Boulder, CO Votes To Ban America’s Favorite Rifle, Standard Capacity Magazines
Image via Boulder Daily Camera
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By a unanimous vote Tuesday evening, Boulder, Colorado’s City Council advanced a ban on the sale and possession of America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15. They also voted to ban bump fire stocks, standard capacity magazines and similar sporting rifles as well. With a third vote, the ban will take effect for residents as well as visitors to Boulder.

Of course, the rule-making exempts law enforcement and military users. As for the little people, The Berkeley of the Rockies’ Mayor Suzanne Jones said, “I think, by and large, we’re focused on a type of weapon to keep it out of civilian society.” Because, nobody needs one of these guns, right?

Meanwhile, plenty of Boulder residents oppose the bill. Gun owners have packed the council chambers at meetings.  Many said they will not comply.

The Boulder Camera has the story:

The Boulder City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to advance a ban on the sale and possession of assault weapons, bump stocks and high-capacity magazines in the city.

In recent weeks, the terms and scope of the council’s proposed ban have been hotly debated, including at a multi-hour public hearing before the council April 5, during a street protest on Broadway and through hundreds of emails to the council from citizens.

What the council voted for on Tuesday is not final. In order to be adopted as law, it will need to be voted on again at a third reading that will likely take place in the next few weeks.

It will become effective as soon as it’s adopted.

Interestingly, during the debate, Boulder council members agreed the bill stood as a “mostly symbolic gesture.” But despite its ineffectiveness, it made them feel better. And feelings and emotions make for good legislation, right?

Boulder, CO Votes To Ban America’s Favorite Rifle, Standard Capacity Magazines

Never one for keeping her mouth shut and merely thought a fool, Mayor Jones offered her thoughts on symbolic gestures. “Just because we can’t solve an entire problem doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take steps to progress,” she said.

She probably didn’t mean that we should make progress toward a future that’s more free, rather than one that recalls past tyrannies.


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    • This is what happens when liberal in democratically controlled, failing states move to CO, UT, AZ, TX
      They continue to vote with a liberal slant and destroy their new state just like they destroyed the old one.

      • We are allowed , in fact we are instructed , to REVOKE consent of the governed when it becomes abusive. —

        Jury Nullification works too.

        • It took 10 years from the enforcement of the stamp act (1765) to the start of the revolutionary war (April 19, 1775). Those actions by the Tories in the colonies during that decade did not go unnoticed after 1775. You would think that the minions of tyrants would learn from history, that the delayed repercussions for their unlawful actions today may not be pleasant. Just an observation from a student of history.

        • This battle will never be won at the ballot box. To many corrupt politicians plus judges and bureaucrats who answer to no one. 4/19/1775 comes to mind simply because of the reason why action was taken on that day and the following by many brave souls. They understood the intent of the British armies march on Concord. In capturing the arms and cannons stored there the British could force the citizens to knell to their tyranny. The same thing is happening today all over the nation. With the death of firearms rights by a thousand cuts. The only question is how long will it be allowed to continue. Our Fore Fathers would have been done shooting by now. Because they had the foresight to see the enemy for what it truly was and the courage to do what needed to be done to stop it. How many will pledge their service to such a noble cause? How many will chose to become a Torre and fight on the side of tyranny. Who will simply try to hide and wait to see who wins before choosing? I choose the cause of liberty and Freedom. And will use all means necessary to retain the Rights and Freedoms that so many Patriots gave their lives to Defend. The enemy is well defined and their tactics are plain to see. The enemy is giving no quarter in this fight. They demand total surrender of your Rights. Will You Kneel to Their Tyranny? OR Will You Stand and Fight for Your Freedoms. We see everyday the results of knelling to their will. Our Fore Father knew that if the didn’t Stand As One…They Would All Hang Separately. I Choose to Stand. How Do You Chose? Stand Or Knell…

        • To freebird

          quote———————It took 10 years from the enforcement of the stamp act (1765) to the start of the revolutionary war (April 19, 1775). Those actions by the Tories in the colonies during that decade did not go unnoticed after 1775. You would think that the minions of tyrants would learn from history, that the delayed repercussions for their unlawful actions today may not be pleasant. Just an observation from a student of history.—————quote

