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Read our earlier post here on the deal cut today by the Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association (IFMA). In exchange for dropping its opposition to SB-1657, IFMA secured a carve-out from the bill’s anti-gun provisions for its members.

The prime funders of IFMA are Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms. In response to a request for comment on the deal, Springfield Armory CEO Dennis Reese gave TTAG the following statement:

“The legislative process is a fluid process. The bill has only moved through one chamber, and it is still in the process. We fully support the Second Amendment and stand by it. The Illinois Manufacturers Association will continue to fight and protect not only manufacturers, but dealers and the gun owner as well.”

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  1. They are dead to me. RRA and Springfield: I will never watch your show, buy any of your products or brake if I see you crossing the street.

    • I am with you, springfield and RRA are inferior products compared to other premium firearms anyways… stay away and let them come to us…

    • Unfortunately I own two Springfield Armory firearms. Now I want to sell them. I am ashamed that I own this product now. It is all about business and money who cares if the regular Joe’s get screwed over. That seems to be Springfield and RRA’s thoughts. It’s only one state right? Once any type of gun control starts it will be a downward spiral. Just wait until Illinois raises the taxes they have to pay for doing business here. Not a good move for those companies in my humble opinion. I just feel very let down and disappointed.

    • Too bad. I really wanted a Springfield 1911. I’ll go with Kimber now. Don’t these retards ever learn? As soon as the libs get a foothold they own you, and pretty soon they’ll tear you down.

    • CEO’s are as good at making meaningless, hollow statements as politicians are. I listen to mine make them all the time. Case in point:

      “We need to drive production.”

      No sh!t, what does he think the plant does everyday?

    • I think the meaning was pretty clear. It was “F-U; you’re too stupid to understand that we’re screwing over the little guy for our own benefit.”

    • Yeah, it reminds me of the meaningless press release that Gander Mountain made when rumors were spreading about their forthcoming bankruptcy.

      It just amazes me how inept management is at Springfield Armory. It’s like they are unconscious, walking zombies.

      I wish Springfield owners good luck getting repair parts after the company files bankruptcy and disappears.

  2. My Dream rifle for a very long time has been a M1A loaded with a walnut stock. I’ve recently started saving up for it, and I’m only a month or two away.

    After this, Springfield Armory will not get a penny from me, ever. If anything, it makes me more disgusted and angry that I have to pass on an absolutely beautiful rifle that embodies the heritage of my nation, but it would be an insult to the people that worked to ensure that heritage to support this deal.

    Looks like I’ll have to save up for another 8-10 months and pay double to Fulton Armory.

    • I’d like to add a less polite response to my own post –

      Dear Dennis Reese,

      The issue, as you say in your statement, might be complex and fluid, but then again, maybe it is not. Your company exists because of your customers, and it is foolish of you to have even the appearance of acting against their interests for your own seemingly selfish purposes.

      If what you say is true, and I will give you the benefit of the doubt that it perhaps may be, your statement does absolutely nothing at all to ensure your customer base that you’re not attempting to subvert the power of the state for your own rent-seeking interests. Especially in this day and age, businesses of all kinds have essentially the pick of where they choose to locate themselves, and your lack of even mentioning this shows what your true motivations are.

      At the end of the day, it would appear that you’ve chosen to side with legislation that has absolutely no apparent public benefit combined with erecting artificial barriers for your smaller competitors. I’m not sure how you refer to it, but from my view it sure looks like you’ve decided that your bottom line is worth sacrificing your principles for.

      I have absolutely zero respect or tolerance for those who would use the power of the state to ensure an unfair advantage for themselves in business.

      Again, I’m willing to accept that this may be more complex than it appears, but your statement does abosutely nothing to dissuade this fear, and in fact seems to indicate the opposite.

      Good luck with your attempt to unfairly eliminate your competition – you won’t get one single red cent from me to help you out, and I’ll make sure to tell every firearm enthusiast I know about your decision.

      • I couldn’t say it an better, so I second what David has said. Like him I have always wanted an M4A1, I figured I would own one eventually. Now? I wouldn’t purchase one if the allegations are true.

        Also, this is totally not virtue signaling. This is registering displeasure with the manufacturers who ought to be paying attention to the backlash.

      • Amen. The 4 free mags deal right now almost had me. I guess I’ll be looking elsewhere.

        SA senior staff: if you’ve got half a brain cell firing, get rid of this twat and start damage control yesterday.

      • I met Dennis and his wife at Shot Show this year and they are solid people. As of January, he had only been CEO for 6 months or so and was even still in the moving process. Moved next door to OH instead of IL if my memory serves.

        David, do you actually think he spends his valuable time learning the nuances and political wranglings of a sub-committee to a sub-committee like IMFA as new CEO? What kind of learning curve do you think a guy has coming into a 100+ year old company and assuming control? Do you suppose between the new product roll outs, down turn in over firearms sales of 12% +, and trying to handle the bag of cats of a new employee base he has time to spend on getting politically involved in a lost-cause state like IL? My guess is that he was handed a statement to read, and asked WTF IMFA was after he released the statement. He’s a CEO, it’s his job make statements.

