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Where can you shoot the latest and greatest guns from FN, IWI, SIG SAUER, Kel-Tec, Remington, Henry Repeating Arms, Walther Arms, Wilson Combat and more than a dozen other major manufacturers? And then buy your choice of firearm(s) at significant discounts (which we can’t advertise)? The 2016 Texas Firearms Festival at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill, October 14 – 16.

Click here and buy your tickets today. Pony-up the extra money for the VIP package and you get exclusive access to Full-Auto Friday. Not to mention FastPass access during the rest of the Festival, close-in parking, lunch in the VIP tent and more.

The Texas Firearms Festival Retail Village sits right in the center of our Texas-sized gun range. It’s an open-air market offering a wide range of gun gear and stuff and serious schmooze time with gun rights groups. Here’s a partial list of who’s coming:

Cabela’s – Quality hunting, fishing, camping, recreational shooting and outdoor gear from the world’s foremost outfitter at competitive prices.

Fearless Nation – Apparel and other items that represent the people that do what it takes to get the job done.

2A Armament – Manufacturer of quality upper receivers, lower receivers, rails, hand guards, take down pins, barrel nuts, bolts, carriers, muzzle devices, compensators and more.

Action Target – Innovative firearm technology and product lines for law enforcement, commercial ranges, and military markets. Official [metal] target supplier to the Texas Firearms Festival.

Kangaroo Carry – the highest quality concealed carry firearm holsters used by law enforcement, military and legally licensed civilians since 1996.

Texas Concealed Handgun Association  – A not-for-profit, professional association of License to Carry (LTC) licensees and instructors, law enforcement, and concerned citizens.

Bee Tactical –  The best 080 Kydex for one-off custom handmade Kydex holsters and wallets.

AR Customs – Custom rifle gear: AR and AK socks, custom gun rails. paracord rifle slings and patches.

Lone Star Gun Rights – Lone Star Gun Rights has its aim set on one thing: Constitutional Carry legislation in Texas.

A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League – AG & AG events are fun, social gatherings where women can join together for shooting education, encouragement, improved skills, and friendship.

Fighter Design – Innovative gun and canine gear: bags, clothing, dog harnesses and more.

NRA – Purposes and objectives include protecting the right to keep and bear arms, furthering the shooting sports, marksmanship and safety training.

Crossbuck Gun Cabinets –  Steel gun lockers for AR rifle, tactical shotgun and handgun storage for police and civilians.

Sonoran Desert Institute – Accredited gunsmithing college.

Brim-It – Show your values or what you believe in with a Brim-it hat clip.

Sure Shots – Super cool gear from the Sure Shot Texas’ women’s gun club.

Rogue American Apparel – Shoes, hats, shirts, posters, signs, coffee – all things for the gun and weight lifting-related lifestyle.

Texas Law Shield – On-call legal representation for gun owners in Texas and beyond.

Pipe Hitters Union Attitude Apparel – Clothing, drinkware, badges, patches, decals, soap and more!

KNS Precision – Parts and accessories for AR15, M16 and SIG556 rifles.

BlackGuard Customs –  Customized tactical gear, sporting good, and tools specific to customers’ needs.

Down Range Thermal – Thermal and night vision products for purchase and rental.

Again, this is only a partial list. But it gives you a flavor of the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival Retail Village. Click here and buy your tickets today!

[While space is limited, we have room for more retailers. Call 401 835 5054 or email [email protected] to reserve your retail tent today!]

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  1. Hey Guys, can anyone give me an idea of how the TFF stacks up against other events throughout the year? If I only get 1 trip to put eyes and hands on most products from all the differernt retailers, which event should i attend? SHOT?? NRA?? TFF??

    • SHOT probably has more stuff than TFF and the NRA annual meeting combined. It’s the big granddaddy of them all. But TFF is the only place where you can actually shoot and buy what’s on display.

      Full disclosure, I’ve never been to any of them, but I’ve seen plenty of reports. There are several TTAGers who have been to all of them and could give you a line on the merits of each.

    • The SHOT Show is MASSIVE. It takes an entire day to circumnavigate the event — which is only open to industry folks. While you’ll see products from every gun-related company imaginable, it’s overwhelming. And a business convention. In Vegas. Not a social event per se. And it’s not open to the public.

      NRA is better for average schmoes, being a smaller, consumer-oriented event. That said, it’s an OFWG indoor extravaganza. With a lot of flag waving. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. No shooting, however.

      TIFF is all about shooting. You go hands-on with firearms from major manufacturers, and check out gun gear from lots of cool makers. It’s more like Disneyland with guns, with very short line times. Better still, you can schmooze with gun industry folks in a really relaxed setting.

      Industry type? SHOT. Gun rights crusader? NRA. Gun guy or gal? TIFF.

    • I fly out from the hell that is CT to go to TFF.

      What is nice is that you yes, you can shoot and in most cases you can go over and purchase what you just shot. Since I am from CT, I cannot just take it with me but I talked to a few people, STI being one of them, that would happily ship it to my local FFL. Not everyone would accommodate and wish it was easier for someone like me coming from out of state.

      in addition, you can talk to the factory guys and gals and ask questions. Last year I had a long conversation from the folks from Sig. I was having an issue with P938. The person at the booth gave me a business card and followed up with a call. I ended up sending the gun in to get checked out but it was nice to talk to those reps in person. They even gave me a Sig logo T-Shirt.

      I observed a lot of new shooters. They were given the proper instruction and were treated like everyone else except given extra help when they needed it. Many of the people in the booths were saints.

      The guys from Henry gave us a nice history lesson about Henry Lever Guns. At the range the person helping us helped me with some pointers to hit a far off gong. Once I was on target he said, awesome, now show you can do that again and loaded me up to try again.

      I was able to shoot some guns I would never purchase but would love to experience shooting — for example the KelTec KSG Shotgun. It was a hoot to shoot. A lot of fun. With limited funds it is not something I would purchase but it was a blast to shoot.

      Bring comfy shoes, there is a lot to see and lot of ranges to shoot. In the past, getting a bite to eat has been a problem just because of the rush of people not for anything else as the people in the food truck worked their butts off and some cases interacted with the crowd to keep everyone happy. My understanding is that aspect has been fixed this year.

      If you get a VIP pass, you will get into a shorter line and will be able to shoot the more popular guns quicker. If you do not have a VIP pass, find the farthest shooting pits and start there first and work your way back as the crowds thin out everywhere else. Oh, did anyone mention that Friday is Machine Gun Day!!!!!!!!!!

      Austin, TX is great place for food, drinks and music. We found a few spots we liked and will be going back this year as well. This year I have friend from Dallas, TX who will meeting us in Austin.

      All in all, while I have not been to all the different gun type shows/festivals, I still rank this event very high considering I am taking vacation time and paying for flights and hotels to attend. I will keep my fingers crossed that it does not rain again this year, but otherwise it is a fun time to be had by all.

      • Thanks so much for your input. Sounds like I may have a trip to Austin coming up. Hope that I can see y’all there!

  2. Maybe next year. If I don’t wind up with back-to-back conferences bracketing it again. Sigh. All that travel and none of it to firearm-friendly places.

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