          The Revolutionary War was started by stingy greed monger American Businessmen who were to damn cheap to pay for the costs of the British Empire that was actually the hand that was feeding the American Morons. The war had nothing to do with freedom as the Founding Swap Rat Fathers created a landed aristocracy for the filthy rich to control the country and did away with true democracy that would have led to a British style parliamentary government. The repercussions reverberate this very day with a sham American Democracy and no direct vote of the people to elect the President. The loss of revenue from trade with Britain put back the development of the American economy by decades and the greed Monger American Businessmen lost far more money because of the Revolution. Fuck that arrogant asshole George Washington who lost more battles than he won and was almost captured twice. To bad they did not hang the son of a bitch.

        • **********WARNING**********

          **DON’T FEED THE TROLLS**


        • To California Dick head


          **DON’T FEED THE TROLLS**



      • Yes, and that village idiot Governor Greg Abbot of Texas continues to travel to blue states to try to get businesses populated by liberals to move to Texas. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Thomas Jefferson Said:

      “The tree of Liberty MUST be refreshed from Time to Time with the bloods of Patriots and Tyrants.”

      We know who the Tyrants are.

    • Mayor Jones and the council deserve to live under a dictatorship that strips them of their civil liberties. Then, maybe they’ll begin to understand the need for the 2A.

  1. Asking because I’m too busy to look it up – and being honest, I should know the answer, but don’t……

    Is Colorado a state where ‘preemption’ laws/regs are on the books preventing any county, city, township or unincorporated area from usurping current state laws ? And not just on a 2A level either.

    I’m in South Flori-Duh, where los democratos are he**-bent on beginning eliminating 2A and most other individual rights statewide by first getting rid of our preemption clauses. Lawsuits regarding that have already been filed by the anti-2A crowd, my town’s mayor included – Mr. Ortis, one of Mikey B’s greatest sycophants.

    • I’m a Colorado resident, and to answer your question – Yes, we do have state pre-emption of local laws/bans regarding firearms (other than in Denver city limits, due to a shitty stupid court case when pre-emption was first passed in 2003).

      Several pro-2A organizations have already stated their intentions to sue if Boulder ends up passing these measures

      • Thanks, rudukai13. Much appreciated.

        The D’s and RINO’s here have all but flat-out stated when – not if – when they get back in charge of the state, they’ll either get rid of the preemption clauses or simply ignore the existence of them and 2A will be basically invalidated.

        …..and our county sheriff is Scott Israel.

      • So a preemption law is on the books but it doesn’t have an enforcement mechanism? No teeth? Then, as you see, it’s meaningless. You need to tighten up the preemption law at the state level modeled after Kentucky. Whenever Louisville or Lexington city council members try this sort of thing they are gently reminded that they will be personally committing a misdemeanor crime to propose such a thing in their official capacity.

  2. Well, they don’t want anyone putting up a fight when the Boulder PD comes to kill their banned dog.
    Boulder is like a Gulag in the mountains. But, hey, at least you can get high, right?

    • In Colorado the old saying for Boulder was “10 square miles surround by reality.'” Unfortunately its not just 10 square miles anymore. Leftists have been flocking to Colorado since at least the 1970’s. Mining, logging, agriculture, hunting and fishing, and the live and let live of the old west is quickly disappearing. Shooting? In the state I grew up in, everyone had a gun, and knew how to use it. They were ubiquitous. Today the urban areas are chalk full of californicators and big city types from back east. Even the vast areas of the back country have leftists climbing all over them anymore. The final nail in the coffin will be when wolves finally make it down from Wyoming and form a functional breeding pack.

  3. I do not understand this article. My understanding (from friends in Colorado), that “standard” and “high capacity” magazines were already banned. As to banning a gun, since the AR platform is not banned by the state, and Boulder is not “home rule” (only Denver is), wonder how this works as regards state preemption. Does lack of a state level ban on ARs mean Boulder is in violation of state law?

    • Clarification from someone who lives in Colorado (me):

      Sale of new (after July 1, 2013) mags above 15 rounds in capacity is “banned” but almost universally ignored. “Repair” kits can be purchased (at ludicrous prices). The law has been used once that I know of off the top of my head and that guy was being hit with a ton of other charges including bank and armed robbery.