        But hey David, you know stuff and so we should we should listen to you. Fail . . .

        • Since when is Springfield Armory, Inc. a “100 year old company”? Not even close (founded by Elmer Ballance in TX). That and being a Reese, he would hardly be unfamiliar with SAI since SAI was bought by the Reese family them in 1974.

        • It’s clear from comments from lawmakers that this bill would not have made it out of committee without his public support. On top of this, he negotiated for his company (and a few others) to get a special exemption that will give them an unfair advantage in the market.

          He may have been CEO for only six months, but that is utterly irrelevant – he’s the man in charge, and he chose to make that public statement.

          On a personal level, I don’t care if he is a great neighbor, loves dogs and drives his grandma to church every Sunday – that has absolutely no bearing on the issue at hand.

        • Did you miss where Keller told the legislature he and IFMA would drop their opposition in May if they got a carve out?

          Every gun enthusiast much less gun executive knows how much of a backlash S&W and Ruger caught for capitulating and cooperating with gun control legislation.

        • I’m going to refrain from sharing a personal opinion on this topic, but I’ll state that the 6-months-as-CEO thing is totally inaccurate. Denny has been CEO and/or co-CEO (I think with his brother?) for a long time. IIRC his family (his father, I believe) purchased the young company in 1974 and he has been directly involved in running the company at a high level since then. His LinkedIn says “CEO-Owner, 1974-Present,” FWIW.

        • Limit 9 gun transfers for civilians per year? That alone would worth putting every resource into fighting this. Sure, he’d be pissing off the people who oppose him anyway. Now, he’s losing customers who, if they are like me, would do everything possible to drive him out of business. It’s easy to take that position if you view anti 2A people as traitorous enemies of America. That would make Reese a collaborator.

        • He absolutely has a responsibility to understand the political nuances of his business positions. I don’t know anything about about the man, he may be a savvy negotiator, he may have a helluva poker face, I just don’t know.
          You met a guy at Shot Show and that buys him the benefit of the doubt on giving the gun community a figurative middle finger? You met a guy, you do not know him.
          His actions here showed me and many others more about who and what he is than bumping into him at a PR parade.
          I honestly wish I owned stock in Rem or RRA just so I could sell it.
          I do enjoy my M1A but it’ll gather some dust now and while I don’t know what my next gun will be, I can tell you what it will not be.

          For the record, I live in NY. We NY gun owners know better than most the effect of sleazy businessmen colluding with sleazy politicians against our interests.
          As we say in NY, FUDR

        • Illinois is not a lost cause there’s still plenty of people fighting for the 2A cause in that state!

      • Apparently the process isn’t as fluid as he isn’t suggesting. Springfield seems to believe this bill had a good enough chance to pass or else why would they have caved?

        Spineless politicians and CEOs looking out for their own interests at the cost of their own constituents/customers

      • Compare this to the principled stands Barrett, Magpul and Beretta made within their states, and you can see how shameful this really is. I’ve been boycotting and advocating the bankruptcy of cheaper than dirt for years now. Springfield and RRA are both now on that list. I NEVER forgive or forget.

      • I agree totally! I hope they are willing to accept the consequences of this action. I’m an instructor and shooting range director. I’ll never by SA again. I’ll also be sure to tell everyone I know about this.

    • Well David, at least this came out before you made the purchase. That would have been awful to make a ~$1,400 purchase and then have a disgusted bitter feeling every time you see the rifle.

    • I also had an M1A picked out with a walnut stock and was saving up for it. I have a spot set aside specifically for that gun in a display. But boycotts aren’t really boycotts unless they are hard, and I sure as heck am not going to reward their corporate behavior. And to answer those naysayers, I have gone without a lot of things I really wanted in my life because I refuse to shop on Amazon.

      “We fully support the Second Amendment and stand by it.” No, you don’t, pure and simple. Supporting any form of government gun control is directly contrary to “Shall not be infringed”. You sold out your company’s long term viability for anticipated short term profits. Your choice dude, and now your stockholders will re-learn what Ruger and others before you did. Your industry is about more than selling a product. Consumer loyalty will make or break your business. I hope you are reading the comments on this site and elsewhere and understand the backlash your company will face. Your best hope is that this story gets buried before it gets out to the rest of the public. Just a hint, you may still have time to retract your ridiculous statement, issue a heartfelt apology, and fight this government overreach. You will gain substantially more sales by making a stand.

      Now that I think about it, that empty space will take longer to fill but a Barrett would look great in that spot!

    • Get a used Armscorp. I have one from 1993 and it’s been a fantastic rifle. It’s beautiful and was built with quite a few GI parts and a real nice wood stock. Even has a bayonet lug.

      • I agree. The ARMSCORP gun really is a great gun. They also sell 1911 parts to some major 1911 gun manufactures in the US.

    • I just started saving for an M1A too, welp looks like it’s either a used one or more likely another AR build from companies that don’t screw us to save their own asses

    • Consider the BM-59, they have some for sale over at classic arms. They are Italian rifles made on m1 garand receivers, rebarreled and sourced in the USA. It continues the M1 legacy and was a competitor of the M14.

