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Illinois state Rep. Bob Morgan, D-Deerfield, speaks during a press conference surrounded by anti-gun violence advocates. Researchers and community activists told lawmakers that removing guns from the streets of cities in the state will help curb gun violence like the mass shooting at a July 4th parade in Highland Park, Ill., but that it must be followed up with programs to change attitudes and give people alternatives and hope. (AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades, File)
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Of all the key measures included in the bill, the most important is probably a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, which allow a shooter to keep firing for a longer period without stopping to reload. When combined with illegal devices that essentially convert firearms into machine guns that can keep firing with just one pull of the trigger, high-capacity magazines are especially deadly. Johns Hopkins University research found laws that ban high-capacity magazines are associated with a 49% lower rate of fatal mass shootings. If lawmakers get high-capacity magazines out of the hands of criminals, more people will live.

Getting high-capacity magazines out of the hands of criminals will not only reduce the number of mass shootings in which many people are killed or injured, but it would also reduce the number of victims in smaller-scale shootings. Because powerful firearms can be hard to control, shooters often don’t hit anyone with their first bullets. It’s only because they can fire off a stream of bullets, even with a 9 mm pistol equipped with a high-capacity magazine, that victims are hit. Even in cases with just a few victims, police often find numerous spent casings on the scene.

But the House bill needs to do a better job of addressing the dangers of high-capacity magazines. For example, it would make all high-capacity magazines illegal the minute the bill is enacted into law. Does Illinois really want to make criminals of people who legally bought the magazines in the past and may not even have heard about a new law?

There are other approaches. Delaware combined a ban on the manufacture, sale, purchase, receipt, transfer or possession of large-capacity magazines with a buy-back program. Rhode Island allowed owners 180 days to get rid of high-capacity magazines or adjust them so their maximum capacity is 10 rounds. Voters in Oregon passed a referendum on Nov. 8 that banned the future sale of high-capacity magazines, but allowed people who already own them to keep them on their property or at areas where they are specifically allowed, such as a rifle range.

Among other provisions that should be in the final bill are banning the manufacture and sale of assault weapons in Illinois and requiring existing assault weapons in the state to be registered. There are too many such weapons in the wrong hands now. At a hearing on Tuesday, Elena Gottreich, deputy mayor for public safety for Chicago, testified that 1,025 assault weapons were seized in the city last year and as of Tuesday, 1,156 were seized this year.

Lawmakers must be careful how they define assault weapons. It’s a complicated process, full of technical details. And once new rules are in place, gun manufacturers will start working on designing weapons that still act like assault weapons while staying just inside the law.

For years, people unfortunately felt the only answer to the widespread possession of powerful guns by criminals was to keep an eye out for escape exits when they were in public places. Now, the pendulum is swinging the other way, and people are coming to realize the right reforms can make everyone safer.

— CST Editorial Board in Lawmakers Have a Chance to Reduce Gun Violence. Get the Bill Right.

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  1. “You can’t fix stupid.”
    -Ron White

    BTW- The Slum Times is an extension of the Ministry of Truth.

    • RE: “Getting high-capacity magazines out of the hands of criminals will not only reduce the number of mass shootings in which many people are killed or injured,”

      When Gun Control zealots say the word “criminal” they mean anyone and everyone who owns a firearm or ever thought about owning firearms. When you have sick politicians saying they have no problem with mass Gun Confiscation and Abolishing the Second Amendment it is safe to conclude what “criminal” means to them.

      But on the other hand History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide. And which of course such atrocities are as “criminal” as anything can get.

      The solution to Gun Control madness is Abolish Gun Control. After all Gun Control walked hand in hand with slavery, nooses, concentration camps, gas chambers and the like throughout history. The verdict is in and Gun Control is guilty on all counts.

      • Debbie,

        We are all aware of the origins of gun control. Can you KINDLY comment something different for once? Literally EVERY post on TTAG about gun control has one of your comments saying literally the exact same thing. Over. And over. And over. Maybe make it a new year resolution to input something new…..

        • I have (somehow) managed to not call Debbie out on this as well.