      Other than mags with a “born on date” such as a PMAG the law is unenforceable and no LEO even tries. No one complies and we therefore have an Irish Democracy on the subject. PMAGs and other mags with “born on dates” can be “fixed” with a Dremel in seconds and since the law specifically states that the burden of proof is on the State this effectively makes it impossible to prosecute you unless you still have a sales slip for the mag in question and that sales slip can somehow be proven to be for the exact mag in your possession which is impossible because even MagPul doesn’t put an SN on their products only a Cage Code and manufacture date (the Cage Code meaning nothing in this case). Mag limits also cover shotguns, limiting your mag capacity to 8 shells. The mag limit applies to pistols as well, but again is nearly universally ignored (except by FFLs). In fact all but two or three LEO agencies in the State have said they will not enforce the ban. (Two Sheriffs and the State Patrol are “on board” but don’t really do anything and the CSP can’t really say they won’t enforce a State law anyway, they just don’t bother.)

      Denver has home rule and has an “assault weapons ban”. Oddly this ban doesn’t cover the “weapon” itself but a weapon + a mag. So an AR in Denver is not an “assault weapon” until you insert a mag into the gun. The mag limit it Denver used to be 20 rounds, it’s now 15 so as to match the State law. If you go to BPS in Denver they’ll tell you not to open your rifle case if you have a mag in the gun… well they used to but since they no longer feature gunsmithing it’s kinda a moot point.

      Boulder is in violation of State the state preemption law as well as laws stating that carrying a gun while peacefully transiting the state is legal (provided the rifle isn’t loaded a rule that doesn’t apply to handguns), will get sued over this and they will lose.

        • No problem.

          A note on Denver’s AWB: If you were to insert a 5 or 10 round mag into your AR/AK/whatever it would not be an “assault weapon”. You have to break the “threshold” on mag size before it “becomes” an “assault weapon”.

          How freakin’ strange is that?

          Also, Denver considers it to not be a crime to possess something if you are “transiting” the city in one shot. So if you have to cross the city with a “bad thing” in order to, say get to the mountains to go camping, that’s legal. Realistically it only applies to “residents” of Denver or those “doing business” in the city/area.

          Going camping? Fine. Doing business in Aurora and repeatedly crossing the “fingers” of Denver that extend into what you’d rationally expect to be Aurora? Not so fine. It’s really fucked up and, unless you have a ton of camping gear or can prove you’re on vacation or something, it’s kinda up to the cop that catches you.

      • Can confirm the lack of enforcement on current mag limits. So much so that most of the gun stores in my local CO town openly sell full size magazines, and I see piles of them every time I go to the range (those same piles are seen and ignored by the cops who train there as well)

        • This discussion of magazine law in Colorado is very interesting. People have been saying that the police must prove that your hundred-round magazine was purchased prior to 2013. Can your sales records be subpoenaed to determine if you had an firearm prior to 2013? Thinking a subpoena would reverse the process and make you prove firearm ownershp prior to 2013.

        • A high majority of LEOs have deemed the mag law unenforceable, and so ignore the presence of ‘high capacity’ mags. I have heard of only one case where an individual was charged, but that individual had multiple other charges and LE/DA just tacked a mag violation on for good measure. I assume the charge was plea’d out, but don’t know that for sure. As far as LGSs gouging on mags, some don’t. I don’t. I guess the fact that LGSs can order them but individuals can’t (most retail online resellers will not ship them to CO) opens up the gouging.

        • What is “gouging”, really?

          I have a small supply of a rare item, it is out of production, not obtainable from the standard online boutique sellers, the item had been selling for $10, at a rate of 100/mo. That item is the entire inventory and engine of my small business. I have less than 100 remaining.

          Am I morally bound to sell the item at $10, even though it will be the end of my business, very soon? Or am I morally bound to get as much as I can of the item because it is my source of income, payment for my rent, and my retirement fund? Does society have superior call on my inventory?

        • I don’t live in CO, but I get to the Denver area a few times a year. I’ve gone shooting several times at a very nice indoor range. They have racks of current high cap mags for sale. They just cut open the package and remove the spring. For Glock mags they sell the mag minus the spring for around $20 and the spring for the same price, so around $40 total

        • Sam I Am: “Gouging” is a Marxist term for charging market prices when something is scarce. It is a popular term even among people that will swear up and down that they are not Marxists. The afflicted think that they have a right to whatever they want at whatever price they can justify in their imaginations.

