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Last week the founder of the ‘Pink Pistols’ Douglas Krick committed suicide following a long-term battle with depression.

Yesterday, Doug’s mother made a public Facebook post announcing the loss (transcribed below):




This is the hardest post I have ever had to or hope to make. Our dearly loved son, Doug, took his own life last week. Depression killed him. Depression sucks! 

Doug turned 48 last month. He was our oldest. He wanted what everyone wants: a good job, a loving partner, good friends. He had all of those things at one time or another even for several years at a time but never seemed to be able to hold onto them. He didn’t always see the world in the way most of us do so he had a hard time relating. He also had a very different sense of humor. But Doug was also the kindest, sweetest, and most gentle person I have ever known. He would do anything for anyone at anytime. We knew of his struggles and told him how proud we were of him. He overcame alcoholism, lost about 100 lbs a few years ago, and he always had a job of some kind. Did I tell you what a kind gentle soul he was?

But for Doug, life often seemed to be an uphill battle. I think he simply got tired of that uphill climb and was tired of being tired. I believe that Doug always knew we loved him deeply but in the end he simply wasn’t able to reach out to us as he had in the past. We comfort ourselves in the knowledge that mom and dad will now take care of him and they are all in the arms of Jesus. Whatever Heaven looks like, we rest in the ease that Doug is there and no longer struggles or hurts.
We will keep you posted of the time and place of the funeral services.

Did I mention that Depression SUCKS!!!!!

On behalf of the Second Amendment community and the LGBT community, I want to extend love and support to his surviving loved ones and eternal gratitude for his effort in bridging traditional divides, defending the Second Amendment, and standing up for equality of opportunity for all Americans.

Piper Smith is the founder & executive director of Armed Equality.

Armed Equality National Discussion Group

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Founder & Director of “Armed Equality”. About Armed Equality: Armed Equality is building a strong and inclusive community of diverse individuals who seek the skills needed to defend their lives. Armed Equality is dedicated to the defense and protection of all Americans, from all walks of life; especially targeted minorities. About Piper Smith: Firearm legislation media commentator with experience on local/national/international/live television, online and print articles, and local event appearances. Controversial topics commentator with over 30,000 hours of study in the field of political science, psychology, economics, and philosophy. Extensive work experience in sales & marketing. Community organizer and event planner with experience planning over 100 community events in the last few years ranging from CCW workshops, pistol/shotgun/rifle training, advanced medical mass casualty training, wilderness survival training, and education covering your individual and collective rights when interacting with law enforcement and legalities surrounding defensive firearm use.


    • Yup.

      This kind of thing is why I think that a waiting period for firearm purchases might be a good idea. I know, it’s a silly and pointless hassle when you already own a dozen guns, but without firearm registration, how would the FFL be able to find out how many you have?

        • You may not like waiting periods, and by all means, please get them overturned.

          But a considerable number, if not the majority of suicide attempts are impulsive acts. Even studies that challenge the impulsively of suicide will still state that it is often impulsive decision.

          Best neutral study I can find shows a 2-5% reduction in suicide, none in homicides.

          The one thing you should really read up on and will likely have you questioning the nature of suicide is the The United Kingdom suicide rates the use of coal gas.

        • I don’t dispute the impulsivity. I merely dispute that a waiting period will really stop someone. As you stated, it could have a ~2.5% decrease, and I get we’re talking about lives here, but instituting waiting periods that will be abused, and get longer, for what’s likely a temporary hold, doesn’t seem to be worthwhile.

        • Not to mention the countries where they can’t get guns but still manage to off themselves just like everybody else who wants too. You’re right to mention it has no effect never has and never will.

        • Guns don’t really matter. Japan has an intentional death rate (homicides + suicides)slightly higher than the USA and they have very few firearms possessed by the general public. Frankly, I’d much rather someone shoot themselves than decide to drive head on into my car on the interstate.

          Happy folks simply cannot understand that quality of life is a vital issue for many people and a miserable existence is not worth living. No amount of sugar coating can improve some situations.

      • “This kind of thing is why I think that a waiting period for firearm purchases might be a good idea.”

        Waiting a week (or longer) won’t stop someone who has made the decision to check out.

