Affordably Armed: The Best Concealed Carry Gun Belts Under $50

Readers have asked us to guide them toward more affordable, high quality EDC and utility gear. Often, we’ve already reviewed and torture tested a lot of those items, but it’s buried among the thousands of articles we’ve published over the years.

So with this post, we’re kicking off a short “Affordably Armed” series to make that information easier to find, beginning with the un-exciting, but still essential gun belt for concealed carry. Here’s a roundup of solid options under $50.

Klik Belt: $39-$49 via Amazon

When Jeremy reviewed these belts, he concluded, “I’d like to complain about something, but I really can’t come up with it. These are awesome EDC belts.” The belts look good with jeans, but these days you can even get away with them with suits and other professional attire.

TacShield Tactical Rigger Belt: $15-$40 via Amazon

A little less discreet than the Klik belts, TacShield belts are also extremely solid. Tyler Kee reviewed this belt and gave it a full five-star rating.

Uncle Mike’s Off Duty Concealment 2-Layer Nylon Reinforced Belt: $26.31 via Amazon

Recommended by a TTAG reader, this affordable belt is similar to the TacShield belt and boasts a healthy number of positive reviews on Amazon as well.

Hanks Gunner 14-Ounce CCW Belt: $50 via Amazon

I personally own this belt. Is the 100-year warranty a sales gimmick? Yes, but they stand by it. The 14-ounce version will work for almost any carry configuration. If you’re really loaded up, they’ve also got a 17-ounce version for $59.

Relentless Tactical CCW Belt: $50-$60 via Amazon

The basket weave version is $10 cheaper for some reason. Either way, this is the most popular CCW belt on Amazon, with over 3,400 reviews and five stars at the time of this writing. Although we haven’t reviewed it here yet, it’s unlikely to disappoint.


  1. avatar Kevin (The other one) says:

    I bought a big foot gun belt about 5 years ago and wear it everyday and it is still like new. I bought it only because I was tired of cheap belts that fall apart every year or so. The big foot gun belt is more expensive than these belt ($60) but is also much better quality (and doesn’t look like a Velcro band wrapped around your waist – WTF is that thing?)

    1. avatar Paul says:

      +One for Bigfoot. I’ve had mine a couple of years and it’s bulletproof. (Sorry…couldn’t help myself)

  2. avatar LibertyToad says:

    I’ve used a Hanks belt for a few years now. Very durable and top notch customer service.

  3. avatar Nanashi says:

    Already have a backup (DeSantis Econobelt for ~12 bucks) for my main belt but good to know.

  4. avatar Stephen M says:

    I just ditched my instructor belt knock off for a Triple Aught Design Nexus. I like it immensely better, and it’s been handling a full size 1911 and mags just fine

  5. avatar Ropy saliva says:

    Two thumbs up on the Klik belt. Had one for about a year. No issues.

  6. avatar DK says:

    I know it doesn’t fit the $50 limit, but fwiw, my Comp-Tac belt has lasted for about nine years and counting.

    I’d like to get my wife a nice carry belt. Any suggestions?

  7. avatar Mark N. says:

    I have a BullBelt from Daltech Force. I don’t remember how long I’ve has it–it has been a few years. Their belts vary in price from around $35, most around $50, and a few a bit pricier. I recently purchased a dress belt from them that has a steel insert. The insert was a bit stiff at first, but once formed to my shape it is very comfortable. Although it is only an inch a quarter wide, it will hold anything securely–and it doesn’t scream GUN BELT either. I recommend their products.

    1. avatar SoCalJack says:

      I agree and you just about covered all the Pros of these belts. I have the one without the steel core. The thickness is perfect for all my gun and mag holster’s clips.

  8. avatar Gregolas says:

    My two Bladetech leather belts are still going strong after daily wear for at least 10 years. Got ’em from Cheaper-Than-Dirt for $37.00 each. Black and Brown.

  9. avatar New Continental Army says:

    I might have to give that Hanks belt a try. I’ve been using a 5.11 belt for a few years that’s held up pretty well. But a 100 year warranty? I’ll take that.

  10. avatar KDB says:

    I have a mission belt. No holes it click fits and is great. Holds guns firmly in place. Don’t remember the cost.( Got it D&B stores in Id.

  11. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

    I gotta have a belt with no holes just infinite adjustment. I got no ass and can’t be hangin the tupperware on my hip with droopy drawers.

  12. avatar Steve says:

    Up to about every third article being an advertisement this week, aren’t we now?

  13. avatar daveinwyo says:

    I’m with Ansel. No butt. I build my own belts. About every 5 years or so I get a 1/2 a bull hide. Make many knife sheaths and some custom holsters for friends. But if I was to buy one I would get the Hanks. Looks very thick.

  14. I purchased the following belt before I lost a bunch of weight: Drizzte Plus Size 47-71” Long 1.25” Wide Men’s Black Nylon Adjustable Tactical Dress Belt Alloy Buckle

    It holds my holster well, and when I lose enough weight, I cut the buckle end off and it’s back down to a reasonable stub.

