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David Stallings Chipman ATF
Courtesy David Stalling

David Chipman is exactly the kind of leader who can help unite us as a nation to rationally, reasonably and collectively decide where to draw the line and enact reasonable and effective restrictions to enhance the safety of us all. He is the most qualified person to lead ATF and the law-enforcement agents working every day to keep the public safe from violent crime.

— Dave Stalling in David Chipman can unite us on Second Amendment issues

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  1. Who is David Stalling? Why should we care what he has to say, he is obviously an anti-gun idiot…

  2. Unfortunately this Democrat blogger belongs to Missoula, Montana. Claims to be a hunter, yet, he is well known for his Fudd attitude and platitudes.

    I wish that he would emigrate to Illinois, California or New York where his demented ramblings will be better received.

    He is a prime example of the Progressives Fifth Column efforts.

    He and that piece of anti-Constitution trash that calls Kalispell home (TTAG covered him earlier) that used to work for Kimber.

    • NO he is Montana, we have enough aholes in Illinois.
      You can keep him but I will compromise and California or New York can have him.
      We have Dicky Durbin and Tammy Duckworthless, they have plenty of demented ramblings.
      I insist that you keep him or I think he would fit right into California.
      Just drop him where it’s burning and we will all be better off.

    • No, no, no, please don’t send him to Cali. We have enough lefties here already. Those of us that continue the struggle here don’t need to be further burdened.

  3. The ATF should be disbanded permanently. They are a redundant agency. State and local law enforcement can provide adequate protection.

  4. If ‘safer’ means ‘turned into a felon through Byzantine, anti-gun regulations, then, ‘Yes’, safer.

    Last week, a neighbor and friend told me he though he was well supplied with a total count of 200 rounds of 45 and 250 rounds of .556. I mentioned that I am still building my inventory but have gotten my 9mm count over 5,000. “Wow, that is a lot” he said. I pointed out that although ammo prices are coming down, the Biden admin wants to put gun makers and ammo makers out of business, so, I am slowly building inventory.

    Last night, I was speaking with that same friend at the Lehigh Valley Tea Party meeting. He told me he just purchased a thousand rounds of .556 at 36 cents a round. Good for him!

      • I see it this way. When they come after the Second Amendment they always cite the well regulated part. The way it’s worded. They are wrong but another tactic they may try is going after ammo. After all that’s not in The Second Amendment and Cook County already taxes it w/o opposition. We should all build inventory, we might need it if they say put a tax on ammo or some other nonsense as such.
        They might not be able to take our guns but they could some up with something about ammo. The mindset of the left knows no shame.

        • The “well regulated” the Founders were talking about had to do with being trained in the loading & operating of a muzzle loader. Massed fire was most effective with those weapons and the shooters needed to be well coordinated to shoot in unison.

          “Well regulate” had nothing to do with administrative or executive rules or crapola.

        • I agree that they’ll take any tactic to kill our Right; but don’t forget that ammo confiscation was part of the British plan for April 19, 1775. So I say that an ammo ban, like gun confiscation, requires going to war on our part. And if we go to war, nothing’s off the table.

          In that case every enemy of liberty would be a fair target.

      • OG in M,

        And we promote family fun, discipline, an understanding of the Constitution, patriotism, self-reliance, respect for others (well, except for the behavior of trolls on this blog), and safety. We are the backbone of this great nation.

    • Your ammo shortages are hitting the stores downunder. I’ve been searching for weeks for decent .223 projectiles in the 50-70g range. For while the best I could find was 500 Hornady 55g BTHP for $109.95 (about 22c each). I didn’t order those. But another store was selling Sierra 55g SP Game Kings for $185 per 1000. I ordered 5 boxes. After freight came to 19.6c each. And this in addition to the 3000+ I have of other projectiles.

      Any match projectiles are costing 50-80c each. So I’m using hunting projectiles instead. I haven’t noticed any difference.

      • @SC

        How are your primer and powder availability? In my area, we’re receiving shipments of powder, bullets, brass and increasing supplies of loaded ammo. Primers continue to be scarce.

        (just realized that it is 0640 hours Sunday in your timezone, I’ll check back in a couple of hours)

        • We have local production of Power. Hogden actually relabel it as their own. Primers were 7c+ each (per block of 1000) when I last checked.

          But shops are closed with the current lock-down.

        • @SC

          Glad that you have primers and powder available.

          I read about your lock-down being extended for at least another month. How do you shop for necessities,ie. food with the restrictions NSW has in place?

        • Food shopping is an allowed reason to leave home. Supermarkets are usually open to 9pm most nights and to 10pm on Thursday. I shop on a Wednesday night because it is less popular.

          Take away food is still mostly available.

          I am supporting the state transportation authority, so I’m still working.

  5. The New Picture for Webster Dictionary for the definition of the word IDIOT!!! David Stalling or ( Stalin ) this must be his grandson!!

  6. If there is one positive aspect to Chipman, it is the money he will be able to save our nation. After he confiscates all the AR15s, he can have the armory convert them to an M16 and save the government from buying new ones. (I’m not sure that is actually cheaper, but at least some parts would interchange.)

    Just to spite them, I plan to try to wear out my barrel first.

  7. There is certainly a lot of Stalling going on…Chipmonkey and his ilk should have already been flushed and forgotten a long time ago. Oh I forgot…Congressional RINOs can’t say too much because they might upset their democRat Party colleagues. There’s the problem.

