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The people in charge of hiring LEOs in the Canton, Ohio area may want to review their screening processs. Canton is, of course, home to everyone’s favorite former beat cop, Daniel Harless. Now comes news of some erratic behavior by North Canton’s own, Lt. Scott Denniss. The screaming and sounds of things breaking in the Denniss home may have annoyed his neighbors, but it was probably the wild shots being fired that prompted them to dial 911 . . .


According to the police report, Denniss fired his .9mm gun at the ground and at an officer. North Canton police said officers located Denniss near the street, but were able to control the situation and prevent any injuries.

Normally, anyone who fires his gun at an officer could expect to quickly find a large percentage of his bodily fluids running out on the ground. We’re sure the admirable restraint shown by the responding officers in this case had nothing to do with the fact that Denniss is a police officer and everything to do with the fact that he was only firing a .9mm gun. Really, how much damage can you possibly do shooting something that small?

Denniss, a full-time officer since 1991, was taken to Aultman Hospital. He was released on Monday and taken to the Stark County Jail. He has been charged with discharging firearms, domestic violence and felonious assault.

Does this mean that .9mm guns actually save lives? This might be something common send gun control advocates could get behind. Maybe someone packing .9mm heat is less likely to provoke a violent response because of those tiny projectiles. We will, of course, be watching the expanding .9mm trend closely and will keep the Armed Intelligentsia informed as developments unfold.

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  1. I agree- if Joe Sixpack pulled a stunt like this, the article would explain that he was taken to the hospital, then discharged to the county morgue. It’s the same everywhere- cops will never treat their own like they treat/abuse everyone else.

  2. My local gun shop is running a special on .9mm ammo — $150 for a case of a million rounds. I’m sure that the taxpayers of North Bumf^ck — oops, I meant North Canton — are pleased that at least one of their off-duty LEOs has opted to shoot this inexpensive round at the on-duty LEOs.

  3. Maybe they need to stop hiring people whose names end in “ss”, because they seem to be troublemakers: Harless, Denniss.

    So when will TTAG be doing a gun review on a .9mm? They seem to be the coming thing in handguns.

  4. I doubt the .9mm has the stopping power of my son’s Red Ryder Range Model with a compass in the stock and an old thing that tells time. For those without a converter handy, .9mm is .035 caliber. The standard pellet or BB is .177 caliber which is 5 times larger.

    I can only imagine what the negotiator yelled through the bullhorn. “Scott, put down the drafting pencil and let’s talk this out.”

  5. It is bad enough when the press gets it wrong, but the other day I was at Gander Mountain. The kid behind the counter explained to the man who asked that the difference between the two ARs was that one was 556 and one was 223 and while you could shot one in the other, “it wasn’t smart to do so.”

      • It’s safer to go one direction than the other, right? I’m trying to remember how that worked exactly. It had something to do with the slight difference in how .223 and 5.56 headspaced, from my vague recollection.

    • Actually the kid was right. I can’t remember which way is “bad” but you shouldn’t fire either 5.56 in a .223 or the other way around. The SAAMI standard for pressure is different (I think that is the problem. Damn, getting old almost isn’t worth the trouble!)

      I think Nick did a piece on this a while ago, but I can’t find it.

        • unless you have a “Wylde” chamber, then it will use both equally.
          While you can use .223 in a 5.56mm chamber, the accuracy is supposed to suffer slightly due to the longer lead before engaging the rifling (a tradeoff in order to handle the higher pressure of NATO 5.56).
          The Wylde is supposed to address the accuraccy vs pressure differences.


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