        • When working in federal contracting, we considered “gouging” when companies set prices for government purchase above every other price schedule they offered to commercial entities (or the public). When the product was unique, not really a commercial item, had extensive warranty requirements, pricing was not so easy to evaluate. But for off-the-shelf items we could get at Home Depot, Walmart, Safeway (etc.) we took a close look at price schedules. We didn’t buy any $600 hammers.

      • If it’s like rogue towns in PA, it doesn’t matter if they lose, unless the preemption law has some penalties. They’ll prosecute you as far as they can, taking your weapon and storing it improperly, staining your reputation with arrest, biting you with legal defense fees and other costs, putting you in jail for a day or two if they can, and just generally making your life as miserable as they can, all the while knowing that they (the town police/officials) are breaking the law. Then, when they know a judge will rule against them, they just drop the charges to avoid a judgement and the case goes away (though all the cumulative damage up until then to the victim remains). Without penalties for false prosecution, that’s the end. Even if the victim could sue the city, any judgement will just be paid off with taxpayer dollars, and the criminals will not be held personally responsible at all.

        • “Even if the victim could sue the city, any judgement will just be paid off with taxpayer dollars, and the criminals will not be held personally responsible at all.”

          Ok, let’s compare and contrast. Who would be enforcing the city ordinance? Police and prosecutors. Who do police and prosecutors work for? City government. How did city government get authority to enforce laws? Who put city government in place?

          City governments (all governments in this country) act as agents for the citizens. The governments cannot exist if the citizens do not want such. Who are the citizens who established government? Agents can only act under authority of the people delegating agency. Who are the people delegating authority to the agents? Taxpayers.

          Nice and tidy, don’t you think.

        • Modest academic proposal for discussion [not legal advice]:

          Besides the obvious declaratory judgment case that I suspect the NRA / GOA / SAF [/ M-O-U-S-E *g*] will file immediately upon this law passing, add claims for the aggrieved / affected individuals against the City AND the mayor and council members, personally, for violations of civil rights and conspiracy to violate civil rights. (28 USC 1983)

          Here, the Colorado preemption law is clear (as is FOPA), and the mayor explicitly recognizes that the law they are passing isn’t allowed under state law and probably also under FOPA. Ergo, they can kiss their qualified immunity defenses goodbye: they know and admit that what they are doing is illegal but are doing it anyway.

          Put some of these moonbats on the financial hook, personally, for their virtue signaling exercises, and I daresay they will knock it off in short order.

          [Ralph, what say you?]

    • Magazines with a capacity over 15 rounds were banned for sale/purchase/transfer in 2013, with a grandfather clause allowing currently owned magazines to be kept. This ordnance would ban possession of even those grandfathered standard-capacity magazines.

      Colorado has state pre-emption everywhere except for Denver city limits (due to a weird and poorly decided court case from 2003). Several pro-2A groups have already promised to sue if Boulder moves ahead with these measures

      • None of which matters since no one even attempts to enforce those laws. Cops routinely break them with regard to import and transfer of “high capacity” mags. Other than buying something that would usually come with a 15+ round mag the law basically means nothing. Especially since you can buy disassembled “high capacity” mags as “repair kits”, assemble them and have a perfectly legal “high capacity” mag you just bought today.

        Not that they could prove you didn’t have it before the ban anyway… unless that mag didn’t exist prior to July 1, 2013.

        Denver has home rule not due to the court case, which merely affirmed their home rule, but to the odd way Denver was set up when Colorado was a territory and then when it became a State.

        The whole thing is fucking stupid and nothing more than a minor PITA. The real issue is Denver’s “home rule” ability which makes OC illegal, a rule they use to harass people. That, combined with the “fingers” of Denver that run all over the place (You can drive a straight line down a road and pass from Denver to another city and back to Denver and then back to the other city repeatedly and it changes from one block to the next without signage.)