  8. “…As a gun owner, former ATF special agent and internationally recognized gun safety expert,
    David Chipman is hardly “anti-Second Amendment.” As a Montana citizen, gun owner, former Force Recon Marine, and hunter, I fully support Chipman’s nomination, and urge my fellow Montanans to do the same….”

    There you go..he speaks from authority!! /sarc

    I care not what his opinion is

    • “Former ATF agent” = “guns for me but not for thee.” No one needs guns but the police except hunting rifles and shotguns.

  9. Chipman will definitely unite the nation, just not the way Democrats think.

    Honestly, I dont know why people are opposed to Chipman. The next nominee will be just as rabidly anti-gun.

    The best way to energize people for 2022 is endless asshattery and fuckery from the ATF. It will bring the GOP and conservative-leaning independents out in droves. Chipman gives us that in boatloads.

    • Flashed “Devils Rejects”
      ” I set my standards very low, that way I’m never disappointed. “

  10. Stalling went to college at University of Montana at Missoula and continues to live in Missoula. Missoula is so hostile to anyone that is not an extreme liberal, there is no one living there that is not a radical. Missoula is known for convicting a Chinese man for shooting a Muslim burglar in his house, because you know a Muslim trumps an Asian. To visit there, expect to find Berkley and that is what you will experience. In the West, we have similar places like Whitefish, Kalispell, Ketchum, Aspen, and Vail.

  11. The Chipman appointment may indeed Unite “We the People”. Just not in the way expected by the Left. Then again they have been allowed to progress this far in the destruction of the very Foundations of Our Nation’s Freedoms, without significant push-back. So maybe they are Winning the Death by a Thousand cuts battle to total Tyrannical Control. Considering the battles they’ve won in large portions of Our country and the victories they continue to strive for. Rome was not destroyed in one day, but by a long and steady manipulation of the citizenry into believing Utopia was just over the next hill. The very strategy being used to destroy Our Society today. Honestly I have little belief that the nation I grew up in will exist after my generation passes. The lure of the Progressive Utopia has been allowed to permeate so deeply into the Psyche of the younger generations that they will gladly forgo their Freedoms for promises of a Perfect Society.

    • Darkman,

      “Rome was not destroyed in one day, but by a long and steady manipulation of the citizenry into believing Utopia was just over the next hill.”

      And that Utopia just over the hill for us: super-duper fast Internet access for everyone (no matter how remote their location). As soon as that happens, we will finally achieve Utopia–being able to stream ultra-high definition video on demand to multiple devices in ours homes, being able to download ridiculously giant games in 10 seconds, and being able to share real-time virtual reality experiences.

    • And the perfect society they’re propagandizing the naive and gullible in to believing exists will never exist.

  12. So a dumdum believes that Chipman is going to do what? Defend the constitution. More like destroy the 2A and the 1A at the same time.

  13. Why would a dental floss tycoon not feel safe?
    I guess someone stole his zirconium encrusted tweezers.

    • Straight outta the “far back machine.” Frank was such a..well, how do you describe him?

  14. Stalling should check into the nearest mental health clinic within walking distance of his home.

  15. Chipman might unite Democrats against freedom, just as Hitler united Nazis against the Jews and other undesirable people. That’s the unity of which Biden speaks.

  16. “United and safer”. Yep, kinda like that whole Pedo Joe/ Heels Up Harris/ Nasty Nancy thing thats been going on since the start of the coup flu. Jeez.

  17. I didn’t know “unite the nation” meant regulate gun owners and gun businesses into submission, using threat of jail and violence where necessary.

  18. He says he’s this, that, and the other thing, including a forced recon Marine, etc., etc., but what he and Chipman have in-common is they both traitors which means they’d also both criminals. This translates further to both being disqualified for any sort of security clearance thus prohibited from hold any federal govt. position whatsoever.

    • Except when the ones in charge of passing out the security clearances are also Traitors. Continue to believe in a system that only looks out for itself and will sell Our Nations Soul down the river for it’s continued survival. That’s just what they want. They have no fear of the citizenry rebelling since, ‘It’ bends over and takes everything they do without so much as a whimper. My post above still holds True.


  20. Chipman is a fanatic self delusional idiot who has provided a propaganda interview for the communist Chinese television station. Look it up on you tube. The article is full of demented talking points of the evangelical political party that wants to control the US without regard to the existing law or the US Constitution

  21. “David Chipman is exactly the kind of leader who can help unite us as a nation to rationally, reasonably and collectively decide where to draw the line and enact reasonable and effective restrictions to enhance the safety of us all.”

    We can refute that odious load of B.S. in just four words: “Shall Not Be Infringed.” Period.
    “Shall not be infringed” means that even so-called “reasonable and effective” infringements or “common-sense” infringements are unconstitutional.

    Just imagine if the words Stalling used to describe the right to bear arms were used for, say, the religion of Islam and its Muslim practitioners.
    Imagine the outcry if someone demanded we “rationally, reasonably and collectively decide where to draw the line and enact reasonable and effective restrictions” on Muslims and mosques “to enhance the safety of us all.”
    You’d never hear the end of the screams and shouts of protest from the media.
    And yet, the Constitution is even clearer about the right to keep and bear arms (“shall not be infringed”) than it is about freedom of religion.

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