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This Monday CZ-USA is showing off a purpose-built competition gun made by partner shop CZ Custom. It’s called the A01-LD, and it’s built on a custom-designed frame.

A match-grade bull barrel rides over the A01-LD’s massive frame that’s designed to accept P-09-pattern magazines. This means a 19+1 standard capacity or 21+1 capacity with extended basepad. The frame is hammer-forged, CNC’d, then blued. A massively heavy dustcover with no rail kills recoil and muzzle rise.

CZ Custom’s A01-LD has a deep beavertail, an undercut trigger guard, and 25 LPI checkering. Double action trigger pull is 8.0 to 8.5 lbs and single action 3.0 to 3.5 lbs with a super short reset. The slide is CNC’d from 4140 bar stock.

More information coming soon.

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        • Haha it’s just like being on Arfcom. Normally I would agree with you but these are way too similar to justify both when I would probably end up only shooting most of the time. I’ll have to wait and see what this new model offers but if street price is over 2K then I may just grab the Shadow 2 and possibly pay for some custom work.

  1. sweet jeebus so much want. no RMR slide cuts curious, also curious on MSRP…any guesses? should I just abandon my desire and stop torturing myself or will this thing be reeasonable?

  2. What’s kind of ugly. Doesn’t look as pretty as the Shadow 2… but why am I crying, I live in in anti-second Amendment state anyway… Lucky to have sticks and stones still…Until the DemoCommies and the RINOs take that away…

    • No one said you couldn’t buy it from a private person. Only the FFL has to follow CA approved list.

      All you need after that is a 3D printer person to print the 10 round mag version follower adapter.

      • Nah, don’t break laws, just move to a free state and help us keep the commies from winning. MOVE OUT, and buy what you want.

        This model looks more in line with a Bull Shadow, so it doesn’t compare well to a Shadow 2.. this is a better firearm. I’d bet it’s in the $1800 MSRP range. I’m curious how the stock trigger feels. If its custom made by Czcustom, then its probably kicking great straight outta the box.

  3. Very nice and very expensive and very heavy I’d guess. I’d like to see a version of the CZ-75B &/or 75BD with tighter slide tolerances and a cleaner SA trigger break. I’d pay an extra $200 for that.

    It’s taken me about 500 rounds with my 75B to figure out that I’m not handling the moderately mushy trigger break consistently well. I can see that the hammer actually pulls back about 1 – 1.5 mm during the SA trigger break. It’s not a bad trigger break, just worse than my other 3 pistols.

    • I love CZs, I have three that I have customized to varying degrees of awesomeness. In my opinion they are very durable and reliable service grade pistols out of the box (the standard line anyway) but what makes them so special in my opinion is that they can be tuned to the highest degree for some short money. Cajun Gun Works has everything you need to turn a $500 pistol into a gin that rivals a $3000…imho. And their customer service is second to none.

  4. I’m kinda wondering what this thing does that my $600 Glock 34 with an RMR slide cut and a rail for a light doesn’t. Interesting part… This thing will probably come in at the same price point as my Glock AFTER I added a X300U and a tritium RMR.

    • I mean…probably not much unless you’re like me and hammer in tent stakes and beat armadillos to death with your pistols.

      • On a gun that weighs in at 1.75 lbs empty and is very front heavy due to the light? I doubt it. I was never huge on red dots on handguns until I tried it. Now I’m a fanatical convert of both lights and reflex sights on everyday carry handguns.

    • This is just a variant of the “need” argument. Just think, a Hi-Point with an Amazon special red dot hot-glued to the top might do as well as your Glock and cost less than $200…

    • at the very least both should go bang when the trigger is pulled. The CZ likely has a better trigger break/action, is solid metal vs a plastic wonder, and overall more polished. Off the shelf this would be a better manufactured firearm than any off the shelf “custom” Glock. If you have to ask why this gun is better than a cheap plastic piece then you’re not the target market. Some of us like guns made of steel with hammers, not plastic wonders. If I had the cash I’d totally go for this, but I am certain is it out of my price range so I’ll pass for now.

      • But does any of that make it a superior enough weapons to offset the fact that for the same price, mine will run just as reliably and comes with bomb-proof lighting and optics?

    • There’s one in every crowd. If you’re asking “how is this better than my Glock?” than you should probably just stick with your Glock and you’ll probably be perfectly happy. I’ll leave it at that….

    • Ya but your flock is like a bread box compared to a CZ , sorry about ur luck and that u spent so much for ugly

      • That was an impressively clueless response. I don’t own any ‘flocks.’ But I do own a couple sweet CZs, sport.

    • There’s no comparison. Striker fired trigger vs a much much better DA/SA trigger, once you master the function, and it does take practice. I have glocks now, and used to shoot a 34, but no more.. my CZ 75 SP01 is far superior in most every way.

      I liken the DA/SA Cajunized trigger to shifting gears in a sports car. Sure, an automatic transmission is easier to drive, ie striker fired, but a manual transmission is much better with the learned extra effort.

  5. I have to wonder why anyone would bother making a competition gun in 9×19? Why bother?

    At least offer an option for .38 Super or 9×21, so you can make major power factor. With this mag capacity, this is clearly an IPSC/USPSA gun.

    That said, it is a very nice looking pistol. With the blueing, it looks much nicer than my EAA Witness Gold Team, which has the 21 round mag capacity. Mine is in 9×21. The comp makes it annoying as hell to shoot, tho. I’d trade it for a heavier pistol without a comp.

    • DG – I’m not sure if this is rated for it, but there are quite a few people loading for 9mm “Major” (9X19 stuffed to the gills with relatively fast powder and 124+ gr bullets).

      The other answer, to an extent, is 3-Gun. No power factor, and 2 anywhere on paper. There’s enough people in the sport that use high end or custom 2011’s, CZ might think they can upsell to those with more cash that want something “specialer” than a Shadow 2.

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