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STI DVC 3-Gun (courtesy

According to PR Meister Jenns Keough, STI wants to be the Mercedes of guns. It’s an interesting aspiration, not without merit or reason. As TTAG’s Jon Wayne Taylor will attest — by both his reviews and his choice of an everyday carry gun — the Texas gunmaker’s products are beautifully constructed, ergonomically ideal and rock solid reliable. But Jenns isn’t being specific enough. We reckon STI is the AMG of handguns.

Just as AMG handcrafts base Mercs into luxury rocket ships, STI takes classic firearms and gives them the care and attention they need to become something very, very special. Unless you’ve had serious trigger time with the result, it’s hard to explain the difference between a “normal” handgun and an STI self-defense or “race gun.”

Let’s sort that out, shall we? Click here and buy your tickets to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival. Come to Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill on October 14 – 16 and shoot STI’s full range of firearms. (Ammo’s free!) The assortment includes the ridiculously race-ready DVC 3-Gun (reviewed here) and the deeply desirable Hex Tactical (as above, reviewed here). And yes, they’re for sale . . .

As English poet John Keats pronounced, a thing of beauty is a joy forever. There are guns like that. STI makes them. Even if you don’t buy an STI gun, you should at least experience the joy of shooting one.

And don’t forget, this year’s Texas Firearms Festival introduces Full Auto Friday. Click here for your VIP tickets. Check out the full-range of VIP benefits, buy your tickets and then come and shoot machine guns — pistols and rifles, some suppressed — from some of the world’s best brands.

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  1. When we were at the Festival last year, my wife asked what made the STIs special. I told her they were the Tiffany’s of M1911A1s. That was a comparison she understood. And once she shot them, she agreed.

    • I definitely do not like the appearance of those slide serrations. Then again, I don’t even own a single 1911, so I still have a long way to go as a firearm enthusiast.

      • I own an STI, 10mm. Great pistol. The Hex pattern isnt to my taste either. I like the fish scale pattern on the Springers.

  2. I keep trying to find guns to replace my EDC, an STI DUTY ONE 4.0. Just out of boredom. I can’t because I haven’t found anything that outperforms it yet.
    The fact that this is what I would consider highest praise explains why my relationships don’t work out.

  3. Bad comparison; Mercedes/AMG are very expensive, unreliable vehicles that are vastly over-rated. If you knew my background, you would know that this opinion is based on lots of experience. They shoud pick something else, but I have no suggestion.

  4. I’d be interested in seeing one of these high end gun manufacturers do a double stack design. From what I understand, the CZ 75B design is open, and it would make a great platform.

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