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Sticking with yesterday’s theme here (and using up my remaining ‘rona memes). I’m sure this was funnier a year ago when it was actually relevant, but it still gets a laugh from me.


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  1. Aren’t these memes kind of moot when they all seem to be plagiarized, I mean there all at pretty old?

  2. Got a kick out of that!!!

    Them days could be returnin’ with the CCP now pulling the strings in DC.

    Keep your powder and your TP dry.

    • You mean to suggest that our fearless leader may not have our best interests in mind? In the words of the “most popular” politician in history… “Come on man!”

    • @LS

      Yes Sir…the Congressional Communist Party (CCP) with Nancy, Chuck, the Ho and a host of lackeys and hangers-on mandating from their barricaded Palace, their place of safety and privilege, to the huddled masses.

      Noticed today that Costco and WallyWorld have re-instituted full-masking for all employees…I figure that the rest of us will receive our “orders” to mask about the time most students enter the new school year.

      The American CCP is hooked on the power they’re abusing the same as a meth freak is a slave to their addiction…nothing else matters.

  3. Nobody want to go and try to ID the turret and guns? I know its photo shop. But it looks like the rear turret on a Lancaster.

    • I’ve only seen one restored Lancaster in person but I think you’re right. The turret on the trailer is just a wee bit larger than the one on the Lancaster…

  4. Humans and their needs.
    Top of the food chain, superior intellect, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
    I dont see it.

  5. My county is going full inside mask for 75 Civic Delta infections, no deaths. If someone dies it will be a lockdown. Neither idea will “work”, they will just look like we ” did something”.

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