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American journalists who carry water for gun control note: when civilians are disarmed, journalists are in the cross-hairs. The following story republished from is a cautionary tale . . .

Less than 24 hours after the death of a journalist in Oaxaca, a reporter in Tamaulipas state has been killed by a group of armed men. She is the eighth journalist killed in Mexico this year. On the morning of June 20, journalist and teacher Zamira Esther Bautista, 44, was shot while in her car outside of her home in Ciudad Victoria, the capital of Tamaulipas state in northeastern Mexico.

According to Proceso, Bautista was a freelance journalist and teacher who had covered the social section in newspapers El Mercurio and La Verdad de Ciudad Victoria.

A cartulina left with the journalist attempted to link her to members of a criminal group in the city, according to a statement from the state government. The statement from The Grupo de Coordinacion Tamaulipas simply referred to her as “a woman was deprived of her life…” It did not identify her as a full-time teacher and a part-time journalist.

El mensaje que dejaron junto al cuerpo de la periodista. Foto:Proceso

The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) explained that these types of notes are common in the city and state “as means of seeking to discredit citizens and justify ‘the settling of accounts.’”

Proceso reported that she was killed at 6:30am as she was entering her car to go to shool to her teaching job. It reported that seconds later a group of armed men in another car drove up and shot her.

Proceso also reported that with this case “more than 15 journalists killed in Tamaulipas since 2010 to date, and about 17 are missing, and that Tamaulipas is the only state in Mexico where organized crime groups have banned journalists write about violence.

According to Journalism in the Americas Blog Bautista’s murder comes just one day after that of Elidio Ramos Zárate, who was killed in Oaxaca while photographing a robbery in-progress at a convenience store. Zárate had been covering the intense confrontations between police and teachers in that state.

Ramos Zarate

Teachers in Oaxaca have been protesting reforms for about a week. On June 19, violence came to a head as police tried to clear a roadblock in Nochixtlan where authorities would later say six were killed. Ramos Zárate was killed in nearby Juchitán.

Ivonne Flores, editor of El Sur, said in an interview with Radio Fórmula that a group of masked men threatened Ramos Zárate and other co-workers on June 18 in order to stop them covering the violence, according to Animal Politico.

The journalist reported that there are no conditions for working in the state of Oaxaca. “We cannot do our work, we cannot freely take a photo, cover material as it should be done, to keep society informed,” Flores said, according to Animal Politico.

In 2015, Mexico saw an attack against journalists every 22 hours, according to the annual report from freedom of expression organization Article 19 Mexico.

According to a report by La Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa (SIP)  Ramos Zarate, the journalist killed a day earlier, worked for El Sur, Independent Diario del Istmo, in the city of Juchitan de Zaragoza, Oaxaca.

The other reporters murdered this year are: Manuel Torres (May 14), Francisco Pacheco Beltran (April 25), Moses Dagdug Lutzow (February 20), Anabel Flores Salazar (February 8), Reinel Martinez Cerqueda (January 22 ) and Marcos Hernandez Bautista (January 21).

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    • That’s because if only gun possession was illegal, these things wouldn’t happen. By making guns illegal, murder would no longer exist!

      *sigh* The media people really are that dumb or that politically motivated to lie.

      • Clearly, if America would just adopt “common sense” gun laws and join the “civilized” world, this kind of thing wouldn’t happen. After all, every single weapon that has ever been used by a Mexican drug cartel was purchased in America, so these deaths are the fault of every white person in America (and only white people, even though some white people favor gun control and some people of other races are against it, because according to liberals, white people are scum). And of course, it’s not like the American government armed a ton of Latin American rebel groups in the latter half of the 20th century, and that hardware is not currently floating around with nobody to keep tabs on it. No, clearly this is entirely the fault of America’s lax gun laws. /sarc

    • If they are anything like Amnesty/open border shill Jorge Ramos they will not be missed.

      If they media lies the media should suffer, I am done with leftist lying and then hiding behind the same Bill of Rights they work to undermine.

    • The “news media” the world over and especially in the USA does not even report on what is happening and you have to go to blogs most of the time to know what is happening.