          I will defend her right (if she’s not actually AI) to post here on any topic, but GEEZ. When I see her posts anymore, I skip them as I already know what she will be saying.

          Debbie- keep going if it makes you happy. I won’t bother reading.

          Have a good day.

      • I’m going to defend Debbie here. I get the message but if you are new here to TTAG then maybe you need to hear it. Our rights are being whittled away constantly and slowly like the frog in the pot. We always need to fight back.

  2. Well, the capacity of magazines has nothing to do with anything. That’s just a ridiculous point the left likes to use to scare everyone into submission.

    What I’m reading here is that they just want to focus on magazines with no care in the world as to dealing with the criminals themselves. Just get the magazines off the streets and the criminals wouldn’t be criminals anymore. This is insanity.

    They would reduce crime and make everyone safer by just putting the animals into cages and leaving them there. But that isn’t what they actually want. All they care about here is getting the magazines. Nothing else matters. So crime goes on and people still get killed. But they can say they ‘did something’.

    • ” Does Illinois really want to make criminals of people who legally bought the magazines in the past and may not even have heard about a new law?”

      Yes, yes they do…

    • “All they care about here is getting the magazines.”

      1) “also charged with” will be a biggie. You defended yourself? Great. OH! WAIT! you have an X+1 magazine. Prison time for you.

      2) After the mags, it will be any firearm that can ACCEPT a mag more than X. That’s all of them that aren’t a revolver or fixed box mag (but THOSE are assault weapons)

  3. So the criminals are already getting illegal devices to convert guns into machine guns, and you think making “high capacity” magazines illegal is going to change something? They’re not going to keep getting these magazines to go along with their already illegal Glock switches?

    What a literal bunch of tards. Does anyone still actually read this “news”paper?

    • NO…except to line bird cages. The Sun Times & Chicago Tribune are irrelevant(and dumb). See: Cruz slaughtering 18 with 10 round magazines. And Columbine. And Virginia Tech. EFF ILL annoy.

  4. I open TTAG this morning and I see a picture of Bozo Bob Morgan.

    Jesus. That’s worse than Nancy Pelosi in a swimsuit.

    • no … no it isn’t.

      But thank you *so* much for that image, this early. Now I need some brain bleach with my coffee.

    • “……Nancy Pelosi in a swimsuit.”

      ‘Arrrgggghhhh, that tis be replacin’ the whale in me nightmares’. -Capt Ahab-

  5. Illegal drugs kill tens or hundreds of thousands of people each year. For these same kinds of people, the answer to that is to just do away with drug laws and make all of these drugs illegal. Yet when it comes to guns, not only do we have to keep all the useless laws in place, we have to double down on stupid and enact even more.

    • The drug legalization crowd has never been pro second amendment. What they have said is that if they could just make drugs legal, “there will be no need for black drug dealers to have guns.”

      And by raising the amount of what is considered a misdemeanor they want to make it easier to steal. So that drug users are able to continue to use drugs at the cost of someone else’s private property rights.

      And there has been recent talk of raising the misdemeanor amount in the State of Illinois to what it similarly is in California now, $950.00.

      • How much organized crime and how many cartels were there before alcohol prohibition and the War on Drugs? They had to pass an amendment to the Constitution to get alcohol prohibited. Where is the Constitutional Amendment to get certain drugs prohibited? It’s not the drugs that cause the problem. It’s the prohibition of them. People want what they want. Making it illegal doesn’t stop them from wanting it. In some cases, it makes them want it more. The problem is it then becomes unregulated and the quality of these drugs goes downhill as organized crime and cartels try to squeeze ever more profit out of them. And now it’s led to Human trafficking. I don’t think legalizing certain drugs is going to cause a bigger issue than we already have.

        • Texican, you have things just a tad backwards. For your edification, there have always been criminal cartels.
          People can want what they want to their heart’s content. That doesn’t mean that what they want should be legal. There will always be weak people who are unable to cope with life that want a crutch to “get through it”, what they don’t realize is that the crutch only helps for a short limited time. The prohibition on drugs did NOT lead to human trafficking. Human trafficking has been going on for CENTURIES. If you want to see a bunch of hopped up pill poppers, junkies, pot heads, etc, then you are part of the problem.

