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20160619_224646Last Sunday’s rifle caliber quiz was a lot of fun, and congrats to “Will from Oregon” for being the first to name all of the cartridges correctly! I headed back to my ammo locker and grabbed handgun calibers this time. So…same challenge: who can ID them all correctly first?


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  1. 22 short, 9mm Makarov, .380 auto, 9mm Luger, .357 Sig, .40 S&W, 10mm, .45 auto, 38 Special, 44 Magnum

  2. Tricky. I see 22 short, 9×17, 9×18, 38 super, 357sig, 40S&W?, 10mm?, 460 Roland?, I don’t shoot revolvers much, and .41mag?

    I think.

  3. 22 short, 32 acp, 380 acp, 9mm parabellum, 357 sig, 40 s&w, 10mm, ok- um – 460 Roland, 32 H&R magnum, 41 S&W mag

  4. Identifying by case diameter would be deceptive. I would use the 357 SIG as a baseline, the only bottleneck case.
    762×25 would not likely have that bullet configuration. So going by relative length of the cases
    22 short
    380 ACP
    9mm Markov
    9mm parabellum. strange bullet on this one
    357 SIG
    40 S&W
    45 ACP a very familiar bullet ogive
    38 special not 357 because the 44 magnum to the right is a longer case
    44 magnum

    Spock analysis! He can’t do it now so I have to do it myself.

    • I put the correct list near the top of the comments section in bold text on that post as well as this one…

  5. I’m not a specialist of handgun ammo, here’s my try:

    .22 Short,
    .32 ACP,
    .380 ACP / 9mm Kurz
    9 x 19mm
    .357 Sig
    .40 S&W
    .38 Spl
    .45 ACP
    .357 Mag
    .454 Casull


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