        It’s that simple.

        Condolences to those that know him…

        • A waiting period before making a gun purchase doesn’t relate to lives saved no more than waiting for a hamburger curbs your appetite. What is there to keep a person from doing the wrong thing after the purchase or are they bound to do good because of the waiting period?

      • Yeah, I’ll just wait 10 days to buy a gun, or since I’m short on cash I’ll just go buy some sturdy rope and end it quick.

      • Rosignal,

        Please explain how a waiting period before purchasing firearms stops a person from jumping off a cliff, driving into an overpass concrete pier at 100 mph, or killing oneself countless other ways?

      • 1. Straw man.
        2. What do you mean, “This kind of thing”? This dude owned guns for a long time before he took his own life. A waiting period doesn’t even apply here.
        3. A right delayed is a right denied.
        4. It’s a silly and pointless hassle regardless of whether you own a gun or not.

      • How does a waiting period help with the impulsivity issue?

        Say someone impulsively goes to get a gun on Monday so that they can kill themselves with that firearm. They are told they have to wait until Friday to pick up the gun. So they are dissuaded from suicide this time. It makes no difference to the next time.

        Next time maybe they’ve bought the gun, or maybe they’re standing the the shed looking at some rope…

        The problem is that you need to control that impulse for that person to kill themself. Trying to prevent them from doing it by “preventing the impulsive part of suicide” is a fool’s errand.

      • Gonna be posting something a bit personal, but I think it’s worth it if someone reads it, for more information. I suffer from depression. It’s been this way ever since I hit my teenage years and no end in sight. I was not aware of my condition until very recently. I thought this was just the way life was. I can tell you now that at no point would a waiting period have stopped me from killing myself. I already owned several guns, and I have, in the past stuck a few of them in my mouth, to see if I’m stupid enough to do it. I am not suicidal at this time, but it isn’t because I gave up my guns. I will admit that I gave them up for a time, while I adjusted to some realities of life, but they’re back with me, and that’s the way they’ll stay.
        Depression isn’t just being sad. It’s more of a numbness that happens to you as you go through life, without enjoyment, and without desire to keep doing whatever it is you’re doing. Getting up to work, talking to people, dating, even having fun becomes a chore. Life itself is a struggle, and it makes you tired. I got to the point that I didn’t want to leave my apartment, or even get up out of bed. The big issue is that it’s an illness that convinces you that everyone else hates you as much as you have grown to hate yourself for being depressed. I began to think that suicide might actually have a positive impact on my family and friends, since I’d be less of a burden on them. Now, I have a nice job, car, and apartment, so I shouldn’t be “sad”, right? Well, I just don’t get anything out of any of those things. I even stopped going to the range for a while because I stopped enjoying it, same with games and so on. Imagine being unable to enjoy any experience in life, and that’s pretty much what it’s like.
        So would waiting periods have stopped me if I really wanted to? No. I would have found another way. In fact, I often thought about making my death look like an accident, just in case, so nobody would blame me for it. I thought about hanging, helium, carbon monoxide, overdose, and so on. A depressed person doesn’t care what method he/she uses. They want to die. And I’d be lying if I said that I still don’t feel that way. I’m on medication, and I go to therapy. Yes, this helps, but for some, depression is a terminal illness. I hope this isn’t me. I’m young enough that I can change my brain chemistry, or so I’m told, but if not, I will at some point end up doing the deed if death doesn’t catch me by surprise. Of course, I do not want to die right now, but this is a battle that I have to fight every day. I actively have to try to do things that I know are good for me, but which I feel no drive to do. Simple things like watching the latest episode of whatever TV show I’ve recorded have to be scheduled. I know I end up enjoying myself, but it’s hard to start. I have to make sure to schedule time with strangers, or with family, and so on, because otherwise I’ll shut myself in front of my PC, or in my office and stay there hating myself. Depression sucks, and if you don’t have it, count yourself blessed. I had no idea life wasn’t supposed to be this way. I’m working on changing it, but it’s very difficult, especially for someone who has never known the alternative.

        • Keep the Faith. Don’t give up. It gets better( that’s bullshit ) but so what if it don’t. AA is for quitters, quitting doesn’t work for suiciders, lol Suiciders a new one for the dictionary…… Thanx 4 sharing your story.