      • Drug dealers will still have guns because they will still have large amounts of untraceable cash. Even legal pot shops get robbed for money and drugs. I guess they didn’t think of that.

        • Mark, the “legalize drugs” crowd don’t think of much except getting high themselves. It is a shame they don’t know how to cope with life.

      • And when the misdemeanor amount is increased, watch for a sudden increase in businesses closing because they can’t absorb the loss or the insurance to cover the loss.

  6. First paragraph: “If lawmakers get high-capacity magazines out of the hands of criminals, more people will live.”

    Paragraph 2 – 7: Not even one single word about how to accomplish that.

    So predictable.

    • How do they get criminals to follow the new law?

      Punishing citizens for the actions of criminals makes as much sense as a farmer beating his dog in revenge because a fox got into the henhouse.

  7. You know, it’s still to early in the morning to listen to this level of mindless drivel. Had to walk away and count to 100 at the offensive cocktail of lies they think the average person is incapable of discerning. It is the verbal equivalent of them slopping a handful of Petroleum Jelly on your ass preparing to give you the high hard one, & hoping you won’t notice.

    These shitbags need to be shot.

  8. Think about this:

    Could Steven Paddock at the concert in Los Vegas have killed 60 people and horribly wounded over 413 people in seconds if he had not had high capacity magazines and bump stocks????

    The answer of course is no.

    Could a person defend himself with a 5 shot revolver or shotgun if someone broke in his home , the answer is yes of course.

    These facts the Far Right paranoid nut cases cannot refute, cannot spin, and cannot lie about.

    Has anyone in Britain done this?

    The answer of course is no because they have strict gun laws.

    Has there ever been a mass school shooting since Britain passed effective gun control?

    The answer of course is no.

    Has Australia ever had a mass shooting of 50 or more since they passed strict gun control laws?

    The answer of course is no.

    Again proving gun control does work and work much better than in Capitalvania where there are no such Federal laws and life is considered cheap and expendable.

    • Las Vegas murderer had years to plan and over $100k in disposable income to put into figuring out how to kill people. The notion that keeping him from using guns would have stopped him is wishful speculation. He might have killed even more had he chosen to use explosives.

    • Must be nice to live with the belief that home invaders only come alone, never with accomplices (no matter how many TTAG articles document incidents with multiple intruders). Faith-based home defense at its finest.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, I can see you are at it again. Blaming a gun for what a demented person does. There is an adage that is well known. “If in one hand and shi* in the other.” I guess all those criminals getting theirs is just a figment of our imagination when the new accounts say different.
      The use of a weapon for self defense is a PERSONAL choice. It does not belong in the hands of a nut case like Sleepy Joe or the likes of you. Neither of you know squat about firearms or their use.
      Here is another adage for you. “You can’t legislate common sense”,

    • Parkland shooter used 10 round magazines. The only reason their numbers didn’t stack up was a less target rich environment.

      Argument invalidated fucktard.

      • to WW
        We were speaking of Paddock in Las Vegas not the Parkland shooting. And Retard there were far less fatalities at Parkland.

        Paddock’s arsenal included a large quantity of ammunition in special high-capacity magazines holding up to 100 cartridges each.

        • Derp. Still can’t comprehend what you read I see. No fucking shit, you useless twaddling bitch. I even said as much and clarified that. Because you don’t like the truth does not make it irrelevant.

          “The only reason their numbers didn’t stack up was a less target rich environment”. Quoting myself.

          And you opened the subject with “if he had not had high capacity magazines”. Absolute fail once again nitwit, no need in digressing heavily on the bumpstocks being a completely worthless addon. He’d have killed more with aimed fire, including the security guard he couldn’t even hit less than a hallway’s distance.

          Good fucking god how far your head has to be up your ass to be incapable of comprehending an entire THREE sentences strung together. Go suck start a shotgunm you utter fucking dipshit.

