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One of our readers writes: “I am truely beginning to wonder if gun control advocates are insane, delusional and just plain stupid.” The object of his wonderment: today’s blog on the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s (CSVG) website. It’s mostly about a comment underneath gunshowundercover’s YouTube video above. Oh wait, all the comments were removed and commenting disabled. Never mind. Let’s hear what the CSVG has to say about a comment that’s so inflammatory it doesn’t exist. Except it does. Again . . .

We recently received some new YouTube comments from gun violence prevention activist Abby Spangler. Many of you will remember Abby as the Virginia mom who has received a litany of misogynist, threatening comments from pro-gun activists. Turns out that Abby has a new fan on YouTube who is very proud of his gun collection.

That individual is a 14-year-old who goes by the screen name of ‘Shedneom,’ and here is what he had to say to Abby: ‘

Im 14 and have a full automatic m16 and ak47, a tank, a semi a rocket launcher, a silencer for all of the above, a .50 caliber assualt sniper rifle thats anti tank, 10,000 explosive burning deadly rounds.three .50 caliber pistols, a fully automatic 12 guage shotgun. and all my guns use highcapacity magazines that hold up to 500 rounds and there always loaded in the house.

As our man says, “Comments on are now gospel or factual proof? Every time I think they can’t get any lower, they amaze me….”

But wait! There’s lower!

Sometimes nothing helps with parenting like a loaded gun, however. That’s what North Carolina dad Tommy Jordan showed the world [22m hits and counting] when he posted the following video on Facebook to “discipline” his teenage daughter:


Oh, how to analyze this fabulous example of parenting? Allow us to quote a pastoral counselor who frequently posts at theCSGV Facebook page:

A “parent” who sees no problem with possession and use of a weapon is bad enough. A “parent” who sees use of his weapon as a “parenting tool” is a significant cause for concern. ANYONE who thinks that violence is a solution to ANY situation, is dangerous. Add to that, a child who’s now been humiliated publicly for her behavior and has been taught by example by said parent, and who has access to WMD, and this points to a very dangerous mix. It may be too late for “intervention” for that family and closer to time for yet another family dissolution.

Despite the fact that the video earned him a visit from Child Protective Services, Jordan brags on his Facebook page, “If I had it to do again… let’s see…I’d do it almost the same.” What would he change? Well, he wishes he hadn’t smoked a cigarette in the video, regrets using the word “ass” in reference to his daughter, and “maybe [I’d have] used the .22 instead of the .45,” Jordan tell us. Talk about missing the target…

Meanwhile, [via] we learn that . . .

“The police by the way said ‘Kudos, sir,’ ” Jordan wrote. “I actually had a “thank you” from an entire detectives squad. And another police officer is using it in a positive manner in his presentation for the school system. How’s about those apples? Didn’t expect THAT when you called the cops did you?”

Police officials in Albemarle told Channel 9  they have received dozens of calls and emails asking why they haven’t done anything about the video.  Officials said Jordan lives outside of city limits, so his actions are outside of their jurisdiction.

Officials at the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office said there are no laws against what Jordan did, so they will not be investigating the matter.

I wonder if the CSVG’s going to continue their delusions by calling tomorrow’s Starbucks’ boycott a success—even though gun rights advocates spending $2 bills at the chain to show their support for the coffee seller’s stance on gun control will pwn them. I mean, you WILL be doing that right?

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  1. I love how she’s too stupid to understand that A) many of the things that kid claimed to have don’t exist B) the implausibility of a 14 year old finding the money to buy a tank and C) she’s being mocked for her factless “reporting”.

