Female shooter shooting Springfield Mod 2 handgun, gripping the GRIP ZONE (courtesy youtube.com)
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In the video below, Springfield’s pet pro shooter Rob Leatham answers critics who spy the words “GRIP ZONE” on the gunmaker’s Mod.2 gats and think “what the actual F?” It’s not the most convincing rationale I’ve ever heard for a design feature. In fact . . .

What the actual F?





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  1. I don’t need their grip zone explained to me…what I do need is for them to explain to me why the hell they’re making guns with a grip safety. The only thing compelling coming from them today is the XD-E

  2. Having carried a 19911 while on the service, the concept of a grip safety doesn’t bother me. I like the way the XD series feels in my hand, so I prefer then to Glock and Ruger, which feel uncomfortable. S&W M&P series also Ferris good.
    All four are solid firearms in that price range. Chacun à son goût.

  3. My mom bought an XD just before they sold out. Grip safety bites her and the mod 2’s grip adjustments don’t look like they’ll do a damn thing to fix it.

    Speaking of which, any grip sleeves with a beaver tail that work for the XD-S worth checking out?

  4. The Croatian firms that make the weapons marketed by Springfield produce some attractive guns that I might consider buying . . . but for the fact that their US vendor engaged in such questionable political actions that, as far as I’m concerned, I won’t consider buying these firearms regardless of their obvious quality. The guns, themselves, are excellent. Unfortunately I can’t say as much for their vendor.

  5. Springfield has to no choice but to double down on it now.

    They have to put “Clip Zone” on the mag-well flare, “Flip Zone” near the ejection port, “Nip Zone” on the grip safety, “Whip Zone” on the back slide-serrations, “iP Zone” on the forward side of the slide with the URL for the safety warnings, “Tip Zone” on the sights, “Zip Zone” down the side of the trigger, and “R.I.P. Zone” around the crown of the barrel.

    Those poor Hungarians are going to have to drag their grannies in to get all the markings done.

  6. Is this presented by Judasfield Armory too? What did they mail out a bunch of checks today? Too much add blockers and not enough anti-vaginal itch cream being sold? I just came from the TFB and took them off of my like pages and they won’t be getting another visit. I wouldn’t piss on Rob Leatham if he was on fire and my children’s lives depended on it. He defended those dirtbags and went against the 2nd for 30 pieces of silver, hence he’s a dirtbag too and can rot in hell. This is obviously not news in any way shape or form. Did he offer sexual favors? Or maybe I should ask- “Where did the bad morons from Judasfield touch you”?

    When you actively go against the 2nd for years then I won’t be happy till your ruined, living in a box, starving, and your wife is performing felatio on the nearest corner for quarters. Trust me I’m being nice, we used to put traitors in front of firing squads!

    Judasfield and RIR are the lowest forms of scum on the planet, at least Kim Jong Un doesn’t know any better because he was raised by a psychopath. Dirtbag Denny Reese was busted prior to the whole selling us out and getting caught debacle so it’s not his first attempt at being pure amoeba crap. This isn’t news, this is “Duh look, they’s is normal not bad folks nows” crap. Please don’t destroy the last online gun site I read!

    • Did you miss the part of the text that is ridiculing Rob and Springfield? It seems to me that TTAG is posting this so that we can all make fun of Rob & Springfield together.

  7. I will say that the grip safety on my XD .45 doesn’t bother me but it’s a full sized hand gun. That said it’s a full size gun in a fairly mild caliber.

    The Grip Zone thing? If you need to know where the dangerous end is, firearms ownership may not be for you

  8. I’ll take one. How much does that cost me? Oh, only a quarter of my 2a rights? Yeah, that’s cool i guess, i mean why would i need gun rights?

  9. I just purchased a Springfield Armory product this week; it is a M1 Garand made in 1954. It says: “This machine kills Socialists” all over it, but other than the maker’s mark and acceptance stamps, it is devoid of any text stating where you are supposed to hold it, or telling you that it can be dangerous if misused, or other obvious and retarded shit like that.

    I seriously doubt that I am ever going to buy a product made by the company that is named (deceptively) after the government arsenal, especially after what they did in Illinois. But gun companies need to stop writing things on guns other than the make, model, and SN; all else is a subtle insult to the user.

    “Hey! SA, INC! GRIP THIS!!!”

  10. what an idiot. that made no sense what so fucking ever. worst pitch ever for a gimmick. just because someone is a good shooter, especially as long as he has been shooting he should be, doesn’t mean they are geniuses or everything they say about shooting is correct.

  11. Grip Zone, not to be confused with the SA Spin Zone, which is what happens when Springfield lies to cover up for the fact that they sold out on the rights of IL Citizens.

  12. If you need to explain “gripzone” you’re doing something horribly wrong. Who are you marketing to, Springfield? Five year olds and the nerf consumers? Here’s an idea– If it’s such a great feature, emblazon your 1911 line with GRIPZONE™ and see where that gets you.

    • I can’t fathom why John Moses Browning was not smart enough to put a grip zone on the 1911. Thank God we are living in the age of technical advancement where we no longer have to worry because we have a grip zone on our handguns.

      Maybe manufacturers should ship non-grip zone guns to only Chicago. I bet we would see an immediate drop in deaths because the illegals and gangbangers wouldn’t be able to hold onto their guns after the first shot was fired.

      • “Yo, with them glocks and all I always thought the correct way to hold my gat was sideways. But eversince I got that piece labelled GRIPZONE, I be holding it like an assassin, duh fuq. Thanks Shizzlefield!”

        Or was that too whitebreadish?

  13. At last, after a hundred plus years, an innovative company like Springfield has finally put a grip zone on its gun! Throughout the decades of my life I have seen pistols fly out of the hands of hundreds of shooters creating a very dangerous situation. Thank you Springfield Armory for the huge technical advancement in the handgun industry. I salute you!

  14. For years I tried shooting handguns, but could never figure out how to hold them. I’d hold them this way, and that way and when I did get the gun to shoot I was never sure which direction the bullet would go. I gave up after I shot myself in the thumb. Apparently I wasn’t holding the gun the right way when that happened. With the Gripzone, I was finally able to start shooting again, as a gun company finally explained how you hold those darned things. I haven’t shot myself since. Thank you Springfield Armory.

  15. Springfield Shooter Rob Leatham Explains the Gunmaker’s “Grip Zone”

    Finally! I have been intrigued for so long.


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