          No little fucking worm piece of sellout gutter trash like you tells me what to discuss or not, bitch boy.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, so what? Had he been limited to 10 rd mags, he would have just had more mags. To hear you tell it every criminal has 30-40-50-100 round mags.
          Try getting your head screwed on right? No pin intended.

    • Think about this:

      does dacian not even bother with context and the actual information and is in serious need of medication an treatment for his mental health illness?

      the answer of course is yes.

      • Booger, I agree 200%. dacian the DUNDERHEAD is not want the mental health problem addressed because….(wait for it, drum roll) he is mentally ill.

    • Life is cheap and expendable for those that don’t covet it. Neither you or any politician will stop me from defending friends and family.
      dacian is waiting for his back rub and cheesy poofs you idiot crawl to it.

    • Your like minded brother in Vegas could have done more damage if he understood weapon tactics, like you, he did not and that we can be thankful for. Without bumps stocks a well trained and motivated individual could have more than doubled his percentages. Even a barely competent moron like you without a bump stock could have done more damage.

      As for Britain and Australia, we don’t care. They are not the US, and if you believe them to be superior, take your socialis 4th point of contact there and stay.

    • Dacian has amnesia, believe there was a school attack in the last few years in Britain..

      They just had another shooting, according to DACIAN that would constitute a MASS SHOOTING!!!

    • Australia just had a mass shooting, you even commented on it, even though you tried to “SPIN”, the definition of “MASS SHOOTING” from what the MARXIST MSM and ANTI-GUNNERS definition!!!

      You and your MARXIST allies change long standing definitions, to meet your “NEW” criteria and “DEFINITION”!!!!

    • Also, ignore the fact that according to the FBI, Paddock had possession of illegally modified rifles and their numbers show they were illegally modified to “FULL AUTO”!!!

      Meaning the bump stocks were not utilized in this attack!!!

    • second amendment is not about being in one’s home you moron.
      what about a home invasion with multiple thugs that has been reported multiple times ??
      6 shots won’t cut it.
      and explain why law abiding citizens should lose there rights for the actions of criminals ??

  9. “Johns Hopkins University research found laws that ban high-capacity magazines are associated with a 49% lower rate of fatal mass shootings.”

    No, they didn’t. This is a very gross and incorrect and bogus interpretation of the actual data. Aside from it being impossible and already proven that laws do not reduce mass shootings, there was no such real association especially considering that of all the guns used in “fatal mass shootings”) in the study period only 5% of them recovered by law enforcement (all were recovered) used high-capacity magazines and some of those mass shootings happened in areas that had laws banning high-capacity magazines.

    • To the paranoid deraigned bold face lying Booger Brain

      quote————- some of those mass shootings happened in areas that had laws banning high-capacity magazines.———-quote

      That is because you Moron there is no Federal Ban on high capacity magazines which means states with lax laws can funnel in tens of thousands of high capacity magazines into states with tough laws making their tough gun laws totally ineffective. Gun runners bring them to those states in the the trunks of their cars and even by mail because the packages are often marked as something else besides gun magazines.

      Now Bogger Brain try as usual to lie your way out of this one.

      • Laughs in 3d printer. There will never be a relevant law or regulation that removes magazines of any capacity from criminals or anyone who can pass basic shop class let alone any additive based manufacturing. The only things keeping everyone from owning drum magazines in NY is cost and actually wanting to have one. Building some 5 and 10 rounders for the AR was a fun project though.

      • its only a lie to you and the rest of anti-gun. to reality and the actual facts its the truth.

        and as far as ‘doing anything’ I don’t need too as you suitably show how stupid your contrived crap is once again.

      • Ahem. Every law that has banned large capacity magazines has grandfathered in existing mags, the vast majority of which are unserialized and have no date of manufacture. To ban pre-law mags requires that the government pay just compensation for the taking of private property for public purposes (aka a “buy back.”). The fact that governments are reticent to engage in buy backs means that there are millions of legal large capacity magazines in circulation even in states that have enacted bans.