        • Personal story. Bought a Glock 17 several years ago in CO. I think that it was Murdocks that just quit carrying anything coming with magazines > 15 rounds. So wouldn’t sell G17s, but not much else from the Glock line. The store that did sell one to me just disassembled the magazines first. It was a quick job reassembling them once I had left the store. Then bought maybe 10 17 round, and several 30+ round magazines in neighboring states, but lost the sales slips somehow.

  4. And why again do we not only allow communist scum to live in our free society, but put them in places of power? Class, what have we learned?

  5. You notice that very few of these bills come before the voters? Always enacted by our “leaders”. How about some citizen initiated referendums that prevent any new firearm laws enacted by states or municipalities.

    • That’s not my experience in WA state. We have an initiative process here. Get (buy) enough signatures, and your initiative in on the ballot, and before the voters.

      Guess what? Seattle and Pugeotopolis literally control the state. Convince the leftist hive dwellers this is for the children (or whatever), get SJW sh*t written up, and BOOM, you have a new law for all. The I-Process contains a codicil that says, once made law by vote, you CANNOT TOUCH, MODIFY, or REPEAL it for a minimum of 2 years.

      I-594 – “Background Checks” also makes all private sales run a 4473. Totally repressive transfers, and EVERYTHING is a transfer. Hand the shotgun you inherited from your dad to a friend for show and tell…misdemeanor. Hand it back…FELONY. Voting results map:

      I-591, preemptively sponsored by the good folks at SAF. The measure would have prevented the government from confiscating firearms without due process and implementing background checks unless a federal standard is established. Effectively blocking I-594. Voting results map:

      Please note they are a mirror image of one another. Bottom line, if Seattle and Pugeotopolis want it, consider it law.

      • Yea, the west side pretty much directs everything there. As you know, WA is 1 of about 8 states that have no state income tax. A state tax came up for vote a few years ago, and the west side actually voted FOR it. Good thing sanity of the east side canceled it out. No end to liberal craziness.

        • AND! There seems to be a direct pipeline of CA retirees heading north to our no state tax retiree haven. They vote SJW, wonder why why life is going to hell where they live. They move north with their bulging CA dollars, over-pay for house, driving prices and taxes up, and IMMEDIATELY START VOTING SJW again (this time it will work!) and trash the new place. My place.

          Supposed to be comedy, too true to laugh:

          Fleeing Californians Ponder Which State To Ruin Next

    • LOL rewind to how we got the mag ban, UBC etc in Colorado back in 2013 and you’d be really pissed.

      They broke all kinds of rules, ignored the will of the people… the Democrats all got a phone call from Joe “Two Blasts” Biden, disconnected their phones, changed the parliamentarian rules to ensure passage, scheduled things to exclude expert witnesses and avoid public input and then simply passed the laws, mostly without reading them, and Hickenlooper (the same guy who said new gun laws wouldn’t change anything after Aurora) signed them.

    • There isn’t one.

      Gun owners in Boulder generally don’t blather about what they have because of the harassment it will bring down on them.

      If I had to guess, since the city has a population of ~108,000, I’d guess probably 15K. Again, hard to know because Boulder isn’t the type of city where you generally advertise your gun ownership/2A support unless you really like buying new tires and getting your car repainted on a regular basis.

      • I worked at Rocky Flats, situated between Boulder and Golden, and Boulder is where all the anti-nuke protests were organized. Beautiful town, horrible liberal attitude.

        • Hey Ray!
          Good for you!
          I also worked there, but my ignorant first wife was good friends with the nuns that sat on the RR tracks.

          I asked her why she didnt apply for a job there.
          She said she would NEVER work where I did.

          So after the divorce, I married one that did work there.
          In the end, not much difference.

        • Jug – haha – yea, I remember the nuns and the “white train”. Great security when a nun can breach it!!

  6. I transit Boulder all the time. This law is in violation of State preemption laws and also in violation of other laws that specifically state that carrying a firearm while engaged in peaceful transit through the State or within the state is legal.

    Unenforceable, unlawful and will result in lawsuits the city cannot hope to win. I’ll be ignoring this law as necessary/I see fit.

    • “Unenforceable, unlawful and will result in lawsuits the city cannot hope to win.”

      When lawsuits get won, who pays? The municipality, or the individuals who enacted the illegal laws?

