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I mean, “lecture” is a pretty judgy word from an 80% llama.


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  1. Ask me a question and I will give you an answer. If that’s lecturing fuck you and the llama you rode in on.

    • Yeah–I get ‘lectured’ a lot by the missus (about once every 28-30 days). I don’t ‘lecture’ in return. It’s really a one-way conversation most of those times. It’s okay–I don’t wear my hearing aids anymore. Probably why I get the “you don’t listen to me” thing. Or something. I dunno…wasn’t paying attention.

  2. *Breaking News* for New York state POTG :

    “Supreme Court Demands New York Answer For Defying Its NYSRPA v. Bruen Ruling!!!”

    SCotUS associate Justice Sonja Sotomayor has ordered NY state to respond in one week to the Gun Owners of America lawsuit filed a few days ago as to why NY state is defying the ‘Bruen’ decision.

    Hopefully, Mark N. or LKB can clue us on what this means…

    • “U.S. Supreme Court ORDERS New York to “EXPLAIN YOURSELF NOW!””

    • Always remember Illinois. They pushed the fed court until they got slapped. Either shall issue in 30 days or constitutional carry.

      Now sotomayor is barking like a big dog.

      • {Illinois}

        “Either shall issue in 30 days or constitutional carry.”

        I’m looking for an avalanche of that in the near future… 🙂

      • That is the biggest surprise to me. I would think Sotomayor might be happy to wait.
        Great news New York!

    • Neat but assuming it’s likely to be procedural as the cases are still going through. Will not complain if I get to carry beyond my car and some streets early 2023 but assuming mid to late for early optimistic and 2024 for typical NY outcomes.

      • “Neat but assuming it’s likely to be procedural as the cases are still going through.”

        I’m not confident that’s what’s gonna happen. See jethro’s comment just above :

        “Always remember Illinois. They pushed the fed court until they got slapped. Either shall issue in 30 days or constitutional carry.”

        I see no reason why the SCotUS couldn’t order something along the lines of the same exact thing. This isn’t a mundane civil matter, it’s a fvcking civil rights issue, and justice delayed is justice denied.

        I think the courts should give civil rights issues a pass to the ‘head of the line’, so to speak…

      • if you ever get real carry up there we’ll be up twice a year to fish. Did a charter on Lake Ontario in 2019 and would love to go again.

        Took a detour to Niagara afterwards. the wife wants to go back.

        But I did not like being unarmed the whole time.

        • upper tupper, middle and lower saranac, racquet river, stony creek and wild blueberries on chapel island.
          i’d go back.

      • Hoping you are Safe SAFE. Heartbreaking news out of the Buffalo area with so many dying stranded in their cars.

        • There will be a lot of questions on how the initial response was almost as fucked as our COVID response but we are sending a concerning number of resources to help (especially if the weather turns on our region). The scanner is telling a more complete story and there will probably be some lessons learned from frozen weather riots/civil unrest to be learned.

        • I have a lot of questions SAFE… and I don’t want to sound like an armchair qb, but why didn’t these people have blankets, water, and protein snacks in their cars? I can’t imagine dying in the cold. Shivering shaking and dying. God Bless them…

        • Not everyone in NY understands that there is a NY beyond NYC with vastly different history, climate, and culture. Walt could tell you way more on this particular area as he is a lot closer to the lake effect and various migrations that is Western NY and I am way farther to the east/north around the Capital. As to the general unprepared nature that is everywhere but I would imagine not everyone learned from the lockdowns/riots/general incompetence of government and somehow still expects to be rescued in time despite years of evidence to the contrary (more my area’s observation but may hold true over there as well).