      • The BM-59 is 10x the rifle the M14/M1A is – proper Garand reciever, better gas system, lighter and handier overall, and the paratrooper stocks are excellent – so much so the SEALS adapted them for M-14 use

    • Check out LBR in Long Island. Their receivers are hammer forged, not cast. Or maybe Fulton Armory. I love my anniversary model I purchased from LBR.

    • Take that money over to JRA and buy a BM-59 instead, they also make a quality M-14 just under 2k. LRB may be a better option in fultons price range

    • Those wanting a M1 can go to KAHR they have a division called Auto Ordanance that does a hell of a good replica of the M1 and Canik TP9SA is a hella good hand gin for a killer price. I abuse the hell out of mine and aint had a problem. And thank GOD I’m a born and raised UTAHN where we can buy and carry any gun we want openly or concieled thats why our crime rate is so good here because 6 out of 10 people are armed and we have the right defend our selves our families and our fellow citizens.

    • I’m glad to find out in time how Springfield Armory is selling us out. I was on the fence on whether to to buy an XDS or the Shield for a new ccw. They just made my decision a no brainer!

    • You do realize that “Springfield Armory” has NO connection to the Springfield Massachusetts armory where many of the WWII M1s were made. I believe that the right to use the name was purchased. search you tube for the US Army Used rifle repository. Don’t know if I have the name right. They sell shootable M1s, ands i haven’t heard any complaints. Then you will have a real M1 – A great rifle choice. I have many thousands of rounds through one in dirty conditions without a FTF or FTE. They truely live up to their rep!

  3. Oh my. I always thought Smith and Ruger got off too easy for selling out. And that it was a lost opportunity to use principled capitalism to send a message. It was tough though, Smith and Ruger had guns on shelves after the AWB sunsetted and the future was grim and uncertain. That’s not so much the case now.

    Ladies and gentlemen, shall we whip out the metaphorical torches and pitchforks?

  4. Never again will I own ANY of their products. The shame of being seen with their name on ANYTHING would be mortifying. Plenty of other manufacturers who won’t compromise out there.

  5. I already own stuff from both companies and have an RRA competition upper in the mail.

    Other than an M1A, which I already have, I can’t think of much Springfield stuff that I would buy anyway.

    As for RRA, I’ll wait to pass judgement until I see how this shakes out and what RRA has to say about it. Just because they gave money to some Illinois manufacturing group I’ve never heard of doesn’t mean that group did this with RRA’s blessing. The group may have secured the carve out and dropped opposition figuring that it’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

    I certainly won’t be canceling my order from them.

  6. Well, there’s two more companies that will never be getting any of my money. Ever.

    Quite frankly, I hope they choke on their little carve out. If they think the liberals can be reasoned with, they can join them up against the wall.

    • Yep, they just made the list.
      RRA, Springfield, Smith & Wesson, Troy, Hexmag, Remington…they all suck now.
      For me the only reason Ruger isn’t on the list is because old man bill is pushin up daisys.
      RRA don’t give a flying V what civilians think, they make all their money in gov. contracts…I think this will hurt springfield worse. I could do without either of them.
      Walther PPS > XDS
      Stag Arms model 3L > RRA LAR 15 LH
      So who needs them?

  7. A lobbying group willing to stab the public in the back for their own perceived gain? Who would’ve thought?!

    It’ll come full circle soon enough. They can circle the drain with Colt for all I care.

  8. Now I really wish I was at the NRA convention so I could wander by their booth every once in awhile and tell them “FY and the horse you rode in on.” They need to hear that loud and clear.

    Maybe Jim Zumbo can write a nice article about them.


  9. As said above ” they are dead to me”. Do these companies not realize that these short term “gains” will always come back and bite them. They will lose a lot more in the end. I hope they are happy with the choice they made Becuase I’m happy to spend my money elsewhere.

    • I don’t know about Springfield but RRA derives the bulk of its money from contracts with the DEA, FBI and other gov’t and LE sales.

      • So it may take them a little longer but they are free to use Colt as a historical reference about what happens to firearms manufacturers who hitch their wagon to government sales. Uncle Sam will turn on you too when the time is right.

  10. “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” Edmund Burke

    ” . . . The best way to address the firepower concern is therefore not to try to outlaw or license many millions of older and perfectly legitimate firearms (which would be a licensing effort of staggering proportions) but to prohibit the possession of high capacity magazines. By a simple, complete, and unequivocal ban on large capacity magazines, all the difficulty of defining ‘assault rifles’ and ‘semi-automatic rifles’ is eliminated. The large capacity magazine itself, separate or attached to the firearm, becomes the prohibited item. A single amendment to Federal firearms laws could prohibit their possession or sale and would effectively implement these objectives.” Bill Ruger, ca. 1989

    I was giving serious thought to buying a “Saint” rifle made by Springfield. Now I’m not. Every gun dealer should drop Springfield.

  11. “We fully support the Second Amendment and stand by it.” Maybe they don’t support the lobby group’s actions. Wait, what’s that? “The Illinois Manufacturers Association will continue to fight and protect not only manufacturers, but dealers and the gun owner as well.” So, you’re full of shit and lying to us.

