Pistol (WMP), 22 magnum semi-automatic, is the only choice. This isn’t just another target practice plinker, Walther has developed a high quality, lightweight, easy-to-shoot, and affordable pistol for shooters who want to stay READY as part of their active outdoor lifestyle.

Walther WMP rimfire .22 Magnum WMR

Walther’s showing the new WMP in a decidedly outdoorsy role in their promotional video:

Check out the WMP’s specs . . .

WIDTH:  1.48″
HEIGHT:  5.66″
SIGHTS: White 3-Dot Adjustable
MAGS INCLUDED:  2 Magazines
MSRP:  $549

More to come when we check one out a NRA later this week.

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  1. Walther in Germany makes fine firearms.

    Some of the best in the world.

    However, if you ever have to deal with the asshat rainbow farts at Walther U.S.A. Fort Smith, AR, well then I feel for you.

  2. Well not bad, bigger looking in the video than I thought it would be…..so-so pricey, could drop a few dollar$.

  3. You had me at double stack semi auto .22 mag. I’m sorry Kel-Tec, I love you but I don’t know why I can’t take you seriously.

      • Video is a riot, must live in a really safe neighborhood, that you have to have a loaded handgun when you go jogging. I think I would move. Maybe he’s just out jogging waiting for that elk to come running by?😂

        • Joggers will trigger a vicious dog’s pursuit instinct. I’d rather carry a little extra weight while exercising than be Cujo chow. However, .22 wouldn’t be my first choice.

    • I used a Dremel tool to polish and shape the ammo-picky feed ramp on my daughter’s P22. Now it eats anything!

      Thinking about buying a WMR for fun.

  4. I understand the 22 caliber has an ignition problem. And I have experienced that ignition problem before. Not very often but it has happened in my guns. However to say that the 22 caliber is a terrible defensive tool is just silly. The center fire bullet will always be Superior.

    But there will always be people who are adverse to the Recoil and noise of larger caliber guns. And besides that 22 was much cheaper to shoot and cheaper to train with. Even in today’s ammo prices. And its still true, ANY GUN is better than no gun at all.

    “10-year-old Arizonan uses Airgun in Self Defense”


  5. Not sure why so many people are asking for .22 mag pistol options. Ballistics are pretty bleak out of short barrels and noise is pretty unpleasant. For me, a .22 LR 40 grain moving at 950-1,150 fps fills any need that a .22 mag pistol could but with way less noise and way less cost. I’m not opposed to innovations, but in the real world, this one falls into the “want” category for many, and the “need” category for none.

      • Because 22 is cheaper to shoot. Then you’re 44 mag caliber handgun. How often do you shoot that 44 magnum handgun? And do you go through a box of ammunition, 50 rounds, each time you shoot it?

  6. Why would anyone trust Walther after the absolute failure of the P22. That pistol with a zinc slide should never have been allowed to be sold. Total JUNK. I see their new try at building a .22 mag has a aluminum slide but again, how or why would anyone ever again trust Walther? There are many other options, Ruger, S&W etc.

    • A swing and a miss, as it should have left the factory with a 6″ or longer threaded barrel… guess I’ll just wait for the longslide version. By the way, 40 grain wmr will pick up close to 200fps out of it compared to a single six 7 1/2″ revolver. Hope whomever guinea pigs this one doesnt discover it’s a P22 2.0Max

    • What’s the deal with the P22, I had one, worked great, felt great. Takedown was obnoxious, but otherwise had no issues.
      Never knew it had a negative reputation.

    • I got a P22 a year before Walther re-worked the design, and it was a bit of as mess out of the box. But I had fun getting it tuned up and now it works great.

      It’s actually the pistol I shoot the best (out of 4 that I own). I think it is a combination of the great trigger and that weird hook shaped grip with the backstrap bump that fits into your palm pocket.

      Now that I’ve run a couple thousand rounds through it, it does seem like the slide is a little sloppy.