        • I’m sure you already have it, but if not…800-273-8255…keep it handy, even memorize it. And my words might not mean a thing, but your life is worth living, even if it doesn’t seem that way…unless you vote liberal. LOL.

        • Very generous of you to share. Hope it was somewhat cathartic to type it out. I have a loved one who suffers from the same affliction, your post helped me to understand.
          I’m not going to give you any platitudes but I admire your courage.

        • Hating getting out of bed for work and hating having to talk to people is a sign of depression? I thought that was normal, or maybe I was depressed this whole time and didn’t know it LOL! But hey really, it’s not so bad. Stop caring about what other people thought of me is what helped me most. After that just do what brings you the most joy in life.

          Oh, and anon, alway rember happy day.

      • 1 – This guy was the founder of the Pink Pistols. A pro 2A group. I’m sure he already had a firearm. The waiting period would have done nothing.

        2 – The article doesn’t say how he died. He might have shot himself, he might have overdosed, he might have left his car running in the garage.

      • The gun didn’t make a decision to end his life. We don’t even know if that is the way he did it. At any rate, here again people blame the tool and not the person.

      • Yep silly and pointless. This guy was the founder of the Pink Pistols. Do you think he didn’t have a gun close by at all times? Furthermore I have indisputable proof that waiting periods or any other form on 2A infringement will not have any effect on suicide rates. J A P A N!! It’s not weapons, its a cultural issue, mental health issue, substance abuse issue NOT a gun issue. People will use whatever they can guns or not. What we could actually do to help reduce suicide, stop pretending all decisions and lifestyles equal happiness, (whatever feels good at the time is the morally good thing to do), stop pretending God doesn’t exist and stop thinking drug, pot and alcohol useage in adolescents has no effect on their brains long term, it does and has created a society of latent mental issues just below the surface.

      • “This kind of thing is why I think that a waiting period for firearm purchases might be a good idea.”

        Waiting period might stop some of suicidal people from doing it at that particular time in that particular way. But it will cost lives of other people unable to defend themselves when they need it most. Not what I call good idea.

  1. It can be a hard and harsh world to live in. While I feel sorry for the loss his loved ones suffered I also feel that an individual has the absolute right to decide when to end their own suffering.

    We talk a lot about freedom. Freedom means that a person has control of their own destiny. I’m sure his family will miss him and mourn him. But he made a choice that only a free person can make.

    • You make an important point. My father hung himself back in 97. He wrote down his last words: “free at last”.

    • I too think it’s an individual’s right. Almost daily I either say out loud or think to myself how great my life is. I hope and wish I live a long one, but if things turn south, not just due to unmanageable pain and suffering, but also to becoming a dependent drag on someone who loves me or maybe worse on a paid someone who doesn’t really give a rip, I would like to make my own call. After all dying is absolutely the one thing we do alone.

  2. While his loss is incalculable, our community has lost an important member.

    I too, agree that the freedom to choose when one exits this world is an inalienable right. It sucks his burdens proved too great to bear.

  3. From extremely personal experience I have been helped to learn, from people much wiser than I will ever be, that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Our circle is smaller by one. Damnit.-30-

      • Quiting my job, moving to Mexico and living on rice, beans and cerveza helped, but only for a while. I came back and with more than a little help, I moved on to a whole new bag of snakes to keep me busy. Your actual results may vary, but this is not a joke, the geographic cure may not always work, but on several levels it wallops the heck out of anything else. I KNOW we didn’t get this far just to get this far. Damnit, I never got to meet him, but now I miss him anyway. -30-

  4. Depression does indeed suck. I can confirm from personal experience.

    If life is a journey, chronic depression is a 100 lb. backpack and ankle weights you can never remove…and they don’t get any lighter as you get older. The human psyche eventually gives way under continued strain just like your aging knees and back. I’m not saying suicide is inevitable or desirable in any way — just that you can’t know what it’s like unless you’re suffering from it.

    Condolences to Mr. Krick’s loved ones. He did a lot of good on his journey.