  12. Boycotts are great. As long as they are convenient. Take Target. Nice and convenient to boycott Target when Amazon is so convenient. But Amazon is run by the second biggest Liberal on the planet (behind Soros). Bezos makes the Target boys look like right wingers. I’m guilty of using Amazon several times weekly. Anybody here boycotting Amazon? Where does this shit end? Capitalism is blind. That’s why it’s Capitalism. Best system on the planet. Boycott away. Fine with me. Companies are going to do what they feel is best for their bottom line. And gun purchasers can do what they feel is best. That’s the utter beauty of a Capitalism. But the snowflake whining and virtue signaling about the evils of Capitalism is nauseating.

    • Actually I try to go elsewhere first, if I don’t have an alternative I use Amazon.

      There’s certainly plenty of alternatives to both Springfield and RRA for most of the products they sell; The M1A variants are possibly an exception, if you have to have one; I’ll have an AR-10 instead please. And not an RRA one.

    • Use Pick your charity to send a portion of the sale to. I chose the Second Amendment Foundation. It gives me satisfaction to know that an anti-civil rights organization sends money to support that very civil right they oppose.

      • Same. My mom too because she has me actually do every order for her. She has trouble with computers.

        I don’t think that’s the charity she would pick, but if I’m doing the ordering, then I’m picking the charity.

    • As a matter of fact, I am boycotting Amazon. I have never spent a penny of my own money there. If we want to nit pick, I was given an Amazon gift card once that I used, but that’s it in however many years they have been around.

  13. Great timing, dummy. Spend weeks trying to build suspense and curiosity about a new product launch, and then give customers a reason to vociferously boycott you the day before the announcement. But hey, it’s not like your business is in an overcrowded market with weakening demand, right? I’m sure you’ll be fine…

    Un-fucking-believable. Dennis Reese should be distancing his company from the IFMA as far and as fast as possible. Like, “Back To The Future” flaming-tire-tracks fast. Never mind the politics of it, from a business standpoint, this is just utter insanity. Smith & Wesson and Ruger were almost sunk by this kind of thing years ago, and those were the days before every knucklehead with an opinion and some outrage could reach millions of people instantly. This is not going to be pretty.

  14. Good job, I was thinking about buying a SOCOM 16 and a Loaded M1911 but now I think I’ll go elsewhere.

    If Springfield had any sense they’d reverse this decision and get rid of this two-faced liberal moron Reese. CEO’s can be fired just as easily as a lowly employee if they mess up the company enough.

    I hope Springfield enjoys their boycott though. They’ve earned it.

  15. Not such a certain and rosy future for the gun with Trumpo eh? Who’d a thunk it. He’s busy with Kim though, so there’s that.

    • I never accused Trunp of being reliable. Worse still the gun culture has gotten lazy and easily distracted. Congress are welcome to give me CC reciprocity and over the counter silencers, those would be nice little presents for me, but frankly I think Hillary would have been better for the cause, we’d be united and motivated.

        • I don’t care. You poor slobs let yourselves get browbeat with the supreme court. It’s not worth it. It’s overworked, BS protection for the individual. I wish it had got packed with progs again to cure you of the idea that it’s a sacred bulwark or rather, like as not Santa Claus.

        • Nobody browbeat me, lol. I knew the minute Scalia died and McConnell allowed the voters to decide, that this was the most important issue of the most important election in my 50 years. Kennedy is next. There’s a strong probability that either or both RBG and Breyer retire/die shortly. And, if he likes the recent Trump picks, Thomas can be convinced to step down while naming his replacement. That’s quite an honor for a person who is said to loathe the idea of staying too long like Ginsberg. That could be 5 justices for the next 40 years. I’ll admit I’m a radical, but the SC has already ruled internment camps as being constitutional. I’d like to pack them full with Liberal Terrorists™. It isn’t a major stretch once operational to transform from internment camps into concentration camps. And yes, I’m serious.

        • SCOTUS Justices have a knack for not voting as you’d expect. Gorsuch may indeed author a favorable decision to a comprehensive gun-registry, citing Article I §8.18:
          The Congress shall have Power … To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

          No doubt the Justice would also be citing the mobile nature of firearms and ammunition, thus claiming justification under the Federal power to “regulate interstate commerce”.

          “Conservative” Justices often seek to preserve the power of the Government, over that of the Citizenry, down to declaring who’s a “real citizen” verses nominally a citizen, or not a full citizen. (see life-long disabilities of Felons)
          “Liberal” Justices often seek to expand the power of Government, believing the fungible “Collective Rights” as more important than any “so-called Right enumerated in the Constitution”.

          The “Liberal” and “collective right” not to be shot-to-death, is bedfellow to the “Conservative” reserved powers and/or necessary powers for regulating a device, deemed harmful to the citizens of these United States. Each expands the Authority of The State, over the rights of The People.