      Once SCOTUS is solid 2A, one thing I want to see is that individuals who violate citizen 2A rights are *personally* liable for civil right’s damages, the same as roadside strip searches performed on women for non-existent illegal drugs…

    • I’m sure you, like I, have been ignoring the Mag law for the last almost 5 years now. It’s not a felony, so nobody is going to push that hard for a conviction anyway. Mags are probably the easiest thing to obtain from the laws that got passed. I don’t like the UBC, but I do follow it for private sales to people I don’t know, because I’ve heard of stings happening. If it gets much worse here, like the gun violence restraining order that is currently being voted on in the house today, I will be moving out of state.


    The above link to Steve Rapalyea of Chiloquin, Oregon in Klamath County ran in today’s
    Thursday, May 3rd Klamath Falls Herald and News. Titled, “Earlier commentary on guns
    wrong”, this explodes and exposes the political deceit behind the movement to ban
    AR-15 rifles. Of course, since 1968 when then Lyndon B. Johnson: LBJ, the worst
    president in our nation’s disgraceful history and shameful past signed the damnable
    1968 Federal Gun Control Act into oppressive “people control/class warfare legislation”
    it has been all out malevolence and vindictiveness against the NRA, our Second Amendment heritage, and private firearms ownership in America! No, historically gun control is not about crime control, making our streets and communities safer, restoring decency, or whatever! The anti-gun agenda is predicated upon deceit, political elitism, socialism, high treason by those who perpetrated it in Congress, state legislatures, etc.

    James A. “Jim” Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)

      • to the Ralph

        quote—————–LBJ killed more Americans that every AR-15 in the US combined. He was truly a monumental scvmbag.——————-quote

        I am not arguing that he was not a scum bag, I agree he was but you are way off base on the deaths as Johnson had negotiated an end to the war when the deaths on the American side were roughly about 23,000. Nixon sent the wife of Clair Chenault secretly to the Vietnamese telling them not to end the war with Johnson as he would give them a better deal which was nothing more than a bullshitting lie as Nixon escalated the war as soon as he took power and the war drug on for years longer and killed roughly another 40,000 Americans almost double than the Johnson years in power. In actuality Nixon had committed treason and should have been hanged but they never seriously ever prosecute the ruling elite as the upcoming elite have an unwritten rule to always cover for each other even if of opposing political parties.

  8. Man, good thing Trump and the GOP are “saving our 2nd amendment”. It’s like the Chimp’s forever “war on terr” that kicked off in 2001. They hate us cuz we’re free so we have to give up our freedom so they don’t hate us anymore. And eat freedom fries. HPA, reciprocity? How about a mag ban instead? Thank you for not being Hillary sir! Man, we’re pathetic.

    • “Man, good thing Trump and the GOP are “saving our 2nd amendment”.”

      Shove it where the dosen’t shine. And rotate.

      Trump has saved the 2A already by getting Neil Gorsuch seated to replace the expired Scalia.

      In case you haven’t been paying attention, when SCOTUS declined to grant cert. on a 2A case recently, justice Thomas blasted the court for not treating the 2A with enough respect. Neil Gorsuch co-signed the dissent.

      Had Hillary won, we would be having a radical ‘Progressive’ justice like Kagan or the “Wise Latina” Sotomayor. Then the 2A would be dead.

      Refute that, fuckwit…

      • Yeah, another fanboy. Except yours is a losing strategy. I guess as long as it takes 30 years, you’re ok with the bans. 30 years from now the GOP will look like the Democrats of today. It’s cute that you think the courts will save us too, after all you can spend 6 months and $1000 to apply for a permit to buy and register a revolver in DC. They even let you keep it loaded, with real bullets! What a mind job.

        • No government or political party wants its citizens armed. Not the left, the right, the repubs, or the dems.

          Government takes a way rights, they never give them back.

          Trump is no different.

          Hillary would have been worse, no doubt though.

  9. Interesting how “freedom ” to the liberals in Bolder and elsewhere is having gay sex and smoking pot, but not having a gun or guns. Also its interesting how the liberals totally support the welfare industrial complex that interferes in heterosexual relationships.
    Liberal Fascism.

    • “I love the difference “progressives” make in life.”

      Like cancer. Metastatic cancer.

      Progresses until you are dead…

  10. i dont think anywhere there is a magazine size limit, that the law is enforced unless part of some other enforcement.