      • hey dummy, how are you going to get the criminals to comply ??

        and explain why innocent people not involved should lose there rights or property for the actions of others ??

      • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. By limiting the number of rds in a mag you will just need more mags. Do you really think that changing mags takes that much time? As I have deftly pointed out REPEATEDLY. You don’t know anything about firearms except that they go bang.

  10. I’m convinced that most journalismers, politikers, entertainers and famous faces are just algorithm generated deepfakes serving to nudge the lowest common denominator into willing servitude for billionaires and global authoritarian types.

    Deciding they aren’t real today will make what comes tomorrow easier.

  11. Well, I, for one, will feel so much safer knowing that the judicious lawmakers of Chicago are going to end gun crime. They’ve got a plan, it’s a solid plan, never been tried before anywhere that I know of, and it will really do a great job.

    1) Ban high capacity magazines. Criminals will really feel the sting in that one. Can’t wait to see them lined up outside police stations to turn in those foul crime inducing death spray machines.

    2). The “things” that make a gun fully automatic. Guns are just so powerful that they can’t be handled fully auto so getting the “things” out of the hands of criminals will make all the difference. Those criminals will most likely turn them in at the same time as the death spray machine magazines.

    This should put to bed the gun crime problem in Chicago.

    I feel much safer knowing that they have the back of their citizens.


    • Kyle, ROFLMAOBT! Unfortunately, there are idigits out there who will believe what is being proposed will “work”.

  12. It appears that their ultimate goal is a single shot, blackpowder, muzzle loading flintlock or match fired pistol issued only after the proper permissions from the PTB…’cause we believe in the Second amendment…BUT…!

    * proposed stipulations: no more than one firearm per household, multi barrel or “duck foot” firearms strictly prohibited, no more than 32 drams of black powder in possession, one flint, no shoulder thingies to “enhance” the pistol, no micrometer sights (makes it a sniper weapon), no more than two balls (no man should need more than two balls)…the license and fees shall not be more than $500 / year…except where a local government assesses “special” fees.

    Nothing is this Law will impact or impede the DoD, any Federal Agency, approved State Agencies or approved local agencies.

  13. I’m shocked that they talk about ban laws in other states but ignore Bruen and the winning court cases against them. Nope, absolutebias there. there.

  14. Imagine if you will, gangs having swordfights in the streets! Talk about rivers of blood. Would be fun to watch tho.

    • And doctors thought gunshot wounds were bad.

      Watch a few episodes of Forged in Fire for the kill test on the ballistics dummy.

  15. The fact the magazine ban in Oregon has been blocked as UNCONSTITUTIONAL and it violates the OREGON CONSTITUTION!!!

  16. Illinois is run by democrats and they can’t stand law abiding citizens owning guns, though they want their security details to be armed to the teeth and they are exempt from the laws they inflict on the rest of us.

    FACT: Perp was resident of Highland Park where it is already illegal to posses the firearm he used

    FACT: The Highland Park parade/even was a “gun free safe zone”

    FACT: Illinois has a red flag law and perp was well known to authorities as a person of major concern.

    Yet all the above failed so how in the heck are more gun laws supposed to make a difference in Illinois? Well they won’t.

    Also it was not that long ago that Chicago had a ban on handguns and it was already considered one of the worst places as far as murders. At least now law abiding gun owners are shooting back and more frequently but a magazine ban will give a decisive edge to the violent thugs – brilliant. Even the police will have to carry 10 rounds magazines off duty – double brilliant.

    Of course at the same time Illinois is ending cash bail even for some very serious crimes including armed assault, kidnapping, and second degree murder.

    Now wonder productive people and their families are fleeing this stupid state in record numbers.

    • The police should be subject to this law, even in their duty guns. If it doesn’t serve a valid defensive purpose there’s no reason for them to have hi cap magazines.

      Surplus those 17 round Glock mags out, I need some for my fleet.

      • Fleets and civilian gunms ?
        Believe you me, my gunms thought they were Smart Gunms and could swim. They were all wrong, one by one, glub glub glub.
        Davey Jones has a vast plethora of collectibles.


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