          Some claim “The People” is a collective. Others, willfully read that it’s Government, and solely Government.
          (see USA PATRIOT Act – and blanket exceptions to plain reading of the Bill of Rights)

          Obviously they must mumble over the 10th Amendment particularly, or cite Congress and the Respective States as drunk and under the influence of then-legal marijuana, contact-high off of hemp paper.

        • As much of a legal giant as Scalia was when he was on the court, his effect on the court was voided by Kennedy’s when Kennedy voted with the commies in one of the two worst decisions of the 21st century to date: Kelo v. City of New London. And allegedly conservative Justice Roberts managed to put his imprimatur on the OTHER of the two worst SCOTUS decisions of this century: Obamacare.

          SCOTUS justices have a way of failing in a spectacular fashion, since they are often the final bulwark against the depredations of the deep state and its oligarch supporters. In years past, SCOTUS also gave us such legal diamonds in the asshole of a goat as Dred Scott and Roe. They are certainly not perfect.

          The ONE reason I voted for Trump was the promise of good SCOTUS picks, when considered against the alternative of Hildebeast. But I was never fooled into thinking that a “conservative” SCOTUS majority would automatically yield Constititionally sound decisions. They are just as likely to pull a boner as anyone else. Unfortunately, their fuckups carry vast negative implications for people who never did THEM any harm at all. I’m in my mid-60s now. The older I get, the more I am inclined to hoist the Jolly Roger in self-defense.

        • Well, Kennedy is retiring in June, and the odds are that either or both Ginsberg and Breyer can’t/won’t make it to 2018/2020, Trump is likely tonseat 4 justices. Perhaps 5 if Thomas is pleased with trumps picks. Not often a SC Judge gets to handpick his own replacement. Thomas is already on record that he loathes the idea of staying too long and pulling a Ginsberg. That’s why this election wass the most important in my 50 years. If nothing else, these justices justify voting for Trump, compared to the alternative.

        • You ever notice how justices appointed by the Democrats never flip to the conservative side?

          I trust conservative justices. I don’t trust Republican nominees to be conservative. I wouldn’t call Roberts or Kennedy conservative. I’d call them moderates.

    • Trump was actually busy today. How ironic. He spent the day with the folks who gave him the White House. He gave the keynote speech at the NRA convention. The first sitting president since Reagan.

  16. Good to know. But they are probably betting that enough people won’t know or care- casual buyers, etc- that they’ll be okay.

  17. Et tu Brutus? It’s not like we don’t have all kinds of 2A freedom coming. We do. Springfield and RRA can go to hell. Spread it far and wide.

  18. The XDs on my right hip is the last Springfield product I will buy. I will be at the NRA show on Saturday​ and will tell them in person. They can claim it was a business decision, but if so it was a poor one, never smart to disappoint your customers.

  19. This is so frustrating! I was considering buying two or three more Springfield products in the near future. I guess I’ll just have to get even more Ruger products. Yes, I know Bill Ruger threw the 2A under the bus as well. Why do my favorite companies suck!?

    • Well, Bill Ruger bought the farm, and Ruger’s current management seems to love selling evil black rifles with standard-capacity magazines. Ruger has atoned for the words of a self-serving jerk back in the 90s, in my opinion.

  20. Dear Dennis:

    Don’t f#cking piss all over me and tell me it is raining.

    I don’t do golden showers.

  21. If they had any brains they’d follow Magpul’s example and move to America. But then again if they had any brains they wouldn’t be in Illinois in the first place.

  22. I kind of expect this behavior from Rock River. At the height of the Sig-Brace thing in 2014, they were actively rooting for the ATF to shut it down. They will literally not sell you their stock adapter for their PDS pistols unless you send them anATF Form 1. Very customer hostile. I was looking at buying an RRA PDS pistol in .300BLK and using the Sig Picatinny adapter to mount a brac, but I’ll just keep my money now.

  23. Didn’t even look both ways before walking out into that street. I guess they have enough money and don’t want to make any more.

  24. I’ve been considering adding to my collection of handguns. I’ve been waiting for the announcement of SA’s “new handgun”. This morning I’ve lost interest, I would not consider ANY SA firearm.

  25. A quick note to everyone saying they’ll sell their Springfields and RRAs….

    Keep in mind that if you buy and sell on the secondary (used) market, it doesn’t affect the company much at all. Sell your XD if you wish, but the company won’t be affected by the decision. Likewise buying an M1A on GunBroker; none of that sale goes to SA if you buy it used.

    More important to remember this incident when you’re buying your next new gun.

    • Except some people for whatever reason, will accept no substitute.

      Keeping the used market awash with a boycotted company’s products forces the company to compete against used products- their OWN products- that will give people who need an XDS or single stack with grip safety will have a choice to help with the boycott.

      Every bit helps.

    • Dumping your Range Officer 1911 on the used market does affect Springfield, just not as directly as canceling your plans to buy a new one does.

  26. Why do you expect from a company that touts itself as “The First Name in American Firearms” that has nothing to do with the real Springfield Armory? Forget that most of their line isn’t made in America. I’ve never thought about buying from them for that reason, so they won’t miss my money for this one.