    I live in ol gun hating CA and have been to ranges where ive seen every single law violated….often with police admiring the users firearm.

    Gun control is a failed solution in search of a non-existent problem.

  11. That is against the 2nd amendment and it violates our right to own firearms. I would not comply with the illegal vote.

  12. Given that the lawmakers have plenty of time to review their actions and likely have legal advice readily available, they should PERSONALLY be responsible for any legal fees incurred should this measure be challenged and defeated based on existent laws prohibiting such local ordinances.

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if the idiots putting clearly illegal laws in place would have to pay for it?

    • “Wouldn’t it be amazing if the idiots putting clearly illegal laws in place would have to pay for it?”

      The idiots who put/allowed idiots to put clearly illegal laws in place already pay the price; taxes.

  13. Folks in Boulder can knock themselves out with this one. The city lacks the money and the manpower to enforce it. The modern day equivalent of pi$$ing in the wind.

    Fortunately, I don’t live in Boulder. But, if I did, I would not comply…I would simply keep my firearms out of everyday sight and find a place to shoot outside of the city.

    BTW, City Attorney Carr has included a definition of an assault weapon as part of the ordinance. That should be an interesting read.

    • Let me guess…their definition that distinguishes an “assault weapon” from other rifles is purely based on cosmetic features…with nothing about lethality. (NOTE TO TROLLS: The AR-15 is less lethal than nearly every hunting rifle and shotgun in existence. No, cosmetic features and optics do not make an AR-15 more or less lethal. And, no, an AR-15 is not “fully automatic”. Magazine capacity does not affect casualty count during a mass shooting. And a word of advice for trolls: Do your own research, because your regurgitated rhetoric is based on lies.)

      • Great point on Mag size. Considering the A Hole who shot up the school in Florida had only standard 10 round mags according to police reports.

        • “Let me guess…their definition that distinguishes an “assault weapon” from other rifles is purely based on cosmetic features”

          The anti-gun mafia is moving beyond cosmetic features. Now an “assault weapon” is any semi-automatic firearm. That is not cosmetic.

  14. People don’t understand Colorado. Boulder and Denver County, are Austin to Texas. It’s full of hippies, liberals, and crazy ass lefties. The rest of the state is staunchly Red. Granted, there are Cali assholes moving here in droves, along with people from every other state. Texas, New York, a TON of people from Iowa and Ohio, at least where I am. Our housing market has tripled prices in the last 5 years, and it’s not slowing. One bedroom apartments that were $500/mo are now pushing $1k/mo. It’s slowly becoming the cesspool of California, politics, living costs, and all. State taxes are increasing every session, and the education system is going to either crash, or taxes are going to increase ten fold just to pay the already overpaid teachers.

  15. So do you guys in Colorado have a Recall Process in your election system? Can you recall vote these traitors? And if you can, lets us know where to send out checks or money-orders in support?

  16. i’m not much of a law person. can municipalities pass laws with any teeth other than fines or at worst misdemeanors?

    for some reason i suppose i assume to get serious time in the clink, you have to break a STATE (or federal) law, no?

    • They pass laws that they don’t enforce. Once the lead starts flying, though, their number will come up. That’s why they don’t actually try to enforce the law.

      Imagine if the British hadn’t marched on Lexington and Concord…

  17. Congratulations, Boulder. As least one city in CO has brains…and the courage to do what is right!

    • Obviously you never have been to Boulder! It’s the bastard step Child of cities in Colorado! The law will be ignored and patriots will keep their guns. No law enforcement officer would be crazy to go door to door! Boulder County Sheriff won’t enforce or obey the ordinance either!

  18. It sounds like a lot of people on the Boulder City Council need to be un elected in November. I hope that happens.

  19. Unless you willing to have another Bundy standoff, you are doomed. Only outright defense showing them you are willing to fight and make them stand down. Now here is the question, are you ready to do this or will you run and hide? That is the question. will either fight or be led to the barn like little sheep to the slaughter.

  20. I predict that a handful of virtue-signalling nitwits will voluntarily turn in their ‘contraband’, and Boulder police will be left with an ENORMOUS enforcement problem.

  21. The next city elections might bring with them major changes in city government.That
    possibility remains in the hands of those who live and vote in Bolder.


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