  2. “im 14 and have a full automatic m16 and ak47, a tank, a semi a rocket launcher, a silencer for all of the above, a .50 caliber assualt sniper rifle thats anti tank, 10,000 explosive burning deadly rounds.three .50 caliber pistols, a fully automatic 12 guage shotgun. and all my guns use highcapacity magazines that hold up to 500 rounds and there always loaded in the house”

    I can’t believe that these idiots actually take things like this seriously. They’re like dumb children- gullible, insecure little whiners that can’t take jokes. Actually, let me rephrase that. when I was 4, I wouldn’t fall for this bull. They’re practically a humanoid mass of pumped-up hysteria, insecurity and bigotry, with a speakerphone in their ratty claws. (only that the pistol-grip on the speakerphone would be sawwed off, because, lord knows that only criminals and high-school massacre perpetrators have such eeeeeeeeeeeehvil features.)

    Meanwhile, I’ll be sipping on some S’Bucks at the local shopping center, missing a few 2 dollar bills.

    • They definitely need thumb-hole stocks for their bullhorns. We all know a thumb-hole stock makes whatever comes out the business end less virulent.

      • Unless you’re in Kalifornia, in which they have the same exact antisocial, terroristic merits as the pistol-grips do.

        that and, in retrospect, I shouldn’t have used the word “sawwed off” in my comment, seeing as those high-school gunmen all did such terrible things to their weapons to make them Concealed Fifty-Caliber Death Dealing Saturday Night Special Automatic Mega-Ultra-Super shotguns.

        And, as an aside note… now that i think about it, the whole SBS/SBR thing is redundant and retarded. I mean, shouldn’t the Feds just say that “if you have a rifle with a barrel under 16.5 inches or a shotgun with under 18 inches it’s considered a pistol”? I mean, why should a buttstock on a handgun need a big fat tax-stamp? In my mind, it would be so much simpler if short-barreled guns were just regarded as handguns and leave it at that.

    • The gun haters believe this stuff because, well, that’s all they’ve got. So, they’ll hang their hat on a fictional account since they don’t have any facts with which to hang said hat.

  3. Idk, I think the comment from the, alleged, 14 year old is meant to be sarcastic and antagonistic. Probably not a 14 year old and just someone ruffling the CSVGs feathers.

    And yes, I will, for the first time in a decade, buy some Starbucks tomorrow.

  4. “ANYONE who thinks that violence is a solution to ANY situation, is dangerous. ”

    In that case, will CSGV get on Barack’s case? He seems to be solving a lot of problems with drone strikes.

  5. Why, yes, now that you ask. Gun control proponents are definitely delusional, many of them are, indeed, just plain stupid (and very gullible), and I’m quite sure that a good number of them could be proven completely insane in any court of law.

    Right now, I have $52 worth of Jefferson’s creating quite a bulge in my wallet. I’m teaching a class tomorrow with 4 students in it and I’ll be taking them on a coffee break to the Starbucks a few doors down from where the class is being held. Later in the day (early evening), I’ll be taking my daughter and two of her friends to Starbucks for cocoa and pastries. All of this positive economic activity will be taking place in the sacred, liberal People’s Republic of Cambridge, Massachusetts. My wife is on board too and she’ll be bringing a couple of her co-workers in Boston. Heh; sweet, delicious irony.

    Match that CSGV. Your move.

    BTW, after talking to a good number of folks where I work and at my dojo, it seems that a lot of people are into spreading a little 2A/$2 goodness at their local Starbucks. There were even a few folks that for the life of me I would never have thought would have even been aware of the event, let alone supporters, that are on board with tomorrow’s festivities. Will wonders never cease. WE ARE WINNING

  6. The NC dad is getting a positive response rate of almost 95%. A large number of the positive replies are from young teenagers stating how they wish he was their father. The anti-gunners are unrealistic and missing the point as usual. I will be stopping by StarBucks tomorrow. On Friday, I will be going to the local gun show to buy the new Ruger SP101 357 with the 4″ barrel 🙂

    • They might say they wish he were their dad, but I think most of those kids just think it’s cool he made a video where he shot a laptop. I seriously doubt those kids would like it if he shot up their laptop.

      • After five days the comment are now starting to get off target a bit as all Internet comments eventually do. Read the previous days comments both literally and also read them between the lines. They’re sometimes very sad with kids expressing the lack of having active parent(s) in their own lives to lay down the law, give them focus and direction, and to essentially be real parents (and not their adult friends) to help protect them from some of the crap in modern society.