  27. i had noticed springfield’s diminutive 9mm 1911 offering, and their ar was on my radar.
    too many alternatives to not balk now. i’m fairly fickle, but an old p9 is probably the only sa in my future now.
    they can both suck eggs, kick rocks and pound sand.

    • My P938 isn’t really a 1911, but it really is diminutive. And it wasn’t made by Springfield from parts made in Brazil.

      • i 938 too, thought about sa’s little 9mm 1911 but the more you know… (brazil, really?).
        and now this.
        bless their hearts.

        make sure you check into the mainspring housing issue possibility with your 938. the early ones can loosen in their mainspring interface. there is a redesign…
        also a beefed up firing pin and different hammer.

  28. Full disclosure: I own 2 xd’s and plan to buy a Saint. If I can’t buy Springfield or S&W or Ruger and want an “American” brand (yes I know the xd’s are Croatian, blah, blah, you know what I mean). Who am I supposed to buy from now? And I would trade/sell my xd’s, but for what?

    • I think I would choose Ruger or S&W, whose anti-2A activities are decades in the past, and who have changed management since those days, over a company who is actively involved in selling us out today.

      Besides, you could always buy a Remingt— Sorry, I couldn’t finish that with a straight face.

    • If you want a quality AR at a lower price, check out Aero Precision. Or BCM if you want to spend a little more. As for pistols, get a Sig or a Glock that’s made in the US. Dan Wesson makes excellent guns if you want / can spend a little more on a 1911. Probably the next best thing short of getting a custom gun.

    • Stag Arms – they make a great product & are amazing to work with. Great dealer support, customer service & decent lead times.

  29. RRA and SA are pretty junky brands to begin with, no big loss to cross them off the list of companies I’d buy from.

    • I used to own a SA 1911 TRP. Very nice pistol. Currently the only SA I own is an XDs, which is also a great little gun. But with the crap they just pulled, I won’t be buying anything else from them. CZ (and DW) are the most promising brands in my view, I just hope they don’t f things up either.

    • You sound bitter, you’re probably the only one who would have called Springfield Armory “junky” before today. Their products have a solid if not great reputation to most gun owners for quality and reliability. My two Springfield pistols (XDs-9 and XD Mod.2 service 9mm) have certainly been great for me.

  30. People that are looking for an M1a used Armcorps are real nice. The one I have from 1993 has a bayonet lug and was built with some GI parts like an H&R bolt. I’ve had it for ten years and its been a great shooter with a beautiful wood stock.

  31. Springfield armory and any other manufacturers in Illinois who do not OPPOSE the gun dealer licensing act in Illinois will lose my support. You do NOT believe in the 2nd Amendment, followed by a BUT… “I believe in the 2nd Amendment and will fight for the 2nd Amendment so long as it does not inconvenience me.” WRONG!

    Anyone manufacturer or manufacturer association who does not OPPOSE gun dealer licensing has turned their back on law abiding gun owners of Illinois and has lost my support.

    Nothing short of FULL OPPOSITION is acceptable.

  32. Springfield’s only good gun was the 1911A1 clone of Colts! LOL! Buy Taurus, Sig, FN and H&K better quality, another sellout from a Foreign owned American Company!

  33. This was just stupid on so many levels. Even on the legislative “tactical” sense. The bill hasn’t hit the house. They could have made their deal there, if they were going to make one. Now, the deal can still fail, and the PR damage is done. They get nothing but blame for this.
    Which, of course, is what they deserve.

    • The Governor of Illinois is a Republican now. I wonder if he’d end up vetoing this bill even if it passes both houses and makes it to his desk. This article suggests it wouldn’t have passed the Senate without the IFMA going neutral on it in the first place, though. Impossible to say one way or the other, of course. But none of this helps with the optics of it.

      • IL’s Republican Gov is close friends with Rham Emanuel so I don’t know if he would veto this or not. I fear he is about as Republican as Bloomberg was.

  34. You know, when I still lived in Illinois four years ago, Springfield Armory was fighting the Chicago mob in the Illinois Legislature tooth and nail. Now they roll over and expose their belly to the Libtards while simultaneously crapping on their customers.

    Another case of history repeating. SA needs to read about Sturm Ruger profits when Bill Ruger came out in favor of magazine limitations. Or how about S&W’s bottom line when they caved in to Bill and Hillary and added trigger locks?

  35. You know, when I still lived in Illinois four years ago, Springfield Armory was fighting the Chicago mob in the Illinois Legislature tooth and nail. Now they roll over and expose their belly to the Libtards while simultaneously crapping on their customers. What the hell happened to change their attitude?

    Another case of history repeating. SA needs to read about Sturm Ruger profits when Bill Ruger came out in favor of magazine limitations. Or how about S&W’s bottom line when they caved in to Bill and Hillary and added trigger locks?

  36. The IFMA did a horrible thing.
    Springfield’s CEO released a statement that says nothing of value.

    Not the sort of thing that makes me break out the torches and pitchforks, but if Springfield/Kimber/RRA know what’s good for them, they’ll denounce this bill loud and clear first thing next week.

  37. I shot a co-worker’s XDM last weekend and put one in layaway before I left the range. Today is payday, and that XDM will NOT be the gun I take home after work.