  5. What a terrible loss, can you imagine the strength it took for his mother to post this message. Condolences to all family and friends of this man.

    • Horrible loss. At least he can be remembered for doing a great job for anti bullying.

      I had an Aunt commit suicide. It… changes everyone who loved the deceased.

  6. We are mammals, we breathe, we eat, we reproduce, we sleep….we were never meant to live the way modern society if forcing us to live.
    Some people can handle it, many cannot. Some let it out by shooting innocents, others take drugs or become alcoholics, and some take their own lives.
    I am not depressed, but I recently realized I am a government b*tch working shifts to pretty much pay bills and overpriced food, gasoline, etc. We are not living, we are not enjoying, we are modern days slaves.
    As a cop I frequently deal with people in crisis. Things are getting worse and worse imo. It is not rare to deal with kids under 12 years expressing symptoms of depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.

    • Overpopulation. It’s going to be a whole lotta Rosie when robots and AI take over most of the work

  7. I’ve seen several friends and extended family over the years who have suffered from clinical depression. In at least one of those cases, suicide was the result. One of my good friends from high school committed suicide by train a few years after graduation. I had lost touch with him by then, but knowing the direction his life was going when he graduated, and the circumstances of his life, I think he just lost hope.

  8. I remember when Bob Owens from Bearing Arms killed himself. I’m sorry for the families loss. And we lost a founder of gun civil rights group. I’m sure he did suffer from isolation when he came out as a gun owner and fought publicly for gun rights. I remember watching the Log cabin Republicans getting stoned and glass bottles thrown at them in gay pride parades. All for the public stands they took.

    My prayers to the mans family in this time of great loss.

  9. Suicide is the most personal and powerful decision anyone can make. The most useless question people ask in the aftermath is why. I’ve known several people who have committed suicide. Each one had their reason. Each one chose the method. Sometimes their are no answers. Just keep them in your heart and remember the good times. Remember at the end of the day the decision was their’s to make and will never make sense to those left behind. Sometimes people just get tired of living.

  10. Depression is a state of mind that takes habitual pattern. Drugs can’t fix it, only the symptoms.
    Get to mental health counseling. They give you a different perspective in life, which is what it takes to get your perspective off the downward spiral.
    Things happen in life, good and bad. How you see brings out how you feel about it.
    I’m not certified from nothing, but that’s how I got myself back up and never looked back. So can you.

  11. As a fellow advocate for firearms in Illinois I was devastated to read this on FB last week. I had first met Doug and known him outside the 2A scene decades ago; we reconnected via FB and used each other as sounding boards and sources of documentation for engaging opponents on social media.

    Your epitaph is fitting, and one I am sure he would appreciate.

  12. This is Doug’s mom. Doug shot himself in the head with the one gun he had in the house. None of us realized just how depressed he was. I keep thinking if he had tried another method, maybe he would have failed and we could have realized the severity of the pain he was in and helped. But Depression is what killed him — a gun was the vehicle. He had recently lost another job and we discovered he had gone back to drinking. He told us that he had another lined up and would start last Monday. He sounded good and had dinner the week before with his sister and younger brother — they were playing Trivia information games, and they said that Doug was “blowing them out of the water” — he was a voracious reader. He didn’t leave a note so I think his suicide was impulsive: maybe something happened to the new job — we’ll never know — and a gun shot is pretty final. I don’t think he had any clue how he positively affected so many people and how well he was thought of. Doug would have been thrilled to learn that questions about his beloved Pink Pistol organization had actually shown up at Trivia nights. His death is much more about Depression and “not quite fitting in” with “normal” society, whatever that is. He had ADD and borderline Learning Disabilities and had inherited the gene that made him for vulnerable to addictions and Depression. He was the sweetest, most gentle and non-judgmental men you would ever want to meet and our hearts are breaking. More women attempt suicide, but more men complete the act because they take more violent means.

  13. Sorry for your loss. My son killed himself at age 19. He shot himself in the head. I have many guns but he did not have access to any handguns. He bought it illegally from someone at school. It turned to have been stolen from someone’s truck. He was depressed. He didn’t want to die, he was tired of living in depression. More gun laws won’t help. If someone decides they are going to do it, they are going to do it.

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