    They also have a 1″ belt that’s not tactical, but is still adjustable for those of us who need adjustment.

  15. avatar J.P. says:

    For $70-$80 you can get a custom double layer bullhide belt from The Beltman. Fantastic customer service, and it’ll last a lifetime. He’ll even shorten it for you if that diet kicks in. Lol

  16. avatar MLee says:

    Bought a Bullhide belt years ago. You get what you pay for. I wear it every day.

    1. avatar Clay says:

      Second this. One of theirs has been on my pants every day for the past five years.

  17. avatar el Possum Guapo Herr Standartenfuher" they think we're making pizza's" Oberst von Burn says:

    I like that Hanks belt, possums don’t need belts though and if we did we couldn’t use them anyway cause they’d just slide off our greasy fur.

  18. avatar neiowa says:

    What is with all the Amazon fetish/BS? Antigun progtard org. Perhaps TTAG has heard of MidwayUSA? Brownells? Cabelas?

    Amazon is no different then the SOBs at Google, Fakebook, Twits etc endless parade of useless Anti-American “techno” weenies. Americans built Chicomland with our $ and now building its kissing cousins at these “tech” communes.

    1. avatar Gbob says:

      Its called an affiliate commission. That’s why these sorts of lists usually don’t have anything that doesn’t have an Amazon link. Tread carefully and always be suspicious of the motives of people making recommendations. If the service is free, the product is you.

    2. avatar Mister Fleas says:

      Research on Amazon and buy the product elsewhere; it is usually cheaper somewhere else.

  19. avatar Mister Fleas says:

    Don’t over think this issue. A work belt will work just as good as an official CCW belt. If it will hold up tools without sagging it would hold up a handgun.

    1. avatar Owen says:

      ^This! My carhartt anvil $30 belts hold up my pants and work great as gun belts too.

  20. avatar J.T. says:

    Why only stuff from Amazon? You have two Wilderness knockoffs when the originals start within your price range and are far better belts.

  21. avatar A Brit in TX says:

    I third the ‘why Amazon?’ comments.

    Bezos is far left (owns the trash propaganda outlet Washington Post), would take your rights away in a heartbeat and apparently is the world’s richest person (not that that’s automatically a bad thing). His company has destroyed many smaller retail businesses and has done it while treating it’s own workers like cr*p.

    Yes, Amazon is convenient but I have weaned myself off it and shop elsewhere and only visit their site for research. If you really must use them, sign up for Amazon Smile and select the 2AF (or similar) as the charity recipient.

  22. avatar Jackass Jim says:

    I’ve been wearing a less-than-$50 belt from Barsony – – every day for more than 1000 days. Still does the job holding up an all-steel gun.

    Then there is the $30 Belt from that is just as good or better.

    It is simple to buy these belts without patronizing ultra-liberal anti-Constitutionalist scum like Bezos.

  23. avatar Jackass Jim says:

    The belts advertised here are the best only in the commissions paid to the TTAG collaborators.

  24. avatar Boheeber says:

    I have the Relentless Tactical belt (yes, from Amazon, sorry) and it is one thickass belt. Carries my IWB weapon nicely to the point that I am unaware I even have it on.

  25. avatar Hammer says:

    5.11 Instructor’s Belt is also a really good and reasonably priced option. Solid, sturdy buckle and enough stiffness in the webbing to actually support a decent sized handgun.

  26. avatar JKB says:

    I have several belts that I’ve purchased directly from Thirteen50 Leather. They are tanned and made in the USA from 12-14-oz leather. 100% satisfaction and lifetime guarantees.

  27. avatar That Deaf SOB says:

    For a couple of decades now I’ve been buying my stitched leather belts from a saddle maker in Ohio. Every now and then I’ll outgrow one as I get older, less active, and a little rounder, and it gets passed along to someone who can use it, still looking like new.

  28. avatar Martin says:

    Billy, at Relentless Tactical, puts out one heck of a nice concealed carry belt that’s well worth the money. I got an email that offered a steel core prototype belt for $39 and figured I’d give it a try for that price in black. Nice belt but not good for all applications as it’s so stiff. I wanted something for every day wear so I ordered a brown basket weave. I liked that so much that I ordered the same belt in black. My EDC is a Beretta 92 FS and, along with the double mag carrier, that’s a lot of weight on your waist. No problem. These belts keep my pants where they should be even with reaching overhead and I can’t be happier with these 3 belts. Plus, I got quick shipping and excellent customer service. I made a mistake in sizing and contacted Billy and he said to just send it back and he’d send the correct size. Here’s the kicker, before I got around to even taking my return belt to the post office there, in my mailbox, was my new replacement belt. Now that’s a company I want to do business with! EXCELLENT products, great prices, lifetime guarantee, and really nice people to do business with. Holsters, belts, magazine carriers, if Relentless Tactical don’t have it I don’t need it.

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