  38. Weasel words. And that is insulting to weasels.

    I think their reps are getting tired of calls already. They didn’t like mine.

  39. I’m glad I’m old school c&r, so I don’t have to deal with all the sellouts. They have screwed the firearm community in this state.

  40. “We fully support the Second Amendment.”

    No you fucking don’t. Nor does anyone who feels the need to say this. If you fully support the Second, we will know by your actions, and you won’t need to tell us. We’ll know.

    I’ll make sure that everyone in my circles knows what these companies stand for (and roll over for.) I’m surprised any firearms industry still operates in Illinois. They should have simply picked up and left.

    Rock River and Springfield should not be supporting the idea that “Some animals are more equal than others.”

  41. I just got done calling my local gun store, a few hours ago, in Minneapolis about the expected shipping dates of SA’s new XDE. Was heart broken to read this. I don’t often make vows or boycott companies, but when I do, it’s for life. The last one was cheaperthandirt. These 2 companies will never see a dime of my money. Instead of cooperating with these Liberal Terrorists™ we should be considering ways to destroy them. Literally.

  42. Any other gun manufacturers who may get screwed by this, move to another state. Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri all would love to have any gun manufacturers that wanted to leave the state.

  43. I’ll spend the rest of my life not only NOT buying firearms from these companies but also informing other potential buyers about this nonsensical back stab. This legislation is idiotic, another attempt to criminalize lawful citizens, and is less then meaningless in the fight against crime. Shame on any gun related business that has a part in this and we Lawful owners should make them pay by never buying their products.

  44. Dont forget troy has a permanent spot on the boycott list. Stop buying troy battle sights or any of thier products.

  45. I got my first Springfield Armory M1A match gun in 1989 and met with them at SHOT Show the same year. I will NEVER buy another one of their guns or Rock River period. I guess reincarnation is possible as it looks like the spirit of Bill “ban all assault weapons except my Mini-14” Ruger flew up into Dennis Reese’s ass. I hope that you guys who are at the NRA show are telling every NRA official you see to stop running ads for these two traitor companies and I hope that you are giving Rock River and Springfield Armory a lot of grief at their booths. I plan to on Monday.

  46. I wonder if I can offload my XD this weekend. I won’t own anything SA again after this. The craptastic response the CEO gave just reinforces that. I need another CZ anyway.

  47. Springfield and Rock River have sold their souls just so they can have a monopoly in Illinois, among other ethical and moral disappointments.

    Springfield will end up regretting their decision, people WILL boycott. Too many reliable and 2A sensitive mfg’s out there selling 1911’s, 308’s, and polymer handguns than to waste time with Springfield – fck’em.

    Likewise of Rock River, but they have never been a real contender in the firearm mfg industry or in any REAL MAN’S GUN COLLECTION – RRA products are just cheap copy knockoffs – they are legends in their own mind.

  48. Bye-bye, Quislings (look it up if you don’t recognize the reference). Regardless of whether thr bill passes or not,I won’t buy another of your guns.

  49. I had a comment on another site about the new XDe, I will NOT be looking a another Springfield product again. DONE! Go SIG!

  50. I think Their pr is trying to do some damage control. I’ve been watching their ratings on Facebook and it started at 4.8 and dropped to 4.1 last I checked at 11am. Now they took the ability to rate or view the ratings completely off Facebook. Maybe it’s a glitch

  51. May you go out of business and straight to hell. I’ll never give you a cent and will now do all I can to see you fail.

  52. I had a couple SA guns on my short list, but that’s over now. I also was looking for a RRA 1911, nope, forget that one too. Plenty of other manufacturers out there that would love my business, and as of now haven’t sold me out. Damn SA/RRA, was this really worth it?! Ask Ruger and S&W what happens when you do things like this! 🙁 I will make damn sure every gun owner I know reads about this too, and I know a lot of them.

  53. I’m in on the boycott. I was looking g at the Springfield competition 9
    My decision is much simpler now. Glock 34
    Don’t they know that their carve-out
    Will be ended as soon as it is politically correct to cancel it?
    They have made a deal with the devil.

  54. I was hoping to buy a Springfield operator this fall. Guess I’ll put that money toward a different gun purchase with one of your competitors. You did this to yourself, SA.

  55. Too late, you already showed us that you will betray us in a heartbeat if it benefits ya’ll so I am still boycotting.

  56. To Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms: We firearm owners NEVER forget the treacherous sell-outs like you, who attempted to throw us, your very customers, to the wolves in order to save your own filthy @sses!!

    A very wise person in my life use to say: “It’s not the 4 legged rats that worry should worry you, it’s the 2 legged ones you must always watch out for! Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms, you are spineless and now belong to the group of other sell-out, back stabbing companies like, Dick’s, etc, when they pulled their “black rifles” to appease anti-American control freak libtards, congratulations… welcome to the Boycott club!

    BTW Springfield, your so called statement was little more than telling us to piss-off…. let’s see how that works out for you! lol!!!!

    Let’s see how bad your little stunt will cost you, you filthy traitors!!!!!