      Where are the protest in the US against Mexico for allowing this to continue happening?

      I would love to see a bunch of people ask Hillary about the violence in Mexico and see what she has to say or if she even has a clue.

  1. Anti gunners refuse to look at the world for what it is. A refusal to face reality is cowardice.

  2. American journalists have nothing to fear from drug gangs. They already write glowingly about their “struggle,” to the point of helping them incite riots. Besides, they buy most of the drugs anyway…

    • Criminal gangs also have their peeps vote to keep democrats in office.

      So in a city that has the highest murder rate, does the most to infringe on law abiding citizens second amendment, conspires to keep elected representatives in office and does everyone it can to bring illegals into the US to depress wages, prevent high schooler from getting jobs…

      Oh I digress… No guns south of the border equals dead jurno’s. Take notes those who employ 1A collecting their coin, without 2A your living on barrowed time.

  3. My sense of it is that in America anyway liberalism is directly correlated in journalism to how much money you make and how high the walls are around your tennis and golf club and how snappy the armed security guards there look.

    “Diversity” in this group is defined by the race of the groundskeeper. They DID give him a job inside the walls, after all. And that makes them feel better about themselves. After all, if it weren’t for their magnanimous graciousness, he might be one of the oppressed poor.

    But as to the idea that HE has a right to defend himself …. As Thurston Howell III might say, “Let’s not get carried away now, Lovey.”

  4. Coming soon to YOUR town. Remember that the cartel leaders themselves do very little if any killing. The cheerful minions who shoot, chop, chainsaw and bludgeon hundreds for El Jefe are the same folks who mow your grass, paint your house and wash the dishes at the restaurant. Those big friendly smiles are rarely for real, they are merely a cover.

    • What, so all Mexicans are simply one cartel order away from becoming bloodthirsty, machete wielding maniacs? You are literally retarded. You realize Cartel members have murdered far more Mexicans than they have any other race, right? Jesus Christ. Pull your head out of your ass you fucking moron!

    • Cartel enforcers are paid handsomely for the violence they commit; it’s their job, not a hobby. If you’re trying to insinuate that the guys washing dishes at my T.G.I. Friday’s are just doing it for fun when they’re not out cutting off heads for Las Zetas, then I’m going to have to echo Red’s sentiment.

  5. “when civilians are disarmed, journalists are in the cross-hairs.”

    Which might be the one and only upside to gun control.

    • Hey, easy there. Journalists provide a great service to society! After all, if not for journalists, how would I know which celebrities are having sex with each other? Because that matters so much.

  6. “This is what happens when the US federal government screws with your country”

    There, FTFY.

  7. I imagine that sooner or later the Journalists who are for gun control will be provided with State Sponsored Armed Body Guards and both will be tools of The State. Or at least they will be tools.
    Doesn’t some of the big Liberal newspapers have armed security at their offices?

  8. I thought this was going to be another article about drug cartel violence, but if reporters are being killed for reporting on police violence, the killers are either gangs of cops (can you say ‘police death squads’?) or cartel hit teams working at the request of their police co-conspirators.

  9. American ‘journalists’ are able to practice their trade with little risk here in the good old USA. If you notice very little foreign news is gathered by US newspapers/TV agencies these days, it’s not just a cost issue, but a security issue to maintain a journalist overseas on a long term basis.

    • I will call BS to your last statement. They are happy to be in harms way as long as it fits a narrative or agenda they want to push. US News Agencies have sent reporters to hot zones many times especially in the middle east.

      There is nobody reporting in Mexico because it does not fit the narrative. Most of the media is pro-open borders. The Left media pushing for Hillary would never upset the south American voters by reporting about bad things in those countries. Instead, they focus on the poor children sent across the border that we now need to take care of.

      We give Mexico plenty of aid and money and none of it seems to matter. The media does not care because it is counter the agenda they want to promote, that is all.

  10. Well, our “journalists” never have to worry about being shot down in the street, they are now the mouth pieces for the tyrants in government.

  11. We have Journalists in the U.S.? I thought Journalism in America was dead and replaced by Democrat-controlled shills who make-up whatever suits the Liberal Progressive Socialist agenda. *Shocked Face*

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