  7. Sadly 22WMR ammo is not too much cheaper than 9mm Luger, depending on which brand you buy, It is however, satisfyingly loud, and somewhat more powerful than 22LR, especially with a reasonably sized barrel; such as this one. For the recoil sensitive, this will certainly be fun, if they want something louder, and a little more powerful than a 22LR. My PMR 30 is a lot of fun, and the Rock Island XTM22wmr is fun too; though it is a bit unusual when it comes to disassembly and cleaning. Too bad more and more states are imposing 10 round magazine limits on handguns. I’d need to find one of these before July 1st, or it will be ILLEGAL 🙁

  8. Never really cared for .22 Mag. Especially in a handgun. Too much bang for not enough bite. Not a lot better in a rifle. .22 LR is preferred. If I need more than that I’ll step up to a centerfire.

    • I’ve had good experience with groundhogs and coyotes with a .22 magnum rifle. I’ve never killed anything with my .22 magnum handguns, though.

  9. I shot a little Walther 22 awhile back, I thought “wow a Walther.”
    If this ain’t no better then that one I wont buy it.

  10. Some guys are fixated on .22 magnum semiauto pistols like some guys are fixated on manic pixie dream girls. It’s going to be finicky and a ton of trouble and inevitably disappoint you, let you down and break your heart, but then when it’s all over they’re like, “It’ll work next time!”

  11. Interesting but I don’t see the point as 22 mag is about the same price as 9MM while 22 LR can still be found for about 6 cents a round.

    I love my Walther PPQ 9MM but the PPQ 22 is made in the same place that Umarex guns are made. Over on Walther forum seen more than a few posts of those with broken PPQ 22 pistols with various parts falling out. I really hope this new one is better quality.

    Always good to see new models regardless of my personal opinion about such though.

    Hey Walther, how about an updated PPS doing like what S&W did making the Shield Plus? That would knock my socks off.

  12. Am I the only who pronounced “WMP” as “wimp” in my head. Because I think it would be hilarious if the intent was to make a .22 magnum pistol called the “wimp.”

    • Amen brother. I have owned 8 pmr30s and 1 cmr30. I sold or traded 3 to buddies. When I carry them I have 90 rounds with me and a bag of snickers. I might be they awhile.

    • Don’t be. .22 WMR is a terrible form factor for semi automatic pistol. It’s just too long and narrow and has unsolvable ejection/cycling problems due to those factors and the loss of pressure in a short barrel. There’s a reason every one ever produced has ended up a failure or a niche toy (Kel-Tec, I’m looking at you).

  13. That video was pretty epic. The wife is definitely doable for sure. However The question that I felt was left unanswered was is his rifle also chambered in 22 WMR?

  14. Ha. I finally watched the video and that was the most hilarious thing ever with the chest pack, the constant press-checks, the scale, food cans and freezer, and I guess what we’re supposed to read as “My trusty .22 mag pistol allowed me to kill a rabbit so I had enough food to stay long enough to bag an elk!”

  15. I’ve had a PPQ.22 since 2015 and it’s been nothing but great. I can count the stoppages on one hand, most of them when it was new and breaking in. Put on a Falcon compensator with a Taylor Tactical threaded adaptor, Talon rubber grip, captured recoil spring (also from Taylor) and most recently mounted a Burris FastFire3 with an EGW mount. I’ve run ammo up to 1450 FPS through it without issue, and anything faster than CCI Quiet works great. Taylor also sells magazine kits that raise capacity to 15 for those who are allowed that many. Don’t think I need a 22WMR PDP clone.

  16. The answer to a question not a single person asked.

    But I do have a question – why is READY in all caps?

  17. Hello Dan,

    I’ve recently began studying the stats around self-defense shooting, and if you’re not a law enforcement officer where you’re motive for firing your gun is to detain someone, as opposed to fending off an attacker where everyone gets to live another day; it turns out that one round in center mass usually sends most attackers packing, reagrdless of the size of the hole. Also, your lawyer will charge you less, if you didn’t kill anyone defending yourself.

    With the effectiveness of .22 wmr rounds, I expected a gun that was going to be more concealable than my 9mm handgun. This Walther WMP is fairly big gun, would you not agree that it defeats the purpose of carrying a .22 for self-defense?

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