        Here is just one:
        “As a teenager I feel he did nothing wrong we kids now a days are so spoiled its not even funny. Unless she paid for the laptop it was his to do what he pleased with it. And teach a lesson he did.”

        • It’s all cool in theory when it’s happening to someone else, but when it’s stuff you’re depending on that’s getting destroyed, it would suddenly become way less cool. If that teenager’s parents started destroying stuff he or she used when they misbehaved, it would get old pretty quick. What’s he going to do if she gets into a fenderbender, set the car on fire?

          • Have you seen the video? It is about more than just making a rude posting on her facebook page about her parents.

            Many of the posts by teens did not mention the shooting or the laptop. They were about wanting a parent to be a strong parent, to set boundaries, and to be someone the teen could respect.

            The father apparently did warn his daughter previously about losing her laptop in the future. Many families (especially one with a dad in IT) probably have an older model desktop they can let the teenager use keeping it in a common area and denying access to various sites and email as appropriate. I think your car analogy is not a good comparison yet in trying to reply if a kid has one too many accidents then yes that kid should lose rights to the car and to drive. If the dad bought/owns the car too it is his to destroy it if he wishes.

          • Damn, I just typed you a long reply yet it has disappeared into oblivion. I’m not re-typing it. Good night.

  7. lol an automatic shotgun with 500 rounds.

    I mean… perhaps you could pull this off by meaning “See what the gun culture thinks of itself!” but this is just too much.

    And we wonder about national decline.

  8. Par for the course them disabling comments. They know good and well the pro 2A folks will inundate the comments and, again, par for the course they can’t handle dissent unlike TTAG that allows mike300 (whatever, can’t be bothered to look it up) to post freely. Kind of telling in a way. We allow the inanity of the anti’s to shine bright here but the anti’s can’t seem to deal with rational arguments. Disable comments and you can shout any shit you want without being called on it publicly.

  9. $2 bills in hand. Along with my “guns and coffee” sticker on the back window of my truck. Right next to my first shoot-n-see

  10. The answer to the OP’s question (insane, delusional and just plain stupid) is “yes.”

    I’ve been at this gun rights business a tad longer than some of the folks here, and I’ve probably argued the point with more of these people (in person) than you folks have. I’ve grown so accustomed to their arguments that I don’t even have to think how to respond, I just do it without thinking the way most people can negotiate passing a car on the freeway. You don’t put a lot of deep thought into the action, you just follow your procedures and you’re done.

    Here’s my assessment of the above from the perspective of my experience going back to the mid-80’s:

    There exists a class of people who simply don’t understand machinery. I don’t mean that they can’t fix their car themselves, or that they can’t rewind an electric motor on the kitchen table. I mean they’re in the class of people (and a large and growing class it is) to whom most all modern electro-mechanical technology might as well be magic. You push a button, something happens, and you’re done. Even a device like a trash compactor is an utterly black box of magic to them. Never mind the dual-conversion superheterodyne FM receiver in their clock radio…

    So it isn’t a leap to observe that they don’t understand what a gun really is, how it works, what it can or cannot do. Guns are just another black box, a technology wherein you push a button (or pull a trigger) and all manner of things magically happen. Glocks can magically pass through airport Xray machines. “Assault weapons” can mow down the hordes of Gengis Khan, and so on.

    Ah, but now we can observe a morality issue that is introduced: To many of them, all firearms are what a lawyer might call “malum in se” or “evil in/of itself.” Some are a bit less evil than others (the one-shot hunting rifle, or a muzzle loader), but the blacker it is, the more naughty devices hanging off said firearm, the more evil it is.

