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You may have seen FN’s Cali-compliant AR’s. Or many you saw our post on Smith & Wesson’s take on an AR that will pass muster with the latest Golden State gun laws. Both rifles feature so-called featureless grips. Because being able to wrap your thumb around a rifle’s pistol grip is clearly a radically dangerous concept. Or something.

Anyway, Strike Industries, which already produces the compliant Megafin Featureless Grip for left coastal AR’s, is now out with a solution for AK shooters who live under the left coast’s increasingly stringent gun control laws.

Dubbed the AK Simple Featureless Grip, it’s, well, just that. A simple “featureless grip” for your AK. The good news is that the polymer accessory will only lighten your pocket by $9.95, so at least there’s that. As someone may have said (or should have), out of regulation comes opportunity. The market always seems to adapt. You can’t stop the signal. Ok, that’s enough.

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  1. Saw this on a picture of an AR derivative. Don’t get how you are to use it. Just because the pad under your thumb rests on the trailing edge/flat, pretty much all the advantage of a pistol grip remains. Thinking this device will not pass muster where pistol grips are prohibited. But then, I do not have a made-for-war-only, military only, automatic assault weapon with the thingie in the back that goes up, and can shoot 100 rounds in one second. So….whatever.

    • If you expect people to take you seriously you have to get the terminology correct!

      “This right here has the ability with a 30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. 30 magazine clip within half a second,”

      Now get it right, dammit.

      • Ok, my bad. I’m not from around these parts.

        Isn’t “clipazine” supposed to be in there, somewhere?

        • No, “clipazine” is just used in reference to your average anti-2A dumbshit. For special needs people like politicians it’s always a “magazine clip”.

    • That “ledge” really isn’t. I have the AR version of this, and believe me, it feels really weird, and you really have to pull the rifle into your shoulder. Strike Industries makes a more aggressive version with more of a ledge. This style passes muster in California; whether it passes muster in other states depends on how they define “pistol grip.” Here, a pistol grip is defined as allowing the thumb to wrap around, and includes thumbhole stocks. There is an exception to the rule if the web of the hand between the thumb and index finger is above the top of the trigger. (It’s all in the statutes.)

      I guess they think a pistol grip is an “evil feature” because M-16s have them (the definitions go back to a 2000 ban on automatic “assault weapons”), and they allow greater control over the firearm. Why they would want shooters to have less control is unknowable, and makes as much sense as the ban on vertical foregrips (when slanted grips are allowed). Presumably the only thought that went into the laws that they were trying to ban anything that looked like an M-16 or AR15.

  2. Question just occurred to me…

    Obviously these anti-2A asshats have decided to legislate against the stocks with a “thumbhole” to get around the pistol grip issue and so we have these abominations on the scary rifles instead, which is a less than ideal compromise, if I may so opine.

    But the question is, since they are just molded plastic, would they still be compliant if they molded a POCKET to slide your thumb into on the left side of the grip, but it was NOT a hole in the grip? Just curious.

    • Nope. The law as written is intended to ban grips that allow the thumb to wrap around the stock. the only exception is stocks that keep the web of your hand above the top of the trigger (see Thordsen stocks for an example of this work around).

  3. My fear is that someday I’m going to see another depiction of a California commie compliant rear stock and punch a hole in my computer screen just aft of the grip.

    • Use a .45, the hole in the screen should just about be proportional to the size of the thumbhole you’re looking for.

  4. I kind of wish manufacturers would stop making these CA compliant guns/parts. Maybe then the rational people would find a way to move out of the communist west coast. could potentially be damaging enough to the economy CA might consider repealing some of those laws? maybe i’m grasping at straws. Only speculation on my part

    • What would work is if companies stopped selling guns to Cali law enforcement that are not available to the general public.

      That may get the overlord’s attention.

      As it stands, despot goverments always want to be much better armed than the plebian masses.

      CA is especially concerned that its citizens (subjects) desire arms designed in the last 200 years

      They seem to want only bows and pitchforks for unwashed masses.

      • “As it stands, despot goverments always want to be much better armed than the plebian masses.”

        They don’t have their own arsenals/armories/manufacturing. Gotta get weapons somewhere. Companies cannot be conscripted to make weapons for LE, or anyone else. Takes two to tango.

      • People have been saying that for years, but no way some crap company wont break the “embargo” if one over existed. Too much money to be made.

    • You are grasping at straws. California doesn’t want gun people there. It doesn’t care if they leave. And the people still there aren’t going to move based on something like this- they’re probably there because there are things more important than guns to them. A job, a family, etc.

      I prefer having these ridiculous items because it just shows how stupid the laws are.

    • That’s what Barrett did. Cali banned the .50 BMG so Barrett said “fuck you, we’re cutting you off entirely. Fuck your police snipers and guess what, anything you already have, we’re not touching it. You need service or repair? Go “service” yourself”

      Great gesture but they’re such a niche manufacturer, it doesn’t have a really meaningful impact.

  5. That contraption right there is a microcosm of Liberalism.

    No wonder the shrink’s office next door is full of Prius’s, Honda Fits and the other little Liberal cars and virtue-signaling bumper stickers. Truly a mental disorder.

  6. My God, I hate this POO. Wont be long when the new crowned prince Newsom will effing BAN these workarounds too. And oh by the way, this Bull Sh*t makes firearms more dangerous for all concerned.

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