    • I can do that. New York passed a new, particularly horrendous anti-carry law that, among other things, made pretty much the whole state a “sensitive area”, such that it is impossible to carry except on streets and sidewalks. (In fact, the new law is far more restrictive of the carry law found unconstitutional in Bruen, and NY can hardly show that people were being harmed under the old law that, but for “good cause” remains in effect.) A number of law suits were filed, and injunctions were issued in all of them.
      After the trial courts issued a preliminary injunctions (not a final injunction) preventing multiple aspects of the new New York law from going into effect, the State appealed these interim rulings and sought an immediate stay from the Second Circuit pending appeal. As you may all recall, the Second Circuit is particularly anti-gun and has approved every gun control law that has come before it. So unsurprisingly, it issued a stay, in a four sentence ruling saying that it had reviewed the “relevant authorities,” was satisfied that the elements had been satisfied, and issued the requested stay.
      Plaintiffs filed an emergency petition with the Supreme Court asking it to order the Second Circuit to issue a real opinion stating the reasons for its decisions, i.e., which elements it found based on what evidence. (It probably can’t.) Justice Sotomayor is responsible for the Second Circuit, so it was she that decided the Second’s order granting the stay was inadequate, particularly as the stay will inevitably result in the loss of second amendment rights to everyone living in NY while the cases wind their way through the court system, and the absence of harm if the old carry restrictions remain in place.
      TA DA! See, the Supreme Court does wield real power when it wants to.

      • “TA DA! See, the Supreme Court does wield real power when it wants to.”

        Such *delicious* schadenfreude it will be when it’s a diehard Leftist Scum ™ like Sotomayor who will most likely say “Yep, the 2A means what it says”.

        Is what the GOA used here a model for slapping down other such laws? It sure would be nice not having to sit around waiting for the Court to grant cert. on crap like that…

      • “Justice Sotomayor is responsible for the Second Circuit, so it was she that decided the Second’s order granting the stay was inadequate, particularly as the stay will inevitably result in the loss of second amendment rights to everyone living in NY“

        I don’t find this surprising at all, she was a highly regarded attorney and jurist before she was appointed to the court.

        Unfortunately, the “poorly educated” do not avail themselves of the facts of history. If they did, they would understand that justice Sotomayor is not a wild-eyed leftist but rather a reasonable moderate who follows the law and the Constitution.

        Yes, she was nominated to the Supreme Court by Barack Hussein Obama but…

        I imagine many on this list do not realize that she was initially appointed as a federal judge to the Southern District of New York by none other than Republican president George HW Bush in 1992.

        • There was little functional difference between Obama and Bush as they support the same one party goals so naming either as relevant will only play to a few that believe the GOP is in any way conservative. With that said we shall see if she will follow the law as written let alone precedent.

        • “I don’t find this surprising at all, she was a highly regarded attorney and jurist before she was appointed to the court.”

          And, who exactly made those proclamations?

          Other Leftist Scum ™ that make up the vast majority of the ‘Ivy League’ that control the legal system, that’s who.

          “…they would understand that justice Sotomayor is not a wild-eyed leftist but rather a reasonable moderate who follows the law and the Constitution.”


          Question – Name the SCotUS rulings where the ‘Wise Latina’ (another *chortle*) didn’t vote in fascist lock-step with the rest of the Leftist Scum ™ on the major cases?

          Answer – Nearly never. She is considered to be a loyal and reliable Leftist vote where it counts, the Court’s rulings and dissents… 🙁

  3. Women are just as human as everyone else. So I’m not sure why anyone needs to tell them what they should buy or carry. everyone has to make their own choices (for themselves). Be a guide and provide answers and options but let the choice be theirs.

    It’s annoying to me when I walk into a store and some salesman tells me what he thinks I need. If that store doesn’t have what I need then I’ll go somewhere else. If I don’t know what I need then it’s called ‘window shopping’. I’m just checking things out. But when customers ask someone what they need then it’s even worse. All that does is end up with someone spending money on something they wont like, can’t use, and will likely get takin back. The whole thing is ridiculous.

    She says she wants a Lady Smith, ok here’s the cash now go buy it. Same thing if it’s an AR15.

    • “…..why anyone needs to tell them what they should buy or carry.”

      It’s the mythical “lecturing” everyone imagines happens every day, but never happens in reality.

      • Like how the first shots a woman ever fires is from a .357 Magnum? and how that just creates such a turn off that she never wants to own a gun or fire one ever again?

        I know better than that. I’ve seen it happen right in front of me.

        • @Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit” PR
          I agree but it’s all the same thing. From telling someone what to buy or what to carry to making a high power ammo someones first experience.

          This world has too many people that think it’s their duty to force things onto others. Getting away from that is why the Pilgrims came here in the first place.