  57. I wonder what their booth looks like today. Yesterday it was packed but with the comments today they probably left early! And as far as the comment left by their CEO you pay that man ALL that money and that was the best response he could come up with! My 16 yr. Old could have come up with a better response then that and his choice of guns is a Sig, so maybe he knows something we don’t know! Very hypocritical of Springfeild to go to the Biggest convention of the year knowing that they were going to screw over people that have paid their salaries all these years and took their money to support a bill that infringes on the rights of gun owners! Shame on you Springfield, shame on you! Your a damn traitor!

  58. People like to say Illinois is a lost cause… we are not as far as gun laws go..

    Yes it’s a battle every year but so far we have been able to hold them off,and actually make gains,CCW, AND SBRS.

    GETTING STABBED IN the back didn’t help this at all …

  59. I wonder how the less than 200 employees of SA feel about their upper management’s capitulation on this legislation?
    Looks like I carry the SCCY or the SR9E. And the SA hat I love to wear is now in the trunk!

  60. Sounds like you people are putting the blame where it doesn’t belong! The VOTERS f**ked you, NOT THE VENDORS!!!

  61. I am an FFL & instructor. While at the NRAAM, I went to RRA & SA’s booths. RRA told me “there is more to the story and RRA would be releasing an official position within 24 hours with that info”. They nearly begged, please give us a chance to explain before condemning RRA. I believe that is the right thing to do, so I committed to waiting – now 36 hours later, still no release. My time at SA with Stefany Reese was very different. She attempted to appear open to dialogue and not defensive. She did a fantastic job of saying nothing and stating the company line “we support the 2A, we support the Illinois gun manufacturers association, and are proud to have fought against this bill in previous legislative sessions”. I pressed that this harms small business with undue regulations, harms Illinois gun buyers, and likely increases costs for everyone. She again repeated the company line. She repeated that line probably 5 times. I continued to press, why the change of heart if SA opposed in the past, why take a different position now. She finally added, we hope this bill dies during the legislative session. It was an incredibly frustrating conversation where SA has abandoned IL gun owners. I am asked frequently what gun(s) to purchase, SA will no longer be on my list. Given the NRA AM, I’ll give RRA the benefit of the doubt and give them a few more hours before abandoning them also.

  62. I’ve never owned a RRA but I do have 2 SA pistols. I will not be buying or recommending those brands ever again.

  63. Sad to hear that RRA and SA are now sleeping with the enemy in Illinois .l will not be wasting any of my $ ‘s on either brand in the future.

  64. Has anyone gave thought to that maybe, this legislation is going to pass come hell or high-water (we are talking about Illinois after all), and that Springfield weighed it’s options and took the route of carving out the best deal he could get. After all as CEO and by law he has a fiduciary duty to do what is the best interest of the company.
    Illinois passes leftist-liberal, 2nd amendment tearing legislation all the time, and companies can only do so much to stop it, sometimes even the lobbying and all the envelopes under the table, you just can’t stop what’s coming.

  65. I have 3 firearms between the two losers, My Daniel Defense DD4 V7 is heads and shoulders above the “SAINT” I will be trading my m1a loaded at camp Perry for a Fulton this summer. Too late for damage control, that exclusion has been on the table for a while and just pick up my that senator at the last minute to get the bill passed. SA and RRA had to know that was on the table. The sad part the DEM Senator it’s a win/win for him. Even if the bill does not pass he had ruined two good gun companies out of business or out of town. SAD SAD SAD

  66. I own a Springfield M1A standard and was saving up to buy a loaded model.

    Not anymore. The M1A is going up for sale and I’ll replace it with a Fulton or LRB.

    Reese You rat bastard Quisling, Your company will never get another dime from me.

  67. The two companies who opted out SCREWED every other smaller FFL dealer in the state of Illinois. I work for one of them. It would be a correct statement to say I would not take, as a gift, a firearm from either of the turncoat companies.

  68. So glad that I ran across this story just now. I was just getting ready to pre-order Springfield’s new XD-E 9mm pistol. That’s that as they say. Definitely will not be doing that now. Really bad move there Springfield. I won’t go as far as saying that I’m going to get rid of the XD40 that I’ve owned for quite awhile now, but there will not be any new SA firearms joining it in my gun safe.

  69. Thank you everyone. I have been a bit behind. I lived in Illinois for 37 years and alot of my LE brothers and sisters bought RRA and Springfield. After seeing the article and Springfield’s CEO comments. Im done. We have alot of Sig HK , Beretta and Kimbers here in Florida to buy. Done with Springfied and RRA. Very Dumb

  70. I am another of that long gray line of gun guys who despise SA on the SB1657 deal.
    if i saw that BEFORE I purchased my M1A, it never would have been purchased. That said, the “customer support” is non existent. I phoned with a question to a woman who answered, put me on hold for 15 minutes,. came back and said we don’t know. Lessons learned: When you spent thousands for a long gun and get crap in return you don’t buy again. I would have more respect for them if they flat out told me to piss off, which is exactly what they do anyhow.I swear. Anymore these companies get the dumbest head they can find and put them on phones.
    Sad deal.


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