    If we want to add a splash of religious drama, we could say that the “malum in se” argument sees guns as the product of Satan. Or the NRA, et al. The “anti-violence” people are going to argue that they’re morally superior for wanting to ban these “malum in se” objects, because, after all, they’re out to save lives. Never mind those who might lose their lives in criminal acts for lack of self-defense – their rejoinder is that if all the malum in se objects were banned, there wouldn’t be any mortality due to crime…. never mind the numbers of stabbings, beatings, etc. To quote Howard Metzenbaum (D-OH), a gun banner most of you folks might not have heard of, “I don’t care about crime, I just want to get the guns.”

    The morality expressed today is but a fraction of what I used to hear in the late 80’s and early 90’s, when the unctuous treacle spewing forth from the anti-gun crusaders was so thick, you couldn’t cut it with a fire axe, but it is still implicit in many of their arguments.

    Going a little further on the spectrum of irrational belief in the evil of guns, there are some anti-gun people who think that the mere presence of just one gun begets violence, as tho a gun is a satanic talisman that has the power to warp minds and influence human actions. Sometimes it isn’t even the gun, but some little knob or widget on the gun. We heard Diane Feinstein argue in the run-up to the 1994 “Assault Weapon Ban” that the mere presence of “aggressive features” on Some Evil Weapons made them more deadly than a firearm of the same chambering, same functionality, same magazine capacity. The “aggressive features,” were things like a pistol grip and bayonet lug. AR-15? Evil. Black, with a pistol grip. Very Bad Evil that Must Be Banished!

    M-1 Garand? Nowhere near as evil. Will be allowed to remain.

    Never mind which weapon has a larger pile of bodies to it’s credit. That’s besides the point.

    Again, an utterly irrational belief. BTW, with reference to the evil aspects of a bayonet lug: when was the last time our guys in the military fixed bayonets outside of boot camp? If any vets would care to enlighten us, I’d love to know what the anti-gun people find so gosh-darned deadly about a bayonet lug.

    In this day and age, one would think that this type of irrational thought would be the sort of stuff that should be laughed out of court, much less legislatures. But no, this line of thinking is allowed and supported by various political hacks in writing legislation and judges hearing arguments over this legislation from the bench.

    So do people take such things as the above-cited teenager’s ‘net posting with serious credulity? You bet. Just the same way that some people used to think that someone mumbling during an epileptic seizure was “speaking in tongues” and was possessed by the Devil. The child is throwing out the terminology of the Devil there! He’s mentioning words like “caliber,” “sniper,” “assault,” and so on. Because they’re equating “gun” with “evil” in their mind, the details like “magazines that hold 500 rounds” and the absurdity of same just fly over their heads and hit the wall harmlessly behind them. All they know is that they saw the words of a gun incantation and they know, with the credulity of faith and/or fear, that there is evil afoot.

    • Not all of their arguments lack merit. Just like not all of ours are without fault. Just by owning guns, loving them, and using them… we’ve removed ourselves from any semblance of objectivity. Just like if they have a loved one who was murdered… you will argue they’ve lost theirs. I’m pro-2a all the way, but I think labeling anyone who disagrees with us in this manner is completely counter-productive. I speak as a pro-2a gun owner AND someone who has lost someone close to gun violence. You say you don’t even need to listen anymore… you have your automatic talking points.. Well, you won’t win any arguments using your pre-loaded facts, because they’ll throw their pre-loaded facts right back at you… You’ll just ignore each other and get nowhere.

  11. Got Starbucks yesterday and will be picking some up today and tomorrow as well and while my lack of a local bank has created a lack of 2 dollar bills, I let them know, and will continue to do so, that my patronage is thanks to their support of my Second Amendment rights.

  12. Thanks for the heads-up TTAG and folks…have my quad grande latte next to me. When the barista made a positive comment about $2 bills was able to tell the kids there why I was paying with them…and was met with a positive reaction…in Southern California. Wonders never cease!

  13. I have an hour long commute to Dallas. Today I picked up an Americano at the start and a non-fat latte at the end. Dropped a $2 bill in the tip jar at each. I paperclipped a note to the folded $2 bill:

    2nd Amendment Supporter
    Supporting Starbucks
    Starbucks BUYCOTT

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