        • IIRC the pilgrims came to stop things being forced on them but still wanted to force them on others. They implemented a communist system at fist and nearly starved. They learned their lesson, gave everyone their own land and said ‘You’re on your own.’ Then they produced enough to sell back to England and even to save the poor starving injuns whose villages had been wiped out by disease brought by the Spanish a century before.

      • I see it eveytime I go to a gun shop. And it’s not just to women but to anyone who doesn’t know what they want and sometimes even to those who do.

        Even in my favorite gun shop. I’ve been told I should use a kydex appendix holster. I have a box of non functional for me holsters and some of them are kydex appendix. I swear by Alien Gear and was told they would break if I dive to the ground. I responded that I am 51 years old and my relationship with the ground has been deteriorating for 15 years or so. I will not dive to the ground. if I am on the ground then a broken holster is the least of my concerns.

        • My Alien Gear IWB works perfect for my M&P 9 full size and is very comfortable.
          Almost the same for my Springfield 10mm but not quite as comfortable.

        • I tried an Alien Gear for my EDC and at first it worked great. Then it started making a clicking noise as I walked coming from where the belt clip attached to the holster body. After spending time trying to fix it I just decided to go back to my Hidden Hybrid.

  4. What the hell does this even mean?

    Is offering a suggestion tantamount to a lecture? And, oh my God, how DARE YOU suggest anything to a woman?

    Fuck you, I’m done with this asshole site.

    • You misunderstand. It’s one thing to offer up suggestions and possibilities. It’s a very different story when two people walk into a gun store and the guys says to the clerk…”a glock for the lady please”. All without her ever saying anything about what she might like.

  5. Llamas and bad-arse critters. In Peru, they use llamas to defend alpacas against wolves. Llamas get nasty.

    We volunteered at an animal rescue farm not far from here. They had a llama named Seymour. “Stay away from Seymour”, they told us. “He will spit in your eye from 15 feet away. If you get close, he will bite you. If you are on the wrong side of the fence, he might kick you. Of course, sometimes he will just nuzzle you, especially if you have food, but mostly, he is a sociopath. Cindy and Gary are his buddies; they can groom him. Everyone else, just stay away.”

    So, we stayed away. Even when Seymour was at the fence looking friendly.

    • Couple of years ago my wife and I did a “Hike with Llamas” outing up the road in the Smokies. It was pretty interesting as we both had our own llama. They are pretty docile until they see some plant they want to nibble on. Each had a weighted vest on for training, getting them used to carrying up to 40lbs or so. They can go where horses can’t and are more tolerant to cold. Good for carrying 911 med supplies if doing mountain rescues. Pretty fun day and I learned alot about these critters.

    • The sheep ranchers around here are pretty evenly split on sheep protection, between llamas and Great Pyrenees. I’ve seen what’s left of llama-stomped coyote, and dog-chewed coyote, and there ain’t much difference.

  6. One of the guys I shoot with has two guns: a 1911 in 45 caliber, and a Mossberg 12 gauge. His wife is about 87 lbs soaking wet. Her name is Jean. I asked Jean if she has a home defense weapon. She smiled and said “I’ll bet you think I cannot shoot that shotgun, right?” I replied: “Your going to tell me that is your home defense gun?”

    Her husband jumped in and laughed, saying: “Don’t piss her off or your gonna find out”.

    He and I are heading to the Rod and Gun club this Thusday.

  7. Some women surprise you. Mine loves the 1911 believe it or not. Because it’s thin it’s easier for her to hold.

    • My daughter loves her FNX45. Shoots it equally well left or right. Her CCW instructor thought she was a cop.

    • sis gave me whatever peruvians call a shawl lookin’ poncho. maybe that is what they call them. i tell people i had it made from our german shedders.

  8. Iasreals like holsteins as long as I own em.
    America, where are you now
    Dont you care about your sons and daughters
    Dont you know we need you now
    We cant fight a lone against this moster.
    If you were within 16,476 miles of Camp LeJune you may be able to collect enough to bankrupt a country.
    Swallow Mee AndSomre law firm.
    Did you ear plugs fall out?
    You can sue the Uninted States Government into financial ruin by calling 1 -800 -I -CantHearU
    It’s a mighty long way out of the darknest

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